The Nascent Rise Of “COIN” – March 2, 2023


I had two dreams on March 2, 2023 – the explanations for them (as well as the dreams) are below.

*If you pay attention to dates and compare with the ones related to them you’ll see a trend- Yah is very about CLARITY and CONSISTENCY. Once He starts on a topic He will visit it over and over from different angles until the matter is clear. After that He might leave it for awhile, or, that same prophecy will keep coming up until it reaches a point where He feels people have had enough time to accept or reject it. The heart of repetitive messages is for us to have CLARITY about what is ahead, and how God uses prophecy to teach us is by being CONSISTENT in every theme He brings.

The word NASCENT means: “Just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential. Coming or having recently come into existence : beginning to develop.”


I woke up from dreams that greatly disturbed me and here are my recorded notes: 

The Lord said the financial collapse is imminent and that means soon currency will start to lose its value. Money will fail. Americans will lose confidence in their own dollar and begin to hoard goods and other forms of currency to hedge against the crash. You will know the money is losing value when the cost of goods becomes impossible to keep up with, when the same money that used to buy a set amount of value is unable to purchase that value anymore. Value will plummet in the USD and people will transition over to other means of trading, but it will not last long.


[Emphasis is mine because it is proof from His mouth that the trust people are putting in gold and silver will not last long. It is proof that the Bible must be fully fulfilled, that men will throw gold and silver in the streets as an unclean thing- Ezekiel 7:19]

The coin digital currency is on the way. The “coin” I was hearing about is not physical coins but digital money, “coins” in the computer like the ones you buy to play video games.

Yah said that ‘coin’ will be the only currency, a form of money that ties everything about us into one “digital footprint” that will be constantly monitored. Digital money will be the order of the day and the use of cash will decline sharply when it is introduced.

Part of it will be because people are very adventurous and willing to transition to this new form of money; but also He said they are going to “Hard Impact” cash, which means something done to weaken general confidence in cash and different ways to strong-arm it off the market.

Cash will be forced off the scene mostly by America’s largest retailers/ suppliers being told *NOT TO USE OR ACCEPT IT*, as well as through other means like Separation. Separation is where you create “classes by offer”: i.e. You offer incredible benefits, gifts, rebates and special value to those who follow the official agenda, and then use painful methods to isolate those who won’t switch. Incentives might be half-off groceries or 40% off a new car, but full price + taxes + penalties for those who want to use their bank account or buy the same car for cash. 

The normal bank account (with its ATMs, user privacy and ability to withdraw cash on demand or close the account on demand) is going away soon, to be replaced by a coin wallet that does not convert into cash. You cannot pull the coin into the real world; you have to use it where it is and its value only exists where it is, inside of the computer.

LIFE IS BEING TRANSFERRED INTO MACHINES, this is what the Lord said. Soon you will be asked to do everything in there: eat, sleep, make love, learn, and basically live inside a virtual reality instead of having a real life outside with people, hobbies and green grass under your feet. 

I dreamt that I lived in a nice suburb that’s not in New York, it was a very nice area with wide streets, deliberate treelines, and neighborhood patrol. I woke up early one morning and was standing by the window just looking at the silent, early morning road when there was a frenzied knocking at my door.

Knock knock knock! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! I sighed. I didn’t want to open the door to anyone so early in the morning but with the knocking increasing and my neighbor now calling my name in a very high tone, I had to. ‘Celestial! Celestial honey open the door!’ So I went to open the door.

When I did this woman flew into my arms and hugged me so tight. She grabbed me and hung on, she said Oh you sweet girl. You were right. You were RIGHT! They’re doing everything you said and they’re rounding us up. We’re getting out. (She nodded out the front door and said her husband’s name). We’re leaving. I know you said you won’t leave but Celestial, think about it. Don’t linger too long. Don’t stay too long sweetheart, you don’t know what they might do to you.

And just like that this woman gave me a long last squeeze and darted out the door to a large grey SUV with a huge trailer behind it. She got in and the car pulled off so fast I thought it would yank itself off of the trailer. I went out to my lawn and soon as I got outside the Lord gave me an aerial view of America. It was a scene of panic, chaos and pandemonium everywhere. 

I saw people evacuating from all corners of the cities. I saw the big bridge in California, the Golden Gate with its huge hanging structures and iconic design, and traffic wasn’t moving an inch. I saw cars backed up on the freeways with every earthly possession in them: kids, food, documents, pets, and cash. Yet in many cases these cars also held WEALTH: coins, bouillon, gold, silver, metals, precious stones, silverware, and many other types of non-commercial currency (i.e. jewelry, stocks, property title deeds etc are this sort of wealth). 

People were fleeing across the U.S. to avoid having their wealth and possessions confiscated but the strange thing is the government, or somebody with a emergency broadcast system at least, seemed to know exactly WHO had this stuff and when they had gotten it. I heard citizens’ names broadcast on a nonstop loop along with what they did to convert their normal wealth into what they were fleeing with, and in fact it started with my neighbor. 

As she and her husband sped up the quiet tree-lined street in our neighborhood nobody was up yet. Not in my house, not anywhere. It was that early in the morning yet as they left I heard a voice say- “Julie So-and-so, from XYZ place, fleeing with ABC worth of coins, bonds, bullion and so forth in the trunk and the trailer.” 

I was flabbergasted- by the voice, first of all, (could anybody else hear it?) and next by the SHEER AMOUNT of what that ordinary woman who was always bringing me cookies, had in the car with her. Two older people in their sixties, normal as could always waving “Hi!” while the husband mowed the grass- were millionaires. I could not process what the aerial voice was saying, that that trailer hooked on to the grey SUV that was racing down the road was actually hauling Fort Knox.

This loudspeaker broadcast relentlessly, naming names rapid-fire one after the other, along with wealth my two ears couldn’t believe, naming all the people jammed on the freeway who were carrying what I’d call “heavy-hitter resources”. Not every car had them but those that did I heard them being announced as well as where the person got the gold or silver and how much it was. I got nervous because I thought won’t this inspire vigilante purge anarchy behavior once it gets dark? Won’t it inspire young men with no wealth to target cars in hopes of striking it rich?

I saw America was disrupted because of some law or rule that touched upon personal property & ownership here, and people headed for their cars and raced for the borders with everything they owned, in many cases abandoning their homes as a lost cause. I SAW THE GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER EVERYTHING AFTER THEY LEFT.

The government will confiscate those homes, boats, golf clubs, fur coats, businesses and everything that gets left behind because the people living in them will be treated as RENEGADE. Renegade are defined as people who rejects lawful or conventional behavior, people who desert and betray an organization, country, or clearly defined set of principles.

America was declaring its fleeing citizens to be RENEGADES and the government seized and froze a lot of the assets of these people, whatever it could sequester or get its hands on physically. The justification for this move was as follows:

Renegades do not have the right to own personal property, that will be the reasoning behind U.S. government confiscation of a lot of things in the future. First – to declare people an enemy of the state and then take everything they have as “routine attachment of an enemy’s property.”

Govt. will greatly enrich itself at the expense of ordinary Americans by declaring certain assets ILEGAL and saying that you as a single citizen property owner can’t have that, it is too much for you, it must be “redistributed” and “shared fairly.” The place that it will be shared fairly is among them who are in power and their friends & the “in crowd” and you the original property owner will not be compensated for any pf it. You will not be repaid for land or property or mining rights or anything they take from you after laws make it illegal for you to have it, and if you flee with the things you can carry, anything you leave behind will be called FORFEIT. 

This is what God showed in my dream, explaining when I woke up that the time is coming when Americans will greatly flee into South America and other territories to preserve LIFE, thereby greatly changing the demographics of those countries in a short time. It will go from black to white in a short time He said, an end times melting pot because of severe pressures that are coming to the U.S. population.

I slept again and had another dream. In that dream I arrived at a house where the atmosphere was like a funeral. It was somber, heavy and polite but people were so kind at that house, showing new arrivals where to sit and put their bags down, where to get food, where to get provisions etc.

I wandered around and saw a few people I know, one lady in particular who loves the Lord, sitting on the ground with her two daughters, feeding them and trying to get them settled for bed. (“Bed” was going to be the floor right there where they were seated.)

I could not figure out at first what this house was – people kept arriving with all their possessions, being welcomed, being helped to settle in, such a huge house it was and all over very little furniture but warm and comforting. It was warm, there was food, there were kind coordinators who never raised their voice but said firmly if you got out of line, No, you cannot do that here. You just came in with what you had and claimed a corner or a piece if wall with your family or by yourself and tried to settle in and not think too much. 

I was walking around and then I came to a MASSIVE HOLE in the center of this house. That’s when I realised this isn’t a house it’s a building, I could see downwards many stories and realized that we who are on the ground floor and upwards are the ones who “survived”. My brain just told me that, we who were coming in to the house and settling in, as long as we weren’t in that great hole, we had survived. We’re on the floors that still work, we were the ones who were saved. I tried to go near the hole for a better look but every time I did, I almost passed out. 

Firstly, great heat blasted up from the hole like an open furnace that cooks your face and eyes, it was so uncomfortable and hot as soon as you got near the edge to look down! I saw wavy lines indicating HIGH HEAT, my eyes were watering as I tried to get a good look down there, yet as hot as it was I saw people way down at the bottom moving around. They were disheveled, in thin grey blankets, looking so sad and milling about like sheep who don’t know what to do. 

There was also a ladder from our floor *ground floor, where the hole appeared* all the way down countless floors to the bottom. The ladder was so thin that just looking at it told me you had to be an extremely brave person to get on it and take it that many steps below. I felt faint looking at it but was thinking maybe I should go down and do something to help: right away my friend spoke up and said Don’t go down there. Do not. Only the men go down there. At times my husband goes down to try and help and some of the other men, but they can only go one by one because the ladder is so weak. Don’t even get near that hole Celestial, come away. 

I was so relieved when she spoke. I heard God’s warning in her voice and went to find where I was allotted to be staying in that house and for how long. This is the end of the second dream. 

These long dreams have detailed explanations that are better discussed in the video, but I will also add those explanations here once the video for this has been made. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 

*I looked diligently for an image without a private company’s logo on it but there aren’t any of those available. All the available coin money belongs to private people or other countries (for example China has an online coin Yuan). There is only one type of coin that I saw that the U.S. government owns, this one below. However I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is the coming coin, because the money ahead will be one money used all over the world. Maybe in the future they will be blended from yuan and rupee and rouble and dollar into one seamless ‘new name’ coin, but for now, this is one I myself must look into when I have time. Thank you.

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  1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    Whoa, as I read this it felt like I sinked in your dream and could see everything that happened.

    Charles S stated, “you will own nothing and be happy” if people don’t let that sink in. It’s a force of smiling to lose everything yet to try to survive and not show a different emotion than happiness.

    Even the second dream I sunk in, not as much as the first but that one, oh boy… I pray to Yah that I be found faithful to be one that survives. I will continue in this fight, Hell has no cell for me, I just cannot lose my soul to the Devil, Yah be with me and all your elected, Amein 🙏🏾

  2. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thanks you once again beloved sister Celestial for sharing this message. May God continue to bless you and keep you. Shalom💕

  3. Jhonique Williams says:

    I dreamt this work up with ‘HERO CURRENCY’ a big gold coin with the letter H ….(I am no prophet but a dreamer)

  4. Randall johnson says:

    As I finished reding through this post I was reminded of a dream I had approximately a year ago. Many people I did not know all out side. No grass no trees, everyone was wearing clothes that were dirty. The air smelt of famine. It began to rain and the low places on the ground became muddy puddles and everyone began drinking that dirty muddy water then I awake. It seem as though I was looking onto a scene that I was not in like I was not there but I can not be sure. I will cleave to the lord most high come what may.


    Oh Celestial,
    PayPal is offering a wallet with yes it is coin only on the net its like a bank with the FDIC logo. I looked at it today and knew it was what you spoke of. It’s start date I think is March 31 2023. I was reading the info. I did like filling out those thing’s. I did not as I had no unction too, I know I will be a runner as I am in my 72nd year I’ve seen my self looking for sanctuary keeping off main highways as germanshepard dogs were being used by the government to sniff out humans.

  6. Esther Joseph says:

    Oh my my ; sister Celestial thank you for sharing these dreams. If people were wise enough they will listen and accept what GOD sent you to tell them . Because we have a loving GOD and merciful too that’s why we know all of this though you. GOD bless you sister. Keep up the 👍 good work.

  7. Bienvenue Alexis Gahenda says:

    Hello Celestial,
    The more I read or watch your prophecies the more I think to my people. My question/request is still the same. What can I do to get these translated both for my people and for french speaking people, please?

    1. HH says:

      Can you use Google translate for the written texts from the blog? Maybe hire a translator to redo the videos in the native language and/or have a close captioned text running at the bottom of the videos?

  8. LaTonya D Rogers says:

    All Praise to the Most High God Yah….the dreams and visions that the Lord are giving to you are manifesting themselves. Woe unto those that cannot or will not accept Yahs Word as True amd everyone else a lie. I believe amd i pray that Yah keep his children as he said he will as long as we fight the good fight of Faith we will be protected and the Holy Spirit will let us know all things as we have the ear to hear. Bless God and all of his children Amen 🙏🙌🙏🙌

  9. Oh Wow- so after reading this I did a quick search in Telegram- and sure enough, they’re already geared up to roll it out. Russia rolls there’s out April 1st I believe and the USA must be around the same time I’m guessing. There’s talk that this will be connected to the harm that causes harm- and will turn into the mark of the beast. I really try to avoid the “truther conspiracy” chatter of this stuff but I did look into this one. Very interesting… 🥺🙏 Thank you as always Celestial- you’re truly a blessing 💞

  10. Truthseeker says:

    Celestial, as I’ve commented before on your YT, most countries of the world will be bringing forth their own CBDC. The
    United States included. Once the CBDC has been fully implemented, that will be the death of freedom and privacy forever. We will immediately become slaves to the NWO and Great Reset. All freedom will have been lost. The digital money CBDC is programmable Celestial. The money has an expiration date. If you don’t use it before a specified amount of time, it will disappear. Thus making it impossible to save money. Universal Basic Income will be paid out via this digital money. But only to those who have a qualifying social credit score. Most people will be classified into like 4 social credit tiers. I don’t have time to expound on this now, but research it. People will ultimately only be able to pay other people using their phone. Not all crypto Celestial will fail, I don’t believe, unless the Lord has told you otherwise.Whether we can possess it is another question. But anyhow, God bless you and thank you for all you do!

  11. KC says:

    Thank you, Celestial for your obedience. Indeed we have a most merciful God. What you speak about has been teased in 2018 children’s show. Here is a clip:

    1. Ms Allen says:

      I’ve seen this and knew that they are revealing ahead of time, the way in which the Mark would be administered and how it will control the masses.

  12. Loraine Gray says:

    Thank you so very much my beautiful beloved Sister. Thank you for your obedience in doing YAH’S Work.

    1. Ciarri Winter says:

      Hello Celestial.
      God bless you for your prophetic gift to the body of Christ.
      I read yesterday of the collapse of the Silicon Valley Banks and today of the imminent collapse of Credit Suisse. Indeed falling like dominoes.

  13. hi2584733592020 says:

    The power of the fourth horse in the Book of Revelation has been revealed. Get ready.

  14. hi2584733592020 says:

    Hello prophet, can I have a private chat with you? I have a lot to say.

  15. Jean-Claude Riopel says:

    Hi Celestial,

    First I would like to say ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart, and that God has indeed blessed you with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; and has given you the innate ability to teach with such clarity and articulation. To say that you are well educated is an understatement…God’s grace flows through you and to us all, and you are a blessing to all of us.

    I have been following you since around the fall of 2022, soon after or around the same time I received a 3rd dream from The Lord, concerning the ‘white’ and ‘red’ horse. I was looking out a sliding glass door which revealed nothing but a yard covered in patches of snow. When the dream started the door was shut, and I turned away, and then I heard a noise and turned around to find the door now slid partly open. There was a ‘white’ horse coming into view (from left to right) and walked by a tree that was in the midst of the yard and proceeded to lay down. Then a ‘red’ horse came into view and was left standing and snorting fiercely while it faced the ‘white horse.’ The red on the left and the white on the right side of the tree that stood between them.

    Anyways, when I came across your channel one of the first videos I watched was concerning the red horse; I don’t believe this was coincidence. However, since then I have watched or read most of what you have posted or created. From the minute I heard you, I was thoroughly convinced that you are one of God’s mouthpieces in this final generation.

    I myself am not a prophet, but have received a few dreams from The Lord, they were brief but vindicate what you preach. The first one 8 years ago was quite terrifying, and though not many (if any) believe me, but is exactly what you mention in the ‘pogroms’ prophecy; but was only shown the execution part. I currently live where I believe this will take place (geography and climate is unmistakable); however the dream occurred 5 years prior to moving here and 2000 miles away, having no intentions of ever ending up here.

    Since starting my walk with The Lord, I have been searching for true mentors in the faith, and have been struggling to find any. I study the Bible, and try to do my best to obey The Lord, but I feel my prayer life is lacking. The Bible states that God hears the prayers of the righteous, and I believe you to be just that; a true servant of the Most High. I just wanted to do whatever else I can to strengthen my walk with The Lord. I am convinced that God has already shown me my fate; in the dream mentioned previously, and this has both haunted me and motivated me ever since.

    I know you are a very busy woman, and if this comment is ever read, I have two requests that I would like to submit to you, and if God lays it on your heart, that you would recognize them; Lord willing.

    1. Does your church have online services? Can you point me to the website? I don’t have a Church that I belong to, for many reasons including false doctrine, heresy, false prophets, greed, and many other reasons.

    2. Would it at all be possible to meet with you? Remotely of course; if anything please pray for me.

    May God The Father, continue to bless you and may His peace and grace be upon you and your ministry; in the mighty name of Jesus!

    ~Brother J.C.

  16. Ciarri says:

    The rise of the 4th Reich
    The methods are the same as the Nazis. Ppl whom they regard as enemies (anyone who won’t be their slaves) to plunder their homes/wealth and murder them. In fact Naboths vineyard. The ppl behind this are all descended from Nazis and this is their goal for 2030.
    I believe this is why the Messiah told us that the meek will inherit the earth and not these wicked goats.

  17. karla altiero says:

    Thank You. Listening to you is the first time I feel I understand anything- because it is strong and true. Im not sure u know or if Im allowed to comment here but B Gates has patent WO 060606 AI for body activity data to determine cryptocurrency. simply search using duckduckgo And search Todd Callender- this was already installed with the vax. The truth community primarily Karen Kingston {on Stew peters show} was quoted by Russian general w regard to US bio labs in Ukraine. Finally have found place on this channel after researching the truth. Thank You again.

  18. 0007pd says:

    Thank you for sharing, this is confirmation to me what the Holy Spirit has been showing me for years. Need a confirmation, should i stay stick it out or leave to another country i have been looking at?

    1. Celestial says:

      I have always said that if anyone wants to do anything they should seek the Lord’s instruction and guidance. The larger the decision, the more is your responsibility to fast & pray FIRST for an answer, esp. if you are a man responsible for a family. Answers to life decisions are not found on the internet, they are found by ‘he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High.” I think and tell Christians it is very disrespectful to God (whether they recognize it or not), to ask other people what to do when the Holy Spirit is *right there with each believer* as a comforter teacher guide counselor & mentor. Turn to Him, court His company, learn to respect His presence, and ask Him what to do. God bless.

  19. This new crypto isn’t “currently being beta tested”. Whenever the Feds or WEF or United Nations (etcetera) announce they are “ironing-out the kinks”….THE ENTIRELY NEW SYSTEM ALREADY HAS BEEN PERFECTED !!! (It is ready for implementation now).

    1. Celestial says:

      A beta test is when something that’s been worked on in secret is tested in the real world. Coin money has only ever premiered in the US via private trading apps, where people play with money under the assumption that it’s under their control as ‘a kind of asset’. Coin is not used concurrently with or in lieu of the USD as “currency”, you can’t pay for food or taxes with Bitcoin or any other coin in America. Only a few ‘niche’ sellers accept Bitcoin, most old people don’t even know what it is. It’s not our money.

      However in other countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Philippines etc, the coin wallet IS money, they can access goods and services without ever a cash note or bank debit passing between buyer & seller. BETA isn’t when you have something ‘prepped and ready’, it when you take that first breathless step and run *A LIVE TEST*, where you try something on the populace and cull data on how it goes, without them knowing.

      Emerging markets have been testing coin money for over 5 yrs with no pushback. Now it’s coming here. They’ve been watching to see- does it disrupt the economy, does it run smoothly, how do banks respond to have a currency stream that doesn’t flow through their hands- are they weakened or content to have what is an obvious competitor to their shelf-life operating in the same market? The data from the last 5 -10 yrs of coin wallets has helped them perfect and tweak the model based on what market it’s been tested in. The only obvious “beta” we’ve seen is the covid vaccine. “Let’s put something we worked on in secret, *into some real arms*, then cull data to see how the test subjects respond to it.”

      There is no coin test in America but it’s coming- how will we receive it, will we embrace it? What percentage will get it, what percentage say no, what does it take to widen acceptance & cross-over, what happens when you impose penalties for still using cash, and what happens when you reach the cadre of hard-core refusals? Last of all, what will it take to enforce 100% compliance & IF YOU DO- when do the guns come out?”

      No test yet David, but God says it will be seen here soon. God bless.

      1. faith says:

        Hi Celestial i can give some added insight as to the test here in kenya, we call it m-pesa and has now rolled out into the east african region. The EAC is in the process of becoming a fully fledged federation with the EAC currency set to come out in May, the last part of this arrangement will be to have an EAC president. For now it’s an amalgamation of 6 nations with more applying to join. I have a feeling the currency will be a digital one as already we have the systems in place. I can for example take ‘money’ from my bank account and send it to someone’s phone. i can pay my electric bill from my bank account to the power company through my phone and in return receive tokens to my phone which i put into my digital meter in my house and those units are my electricity..i can go to a business or even a hotel and pay the bill with money on my phone to the hotels paybill and walk out of there without ever touching cash, never visiting my bank..same with rent and everything else. I can even pay for transpport money as little as 0.2 dollars from the money on my phone to a mobile account of the bus im travelling in. All these transactions are happening through my phone. So we find that you can even go an entire year without handling any hard cash or ever visiting your bank. This is mainly how businesses operate. I can be in a town 250 kms away, make a business deal with a business on the other end, once agreed i send the money through my phone to the account of that business which isn’t really a bank account rather this digital mobile phone account and the person sends the goods to me to my town without ever meeting them in person or even knowing which bank they bank with…I can do the same with someone from a different country within the EAC…we are ri[pe and ready here:(

  20. Gregory K. says:

    they are already trying to interoperate all current and developing CBDCs together

    but having only one CBDC across the whole world means that there must be only one central bank and that cannot happen until we also have one global government

    maybe it will happen the same way as Euro was adopted by EU members replacing the local currencies

  21. EH says:

    Thank you for sharing sister in Christ! Praise to TMH!

  22. brothertyler44 says:

    The start of the confirmation of this prophecy

  23. brothertyler44 says:

    The start of the confirmation of this prophecy

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