The Time Of The End – May 18, 2020

Hello and welcome to The Master’s Voice. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but that’s okay. I’m back now and will upload what I have in an orderly fashion. I’ve been hearing from the Lord in a very uncharacteristic flow- the dreams, prophecies, revelations etc are of a markedly different type so I’m going to need you all to stick with me and please pay attention. Some of the new posts are of a whole different dimension and keeping that in mind I’ll do a short introduction before I begin sharing. I’ll also do my best to keep things clear as we go along, knowing that my purpose here is to share the words of God for HIS glory, HIS purpose and HIS ULTIMATE WORK of saving as many as will accept His truth. We must preserve our souls until His coming. Jesus IS coming guys; I’ll never stop saying it. One day it will be proved in flesh and blood when He is here.

Okay then, let’s start.

First- FAITH. Our faith. As the song says, “My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ Blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust in Jesus’ name.” That’s one of my absolute favourite Christian songs called “My Hope Is Built”– original lyrics by Edward Mote [1834]. A modern version of the song can be enjoyed here. A different version called “Cornerstone” done by Hillsong can be found here.

Faith is what we need to survive this journey. Without faith we will faint, we will quit, we will shrink back when God needs us to stand up, and we will be ruined by the aggressive stance of satan. Faith must survive; there’s a reason Jesus asked if He would find any faith on earth when He returns (Luke 18:8). It’s because the days to come will be so terrifying and exhausting to the average person that no flesh will be able to continue in faith until the return of Jesus, UNLESS THEY ARE EMPOWERED BY GOD TO KEEP GOING IN FAITH.

Without faith every other action is pointless, we won’t be able to bear the future. PROTECT YOUR FAITH AT ALL COSTS. Study the Bible, spend time with God, this is how faith grows.

If you’re not a Christian yet but you happened to find this blog, welcome. If you’re willing to forego/ forget whatever mindset or stigma you may have heard/ had about Christianity, and browse the pages of this blog- you’ll find it’s not all pews, prayers or ‘trying to take your money’ (as so many people believe nowadays). Christianity is not what people think. It’s not mindless bigotry or trying to take the sweet part of life away. This is faith, bold, challenging,  all encompassing. Following God is an engaging, ALL-IN way of life, this isn’t some sect or the pastime of earthly failures- No. You need a core of steel to be a faithful Christian; you need willingness to fight, you need the ability [empowered in God’s spirit of course] to tough it out long after other people have given up and gone back to something easier (that ‘easier’ thing more often than not belongs to the devil, but we’ll talk about that).

Believe it or not Jesus Christ is the most significant and important life to ever walk this planet, the single most polarising force that has ever been and will ever be. Ever. His presence alone is what divided all of human life and history into ‘before’ and ‘after’, more famously known as “B.C.” and “A.D.” That’s how all these centuries that have ever existed were categorised- because of HIM– not because of the Gregorian calendar or some Roman emperor’s pride. This recent nonsense of B.C.E [before the common era] and A.C.E [after the common era] is only a few years old- SORRY GOOGLE, WE STILL REMEMBER B.C. [Before Christ] and A.D. [After (His) Death]!!

For centuries this is how all human history was measured, quoted and standardised. If an event took place and we wanted to remember it, it either happened before Jesus was born [B.C.], or after He died [A.D.]. THAT’S how important, integral and pivotal this one Man was. But now as twilight creeps over our universe and a shadow more terrible than the most vivid imagination can guess at rises over mankind- a shadow we will investigate shortly in upcoming posts- I challenge every visitor to this blog to ask themselves deeper questions than whatever the pastor has been telling you, or whatever the atheist forum you’re a half-hearted member (or even the president of), has been telling you.

B.C.E and A.C.E are recent adjustments, just babies really, in the scheme of the new ‘groupthink’ we’re all being forced to embrace. Never have I seen so many new partisan slogans, hashtags, industry slang, and “sayings” invented to guide our thinking as has happened in the past 20 years. There’s so many made up phrases now that it’s hard to keep track of what’s TRUE, and this steady departure from Truth is part of a much deeper, greater and more sinister flow. It’s leading somewhere. It’s part of the larger antichrist smokescreen geared towards making this generation and future generations more willing to enter the brainwash pool of believing there never was a Jesus. The more these architects of the current destruction of our history can do to erase the presence of God from the minds of men, the easier it will be for them to convince the world that God is a joke, a mystery nobody can solve, or an antiquation that the wise, hip, trendy and cool people need not bother with.


News Flash.

God exists. Jesus was here. He is alive. The Holy Spirit is not something to be mocked in comedy skits; He is an actual person with incredible depth, empathy and POWER. God mesmerises us not because ‘Religion is the opium of the people’ as Karl Marx and his huge Afro claimed, but because the sheer raw essence of God is what breathed out the stars we see, the flesh we’re made of, the sun we can’t even stare directly at. GOD IS MAJESTY, PERFECT, AND BELIEVE ME, HE IS HERE. GOD LOVES HUMANITY. ❤️ Amen.

To all visitors, you’re more than welcome to check out the Welcome, About, Prophecy and Basics pages. Get acquainted with why I run this space, then hopefully you’ll make a decision to stay a few weeks at least and sample different types of posts. That way you can get a feel for what God sounds like in the modern day. (I’d say pretty much the same as He did back then, with better visuals). Faith is the fundamental underpinning of this work- If I did not know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, if I couldn’t hear His voice, or if I were too afraid to write what He says and shows me on a regular basis- I couldn’t do this. This blog is not for likes, friends, popularity or competition. This is a place where the prophecies of God can be found in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner, as God wants us to be aware of the times and seasons we are in now. 

If you didn’t know yet, either because you’re new or because you’re not a Christian or because you haven’t been following along very well- we’re in this part —– > The End. 

Yes, we are in the end times. There might have been a period where people could successfully deny this, pointing to the strength of the global economy or the wide range of TV streaming apps we have now, all these might have once upon a time suggested a very successful and forward-moving society. The robust growth on Wall Street and back-to-back name calling of the nuclear empowered nations may have made everyone think that it would be business as usual, forever. But no… no indeed. There’s a SHIFT now. Now the world has been shut up like a restaurant whose owner ran to the bank and left a “Be Right Back” sign on the door; suddenly EVERYONE IS ATTUNED AND AWARE THAT: “Oh wait. Things are different. Something is very, very wrong.”

Now all of a sudden, people who never gave God a second thought are thinking about Him. (Which is great because who better to think about when the world is in meltdown?) People are remembering what their grandma told them when they went off to college (“I’ll be praying for you dear.”). They’re remembering childhood stories about this being called ‘THE SATAN’ from Sunday school. They’re digging through old boxes to find that dusty old Bible they carried around for protection when they worked nights in the police force, or as a prison guard in their home town. (Maybe they even read that Bible when they served time in prison).

Whatever the background, people from all walks of life are aware now more than ever that something has gone very wrong with society, and that wrongness is sparking fear, mistrust and uncertainty at a core level, a level so deep that mankind realises this is bigger than them and maybe Someone bigger than them needs to be consulted on what to do next. The hearts and minds of nearly 8 billion people are currently laser-focused, so to my tiny audience I figure it’s as good a time as any to announce once again that these are what the Bible refers to as the END TIMES.

These are the days spoken of by John the Revelator [Book of Revelations], Daniel the Prophet [Book of Daniel], Paul the Apostle [1 Thessalonians], Peter the Apostle [2 Peter] and of course Jesus Himself [Matthew 24, Luke 17].

I remember the first time God told me about the end times. I was praying for a grant to get my postgrad degree when He spoke, and looking back I realise this is often how I hear amazing things from God. When I ask about normal things- health, finances, comfort, courage- that’s when I have dreams about the sky opening and creatures coming through it, that’s when God talks to me about things that have nothing to do with what I asked for. I was praying that hot afternoon with all my strength when I heard that familiar voice say “These are the last days.” I had my eyes shut in such an avid posture of prayer that the sentence went zipping right past, I kept praying so God repeated himself. “These are the last days.” I slowed down my prayer and slowly put the entire thing in park. Lord? “These are the last days”. I felt faint. I said which last days Father? “The last of the last days. After these there shall be no more days.” 

Wow… dear Lord. The sky fell down on me.

Brothers and sisters, the reason I believe I can robustly encourage others on this blog is because I’ve had a good long while to shed most of the surprise, shock and outright fear I sometimes experience when God announces a prophecy or shows me certain things. To those who think prophets are blocks of wood silently watching the world burn, no not so. It’s no easy thing to stand before God, to hear and see as He shows you, no filter. In Isaiah 21 this is what the prophet said when he saw a flash vision of God’s plans:

Therefore are my loins filled with pain, [sharp] pangs have gripped me, like the pangs of a woman in the midst of childbirth. I bent myself down when I heard it, I was dismayed when I saw it. My heart was gasping, fearfulness terrorised me, my night of pleasure has God turned into fear upon me. – (Isaiah 21:3-4)

I felt like that the day God told me, the last days had come. There would be no future days He said. We had used them all up. The final ones were now in motion, and everything written about them would begin unfolding exactly as the scriptures said. In that conversation I forgot all about grad school, because who needs education when the locusts are coming? I felt small and teary-eyed, overwhelmed. In the sponge-like fever of my mind I imagined the sun was going to drop right out of the sky the next week, and in three weeks the seas wash me and my desire to go back to school right into the boiling ocean. I had no concept of time for “last days”, I was very afraid and it affected a lot of my ability to think and plan for the future.

That was December 2012.

I’ve now had time to realise (as you probably have as you read that), that end times is a PERIOD. It is a passage of time like when you wheel a woman at the first edges of labour into the waiting room- she’s puffing her pilates breath like her coach told her, her husband is saying all the kind things he can think of, the cab driver is ready to faint- but the doctors and nurses are bored, bored, bored. They’ve seen a million babies come the same way. They know it’s going to be HOURS before anything of interest happens, and once they get the woman settled they all disappear like rats until that buzzer starts going off asking for the epidural mercy. In the same way, the end of the world is not going to pour out of the sky in one deluge. In a weird way, it will be exactly like childbirth- slow and gradual buildup of nerves, pain, changes, stretching, pressure, hurting, labour, tears, ramping up into every last [unfortunately graphic and painful] sentence you see written from Revelation 6 to 22. Jesus said in Matthew 24 it will start with birth pains, the beginning of sorrows that builds into a crescendo of well.. PANGS. A pang is a sharp, bitterly painful, twisting kind of pain, and in childbirth they grow worse and worse until a woman is howling, screaming, sweating, clawing and gasping for every breath as she nears her goal. 

The end times will send us on this journey. I want to remind us, the end of it all is receiving the baby of HEAVEN. Yes, Heaven is very real and all this effort is heading there. I wouldn’t miss the eternal kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ for all the money in this world. Money won’t even matter in a few years anyway, they’re going to take it all away and give us some terrible online credits system that can be taken away from us at any time for ‘bad’ or non compliant behaviour. So why on earth would I risk forever with God for that? No thanks. 

The posts are going up. As I said, these are the different type, there are a few on the blog already so… these have come to keep them company. May the Lord bless all who read and believe His words on this blog- In Jesus name, amen.

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