Money Down The DRAIN – September 8, 2018

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This is a prophetic dream about a coming money and economic crash in the USA. I continue posting prophecies, revelations, declarations and dreams concerning the United States of America

Dream 1:

I was teaching some adults about an ongoing situation concerning U.S. currency devaluation. The money had dropped about 60 percent, and as a result there was severe economic hardship in America. You could no longer buy even a fraction of what you could afford the year before! It created a tense and difficult living situation for Americans, but it was far worse internationally. People in other countries were   disgusted because their own currencies became useless overnight. They threw eggs at American embassy signs outside U.S. embassies, or walked up to American institutions or stores in their countries and spit at them. I saw so much bitterness overseas; hearts filled with genuine heartbreak and grief because U.S. Dollar devaluation made their lives useless overnight. Their jobshomes, everything they owned was devalued to the point of uselessness.

The people looked South American (the race and ancestry of people I saw); they were already poor to begin with- wearing the bandana of the rural regions to hold the hair (for women), and rough quality trousers held up by suspenders for men. They were so angry – some crying, others silent with shock. It was complete devastation in those countries caused by America.

Meanwhile here at home the U.S. Govt kept up a steady and desperate campaign of “We’re the greatest country in the world! We are the best- don’t let nobody tell you different! Don’t listen to what anybody says, even anybody in our borders who is negative or speaking against our greatness!” 

There was constant propaganda coming from radio, TV, social media, newscasters and experts- every available platform was routinely releasing this information across the continental United States. Citizens were constantly told: “All is well” and “Nothing bad or permanent has happened”. Anyone in U.S. borders saying anything contrary to this party line was seen as a traitor and an enemy.

As a result Americans’ minds were truly split; it was very sad to see how deep the confusion was. On one hand they’ve heard this jargon all their lives: “We are GREAT. We are the GREATEST.” They hear it from diapers on up ’til it becomes ingrained into their psyche, after that the belief can’t be shifted whether it stays true or not. The majority felt that disagreeing with the statement of ‘American greatness’ was disagreeing with themselves!

Yet on the other hand they were struggling for the first time, truly struggling to put hand to mouth, to find bread for them and their children to eat- to maintain cars, homes, education, loan payments, or to keep business afloat. Small businesses shuttered all over America and large companies went into SLUMPS. The economic downtown hit EVERYBODY, rich to poor, and the broadcasted speech of “We’re the greatest!” was not adding  up for them anymore because: How can America be great yet citizens are so very poor for the first time? The nation was confused and unhappy…

Dream 2:

I was passionately teaching a room of my relatives about this coming economic crisis. My aunty in the Tri-State area was there, my mom next to her. I had cousins there who refused to believe what I was saying was true; they and others kept trying to discredit what I was saying even though the evidence of it was visible all over the country. However I kept speaking and explaining what I had to say and the dream ended.

Interpretations: There is coming a major economic downturn and systemic crash in the American economy that will wipe out more than half its holdings, savings and value from the books. Poverty will come to America like an armed bandit, slowly at first but then with a vice grip. People will struggle to maintain daily life as they know it because as we all know daily life costs MONEY, and there simply won’t be any. In an economy that has overtaxed its citizen base to capacity while allowing the upper echelons to camp out at the peak literally scott-free, this can’t be wholly surprising.

Money will be devalued to keep the economy on its axis but the truth is this- Money will DISAPPEAR from within the economy. The Lord has shown in 3 prophecies on this site that deliberate manipulation of the nations wealth is the direct cause of economic downturn, slump and eventual economic crash. Yes, it is possible to crash a nation’s economy from within. Yes, it has been done in this country before and it will be done again.

Please see posts: The Betrayer Betrays, I Will Break Liberty’s Crown and World Politics: America to understand better what I’ve said here. These can be found under the America tab- click AMERICA to read the introduction to these prophecies, then scroll the list. 

“The betrayer betrays, the treacherous dealer DEALS TREACHEROUSLY, and the nation is undermined from within.” May God open the minds of readers of these prophecies and lead them to seek His face in prayer. I firmly believe God answers prayer and He will show each one what really needs to be done to prepare. Amen.

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  1. Marty says:

    Seems like they will devalue the dollar before they switch us over to a digital currency, that way they ensure their power over us. Keep up the great work. 🙏

  2. Miss Africa says:

    This was before covid. I believe you hear from God, but this still leaves me in awe.

  3. Hélène says:

    Today it’s Aug of ‘22
    Very easy to see 60% devaluation happening. It’s already at 25-30% in real dollar costs.
    Idk what ppl will do when they can’t make their mortgage pyts OR property taxes becuz they can barely buy food. And their cars will be repo’d first… they’ll turn off the cable-internet-phns, lights & HVAC and cook outside on wood but they’ll still end up homeless w/o a car to even live on becuz they lived in debt. Even with a vehicle u own and a property u own, u can’t pay taxes so u will go. Gas will be unaffordable then ur car will be ur stationary home till it is no more.
    I hate the future I see.

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