“The Land Of Mystery Babylon” – August 23, 2023


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My Hand Is Against Them

Tell them today that I am against them. I will not remove my judgements, nor will I hear their prayers for America. If anyone prays for America I will ignore it, I will hear no prayer for the judged nation of Mystery Babylon. I will not purge them so their sin can be clean, it is written with an iron pen and it cannot be removed. America will fulfill its role in the scriptures- it is America Babylon, Mother of Harlots, whore, fallen fallen, great Babylon has fallen and so it will remain. Their sin is on them and I will not purge it out.

A Coming Famine

Judgements are coming to the United States. I will strike the field. The wheat and the barley harvest, tell them what it means. Terrible hunger, even to the point of cannibalism. Gangs will eat humans and get used to it, it will be their preference for meat. SAVAGERY will descend on them, a man eating his brother, a man eating his wife to stay alive after she has perished. They will weep as they do this for they will be brought so low, yet I will not remove their minds from them.

America you will be your own witness as you do this. You will have full understanding as you do this. You will know you are eating a person, a fellow brother or sister, you will understand it is forbidden yet you will do it because you have nothing to eat. You will attack the weakest, the women, the children, the vulnerable, and you will hate yourself as you do it, but you will do it. Israel did it for disobedience and open defiance to My words, and you will do it too.

Then you shall eat the offspring of your own body, the flesh of your sons and of your daughters whom the Lord your God has given you, during the siege and the distress by which your enemy will oppress you. [Deut. 28:53]

The hands of compassionate women boiled their own children; they became food for them because of the destruction of the daughter of my people. [Lamentations 4:10]

Therefore, fathers will eat their sons among you, and sons will eat their fathers; for I will execute judgments on you and scatter all your remnant to every wind. [Ezekiel 5:10]

*This link contains extremely disturbing images- it is included for it to be understood that this exact judgement has happened (several times) on this earth before, even when photos existed, so nobody should claim it can never happen.



You will sit in the foreign centers of the world. You will sit in massive processing refugee camps, waiting to receive assistance. America when you run away, you will run away too late and with nothing. You will never believe Me until it is too late, and that too is your punishment. To hear the word of the Lord and call it a lie, isn’t it your snare? Isn’t it your trap? Indeed the Lord sent a lying spirit into them, and it deceived them to think they were unbeatable, unconquerable, until their gates were burned to ashes and their soldiers lay dead in the streets.

Tell them I have no quarrel with them. The foreigners. I have no quarrel with the foreigner in the land of Babylon. Even the visa- holders, ten year and 20 yr visa holders, I have no quarrel with you. You are by now means innocent, for you are fools like Lot who settled in Sodom and Gomorrah without knowing what den of iniquity he had come to live in. But I will show you mercy. If you hear my voice- if you know my voice now as I speak to you- come out of babylon and be separate. Come out of her and go home. Otherwise when I strike the land you will be struck with her, and pay the same price with those who are born of the land. This judgement is for the land of Babylon and her sons and daughters, whoever will come out of Babylon, hear the word of God and come out from her and be separate.

A Hidden Secret

FAMINE. I will take bread away. Even now there are several states operating below the national hunger average- they have less than recorded, historical state measures say they should have on file [i.e. in storage] for food. Do you know this? Do you know those big state granaries are empty? Do you know there is nothing and next-to-nothing in your silos?

Have you noticed your cereals lately contain more sugar and less grain? Do you know they are rationing wheat, flour, GRAINS OF ALL KINDS- did you notice the hot dog and hamburger buns are much lighter, that they feel as LIGHT as air? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE FLUFFING THE BREAD.

(I see an image of piped, pressurized air being blown through bread as it bakes so that millions of tiny bubbles form in it. It gives the bread form and shape, it looks the same size as before but half of its actual volume is AIR. It is air we are eating it- bakers are “fluffling their bread” and other baked goods in order to produce the same amount while saving flour. It is a way to conserve flour and have the end product look the same.)

Grain is being RATIONED in America because it is NOT GROWING. They are already marking record losses in the farming industry as yields fall and droughts scorch the farms they thought would do well, but they do not tell you that. They keep you distracted with bread and circuses- entertainment, summer “blockbusters”, concerts and events. You will literally never see the problems arising in your economy until they are on top of you. You will continue to hear “Peace and Safety” until the day sudden destruction comes upon you.

“But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:1-3)

You are surprised I speak to you this way. You are amazed. You are offended and astounded. This is not God! That’s what you say. “It’s not God! It’s a lie! It’s a false prophecy.”

It is no falsehood. It is the word of the Lord. It is indeed I, the Lord YAH Almighty, speaking to you. I have come for your final end, and I say you will never be what you claim. You will never be great again; Babylon, you will never hold power in this world again. You have fallen and your insides will turn out and show the whole world what you are. You will never attain the height of your former greatness, instead you will go down to a level of wretchedness not seen in modern history, not seen since the Russian famine where they also ate one another for food.

You will be embarrassed and ashamed. You will be denigrated. You will have to beg. You will ask for food. You will make “human rights appeals” for “humanitarian aid”. YOU WILL NEED “AID” America.

You will depend on AID. You invented the term, now you will kneel down and ask for it and someone will give it to you. You will request medical aid.You will receive ships of dried goods, dried food that can survive the journey, and second-hand clothes from other countries. Bales of used clothing will come to America that once produced world-class textiles, to cover your shameful nakedness. You will be made poor and impoverished and by this you will learn who was speaking to you all along. You will learn who I AM.

You do not discern the times. You do not discern my voice. You do not discern my messengers. When I speak to you you say “I don’t listen to anyone! I only listen to God!” Yet  God is speaking to you through a servant and you mock the servant and cause harm by your deeds and your words. A curse is on you, a great curse. You have cursed yourselves in your reactions, you have cursed yourself by refusing to eat my flesh and drink my blood. You have defiled my name in curses- “Jesus Christ!”- you say it as a swear word. I am blasphemed in the streets by children, how then can you answer for the things you have done? How can you explain yourself? What intercession can be made for you?

*The curse is Isaiah 6:10. Please read it in a simple Bible like NIV and understand.

The Flag Will Come Loose- The Glory Has Departed

I am already against you. I have turned my face from you. I will blow your flag away. I will loosen it from the flagpole and blow it away- on the day you see the American flag loosened from the pole and flyin away in the wind know that you are ICHABOD. You are rejected. You are removed from the seat of honor and another is given your place. The glory of the Lord will depart from America on the day the flag flies loose from the flagpole, and you will be accursed. Whether it happens at a large event or a small one, whether at a school or at a military base- it will be seen and make the news. On that day America will be cursed and in her final role as Mystery Babylon. Thus says the Lord.

ICHABOD- the glory has departed. Israel was beaten by its enemies and the precious presence of God in the Ark of the Covenant was taken away from them. (1 Samuel 4)

The Future of France

The French people will suffer. They will endure economic setbacks and many “indignities” to their country. Their current government will fall and a new one will take its place. Emmanuel Macron will be deposed. However the new government are forerunners to the beast system. France will battle for sovereignty but not retain it. She will scan her retinas, she will scan her palms. She will give up privacy in order to continue and in the last days she will form a part of the Beast.

(Deposed means to be put down as a king or leader, by force and usually with shame and sudden upheavals from your own people. It is something like a coup but it is not always violent. The leader is always removed by force though, and usually in sudden and embarrassing circumstances.) 

A Russian Occupied Territory

France, this is your future.

In the last days Russia will come down to you. They will descend their great mountains and come down and overthrow you. Russia will make you a satellite. You will be ‘Little Russia.’ Russia will cross your borders. They will occupy your territory. They will fly their flag. They will overtake your streets, thoroughfares and bistros. They will sell Russian beer in your wineries, they will sell Russian bread on your streets. Russian children will sit in your schoolhouses and you will be a protectorate of Russia.

If you fight the bear in her final format she will destroy you, she will threaten to nuke you as she nuked America and because of it you and many other territories to the east and west of Europe will agree to be Russian satellite states, “protectorates”, for the sake of flying your flag and keeping your territory intact. When you see what will be done to America you will acquiesce, so will many countries in southern and eastern Europe. If you fight you will go down, but if you agree Russia will let you live and have freedom and some form of solidarity amongst yourselves. This is the word of the Lord. 

Descend their great mountains- the Urals and Caucasus mountains that form a line of natural separation between Russia and Europe.

Protectorate- A protectorate is an independent state that is allowed to handle its internal affairs, but has another country overseeing its external affairs. America will be a colony, France a protectorate.

Germany is a Russian ally. Germany will return to former glory, former power. Former militarization and together with Russia she will touch America. An old debt will be repaid.

Old debt- America occupied Germany for 11 years after WW2. Kept a standing army there. Took away all arms, military personnel and anything that can make war . Imposed reparation debt of 3 billion, as well as a World War 1 debt that they only finished paying in 2010.

France & Luxemburg shall be taken over. Belgium too will be taken over.

The Judgement Of Switzerland 

Swiss Franc will be toppled. You will be poor. Bankers of Switzerland, hear the word of the Lord. You will be poor. Your credit is iron-clad in the whole world- A “Swiss bank” is the bankers bank. The go-to bank. I will impoverish you. I will go to the storage boxes and safety deposit boxes and rob all the secrets you have in it. Many of you are Nazis. NAZIS. Reformed Nazis. Hidden Nazis. Secret Nazis. Your secrets are in those vaults. Do you think you could hide from Me? Do you think I don’t know who you are? I know your bloodlines. I know your families. I know your secret crimes. I know your letters and confessions are in those safety deposit boxes and I will rob them out and expose them to the world. Your long-protected identities will be exposed.


Nazi War Criminals

Nuremberg may have missed you. But I saw you get on the boats and planes. Private flights, chartered flights. Escaping like rats into darkness to start a new life somewhere else. I will reveal it.

I have your letters. I have your memoirs. I have your confessions. I am the LORD. I have everything, all the evidence and proof, and I will expose it at the right time. You will be on prime time TV with your faces and names, your true identity not the ones you stole from the dead and assumed in your new homelands. You will be known for who you are and your descendants will rather die of shame than face the exposure, public hate, accusations and dead victims voices of the past. They would rather die than endure the shame and trauma of facing the consequences of your crimes. Did you think you could dress up your atrocities and escape what you did? I WILL EXPOSE YOU ALL. 

Nuremberg trials Nov. 1945- Oct 1946: Chaired by United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union for Nazi officials who were successfully identified and caught in Germany. However a LARGE NUMBER of top Nazi officials and scientists were secretly brought to the United States as part of a government brain-drain called Operation Paperclip, where America granted total immunity and amnesty to known war criminals in exchange for all their insider knowledge of the Third Reich esp in the areas of aeronautics, science, medicine and technology.

All who were granted amnesty- about 1600 persons, with and without families- were brought to America and resettled with no consequences, with tax-payer money, without ever telling the public what happened, and those Nazi families hold the BEST of the top positions in U.S. government, intelligence, science, medicine, the military, and all technology fields today. All under new names but God knows who they are. Yes, America is infiltrated with, and run with the control of, Nazis.

See prophecies: Lockstep (Pt 1), Nazis in America Pt 2, Nazis in America Pt 3, Nazis Will Return.


Famed for neutrality- Switzerland stayed neutral during WW1 and WW2 but now God is revealing, it was just to be able to help all sides as it served their national interests.

Your hands are covered with blood, Switzerland. I will nuke you with a Russian missile. I will destroy you in the war. You are a dot on the map. You will pay for your war crimes, for helping dictators steal from their countries. You made mothers and infants go hungry, you caused the deaths of millions through starvation and hunger, though failed government programs that never happened because the money for them was stolen. You required no paperwork, you asked no questions about millions of dollars flooding into your economy from one man. You actively hindered development for those who needed it the most. You have killed Africans in particular by assisting their leaders to rob nations and hide the wealth in your banks. I will blot you out. I will eradicate the swiss franc. I will scatter the banking system of the world and yours will go down with it. 

Russia will trample over Switzerland, the way you trampled over the rights of the oppressed. Your hands are covered with blood, and your teeth are like fangs. I am angry with you. Hiding behind clean suits, pretending to be white as snow. Your hands are covered with blood. I will blow you out of the water- after I am finished you will never help a rebel or tyrant or regime or Nazi again. You will not survive. This is the word of the Lord.

The Collapse Of The Global Order

The U.S. banking system will utterly fail and not one penny will survive in the national coffers. The U.S. banks will fail. All of them, not some of them. All the American banks will fail and there will be no way to rescue them or make an ’emergency relief plan.’ It will be a total collapse and the U.S. economy will go into freefall. All this completely orchestrated. This is an orchestrated crash.

A Word To All Nations

See prophecies: U.S. Economic Crash: Worse Than 2008 (Jan 26, 2023); The Nascent Rise of “Coin” (March 2, 2023); Money Down The Drain (Sept. 8, 2018). There are more but these 3 are a start.

Foreign countries- hear the word of the Lord. When you are going hungry due to financial devastation of your economies and currencies, all which will happen as a result of the staged crash of the American banking system, know that it was caused by the heads of finance of Babylon. Remember who made you go hungry. Remember who made you poor and without money. Remember who made you lose your homes. Even Americans will become poor by their own government- their own government will crash their money and use it to take every piece of wealth out of their hands. This is the New World Order.

America’s debt will be completely wiped out when the money fails. They are counting on that- A GREAT RESET, to set the clock back to zero so they can build their new world order.

See: DAVOS (Dec. 20, 2020)

Tell them- the new world order system does not depend on, nor does it need- money. Money will be REIMAGINED. MONEY WILL BE RESET. MONEY WILL BE REMOVED AND TAKEN OUT OF YOUR HANDS. You will have cloud money and that is all you will need in the new world order. DEBT WILL BE RESET. GONE. NOTHING. House loan. Student loan. Car loan. Medical loan. All of it wiped by a big eraser and a new world order system in its place looking back at you like the grinning head of death.

A Total Debt Reset

You that want your debt to be forgiven, it will be. It will be wiped out. But the price to pay for that reset is written in blood. You will pay in blood for the convenience and so-called freedom of the new world. You will lay the paving stones of Obama’s kingdom with your firstborns, and he will bathe himself in the blood of the martyrs. A killing field, a great sacrifice ground will America be.

You want no loans? You want no debt? You will have no loans and no debt, but you will also have no money. No privacy. No freedom. No privately owned wealth. No privately owned property. Gone. Everything will go from commercialized to state-run entities, all of it will be the government’s stuff and they will give you rations to survive on. “Give us this day our daily bread”- this is the prayer of the Master. You did not pray it, instead you rejected it, so the government will give you daily bread.

Lay the paving stones with firstborns- this is forced military conscription like King Saul did in the Bible. Sameul warned Israel that for rejecting God and wanting a king God would punish them by giving them a leader who would force their sons into the army, take the best of the sheep and cattle, demand taxes from them, and send their sons off to fight wars where many of them would not come home. They still said, “Give us the king” so He did and exactly what the prophet said happened to them. Their kids died fighting the Philistines.

Obama will force military conscription and as the Beast government fights to establish its rule even women and children below 17 yrs will be forced to fight American wars. This is the word of the Lord.

Nordic states will experience DIEOFF. This is all the Lord said about it: “die-off.” It means to get sick suddenly under unexplained circumstances and die off, usually in a large number such as when plants or tree share a similar disease and all start dying without any cause the farmer can find. The Lord said this is linked to their unique bloodline and genetics, and I first brought that prophecy here: The Many Words Of God, Pt 2. Look for the section titled Population Decline.

Nordic states are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Finland.