The Russian Occupation – May 2022


I dreamt about Russia and life during the Russian Occupation. It felt like a movie but also like I was there; it was a very real dream and I was amazed when I woke up because I honestly thought I was living in that time. This dream has difficult elements about loss of freedom and patriotism, of how sharply America will change but… I will be true to what God shows me. He alone has the right to decide punishment for sin; my job is to speak what I see.

God is very specific with dreams, especially to me. My dreams teach me and warn others about a future they may not see or know about right now. Spiritual dreams are not sent to cast us into our feelings, they serve a purpose and we must come to understand that. Yah has given dreams and visions WORK to do for humanity, as you can see from Job 33:14- 18:

14 God does speak—now in one way, now by another—
    though no one perceives it.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
    when deep sleep falls on people
    as they slumber in their beds,
16 He may speak in their ears
    and terrify them with warnings,
17 to turn them from wrongdoing,
    to keep them from pride,
18 to preserve them from the pit,
    and their lives from perishing by the sword.

This is one of the best explanations of why we get visions, dreams and warnings. Most people can’t hear God so He waits for sleep to talk to them. But He isn’t showing people things for sake of their feelings – If the Lord gives a warning dream about a potential car crash or a loved one getting sick He isn’t doing it so we can wake up crying and sad. He’s doing it either to show an inevitable shift is coming OR He’s warning about a future that must be firmly dealt with in prayer.

Bad dreams must be firmly resisted in prayer immediately- so that if prayer is able to change the outcome it will. If a thing still happens after praying it means the dream was “set”- the dream is a window into a future that’s surely coming. That’s why Pharaoh dreamt of the famine twice- no prayer would’ve stopped those dreams from happening. God put Joseph there to handle it because the dream was set. ‘Set dreams’ are 99.9999% the type I get- I see what’s coming, what is settled, and warn people as God has told me to do.

I dreamt that life in America was “grey” when Russia came. I saw a dull, heavy atmosphere of life, something hard to bear. There was poverty and economic distress because the U.S. economy crashed in the war, the Dow Jones and all those things were destroyed during the Russian Occupation.

There will be a time in America’s history called ‘the Russian Occupation’, just like there will be a time called ‘The Free Era’. The Free Era is when people are still allowed to have Bibles and prayer, when pastors are still allowed to preach about Jesus and imams can still give call to prayer. When the Free Era ends new laws will be made stating that prayer, church or any form of worship to any god that is not the Antichrist’s god is punishable by death. Please be aware that the Bible supports these themes of my dreams- 

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. – (Revelation 13:5)

He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time. –  (Daniel 7:25)

After the Free Era comes a time when identifying openly as a believer will get you killed without exception but I am not speaking about that. I am speaking about life under Russia, how it will be in America.

Life was like the Iron Curtain, the Iron Curtain days of the past. Life was like those war movies where after the first few weeks of fighting the movie stops showing you war scenes and switches to scenes of everyday life, how conquered people are accepting their defeat and getting on with life. It felt like Russia in the old days before it became modern and progressive, America became like Old Russia of the past – poor, veeerrrry strict and monitored, and well controlled. 

One day a soldier named Tebov or Terebov or Temov [can’t recall exact name], came to me and said “Get ready. You are going to fight for Russia. It is time for you to join the army, I’ve been sent to get you so pack up some things of your choice and let’s get going to the war.”

I looked at this man like he was crazy and said “What about me makes you think I can fight a war? I can’t handle weapons and I can’t fight anything.” I wasn’t rude or angry, I was just asking how you can see someone who reads books all day and think they know how to be a soldier. 

He said again “You have to fight. Look in this bag and choose what you want. Add to it personal items you need and we have to go.” So I understood- forced conscription will be part of Russian occupation. People will be told “This is Russia now, this is not America. If you live here you have to sign up to fight against our enemies.” 

And people did. They were forced to do it and they did.

The Lord gave a vision as I packed my bag – I saw American men in Russian army uniform (including that furry hat that goes over the ears) being sent to the front to fight their American brothers. The sons of freedom were out there in the mountains fighting Russia and the Russians took their own American brothers to assist in subduing the resistance.

People did it to keep their families and themselves safe. There was a lot of information flooding my heart in this dream and some of it was how, in war there are few loyalties left after many people die. There are few things people care about after seeing others shot in the street, after seeing a lot of death and suffering people realize that death isn’t that interesting and maybe they should have something to live for. 

Death makes people realign their priorities and become exactly like Israel in captivity. When God told them through Jeremiah ’70 YEARS ARE DETERMINED AT BABYLON’ they got the message. ‘You are not getting out of this captivity. I will not save the day. I, God, will not do anything to help you because I am the one who brought this judgement upon you. So you better make farms, grow crops, have children, read your Bible, repent and get used to this. You have to wait for 70 years before I rescue you, nothing is going to alter your current reality.’ Israel knew God well enough to know that everything Jeremiah told them was already decided, so they settled down and got on with life in captivity.

When you’ve seen a lot of death it is easier to decide that what matters is keeping that woman and little boy of yours safe, being able to gain privileges that allow you to see them once a month, to look in your wife’s face and know she hasn’t been violated yet because you’re helping in the Russian war, maybe even being allowed to touch her once in awhile- these are powerful compelling forces that can make any man obedient. So as you read please keep this in mind and be less judgmental now, because it is only 2022. We aren’t there yet. Most people have no idea what war is like, only soldiers and the people in Iraq and Afghanistan know what it’s like. They know what hard choices people make in war, so let the rest of us just read and try to understand for now.

I saw some very interesting things in the bag this solider gave me. Normal stuff like body wipes, a compass and map, but cool things like some type of mesh waterproof socks I didn’t even know existed. As I held them I had a vision of my boot deep in a mud puddle but my feet were warm and dry, which made me feel a bit better.

I also saw some types of hard, dried food that needs water on it to come back to life before it can be eaten, and exploding silver balls that fascinated me. As I held them I had a vision of what they do- you break off one ball and throw it hard on the ground- when it lands it makes loud firecracker explosions and horrible tasting smoke that blinds people and makes them cough, giving you time to shoot them or run away.  Even if you throw this stuff in the jungle where the ground is soft it’ll go off, so of course you have to carry them safely. 

Since God was helping me with visions of what is useful I took all the things He showed me. It took me a long time to pack but the soldier who came to get me was patient as wood. He didn’t seem to mind waiting for me and I wondered why. I packed and repacked and tried to control my worry over whether my parents would know I was off fighting a war. 

At nightfall the President of Russia came to us. When he arrived all soldiers snapped to attention but I stood neatly as I could because I’m not a soldier. He came to me, looked me up and down, and said ‘So this is you.’ I didn’t reply because – what’s to say? He said again ‘So this is you at last. I have heard about you. We know you. This is you at last.’

I was puzzled at first but then I understood. This blog. These videos. He had seen or heard of them, just as God has shown me “persons of an official nature” on our side know of them too. It’s not only normal people who come here saying Celestial God bless you. I often dream that people none of us want to see on the doorstep sit around and analyze my blog, trying to figure out things like ‘Is she for real’ and if so, ‘Who is she working for?’

I am working for Jesus. It should be clear from all these sentences on The Master’s Voice.

After speaking Putin walked off a short distance and sat on a throne that appeared. It was a high throne, towering with a very high back. It was iron throne overlaid with gold but other people only saw the gold. However Yah showed me as the throne was created – first a heavy, blackish iron was formed out of thin air, then when he sat on it gold was poured over it.

This is the understanding:  Putin’s rule will be hard and heavy for his enemies, a distinct IRON-FISTED rulership that also coincides with some kind of golden age for Russia. There will be some kind of golden age for Russia’s allies too, they will come to the top while other nations fall in power. Russia will be given a period of grace to rule both allies and enemies: good to her friends, harsh to her enemies. Gold on the outside, iron on the inside.

[See this prophecy for more on that: World Politics: RUSSIA]

The next thing surprised me. Putin had talked to me and he was just like he is on TV- intimidating, doesn’t say much, but still, a human being. However when he went to his throne and sat down he switched off like a robot. There was a sound like ‘fhhhnnnzzz!’ like when robots shut down, he switched off like a doll. His eyes blanked out, his head dropped on his chest like he was asleep. I thought Oh Lord this man is not human! He is an android! The Lord said Yes, a lot of them in power are not people they are androids [synthetics] under control of the devil.

I was shocked because he seemed to be flesh and blood but when I woke up God said there are high-functioning robots made of premium materials that are just like humanity. A lot of these ‘doll’ people are in impossibly high positions of power; they can easily be replaced when they wear out or wear down (like when your electric drill gets old and you buy a new one). See this post: SYNTHETICS.

The last thing I was told:  Armenia, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia and North Korea will join Russia in its war-time expansion. They will be part of her armed forces. Russia will have a greatly expanded war machine, a very great war force made of countries that have always sided with her either in war or politics. Turkey is one such country; Yah called it “a nation of Russian sympathies”. 

Yah said there are many Russian sympathizers in the United Nations but fear of America keeps them silent for now. They fear America’s power so it is not yet time for them to reveal that they actually prefer Russia over the other members of the U.N. Security council. “They prefer the way Russia does things but the timing for this as with many things I have told you is “not yet”.

“When the time comes to reveal who is who, who hates who and who supports who, you will see the United Nations reorganizing itself into surprising ‘factions’- that is clans, cliques, groups, enclaves. Call it what you will but this division will even be visible to the public in the future, it will be well recognized that the United Nations is not so united anymore. It will split along faction lines; all this flowery language they use about unity and oneness will not be enough to mend the rift.”

This is the dream I had, these are the warnings within it:

Hardship is coming to America during the invasion of Russia. After the initial invasion the way of life will change and be like Russia during her Iron Curtain era: weak economy, shortages, severe government monitoring and control, and harsh living conditions for the conquered people of America.

Forced conscription will happen- men (and women perhaps) will be forced to fight for Russia against their own brothers in the resistance, in exchange for protection, privileges and to save life.

Countries support Russia quietly for now; it will be openly seen as we go along, even in the U.N.

Synthetic people, non-human people hold high positions of power in this world. God has said it so many times on this blog, even that fallen angels and creatures are the ones instructing those who rule us, that by now that I do not need to press the issue. See this post: The Fallen Ones Will Rule.

*Russia’s power is given to them by God who is using them for judgement- those who fight them will find their efforts wasted in the end (as I have seen). I’ve shared that I saw U.S. freedom fighters flee to Canada for refuge but Russia followed them across the border and brought them back. I’ve seen freedom fighters rise against the Beast government but a lot of them were caught and executed publicly as troublemakers. I’m not saying don’t fight if you want to, I’m saying the Lord has shown me what happens to most of those who do fight, and people need to know about it.

In one scene of this dream I saw a U.S. soldier conscripted on the Russian side, waiting for a moment to turn on his captorsI was in his body and this is what he was thinking- “They have no right to be here and I’m going to do my best to take out as many of them as I can before I die.” I saw through his eyes, his rifle scope moved to a Russian whose back was turned to him while they were in combat. He fired his weapon but the gun refused to fire- it clicked, clicked, clicked and I realized the Russians did something to the guns. They wouldn’t fire on them directly, the mechanism locked. When the Russian heard the gun clicking he turned and shot the man right between the eyes, then I came out of his body.  I don’t know how a gun knows who is who but that’s what I saw. Maybe it’s a future gun. It felt like Russia did something to their weapons before they gave them to American drafts- so they wouldn’t be able to kill them if a chance arose.

Note: Please be sure to read the post above on Synthetics. It is true and it’s important. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 


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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you dear Celestial for this post. God bless you.

  2. MountainZoon says:

    You know–Russia stands firmly against the perversions of the west. Homosexuality–transgenderism–taking small children and mutilating their genitals while filling them full of puberty blockers and drugs–forcing them to watch drag queens and participate—and all the other sordid things you see becoming main stream America. I actually like Russia better than America at this time. I just say this because it is so obvious to me what has happened in this country–it is a product of turning from the only uncreated being and going after other gods which historically happens to fat, decadent societies. God speed to Russia.

  3. diego says:

    Today’s email from Mike Adam’s Natural News:

    “Academic researcher and author JR Nyquist has conducted a bombshell interview with “Mr. Wang” from LUDE Media — the same group that acquired a secret audio recording from high-level CCP / PLA military leaders in Southern China — that reveals China and Russia are teaming up to eliminate the United States and occupy North America.

    From the summary of that interview: “China and Russia will launch a full-scale war against the United States. The Russian and Chinese fleets will be united – not in the same ocean – but by attacking the same continent, North America. The Russians will attack through the Arctic, the Chinese through the Pacific.”

    Today I bring you the full details of this planned attack against the USA and Canada, and how China plans to collapse the United States before conquering it, using “unrestricted warfare” to bring America to its knees.”

  4. B. M says:

    By the way I just saw Elon Musk as not fully human being last week. He said, it’s time now to start their agenda. He spoke in the devil’s language,he tried to fight me and I said I’m bringing the Lord of Lords. He panicked, turned into a dragon and then back to human and started begging that I should not bring that person (Jesus) here. He begged. I woke up and then I knew he wasn’t human.

  5. CR says:

    I had more than one dream about someone very close to me being sick because of the jab. In the dream i understood what was happening based on some of what you have posted about the harm. I also felt in my heart like God is saying ensure you have compassion if /when this happens. After reading this i really wonder if i can pray it away… or was He showing me the future. perhaps the Lord will show mercy. It never hurts to pray and rebuke bad dreams/ visions and beg God for mercy.

  6. Amfortas says:

    Hey, CELESTIAL. God knows why he will use the Slavic peoples as punishment against ending the hegemony of the American people. It’s gone too far in your nation, you’ve literally become a tumor of this world. God bless you for everything you do for people who are human. Warm greeting from a small country Slovak Republic.

    1. Celestial says:

      “A tumor of this world.” Painfully accurate.

  7. Christine says:

    God bless you and protect you for being true to Almighty Yah! Shakespeare had it right-All the world’s a stage and we are merely players.
    Come Lord Jesus Come! May He keep us all written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! May none of Yah’s children be blotted out. (I worry about this. Have I truly done enough? Prayed enough? Witnessed enough? Forgiven enough? Will I have oil in my lamp?)

  8. Charlotte Beale says:

    It’s nice to see you calling Yah by his name instead of the title of God. You used to call Yeshua Hamashiach by his Hebrew name then you stopped and started using that 400 year old Greek name that I refuse to say anymore.

    1. Celestial says:

      I call God whatever I am led to in the moment. He is called God many times in this post alone so technically you shouldn’t have been able to get through it if it was such an issue. This blog isn’t for preferences, it’s for truth. As I see it the Body of Christ was built on blood, sweat & tears of people of unyielding faith, people of far greater understanding of what that old name GOD means than most believers now will ever understand in their lifetimes. The greatest revivals called Him God, that name preached the gospel with visible power all over the world yet see today’s church like a dead balloon. Full of ‘revelations’ yet power is zero. Kingdom saints 50 yrs ago destroyed the devil’s works with that one word ‘God’, today’s believers know 21 letter titles yet can’t handle a 3-day dry-fast to break off sin. Old saints prayed to God unwavering- no rest, no food, trusting, RADIANT!- they knew Him in a way I never see today. Their faith in God got us this far but I know they’d be spinning in their graves at what Christians are so proud of now. Call Him as you like but in this house God knows who I am talking to when I say ‘God’- that old Greek name is, has been, & will always be good enough for me. Stay blessed. 🌺

      1. M. says:

        What a wise answer, God bless you! I always learn a lot from you! I have also loved your bible study videos, it has helped me to understand some things better and I have even used some of your examples in preaching… May the Lord bless you and keep you, greetings from Brazil!

  9. Rhonda says:

    Sis Celestial, I uploaded a video on a draft in America months ago. Thanks for your obedience in sharing what Yah shows you. This helped to connect the dots. God bless

  10. Barna says:

    So Putin is synthetic or is there a “real” Putin and a synthetic one too? Does this apply to all the big leaders? Maybe there is a copy from all of them.

    1. Celestial says:

      I think some of these very high profile people have ‘backups’. Clones. You don’t want to stay for 7 hrs encouraging the troops at war, you send the backup. You don’t want to talk to the press, send the clone. I don’t know much inner workings of this, it’s just my own assessment based on what I saw. A backup means even if a leader were to die the govt could use the clone until it was ready to tell the people the truth, that way govt interests could be continued as expedient, then the truth could be told. It is something to consider. God bless.

      1. Ciarri says:

        Yes they have clones
        Especially if they are bad ppl. They ALL have clones
        That’s why good ppl get assassinated. They see the good and trust in it.
        The bad practice their deceptions and duplicities.
        I wonder even if Putin died, another Putin may continue

  11. Magdalene says:

    Thank you Celestial for the message.

  12. Jessica says:

    Putin is a synthetic?! God is with a demonic being? Ugh, I read all the verses you put in and re-read your blog. I know your words are true.

    1. Celestial says:

      Sister, why not transfer this question to the U.S. and see if it helps perspective? Ask urself ‘Do I really know who [or what] I’ve voted for the last few elections? ‘Every time I said “God bless America!”- what type of beings have I been asking God to bless, use, and prosper- yet for the sake of me and millions like me who didn’t know any better, He did it? He has been faithful and patient to use my country & keep it going this long, even with the horrific things it does that I’ve now learned about on this blog.”

      God can use a raven Jessica. Remember that. See also my comment to someone else about the use of synthetics in people of power. 🌺

  13. Carey L BOSWELL says:

    Your response made me lol. What about reading books all days makes you think I am ready for war.

  14. 7emunah says:

    I was on vacation for a few days in Florida at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton. I felt strange. All I heard and saw, 99% of the people were foreigners speaking Russian languages. I new they were middle eastern. I could also see some were muslim even though they had on swimwear. They too were speaking with Russian languages
    I thought about the prophecies regarding Russia taking over the US and how they already have people here. There were also Ukrainians there.

    I am a Black woman from America. I was there for 3 days and only say 8 other Black females and 1 child and not at the same time. It was like God was having me observe and discern. I did not feel all these eastern Europeans were vacationing. I also didn’t get the feel they were working in US jobs. I was prompted to look up the demographics for that particular area, Sunny Isles or as it’s stated in the article. “Little Moscow. I wanted to share the article to confirm to those who may not believe Celestial’s prophesies. I was shocked to see what I saw. There was a nearby by strip mall with Russian owned business and products and food items, I assumed, directly from Russian countries because the packaging was in Russian.

    I could tell the difference between them and Caucasians from America, not only by their appearance, but their behavior. Getting on/off elevator or passing in the halls, the Caucasians acknowledged my presence. We would node, smile with speaking or say good morning. With the eastern Europeans it was if I was invisible; I am 6’1 female hardly invisible. Let us continue to pray and be vigilant.


    Oh my- I woke up this morning and was led to check out this foreign news source- The first story that came up is North Korea is sending in troops to Ukraine. Joining the ranks with Russia and China. Russia is supplying NK with nuclear weapons and China is providing food and supplies for the NK people. You will need a translator to read this news site. I use Google. I immediately knew there’s a word from the Lord that went along with this.. so I thought I would share.

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