Prepare For War – August 13, 2020

Good morning to all on TMV.

I’ve been having trouble all week with my laptop, the keyboard failed- several keys stopped working and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t fix it. I’ve had to do everything with my phone and while the small screen’s been a life saver it’s not a long term solution for the volumes of work I can get done on the big screen of my laptop. The issue’s still not fixed but I need to share several words from the Lord, so I’ll upload from the phone then edit and format from the laptop. This means posts may look a little weird when they first go up but I’ll get them neat again.

Bear with me.

This is Part 1 of a connected prophecy, the second part is on the Beast system which is soon to come. It’s already in motion but the Lord wants us to be truly alert and AWARE of the things which will come. Brothers and sisters we are not being Raptured tomorrow, please don’t think we’re being led to store food only to leave it behind for un-Raptured people (as many believe). We are going to eat that food and even wish we’d stored more when hard times arrive, in Jesus name. Some of the hardest things for us to process are grief, loss of hope and disappointment, there’s something about those emotions that pierce the heart and greatly destroy the fighting spirit, so we have to avoid them at all costs. There’s going to a lot of both when people realise Jesus is not operating on ‘Rapture-math’ and therefore isn’t coming when that random YouTube guy’s video said He would. This is why God wants us to keep our hearts focused and our eyes fixed on Him throughout the ENTIRE PROCESS OF THE END TIMES. He will get us through it.

“I will keep him in perfect peace whose eyes are stayed on Me, because he trusts in Me.” (Isaiah 26:3) This is a sure promise but it will only be enjoyed by those who put all their hope and trust in the Lord, so we need to begin now to to wrench our eyes from too many news updates, Facebook posts and all the rest, and enter into the secret place with God to get divine instructions for how to navigate the difficult times ahead. Our hopes tend to go up and down based on what we see, so we MUST see Jesus as our Saviour and rescuer no matter what.

Prophecy received 9:42 a.m.

Prepare for war. Prepare for nuclear war and firepower unleashed. Prepare for armed militia wearing US flags and resisting government forces, prepare for gun battles in the streets. PATRIOTS RISE AND DEFEND YOUR NATION, for the blood of martyrs will flow in the streets. Open resistance is coming to America. Resistance will arise from every quarter of the United States, patriots will rise and defend their constitution. They will lay their lives down for the United States and the “red” of the red, white and blue will flow in the streets. The struggle for liberation was a necessary war says God, but this one is manslaughter caused by the rise of the Beast.

The Beast system is at hand.

This is the first part of a prophecy. When the Lord speaks I often see moving pictures at the same time, sometimes I describe them along with the prophecy and sometimes I don’t. Here I will. The pictures with this prophecy were:

Tall men and short men, some with beer bellies and some tanned and fit, cowboy boots or just boots, wearing US flag bandannas wrapped around their faces like masks or on their heads or around one arm, fighting with long barrel firearms and other types of guns from their homes and door ways against black clad soldiers and other type of official militia. I don’t know if the ‘official soldiers’ belong to America itself or the new world order, I just saw that they had organized firepower and strength of numbers.

Patriots meeting and discussing in the hills what to do to ‘take America back.’ These people have survival skills and some of them are retired military which makes them hard to defeat. There will be resistance warfare in America.

Whenever I see these resistance fighters the word that comes to me is ‘Patriot Army’. I don’t know much about them but they seem to be people from the south, they just look that way if I may say so. (It’s not like anyone is talking in the images so I can’t know for sure, but this is the sense that always comes with seeing them.) I know one place they come from is TEXAS, another ARKANSAS, another IDAHO, WEST VIRGINIA, these are places that come to mind when I see them. These are not city people. I’ve seen city people surviving in the end times sure, but not fighting in a group for freedom like these ones.

“Patriot Army” God says, “willing to bleed and die for their country, their flag and their freedom.” This is a prophecy that will be fulfilled in the U.S.A. as the Lord has spoken it. God bless.

NOTE: Whoever sees this prophecy please make sure you leave all your sins and give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to save every man, woman and child from sin, and if a man is appointed to lose his life fighting for his ideals he should be sure that his sins are forgiven under the blood of Jesus Christ so that if he decides to die a patriot he will not wake up in hell after all that energy is spent. Give your soul, mind, body and spirit to Christ alone, repent of your sins and make sure you are right with God in ANY WARTIME because..

Because bullets do not announce themselves, they just show up. Make sure you have JESUS.

May the Lord watch over His word. Amen.


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  1. Scarlett says:

    Thank you dear sister for posting these needful words on this blog….
    Indeed, many patriots and watchmen have seen this coming for many years now; possibly even before 9/11 which was decried by many as “an inside job”…(including myself).
    One of my own ancestors traveled to Texas to help defend the Alamo. Most Americans have cherished their freedom, but unfortunately, more so than their spiritual freedom, not understanding they go hand in hand.
    However there are people, including some in my family who don’t believe this is coming, or that the food supply or the banks will fail….I tell them it is anyway because I know it’s not going to be decades from now.
    As for the “rapture”, and those Christians who’ve been taught they’d be raptured out of here before anything really ugly happens… they fail to remember our brethren in foreign countries have already been going through GREAT TRIBULATION…and they weren’t raptured! Being tortured, slaughtered and beheaded is about as great a Tribulation as one can possibly imagine.


    God bless you always…

  2. Mark says:

    Romans 12:19 – Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord

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