The Sons of Old – May 21, 2020


Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. – (Matthew 10:28- 31)

Welcome to The Master’s Voice, a prophetic end times blog sharing the real-time prophetic words, dreams, visions and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ in the modern day. I’m Celestial and you’re welcome to my blog. If you’re just joining in I’m sharing about a particular section of Christianity not often explored in the modern church- so start here –> The Time Of The End, and catch up on what I’ve been sharing from God so far.

It occurred to me this evening why a blog like this is so important. God is an unchanging person- He deeply believes in fairness. Therefore all the fundamental structures of ‘Who God Is’ are exactly the same as they were for Abraham and Noah as they are for us today. However certain things about how God operates have changed- He no longer inhabits a stone temple but lives in a human temple of flesh and blood (us). He no longer requires sin to be covered by animal sacrifice: JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD became a sacrificial lamb for all mankind on the Cross of Calvary and now we can enjoy direct fellowship with the Heavenly Father instead of needing temple priests to go behind a curtain and talk to Him for us. In a lot of practical, meaningful ways God has made the requirements for righteousness much easier for us than it was for our forefathers, so there should be no reason for us to reject Jesus or withhold our hearts from Him. God has come down from Heaven by His Spirit and His Son to love and live among mankind in a different way, but even as He does so everything about how He treats us, how He loves us, how fiercely protective He is over all of earth, ALL HE HAS MADE, none of that has changed. God loved man so much He sent Jesus to die for all our sins, and His love to this very day is what compels Him to tell us what to expect and how to prepare for the future.

What struck me particularly today is this- often God tells me, “Announce this. Say it as a proclamation.” And of course I do just that. But it came to me truly, what proclamations are for. Proclamations are a form of spiritual announcement that lets every listener know- “This has been decided.” Everyone who loves ancient movies like I do, movies with kings and queens and dragons and mysteries, knows that when the king makes a proclamation his heralds go throughout the entire kingdom on swift horses, reading from a scroll at the top of their voices- “The King says this! The King says that! The King has spoken!” Citizens of the kingdom hearing it know that a fact has been told to them, truth has been shared with them and they have to remember it. Anyone found breaking the King’s commandment is risking his life, because if he’s caught it’s the dungeon for him. In the same way these prophecies are being declared so that they’re OFFICIAL, so that we know they’ve been officially spoken into earth about the end times. Therefore we must pay attention, knowing that the King has spoken. It means we will see this blog come to life one day and we have to be ready.

What I’m telling us in these posts doesn’t come from me. There’s energy and imagination in me the same as any other human being I guess, but there’s is no way in 500 lifetimes that what I see, hear, and dream from God could come out of my own head. The way He shows the future has me in awe (and sometimes severe palpitations at the same time). The way He exposes our sin in graphic images make me wonder if He remembers I’m a woman, or that some things can be too much. God once told me bluntly as I saw a long, nasty list of sexual sins* being performed around the world- “If I have to see it you can see it too.”

*This is why I warn people so strongly, if you’re messing around with your body sexually, whether alone or with another person or worse, a child (or children) or a group of people- do not expect any mercy from God when it’s time to judge that particular sin.

I said five minutes ago that Jesus inhabits the temple of our body, it’s His habitation, His house. If you defile that house with porn, drugs, booze, masturbation, fornication, committing adultery, bringing strangers into bed with your and your spouse, having an ‘open marriage’, touching or abusing children, touching animals for goodness sake, violent sexual acts, perverted sexual acts or sleeping with someone of your own sex in the name of this fake ‘love’ movement- well… there is already an axe swinging in Heaven concerning these things. I lie to nobody, I’ve spoken on these matters here AT LENGTH. Use the search box at the bottom, type in ‘sexual sin’, and you should be reading for about 2-3 days to get through everything. God said in the Bible and I quote:

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you all together are that temple.” – (1 Corinthians 3:16- 17)

Visitors to this blog, using your temple as a nightclub for sin will earn you judgement from God. We cannot continue to break the moral law of God as if there were no help for us to overcome and escape temptation. We cannot act as if our friends and family are more valuable than Jesus- we know how to care for them and apologise when we hurt them, but we think God needs no apology? Not so! We knew how to be sorry when we hurt our parents growing up, we knew how to fix our little faces into sorrowful shapes and say “Sorry Mommy, sorry Daddy” when we saw they were angry with us. But God who we hurt with our words and actions every day isn’t considered even to be a person, let alone be thought of as worthy of our repentance? He isn’t worth us checking ourselves and saying, Am I pleasing you God? How did we grow into Conan the Barbarian- we do what we like, go where we want, have sex all over the place, fill our veins with marijuana and vodka, watch porn, curse at people all the wonderful words of filth [I’m looking at you New Yorkers], scribble our bodies full of tattoos, then say- ‘Well if God is going to judge me for living my life then He’s a hateful God and who needs Him anyway!’ [You do, and me too, that’s who.]

God is not angry or hateful. We grew up knowing our homes and general society has rules. As I’ve said before- people will obey stop signs, traffic lights, cooking instructions and TV setups for a precious 100-inch TV. We will obey “Beware of the Dog” signs. We obey cops, judges, teachers and anyone who is bigger than we are. People obey doctor’s instructions to the LETTER, but if God says “Obey and worship me” —-> suddenly we’re in Philosophy class 101 “But who is God anyway? What is “God” to one man may be “Mother Earth” to another man, so respect my choice.” We question God but not our earthly rules… why?

Well, Pharaoh also said “Who is this God? I don’t know Him!” That’s what the undefeated ruler of Egypt arrogantly said to Moses when Moses took a request to free the Israelites from slavery to him. 20 minutes later Egypt was burning and half of everybody in it was either sick or dead. God is more than our doctor, more than our criminal justice system. We shouldn’t sin, not because the law says so, but because GOD SAYS SO. We’re adults now- we must recognise that ALL MORAL LAW comes from and is based on THE LAWS OF GOD, WHO SAID “THOU SHALT NOT KILL, OR STEAL, OR LIE, OR SLEEP WITH YOUR NEIGHBOUR’S WIFE. NOR SHALL YOU LUST AFTER HIS GOODS, HIS CAR, HIS JOB OR ANYTHING HE HAS. NOR SHALL YOU DISGRACE YOUR PARENTS, OR ABUSE THEM. YOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP FALSE GODS OR LOVE ANYTHING MORE THAN ME. I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, DO NOT SIN AGAINST ME.”

God said a lot of things- the modern world is largely ignorant of all He says but knows the words to Miley Cyrus songs. And this is why we are where we are today. We are at the end.

Whenever I say these things to people, wow, how angry they get. How offended. Even if you speak the truth in the softest, wisest, kindest, most marshmallow tones, people tend to get angry so I don’t let it bother me anymore [mostly]. That’s because I’ve learnt that truth itself is like a knife, and there’s no gentle way to insert a knife. When people who don’t know about God [or God’s ways] encounter truth for the first time, it cuts them, it hurts. Even when His own servants hear the truth there’s a risk they’ll get offended and give me a piece of their minds yet… truth is what I was called for, and I do the best I can.

See this: The ancient Jews put Jesus to death in Jerusalem. This was a big event, huge, MASSIVE. There’s no way in a million years everybody didn’t know about it. Jesus was THE biggest phenomenon that had ever happened to the Middle East; the Man who wasn’t afraid to touch lepers or open blind eyes or raise dead people. Even in regions where the people’s faithfulness to God had dwindled to the size of a rat’s eyeball, JESUS WAS AN AWE-STRIKING WONDER OF A MAN. He sparked revival, hope, joy and even fear by the things He did. When the Christ showed up it was lights out for whatever other entertainment, religious event and public gathering was going on in that city- anywhere He went the people camped outside the house He was staying in and stared at the door with all their collective willpower until He was forced to go outside and heal them, pray for them, teach them and tell them about the Kingdom. He —-> was —–> AMAZING.

To kill a person like this cannot escape anyone’s notice. Yet kill Him they did, and everyone knew it. However Jesus went back to Heaven after He rose and just a few months later when the Holy Spirit had come, Apostle Peter was preaching to a huge crowd of Jews about the kingdom of God [Acts 2:14- 40]. As he preached Peter reminded them the cruelty they’d shown Jesus, how Jews of all cities had repaid His kindness, love, healing and miracles with bloodthirsty cries of “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” He told them their hard hearts made them not believe Jesus when He said He was the Christ, the son of God, and now here they were in the horrible predicament where God Himself had come to save them but they killed Him. Now their compounded sins [including His murder] were still squarely on their heads and the heads of their descendants. See their response to this truth:

Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Men and brethren, what shall we do to be saved?” – (Acts 2:37)

Peter spoke the truth to these people who were all there when Jesus was killed! But now that they heard their own actions being repeated back to them by someone with the authority and anointing to do so, wow… It pricked them. It scratched their conscience. It hurt them in deep places and forced them to take a look at themselves- ‘Guys, if we can kill God in a moment of stupidity, what else are we capable of!?! Tell us what to do to be saved!’ The knife of Truth went into them and they cried out, but they were not offended. THEY CHANGED. The truth is a knife but it will only cut out the bad parts, the rest of us will live.

May this be the cry and response of this generation before Jesus comes back, because Jesus IS coming back. Make plain the pathway of the Lord Jesus Christ.

However below is another dream about who will be coming back before He does.

Please visitors. Educate yourselves. Go online and check through Google to see if there are historical records of what I say here. God doesn’t need history to prove Himself but, it is helpful. If you do the research you’ll find things. Through God I’ve learned things I never heard of in my LIFE, things I saw on Tv and never gave a second thought as ‘real’. Then He showed up, drew back the curtain and WOW. People. Truly this world is not about Netflix and who will win the U.S. elections. It is not about gymming or having burgers. There are curtains in this world where, as God and Time draw them aside, I tell you…

Let it be that you listened and worked on your faith in the good years. Believe me, even with the coronavirus raging out there —> these are the good years. The years to come after this will make some of us wish we’d been born in the 1800s without electricity. What I mean is, strengthen your faith during these times by reading the word of God, by memorising it, by getting a deeper relationship with God. LEARN TO MAKE SPACE FOR GOD. He’s more than ‘a god’, He is THE ONLY GOD. He wants to love your soul my friend. God wants to talk to us as He used to talk to Adam before everything went horrible. GOD LOVES PEOPLE and I can attest to this. I’ve never had love from anyone as I do from Jesus. It’s why as messy as life can be sometimes, I still wake up and say, “Good Morning Lord. Here am I again, thank you for being there for me.” Let God be your Friend. Shalom.

May 11, 2020/ “Giants From A Mountain”/ [From my Journal]

I had 6 dreams in one morning, in sequence. This is the 6th.

I remember seeing a snowy mountain far away, in far perspective. It wasn’t a high mountain at all, in fact I didn’t know mountains could be so… flat. It was not a hill or a mound though, it was definitely the correct shape of a mountain: a rising cone of solid grey rock with a snowy crest and a volcano hole at the top. It was covered with snow everywhere except for the wide base that showed smooth rock, it was a true mountain, just that it wasn’t very high like Mt. Fuji or Mt. Everest. All of a sudden there was a frenzy of activity on top of this mountain, snow exploded out of the spout of the volcano like chunky white marshmallows, wow. Bulge after bulge of pristine snow suddenly rose out of the spout and cascaded all around the mountain, some jumped high in the air exactly like lava and I thought, When on earth has a mountain coughed up SNOW in volcanic activity instead of boiling rock?! Where exactly does the belly of this volcano lead!

The top of the mountain was soon lost in a haze of flying snow and these eruptions continued until really it looked like a cartoon. It was clear that something was coming out of the mountain and excavating snow for it to pass. Finally the chunks began to settle and right there, scattered from one end of the flat mountain to the other I saw maybe 100, 150 or 200 huge, huge men, looking like the supermodels for a ‘Norse Gods Return’ 2020 calendar. God set the view from reasonably far away so I couldn’t see their exact faces but, I knew these men were huge because… their feet were on the ground yet most of their heads were at the same height of the mountain.

In fact looking at them in perspective they made the mountain look flat like a island. They stood across the whole mountain from one end to the other, and one of them had his hand on the peak in a conversational, ‘leaning against the doorpost’ manner that made me wonder: ‘How many normal men can stand on the flat part of a mountain and put his hand on its top while that hand is still attached to their body?’ Not many, I thought. Not any.

They wore rough looking fur clothes like Vikings, clothing made of skin, and skin boots. Some had furry dark brown hats, some didn’t. They had no weapons. None were blond, all were brunettes with big bushy beards, ruddy cheeks and heavy eyebrows. I looked at that faraway mountain, at what had come from it out of nowhere and for some reason… I was very glad to be equally faraway in New York City fast asleep. When I woke up I heard the term, Ice bandits. These are the giants of old. [End of the dream]

I will continue sharing these dreams because each and every one is a proclamation. God has told me to start sharing them, that means once this information is written formally here it has been told to us, we are ‘warned’ of its reality and existence, and we must know that one day very large feet will share the same streets with us and not in a good way.

May God bless all visitors to The Master’s Voice. Share, Comment, Like and Subscribe. Move your screen up and down until the Follow+ buttons pops up in the lower right corner, click and you’ll be notified every time a new post goes up. Have faith, we are worth more to God than many sparrows! Let us be at peace with our God, He is bigger than anything the future holds. Share the blog with someone, trust me there are weirder things online than this. We might as well learn the truth in preparation for the future…

P.S. I have to share this. What do you know? While searching for an image for this post I discovered there’s something called a frost giant which is mentioned in stories of Thor and the other Norse gods. Imagine. Truly my respect for God only grows as I do His work. There is NOTHING He says which doesn’t turn out to be true. The only difference is, the men I saw were not blue, they had proper human skin. They were too huge however, to be people. Read more about other things God has shown me about the Nephilim:

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  1. Celestial, your posts always fill me with the terror of the Lord. That’s how I know you are the real deal. Your spiritual eyes and ears are in perfect working order. Thank you for being a faithful scribe. I know it is not easy and I find it significant that you should be positioned in the middle of the Big Apple, like Lot whose righteous soul was grieved at what he saw, heard and knew of his city. May the warrior angels of God thrust you out to safety before judgment falls.

    1. Celestial says:

      I thank you my sister. The Spirit of the Lord strengthens me to do His work, and I try to keep a faithful record knowing that everyone who reads it has a choice to make about these things the Lord is saying, no matter how strange they may seem. God bless you.

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    “When I woke up I heard the term, Ice bandits. These are the giants of old. [End of the dream]

    I will continue sharing these dreams because each and every one is a proclamation. God has told me to start sharing them, that means once this information is written formally here it has been told to us, we are ‘warned’ of its reality and existence, and we must know that one day very large feet will share the same streets with us and not in a good way.”

  3. Carey L BOSWELL says:

    I read today on the news that in Japan a rock that had an ancient female demonic spirit trapped inside it from the 1100’s had opened and the demon escaped. I also read today about in another country that a long time ago they found a half human, monkey and mermaid mummy and have decided now to start doing DNA testing and other testing to find out if’s origination. It mentioned in the article that some people worshipped the mummy/statue.

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