The Eagle Will Fall – August 26, 2020

“And he cried mightily with a loud voice saying “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!” – (Revelation 18:2)

I received this word at 10 p.m. during prayer with my church, I wrote it down real-time as I received it. Let’s go straight to it.  

“The eagle will be trampled underfoot, but I will protect my people. I will save my people.” 

The mighty American eagle will fall. 

I see an American bald eagle on the ground, whose eyes are being pecked out by other birds. Chickens, ravens, crows and other bigger birds, even regal birds like hawk and falcon, they surround to peck and attack this fallen eagle. The eagle beats its wings on the ground and cries horribly but it cannot fly, its wings seem bent at weird angles and look broken. There will no more return to the sky for this bird – because of this surrounding attack its eyes are dragged out in no time, and with a bleeding face and bent head this sad image of defeat is removed from before me. 

Thus says the Lord: 

I will pick and break apart their religious pinnacles. Their heights, their temples built as glory for themselves, I cannot bear them anymore. These churches are nothing more than side-shows and circuses. I do not know them, I am not with them. If my Holy Temple in Jerusalem could be torn down twice then what is so special about the Church of America, that I cannot tear her down and ransack her pretentious treasure houses? Indeed I will surely do it, every brick will be blown up and they will know I hated their spectacles and shows. Do not look only at the wealthy pastors, there are more of these cheap imitations of “worship houses” than you can imagine, big and small, known and unknown. Congregations of lies where they gathered to please themselves, dance in a frenzy and blaspheme My name with their pageants. I have no part in them. 

I have rejected this nation. Her sin is staining the heavens, her smoke and burning is acrid in My nostrils as sacrifices burn day and night to false idols. FALSE GODS, A NATION OF “AMERICAN GODS”. I will scatter every last one, I will choke the life out of her and those gods will perish with her. I will silence trade and industry, business and manufacture will fail. I will expose the wicked princes who keep this land in subjection to their whims. I will strike her “corporate giants” and bring them crashing down. We will see who or what in America-Babylon is “Too Big To Fail.” 

How you insult me. Idolaters. Wasters, the blood of the unborn and the innocents are testifying against you. You cut up these children like brisket but I shall not tolerate it further. First I expose the wrongdoing. I make known the guilty ones. You voted for them? You loved them? You said “Give us Barrabas!” I will expose your gods, your pedestal and TV princes. I will show you their clay feet beneath their stained robes. They are rapists, abominable, filthy, lovers of children and killers of the brave. I will lift up their skirts and expose them, I will flaunt their nakedness so even nations that have nothing to do with you will see it. I will make you ASHAMED America. I will rip the medals from around your neck that I put there. I put them there! I made you great, but I will take you from first to last before long. I will shame you and expose your nakedness to the four corners of the world. You will be an abomination, an embarrassment, a hissing, a mockery. The least will look at you and be amazed, and the great will trample your soil and put an iron yoke around your neck. 

You shall be made NAKED. Your actual naked skin will be seen by strangers and your children will be slaves. Then you will know I have pleaded with you for My people. You say it is the past? I Jehovah am the Lord. I have no past. I never forget. I am no man. I JESUS THE EVERLASTING KING, NEVER FORGET. I WILL NOT FORGIVE WHAT WAS DONE. HOW BLOOD RAN IN THESE STREETS, HOW TEARS FLOWED IN THESE FIELDS. MY PEOPLE PLEADED FOR MERCY AND FOUND NONE. I SHALL NOT FORGIVE. YOU DID NOT FORGIVE, I SHALL NOT FORGIVE. AT THE HOUR OF JEHOSHAPHAT, I THE LORD WILL REMEMBER YOU. 

“And I will enter into judgement with them there on account of My people, My heritage Israel whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided My land.” – (Joel 3:2) 

I shall gather the remnants at a certain time. Pray that you are counted worthy to escape these things. Rinse your robes in the Lamb’s blood. Adjust your focus. Be actively found doing what is holy, righteous and GOOD. Put away your foolish distractions and focus your attention on ME. I am your Netflix and Hulu. Look upon ME. Learn My word and pray to be accounted worthy to escape these things. 

I will gather my remnants from all the places I will scatter them, but I will no longer make this a nation. America will cease to be a country, she will no more be listed among the countries. As Pompeii was buried and as the Visigoths disappeared, so will she be a footnote in the books of history. I will remove her from before My face. This too, is the sovereign word of the Lord. Hear the words of the Lord. 

This is the end of the prophetic word. I know it is not easy to hear such things. I know there are so many other people out there telling us we will be fine, we are blessed, we are just on a ‘reset’ right now but we’re going to get through it. Christian family and unsaved family please wake up. You watch people with 8 cans of hairspray in their hair and Vaseline on their teeth giving the news, weather and everything else, all the while saying “This is the new normal”. That phrase has even found its way into the relentless medical ads! How can anyone still believe we’re waiting to “go back to normal?” Can’t we see “the new normal” is a coded way of introducing us to the shift where nothing will ever be the same again? We have to wake up. 

As I wrote this word I saw fire falling from the sky. Whether it was meteor fireballs or missiles I don’t know, all I know is I wrote this prophecy seeing speeding firebombs like round rocks of fire falling from a dull red, back-lit and burning sky. This is not good. That old man Dmitri Duduman comes to mind. There is a very great burning coming to America; God said she will be greatly chastised with brimstone and burning. She mixed a cup of abominations for others and soon a double dose will be poured for her to drink. These are His words. 

These are strong messages and I know that. I told someone today that the milk feeding is over, we must grow up about spiritual things. We must stop grasping at straws and accept that right now somewhere in America, a grown man is on top of a naked 11-yr old or younger girl (or boy), and that child’s heart is ready to burst with rage/ grief/ PAIN/ sorrow/ confusion and a wish to never have been born if they were only going to end up abused, trafficked or even killed. Someone is raping his wife out there (or his son), while someone else is poisoning her husband and kids according to the instructions her Instagram boyfriend sent her this morning, “just so they can be together”. 

We have to be real with ourselves. This what we’re living in. 


A modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. I can’t come here and pretend. These messages are strong because the remnant think they’re a big group pleasing God when really it’s an embarrassing number, very small, and we’re not doing too well. We are few and surrounded by a horrific tsunami of sin, and even our personal robes aren’t all that white. We are deceived about so many things and even the “woke” don’t know half of what they don’t know. The Lord said that, not me. He said we don’t know half of what we don’t know, imagine then how deep is our darkness (of not knowing?)

Every time the Lord shows me a new thing I am speechless; I am shocked to my toes that THIS ALSO IS HAPPENING while Target and Walmart are still doing business as usual having scented candle sales. These messages are strong because there is no mass repentance to speak of, despite HOW MANY TIMES people like me are sent to raise an alarm. Personal repentance saves a life but mass repentance turns God’s heart back from judgement. Ask Nineveh. The messages are strong because many in America truly believe that punishment will be removed or deferred for crying, repenting and/ or feeling really sad. Yes we must do these things but… sigh. I have posted a word where God said even if Moses and Samuel came back to life to plead for the U.S.A. He would not regard their prayer or forgive the sins, so that should tell us something. 

There comes a time when you have to stop hoping something WON’T happen and start acting with wisdom like it WILL happen, there comes a time to stop denying reality and say “Ok, if it’s going to happen what do I do? What comes next?” 

I do not know when these words will come to pass. I only know I have seen and heard them, I’ve been sent to declare them, and yes I know they will come. Let us do what God said at the end of this message above. Let us clear away distractions and get busy doing what we know we should do, let’s talk to our families NOT about fire-bomb Doomsday but about the need to be saved and make Jesus their hiding place.

People need to hear the gospel, people need to hear that sin is bad and will kill them, people need to hear from people who still know what right and wrong are in this twisted world. TELL THEM THE TRUTH FOR ONCE AND LET THEM BE MAD. We aren’t made of sugar, we can take it if they’re mad. The point is to tell them and let them make their own choices. How will they hear if nobody preaches to them, and how will anyone preach if nobody goes?? That’s the Bible, Romans 10:14- 15. 

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This is TMV, it’s an end times blog. I post the truth without filter and declare the things that will come before the coming of the ONE GOD, JESUS CHRIST. He is not a mere prophet or mystic. He is not a mentor or life guru. HE IS GOD. Make sure to choose Him now because in the end everyone will be desperate for HIM to choose THEM to go to Heaven, but it doesn’t work like that. Those who deny Jesus before men will be denied by Him before His Father (Matthew 10:32-33)

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AMEN. Shalom. Stay encouraged. 

P.S. Please read this word twice. There is a lot to process in it. God bless. 

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    “I will gather my remnants from all the places I will scatter them, but I will no longer make this a nation. America will cease to be a country, she will no more be listed among the countries. As Pompeii was buried and as the Visigoths disappeared so will she be a footnote in the books of history. I will remove her from before My face. This too, is the sovereign word of the Lord. Hear the words of the Lord.”

  2. Scarlett says:

    Dear sister, you are so well loved and your work is so precious and needful. I do see your need for a new or revitalized laptop. Silver and gold have I none, but I am praying for the Lord to supernaturally provide you with a new laptop, or a completely Holy Spirit repaired and fine tuned one.
    I am embarrassingly impoverished myself and in need of a road worthy vehicle. The Lord has provided before in such miraculous ways, I am sure He will do it again. There have been times when this scripture came to mind, when I had an emergency need for money, and didn’t have a dollar to my name and He provided the answer without having to have any money. “”Come, everyone who thirsts, to the waters! Come, he who has no money, buy, and eat! Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price”. Isa 55:1.
    This brings tears to my remembrance of these times….
    That’s our God….Still, I am praying that folks will bless your account with whatever it is your needing.

    Love you…

    1. Celestial says:

      Scarlett you are such a lovely person to have on this blog! I’m so cheered up by seeing this. I thank you for your faithful reading and sharing, I am happy to have your prayers and I believe I will solve the current issues as God touches hearts to help me. Meanwhile WordPress has changed the entire settings of the editors and I am triple frustrated trying to write posts using the phone and using this wretched new editor they think is so “helpful.” Until I figure it out i don’t think the blog will look as neat as I’ve always tried to make it. What a pity but I’m trying. God BLESS YOU and I’ll pray for your car issue to be sorted. Shalom.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Oh, thank you for the kind words and prayer. I’m certain most of the problems and needs we’re dealing with have their root cause in our mutual enemy, trying to wear us out and make us give up, (ain’t gonna happen). But it does get frustrating. However, our faith is just being tested and tried to make us stronger.
        I’m just going to cut to the chase, and make a wild and crazy suggestion to throw all caution to the wind, eliminating all the middle men, roadblocks and interference by hindering spirits……and simply BELIEVE our supernatural God for an “impossible” supernatural resolution to these needs. All of them!
        I believe He loves our trust…..and, a good challenge. He is well able to move multiple mountains with the mere raising of a heavenly eyebrow. Amen! Of course I know you already know all that! But just saying and hoping we can agree in prayer, as touching these things, in King Jesus precious Name.
        By the way, the blog looks fine…it’s the content that counts…that’s why I keep coming back, even at the end of the day, and read. It sort of settles me somehow.
        God bless you so much…
        In Jesus Love

  3. Viana says:

    God bless you so much!! Since I’m walking with the I never heard someone like you. So accurate, my spirit is in awe. Amen🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    I can say a lot but I speak Spanish and I don’t have a perfect vocabulary to express myself .

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear sister Viana, thank you so much for visiting the blog. Please feel free to share your comment in Spanish, I will use an app to translate it 😊 You are welcome to share your heart, I will find a way to understand what you share. God bless you!

  4. Denise says:

    This is a grim prophecy indeed, and others in the past have said similar. A preacher named William Branham, who had an incredible healing ministry from the Lord in the 50s, said before he died that he saw the nation burning at the time that a woman came to power. I believe he said it was a beautiful woman who – in her day – the nation would be destroyed.
    A few months ago – I dreamt of a large eagle (size and look of American Airlines) flying very slowly under yellow clouds (white above both) and it crashed and was completely destroyed. Very troubling on all levels. Praying for this nation !!

    1. Hélène says:

      When Kamala comes to (no longer hidden) power, I won’t be able to say she’s beautiful but maybe some will. She’ll be a short lived frontman and then Obummer can step out. No doubt in my mind.

  5. Michelle Okeson says:

    Your prophetic words are profound! Just yesterday I was introduced to your sight and today I listened to this. Ironically, I received a very similar word from the LORD as I have a metal eagle in my flowerbed and both wings were hanging limp as they were damaged in a recent storm. I know the LORD gave it as a sign to me that America will not rise again!

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