CHANGES AHEAD, PT 2: 2020 – 2022


These are short prophecy insights given to me by Yah, repeated confirmations of how the America political landscape will change in times ahead.

On Nov. 3, 2020 the Lord said America would receive no more grace, He would step aside and let things take their natural course by allowing the nation to fall into the hands of her enemies [the architects of the New World Order, aka beast system.] These people have no affection for America, they are actively dismantling her so a new system of government can rise. Yah said we will see events happening in this country like a “theater”, like a movie or puppet show where each puppet fulfills their role before moving out of the way for new puppets to come forward. It is all heading towards the world of the Beast (Revelation 13).

The prophecies have remained consistent: Don’t depend on government. Don’t rely on what they tell you, it is a lie. Don’t be ignorant of their ways or you can end up a casualty of what you do not know. Stay vigilant and keep your eyes on the Lord.

Each message is short out of my journal (or from the blog) and the date is on each one.

DEVI AND SHET, Feb. 2, 2021

In the very near times to come Muslims will take over control of America and tell her what to do. They will be the prevalent force of the nation, they will be the main citizen and the people of power. They will milk the breast of the nation and all her wealth will flow to them. BARACK OBAMA will be the ruling force in this nation; whatever he tells America to do she will do. Once Kamala Harris rises to power watch and see, Obama will effectively rise to power with her and all visible governance will flow through him to America. Whatever she tells America to do effectively HE (Obama) tells America to do, and that is what the nation will do. Power will be usurped and exchanged without hands, a surface coup will occur and the rise of Islam in America will begin. Islam will rule America.

Power Changing “Without Hands” [without votes] August 9, 2021

Joe Biden is not as he is being represented. That person on camera is a CLONE. They are allowing it to malfunction and deteriorate on camera because with every fall and stumble the confidence of America falls and stumbles along with it. When they have no further use for it will be switched off. Then turmoil and pandemonium will really take hold of America. Kamala Harris is already installed in the White House, she is already “in office” in the literal sense of the word. They are familiarizing her with everything so when the moment comes the transition will go smoothly, but in spite of everything they do it will not go smoothly. A  transition of power without votes has not happened for a long time in America’s history. There will be pushback in the United States and upheaval. 

UNDONEJuly 3, 2021 (Click link in title)

Prepare yourself for the political shaking that is coming.

Upheaval and drama are coming, “theater” (i.e. events like a movie where actors play parts and nothing is real) and “movie drama” will be seen in the halls of power. Joe Biden will be removed. Joe Biden will fall. Kamala Harris will rise and another whose shadow has never left the White House will rise with her. Intrigues will erupt in the halls of power- “Replacement Theory” – one will be replaced by another. Biden will be taken away and you will see the New World Order, bolder and more open than you’ve ever seen it before. The times are finished for America.

In the end everything she has ever done, all her works, all her legacy shall be REMOVED just as she and her leaders will be removed.

The feeling I had was like the White House will put on a show for people when Joe Biden falls, it will look so busy like “We’re going to get through this America, we’ll keep the country on track” but it will be smoke and mirrors while something else happens behind the scenes. 

A PEOPLE OF MADNESSDec. 5, 2021 (Click link in title)

The last thing I had was, I saw Kamala Harris mounting the podium. She went up to speak to the America people and Joe Biden was there. She was alone wearing black gloves and a coat on a windy day talking to an outdoor crowd. The feeling I had was after this woman takes office America will go haywire. There just won’t be rules anymore. People will feel if the government is just going to do anything it wants and call it legal and ‘due process’, then they will do anything they want too. They will become short-tempered and reckless, very lawless, disobeying rules and getting violent in the streets far more frequently than they have ever done before. People will be MAD at the Presidency of Kamala Harris, both on the right and left of the political aisle and it is in this kind of climate that the first seeds that will lead to civil war will come. 

CHANGES AHEAD(Click link in title) October 14, 2022

Reminder: Yah said Americans will be harshly disappointed to see the way power moves and changes going forward. Things will malfunction in the political arena so much that people will experience extreme frustration, they’ll go into voting booths expecting one result but get another. It will get to the point where other countries see all this and begin to mock America, saying that she needs election observers and outside help to get her politics right. See video: CHANGES AHEAD.

Prepare to keep experiencing the following:
Rising prices. 
Blatant disrespect for civil and constitutional rights.
An iron fist of government forming.
Protests in the streets directly related to political issues
Rise of MILITANT FEMINISM. Women will be aggressive, violent, very willing to do things that people do not (right now) think them capable of doing.

*This might be why we now see a ton of movies featuring female heists, robberies, “murder pacts” [women plotting to kill men who are ‘bad’ or committing violent crimes against men while the police stumble around trying to find who did it, because they “can’t believe a woman did this”], etc. A good rule of thumb when we see constant themes in movies is” “Assume this will be here shortly.”

These are recurring themes regarding a future change of power in the USA. There is also a Kamala Harris playlist on YouTube (here). Following the links provided offers fuller understanding. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 


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  1. Linh says:

    Thank you, Celestial for all that you do.

  2. Agnessa says:

    Thank you (as always) for sharing Celestial!
    We are in a “brace” position as we pray to have the strength to stand as the storms begin to rage. ⛈ 🌊 🏠

  3. Cynthia says:

    Thank you Celestial for sharing these prophecies from the Lord God Almighty. God bless.

  4. Wayne says:

    I knew Joe was a clone. You could see his ears are different from older photos of him. He also acts like a clone by blurting out everything that is asked him without thinking. That why they need to keep an eye on him constantly. Celestial there is a video on YT of someone interviewing a real clone. It’s worth checking out for anyone who wants to see what they are like. Very emotionless and only act only analytical. God bless

    1. LoriQ says:

      There is a video of Katy Perry at The Covid Blog that is downright creepy. Her right eye droops and she keeps trying to make it stay open. Clone? Vaccine issue?

      Just bizarre!!!

  5. Michael says:

    Thank you Celestial. I remember your previous post on Nazis in America.

  6. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

    Thank you and Yah have mercy on his remnant in these times ahead.

  7. I have gained understanding, the”lights” of truths have come on in more depth, the Spirit putting many Scriptures together like never before in the last three weeks since discovering The Masters Voice Blog, and sister Celestial. I am grateful.

  8. Nita A Renfrow says:

    Thankyou for all the postings. Im going to miss you when you move on. I rekisten to the sin sdries your work is amazing, sometimes I think you are an angel of God not a mere human.

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