Home Invasions Imminent – August 17, 2020


“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” – Romans 10:13

A few days ago I had many dreams joined together. I saw many things but I’ll only share the urgent themes at this time. This prophetic dream is a repeat of the word that came two weeks ago on August 5, 2020- The Lord said we will see Revelation 13 play out before our eyes. Both the righteous and the unrighteous will see the power of the Beast to attack homes and break the sanctity of the Constitution to protect private homeownership.

That prophecy can be found here: Revelation 13.

First dream: I dreamt of urgent text messages coming to phones across America. I saw a text that said: “We’re on our way. Go to the basement and don’t come out until we leave.” Another said “We’ll be using stun grenades, be prepared.” Another said “We’ll be using light sticks, be prepared.” I heard the Lord say in the dream: ‘Light sticks’ are explosive phosphorescent sticks which make an impossibly loud noise and a huge visual impact. They blow up releasing a huge light explosion that brightens the room intensely for a brief time. They hurt the eyes to no end and leave a sensation of momentary blindness. If you are looking directly at them when they pop you will be blinded by the glare and not able to see for a couple of minutes, that will be more than enough time for harm to be inflicted upon you.’

When He said that I understood the texts I was seeing were from soldiers to people they knew, to warn them about something about to happen.

I saw soldiers about to storm fellow Americans in their homes, they warned their loved ones as best they could. “Don’t go outside because if you go out there we have orders to kill you, we are ordered to put you down.”

“If you go out I can’t protect you, I can’t stop one of the guys from shooting you.” (Tears emoji) 

“Please just listen to what I say and do it. Stay home but be warmly dressed. Have your shoes on. Stay at home but be in the basement.” 

“Do not resist and DON’T have a gun, we have orders to put you down if you resist or fire on us.”

Many soldiers told their families how to be safe and then the new wave of home invasions began. They were reluctant but they had to do it, they had orders from above and also they were put in a position where they had no choice. DURESS is the word for the situation they found themselves in. 

Second dream: I saw some Christians were protected by people who were either unsaved or actively working for the other side. Multiple texts came to one young lady’s phone from different friends of hers who were not Christians. All said “Take cover we are coming.” One said “Get to the nearest train and go to so and so place, you have 10 minutes to take everything you want and get to the train station without asking any questions. Go to so and so place.”

I saw the young lady was so bright, loving and free in her spirit that even people who were wicked and satanic didn’t want her to get hurt. They sent her texts with safe houses and places she could go while the New York blitz took place, none of them wanted her to be hurt. She grabbed her laptop, warm clothes and fled into the train system as advised. God said: “She is friends with people she has no idea are neck deep in sin and serving the enemy. But they like her and don’t want her to be killed, so they warned her in advance of the harm that was advancing on the city.” Some people will literally be given tip offs from friends and family on the dark side, I pray no pride exists in any Christian but may they listen and deliver themselves from harm the devil intends for this nation.

Third dream: I saw politicians talking on TV in the various states. I saw one in my state, as he spoke the skin of his neck turned to the scales of a snake and a serpent came out of his mouth. Instead of a tongue a serpent came out and bobbed its head up and down several times as he delivered his speech. The snake was watching the people he was talking to on TV and then it went back into his mouth. I was astounded to see this happen.

Fourth dream: I saw water rising in New York City til it was waist deep. Relentless rain poured from the sky and water flooded New York until the storm drains burst and swirled along with floodwaters and constant rainfall through the streets. The water was surging, powerful and cloudy grey. I saw parents wading through it, carrying their smaller kids who would have been under the water if they didn’t lift them up. These kids were calm and quiet even though they were cold and soaking wet, a few had raincoats on but most did not. The entire city was flooded and people were trying to find their own way to safe places. I did not see any city rescue efforts or first responder services helping anyone- the scene looked like after a natural disaster, how everyone’s just trying to put the pieces back together and help themselves. There was an eerie quietness in the city, even the children weren’t crying or being hysterical. People were just trying to survive. 

In the fifth and final dream I saw myself preaching on Facebook, I was saying “Have you prepared your children? Are you teaching your children how to survive, or are you waiting for disaster to hit and then you will try to tell them what to do and how to cope? Are you waiting to find yourself clueless? Will you expect them to behave in miraculous and mature ways you haven’t prepared them for? Are you running drills with them, are you getting them ready for the time when they will not have food and water yet they have to be resilient and not cry or complain? It will only be harder for you if you have spoiled brats who don’t know what is going on, who don’t want to understand that things have changed and everybody’s lives are at stake. Teach the older ones to carry the younger ones, to hold their hand so nobody gets lost. Sit your children down and tell them age appropriate truth, tell them change is coming and mom needs them to be brave, dad needs them to be a team player.”

I said “Everything you don’t do now it’s you who will suffer later, so tell your kids the truth.” I stood at a see-through podium preaching my heart out while people walked by, not many looked at me but that did not stop me from preaching. Whether they were listening or not I don’t know but I raised my voice and spoke strongly that they should prepare and get their children ready. I saw again how New York flooded, the water rose up to the hip in some areas, churning and rushing, foamy and cloudy grey like dirty laundry water. There was a relentless rain that fell for days and days. People walked in the streets with their kids on their hip or hugged to the chest in front and nobody said a WORD. It was awful.

That is the end of the dreams.

Please prepare your heart, your stamina, your homes and most of all your children. I’m not telling you to scare your children with over the top theatrics, I’m telling you that times have CHANGED and we have to change along with it. GOD is sending dreams as very clear prophetic messages for us to listen to. The dreams have so much dialogue that even if I didn’t say anything about them the dialogue is enough to know what God is telling us. Get your children aware that home might be a little different from now on, mom and dad might be teaching them a few new things like how to get to one spot if the lights go out, how to be quiet when they hear a special signal, how to get to big brother’s room and wait with him for daddy to come, that sort of thing. You don’t need to tell your child anything about soldiers or “freedom” to teach them how to be alert and responsive in the case of emergency. They’re still children after all, they don’t need to shoulder unnecessary adult burdens or go through TMI just because you the parent are trying to get them ready.

Growing up my parents prepared us for everything and they never told us squat, what we knew is if mom or dad shows up and says things quickly we’re to move quickly and not start asking questions like a game show. When time is crucial and you don’t have help are your kids the sort to fall into line and obey you so everyone makes it, or are they going to ask you why should I, I’m tired, not this again, I don’t want to, etc. My parents taught us danger responsiveness and all I will say is believe me, WE-USED-IT. May you do the same from your teens to toddlers in Jesus mighty name.

Prophecy: Home invasions by ‘friendly forces’ are coming, the right to private home ownership will be violated and constitutional rights will be trampled.

The Lord told me that people will stand outside their own homes under armed guard while their houses are ransacked looking for guns, ammunition and things that are considered “illegal”. I saw a family outside in bathrobes and slippers, they were shivering in the cold. Obviously this was a family that had NOT received any warning texts so they had no warm clothes or shoes on, only sleep clothing. Soldiers in all black gear turned their house upside down looking for weapons. These men wore black from top to toe, some with night vision goggles on and a funny headset in the uniform that deepened and distorted their voices.

They found a lot of food in that family’s house, one soldier said into his mic: “There’s a lot of food here, too much food. Why do they have all this food?” He took a can of green beans outside to the porch and said “What’s all this? Why do you have all these cans here, what do you think you’re doing with all this?!” He shook the can at the father who stood on the lawn but the man was afraid and did not answer. It seemed that even extra food was seen by these people as “wrong”, and it looked like they were going to confiscate it from that family.


Prophecy: ‘A Serpent Tongue’. Elected officials are saying things that come straight from the devil, a lying tongue is in them. Go to God urgently and ask Him to show you what to believe, your life may depend on it.

Prophecy: New York will be flooded, whether from persistent rainfall or some other natural disaster. The Lord told me years ago that water as high as the parking meters of NYC will one day be seen here, now I’ve had two dreams in one night of families carrying their smaller children who would be underwater if they had to walk by themselves. A flood will come to New York of hip high, waist high water and there will not be any (or enough) emergency service to help anyone, people will fend for themselves.

I’m not a big social media user but the Lord is urging me to increase my presence online. He wants people to hear what He’s been saying in private for many years – the reason for that is God doesn’t want anyone to claim they didn’t know. He wants to save as many as will seek Him for help. The way we handle these propbetic words is up to us, if we hear and believe, don’t believe, or think they are for a far away time that doesn’t need action now, that’s up to each of us. The truth remains though, prophecy must be revealed first so God’s actions can be justified after.

Thus says the Lord: “Because he has set his love upon me I will deliver him. He will call on me and I will answer, I will be with him in trouble and I shall spare his life.” Amen. Psalm 91:14-15.

God bless everyone who visits this blog. Please share using the social media buttons below and warn others. Whether they heed or ignore this word is up to them but I am again proclaiming that forced entry into American homes by American soldiers is coming, as well as other things, and we all need to be ready. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved, amen.

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