“Undone” – July 3, 2021

“Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”- (Isaiah 53:1)

This is the word I received while my neighbors were setting off early fireworks and hauling grills to their front yards this Fourth of July weekend. God spoke again about His main topic: what will come for America.

He said America doesn’t know she is celebrating her ‘lasts’- her beloved family and national rituals are happening for their last cycles but she isn’t aware of it. The worst part is- would we ever know? As we pass through them how would we know that this one is “the last one”? That’s the tragedy of oblivion- you’re not watchful, you don’t tighten your belt or plan ahead until the moment things suddenly change for the worse. Only then do you look back and realize: “Oh… I didn’t know. That was the last time.”

We experience it with death especially, we see people and wave goodbye with no clue it’s the last time for them (or us). Yet God is talking about the death of a whole country, imagine. This time His words gave insight into something I’ve always wondered about. Here is the prophecy.

America’s doings shall be undone. All she built, her accomplishments, constructs and contributions physical and metaphysical; physical territory (land, borders), buildings, the entire visible landscape as well as her presence, legacy and the praise she’s won all over the world – all this will be razed to ground and destroyed. America will be burned with fire on all sides until not much remains of it, this is the word of the Lord.

Also her intangible works- deals, laws, influence, global agreements, “political power and international maneuvers”- these will all be broken down and undone. All the treaties she brokered to put herself on top. All the rules she keeps in place, the so-called alliances that are nothing more than uneasy partnerships she controls- all of it will crumble and fall away. Many U.S. agreements are just ways to maintain control over other nations who privately resent her but think it is too dangerous to cross her. All this will disintegrate and fall away on the day of judgement. Everything she has done will be removed.

The Lord also spoke of the false social constructs that the United States has created and fake agendas she uses to advance realities that don’t really exist. Everything she represents will dissolve on the day she ceases to exist. An example of a false social construct is telling people they can be any gender or multiple genders or that they can wait to choose a gender in adulthood when reality says we are what we are. A fake agenda is sanctioning the death of babies by repackaging it as ‘a woman’s right to choose.’

This is how He put this word for my better understanding: If there are two nations that hate each other but are being prevented from war by America’s enforced peacekeeping, on the day she is destroyed they will fight. If there are nations who love each other and want to be partners but are prevented by America’s refusals, bans and sanctions; on the day she falls they will embrace. If there are nations talking tough now because of America’s “big brother” protection; on the day she collapses they will faint because of knowing their enemies are coming after them. And if there are nations who have been made into a villain or boogeyman in front of everyone because of America’s lies and self-serving desire to always be first then… on the day the USA falls those nations will serve cocktails as they call each other to offer smiles and congratulations. When America disappears many countries will be terrified because her support is no longer there but many countries will rejoice when her tyranny is gone. That is how the Lord put it to me.

As the Lord was speaking I saw something like a huge cliff collapsing into the ocean. A massive red-rock cliffside just dropped into the ocean (like it had been eroded underneath). The sea rushed in and kept surging upward as the landmass collapsed until finally the water completely covered the place where the towering cliff had been. I knew this is how America will fall, suddenly, completely, gone to be remembered no more. God says she will be like Atlantis, you don’t need to know anything about Atlantis to know that nobody knows where to find it anymore. 

America will be removed from the world map and erased from the register of nations. Her reign will come to an end. In one day, in a single hour- again I the Lord say this– America will be destroyed. Her false pretences will be knocked down when she is knocked down and a new balance and social order will come to the world.

You cannot offend God and live, says the Lord. You cannot cast off correction and refuse rebuke, says the Most High, and hope to continue forever. I will not allow it. Long life is given to nations that obey God but I the Lord shrug off the disobedient, the wicked and the proud. You shall see no good days as a nation that hates the Lord, your practices are abominable to me and I will wipe you from before my face. This would have been a lasting kingdom had you listened to my Word but now it shall not continue.

Prepare yourself for the political shaking that is coming.

Upheaval and drama are coming, “theater” (i.e. events like a movie where actors play parts and nothing is real) and “movie drama” will be seen in the halls of power. Joe Biden will be removed. Joe Biden will fall. Kamala Harris will rise and another whose shadow has never left the White House will rise with her. Intrigues will erupt in the halls of power- “Replacement Theory”- one will be replaced by another. Biden will be taken away and you will see the New World Order, bolder and more open than you’ve ever seen it before. The times are finished for America.

In the end everything she has ever done, all her works, all her legacy shall be REMOVED just as she and her leaders will be removed.

The feeling I had was like the White House will put on a show for people when Joe Biden falls, it will look so busy like “We’re going to get through this America, we’ll keep the country on track” but it will be smoke and mirrors while something else happens behind the scenes. 

As God spoke I realised why people find it hard to absorb these prophecies. It’s not just that I trust God so I believe Him. No, I’ve taken time aside to be taught by Him. I’ve allowed Him to lead me into the truth so when He tells me things I believe Him. But many Christians have been wrongly taught about Rapture- I’d go so far as to say they haven’t been taught anything at all about it. Focus on Rapture that’s all you need to know! What it is, where it fits and who’s qualified to even be in it, they don’t really know. All they’ve been told is ‘God loves you so much so never worry, never fear- the Rapture will happen first then everything bad will happen later. Others will suffer but not you.’

But this brings a lot of error into what scripture says. It brings error into what prophecy says. The Bible predicts an entity called Mystery Babylon that angers God so much that He wipes her away like a stain while other countries stand and watch. Now if other nations (who all have true, committed Christians in them) stand watching one nation be punished so severely, why do we still believe the Rapture will happen specifically to save the Christians in the nation being punished? Is there evidence for an American rapture first, then an ‘everybody else’ rapture later; can we justify from the Word that just because America gets punished the Rapture must happen first? Is there a reason we’re fixated on this one event to where we neglect to build our faith OR study the Bible and allow it to speak to us? Or is what we want all that matters, we will insist God must do it even when nothing in His written timetable supports our expectation?

This isn’t presumption, this is just looking at the facts available and having understanding.

From the little I see online I realize people everywhere believe in a Rapture that occurs before [to name a few]: “Wars and rumors of wars” (red horse), famines and deadly disease (pale horse), economic crash and fall of currencies (black horse), rejection and hatred of Christians by the whole world, living in the hills or in hiding like Matt. 24 says, pandemics which wipe out so many people, the rise of a mark that prevents those who love God from getting food, health care, economic services and so much more…

Just about every form of hardship known to man, multitudes around the world believe “God’s love” automatically equals His willingness to throw His own Bible out the window just so He can meet the expectation their pastors put in them, that Rapture will happen before EVERYTHING.

In other words, the majority of Christians (American and otherwise) believe Rapture is a placebo effect that takes place before any testing of the church, it takes place ‘any minute now’, they’ll be in glory before God judges anything. That’s why people can’t really hear these messages- there’s the biggest electric fence inside them killing any word that doesn’t promise them a clean escape to Jesus.

That’s also why it doesn’t occur to many to notice how Revelation 13 is one of the worst chapters in the whole Bible, it shows not only the church being persecuted til blood flows but also a lot of unsaved people who don’t want to give up their freedoms being cut down by the Beast. We think martyrdom is for other cultures, we ignore the long list of hardships and calamities Jesus said we will face in Matthew 24. Very few notice that as Babylon is literally melted by God’s wrath in Revelation 18 other nations are standing around watching in shock. Nobody flies away anywhere, we’re all here, we all see it, then life goes on with everyone extremely sober, knowing for real that if God can do that to Babylon He can also do it to anyone.

The Israelites sinned so much that God judged them to their bone marrow, they were locked up in their cities for years under siege until they ate their own children from hunger. They were bombarded with wars, they were beaten repeatedly by the Philistines and Edomites- their long time enemies grew brave at last and started whipping them left and right because the protection of God had lifted. They suffered loss after shame after trauma until at last Nebuchadnezzar showed up and carried them off naked as the day they were born, into slavery- their land sat empty for 70 years and everybody knew who had done that to them. There is no 70 years return for America, when naked people are carried away from here at last for their individual sins that will be a permanent carrying. Nobody is coming back here. Read Jeremiah 50 and 51, the land will sit empty and desolate until He finally drowns it.

All this is right before us in the Word but I have learned from experience that the Bible can say whatever it likes to people, they will never receive it if they already have an alternate gospel in their hearts. That alternate belief system will electrocute anything the true gospel says until the day something happens that causes such SHOCK that the old system disintegrates and at last the truth can prevail.

That fence of denial is the reason I always see Russia catch America sleeping in these prophecies. I’ve seen over and over that even as America’s own people sell secrets to Russia the U.S. military and even the people only see Russia as inferior. They see her stuck in her Soviet past- 1980s schtick, poor, slow, unimpressive. They refuse to upgrade their eyeballs and see the new Russia who is like a black mamba for size and speed; they cling to the clunky old image of Russia because of pride and will do so right up to the day the new, ripped Russia shows up here and then… 🤷🏽‍♀️

All I do, I do from the heart. I can warn and teach but only you have the responsibility to read your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and wake you up so your life can be saved in the end.

Everything America represents will crumbles. All her abortion rights and fake genders, wars and fake everything that exists only because SHE EXISTS, all of it will disappear along with her in a single day.

America is appointed to suffer the fate of Mystery Babylon and I will never stop saying it. I was sent to declare it. There is no verse that contradicts or overturns judgement for Babylon; her demise was set long ago. That’s why prophecies on TMV never change, they never get better, they just get harder and harder, worse and worse. That’s because the nation is hardened, the nation is worse. America offends God every day, even His own people don’t believe the warnings He sends. There are men in dresses here and people eating children here yet we assume God will ignore that and bring a special Rapture for us? Please. Let us be sober minded in these end times. America will keep doing exactly what she does no matter what anybody tells her until the day the voice cries from Heaven: “DO IT NOW!”, then hell will break loose until life is unbearable for all of us. If you’ve ever seen a furnace on TV? Life here will be like a furnace for the mind, body and soul and even the righteous will be like stalks of wheat escaping those judgements only through the sovereign mercy of God.

Anyone who needs to argue, don’t let me stop you. I rest my case. Don’t contend with me. Contend with over 300+ prophetic words on this site, let them tell you what things shall be. I’ve done my part.

Life will go on without the U.S. America will surely be destroyed but God will save people out of her because He has a remnant. I shared that I saw survivors fleeing to far countries, some were given shelter and sympathy but other nations mocked Americans and turned them away just as they do to so many hoping to come here. I saw the border officials stamp ‘REJECTED’ in U.S. passports and ruin them just as U.S. consulates do to visa hopefuls all over the world.

Life went on. I saw other people in their countries while America was a big smoking hole that could be seen from Google Earth or whatever software people use to see the world online. The country burned to the extent that satellites were able to pick up the smoke signatures. All these things I have said them again and again and again on this site and while I believe some are listening I also see a great many more still clinging to their electric fences at all costs.


Scripture says “Who has believed our report?” That’s always my thought- Lord I wonder who will believe. May God bless anyone reading. I’m always praying for you that God will recognize you as His own no matter when these these things will be. What we need is to live well- we must rely on God for joy and hope because human beings cannot function properly without those things. We must live industriously, not slack, an example, working always not with physical actions only but doing the things that build us up in faith. That’s what I’m doing anyway. God bless.

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  1. kristicab says:

    Wow just whoa! I just got up off my knees cry it out to my Lord and I was only at “forgive us our trespasses “ ( I use the Lord’s Prayer as an outline), the pain in my heart and soul I physically feel for my own sin and wretchedness when before Him is enough to keep me on my knees and face for hours never mind the disgusting sins of this nation. My heart breaks because people will be suffering, but He warned us and continues to warn His people. Thank you so much sister, truth is a person and his name is Yeshua and you have given us truth ❤️. I pray that one day we will be side by side praising our Lord together and that prayer makes my heart overflow with a full bloated JOY. The times are heavy, it’s not easy to not drag the truth of what is coming around like a hundred pound weight, it’s heavy and exhausting and awfully painful. I commend your courage and pray for this same bravery in my soul. I will pray for you sister, please keep my in your prayers 🙂🙏🏼. Your sister by the blood of Jesus, Kristina ❤️

  2. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  3. LorQ says:

    Many times, I read your blog late at night with my husband asleep beside me. I am grateful for the quiet and the cover of night, my husband can’t see my tears (he says when I cry it makes his heart sad). This is another post that rips the heart out because deep down I know it is true. All of our nation’s iniquity is overflowing and most don’t see, don’t care and seek to continue their sinful ways. Most don’t even believe God is real! Of course, Our Lord is angered. How arrogant of those who say He is cruel ( amongst other derogatory things). We are the sinners, not Him. I am truly grateful He has given us a bit more time to repent and aid others to seek Jesus while still possible. Thank you, Celestial for your continued obedience to Our Lord.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi sister. I’m sorry you get sad. I’m doing my best with the calling I have, I’m not ashamed of the gospel as it is entrusted to me. People don’t respect God here, if you visit any of the so called atheist or humanist theory debates & see what ordinary, tax-paying Americans say about God in the comments you’d faint. Public comments are the best thermometer of what the nation really thinks about God, when I see them I realize all the more why the judgement of America is set. I’m also grateful for time to seek Him, to warn others and to wait upon His strengthening in my life for the days to come. God bless LorQ, thank you for visiting TMV.

  4. cdsmiller17 says:

    “For Love will never perish; even though prophecies will end, tongues will be no more, and knowledge will be abolished.” (I Corinthians xiii:8 – Slavonic text translation)

  5. Susan Martinez says:

    Wow,that is a sure and mighty wake-up call to those nar people who think their way is the only way. It made me think I’m not praying enough or serving enough or just loving the Lord enough. Thank you! I’m so glad I found your site. It has given me hope to continue to pray in a deeper way. And to ask the Lord for a deeper faith.

  6. CIK says:

    ” May God bless anyone reading. I’m always praying for you that God will recognize you as His own no matter when these these things will be.”

    Thank you for praying for us.

  7. Aibee says:

    Thanks for sharing. I wish I could share these prophecies but the way you speak about the rapture is very bothersome. If the problem is that people wrongly assume the timing of the rapture and God specifically told you when the rapture would be, then just say that plainly. If you’re disgusted by the doctrine of the rapture altogether then pray about it. It isn’t a thing of shame. It is a gift from God. We are told to comfort each other with it (1 Thessalonians 4:18).

    1. Celestial says:

      We are told to live soberly and even more so as we see the day approaching. If you’re bothered by being told that it’s time for a fresh-eyed approach to what’s plainly written in the Bible but deliberately omitted in teaching or overlooked then maybe it’s not me who needs to pray about things. The truths of the Word are mandatory for ALL to properly grasp and handle, yet it’s evident that few take up this challenge preferring instead “comfort” even when it’s based in percentages of falsehood. That’s called itching ears heaping up false teaching and I won’t be encouraged to participate in it because you or anyone else has a problem with what reality is. We aren’t told to ‘comfort one another’ with fetishes but with the truth of this Word AS IT IS WRITTEN. So if your study of Matt 24, Rev 6, Mark 13 and many clear passages of Scripture lead you to comfort, then be comforted. Others are coming to much different conclusions from the same passages so it really comes down to who’s reading with proper spiritual comprehension. I’m not responsible for anyone’s beliefs- we are told to be diligent students who are not deceived. There would be no need for my calling if deception were not rife in the Body of Christ, so clearly God sees a need for spiritual realignment concerning many false expectations of His church (even if you don’t agree there is such a need). If your faith supports popular rapture beliefs then comfort yourself with them Aibee. However God didn’t send me to reaffirm falsehoods, He sent me to warn about many things the Church has failed to divulge or prepare people for. In the end the final assessment of the work I did will be delivered by the Lord, not you or anyone else. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

    2. Celestial says:

      If you read this blog (and the Bible) long enough it may dawn on you (as it has on many) that God isn’t concerned with comfort in the end times. He’s concerned with the edification of the saints as well as the salvation of all who hear truth and decide to be saved. God’s heart is salvation and sanctification, to save us from corrupting influences that put us into a dead sleep. He’s calling us to return to active duty before many lose their lives to deceptions they’ve walked in for decades. That’s what TMV is here for.

      1. AIBEE says:

        Dear sister, the comfort I’m referring to isn’t protection from any trials. It is encouragement and strength to overcome and God is always concerned with that no matter what situation, end times or not. Yes indeed we have been told to comfort each other with the doctrine of the rapture/resurrection. There is no doubt that it will happen. There is also no doubt that God will protect His true children even within this nation of the USA. It seems that you are saying that the protection of the righteous few will not be the rapture but I (and many others) have been shown that the destruction of Babylon happens at the end of the age of Grace. The rapture doesn’t happen to save the remnant within USA. The rapture happens, by God’s design, around the time Babylon is destroyed in one hour. Yes, it brings me immense comfort (encouragement, grace to endure, strength to press on) that the Lord may count me worthy to escape these things. Amen! God bless you.

        1. Celestial says:

          Hello again Aibee. I’ve said often I don’t convince anyone on TMV because people believe as they desire. The Lord today spoke about the “sacred cows” in the hearts of people that makes them unable to hear, even when He’s telling them flatly what He will do. Therefore if you see that there are now 325 printed messages dovetailed seamlessly into one another on this site, not because of Celestial’s writing ability but because the person who spoke them never wavers in His message, then you will know that whatever God has said will remain in place as He said it. Messages of famine, martyrdom, a Beast govt that cuts down the population to next to nothing, even the arrival of supernatural creatures on American soil seen by all- they will remain. The Lord will have the honour of showing what He said will happen, to whom, and when. God bless you.

  8. Esther says:

    Dear sister celestial thank you very much for the 👍 job you’ re doing May the LORD richly bless you and keep you safe. I pray for you, please don’t forget me also.You really need strength perseverance and determination for the work GOD 🙏 has untrusted in you until then.

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