“Two More Good Years”: Prayer Call -October 5, 2022

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This message is a recent prophecy with many moving parts; I received it on my daily prayer call and the word of the Lord (as recorded) was this: :

Everything is changing. Everything is changing. In a short time everything will change. The good years are almost done. Two more good years and everything will change. War is coming, war to America, a violent civil war that is already rising. Soon it will break out in the open. A very violent war. Brother will rise against brother and blood will flow in this country. The reasons for war are everywhere already, but in two more years it will be seen by everyone. Two more good years and then war; America will stand at the precipice of another civil war. Thus says the Lord.

The Coming Of Kamala Harris

As I spoke I saw the outdoor podium where U.S. Presidents take the oath of office. On a sunny, windy day I saw Kamala Harris giving a speech at the podium, in a suit and gloves she said: “Today is a great day. Today is a great day, today is an unheard of, a historic day, not just for me but for all women and for America. For the first time in our nation’s history we have a female in the White House and she’s not performing another duty. She is not the Secretary of State. She is not a member of staff. She is not a part of the Cabinet. She is in the top seat, the top position. She is in the Oval Office, the driver’s seat. She is… the president of the United States.”

Then the image changed. I saw her raise one hand and take her oath of office, and Barack Obama was standing there near the podium as she did. The feeling I had watching this was that Kamala will not complete a full term, there will be some kind of interruption and then someone else will be in charge. I told the others what I saw: “I can’t believe this, you won’t believe what I see. This woman is at the podium taking the oath of office right in front of me.”

I recounted the vision to them and said that the feeling I had was that events are taking place but the people who are doing it do not have any loyalty to any nationality. They do not have any loyalty even to their own countries, they only serve the Beast. God mentioned that America will come under the control of a series of governors but did not explain to me what it meant. The message from the Lord continued.

The Disloyalty Of The Beast

America’s leaders don’t really work for her. That’s the biggest mistake anyone can make, to trust these leaders that much. God said when these people in the high-level secret clubs go to meetings and make arrangements for the future they’re not thinking about America. They only represent the Beast, the One World government is all they want to establish. They will stop at nothing to weaken and eventually demolish all existing social structures so they can put this “new world” in its place. They are working for, serving and worshiping Satan, it is Satan’s kingdom they want to set up. Everything they do whether visibly or behind the scenes is only to achieve that end.

The Lord said there is only one misunderstanding greater than people who trust their leaders, and that’s the people inside the Beast system thinking that because they do their job and play their role – “Your assignment is to do this, your assignment is to do that”- that they are protected. They think knowing the details of the game guarantees safety and rewards if they do their job well. They actually believe the Beast will be loyal to them but whether it’s Harris, Donald Trump or anyone else else currently playing a role, the Lord said the Beast is A SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. Satan doesn’t  leave any loose ends, the devil isn’t loyal to anyone.

Everyone who plays a part will be eliminated because the Beast tolerates no rivals at all.

Use The Time You Have

After that Yah gave me invaluable personal instructions, how not to waste time, how to move with wisdom knowing the times are swiftly changing, giving freedom to undertake new projects and bring other aspects of life to the forefront. He strongly told us that anyone who doesn’t pray with fervency to receive personal direction for their life is going to be left behind. Events will move so swiftly that even those who think themselves comfortable right now will be shocked at the roller-coaster that soon puts them off-balance in a world they won’t even recognize anymore. 


This is real war coming to the world, physical war, actual blood flowing in the streets. Not just skirmishes or conflicts, this is open outbreak of war. People cutting one another, people very savage and killing each other. I saw turmoil, people running and blood, it is always so much blood, flowing over a cobblestone patterned sidewalk, and I began to say “The war in Basra, the war in Basra is coming to the U.S.A.” 

America will be exactly like how it was in Iraq –  the way America fought and bombed Iraq is how it will be here. The same fighting, the same relentless shelling, it will be here and the Arab TV stations will cover all of it. They won’t leave any of it out – the Lord said stations like Al Jazeera will carry point-by-point footage of this fighting with some deeply professional sense of satisfaction. They will even use drone footage to get prime coverage of bombs and explosions – the way CNN used to cover the Iraqi war is how foreign news stations will cover this one. America will use bombs in its civil war as brutally as if was fighting some foreign enemy instead of fighting itself, and everyone will be watching.

Mass Exodus from America

People will flee the U.S.A, even citizens of America will leave. Especially His righteous seed will leave, God is going to lead them. The Lord said even people who are so confused and conflicted now, terrified and can’t hear God for themselves on what types of preparations to make or what type of decision to make- stay or go- He will speak to them clearly and tell them what to do to be safe. He said Americans will run outside the country along with foreigners and from those places, watch their country fighting herself. People will flee just as other immigrants do and all will watch this nation destroying herself from afar. This is the pain of survivors, having to watch and explain to others in their new homes why this is happening – “Why is your country doing this?”

To People Who Fled Civil War

God had a word for people from war-torn countries, in particular the people of Liberia. He said – You know WAR. Many nationalities who are like you know war. You know what it’s like, many of you ran away from it to save your lives and that’s how you came to America. But what you ran from is coming here. What you didn’t see at home you will see it now, and it will be worse than anything you saw in your country. You thought you came here to settle? You fled the frying pan into the fire, what is here will be worse than anything you ever saw in your country. At My word, at my signal, many of you will return to your own places and that is how you will save your lives. Many from Liberia and countries like that will go back; you will not remain in this nation. I WILL SEND YOU A SIGNAL, YOU WILL GO BACK. 

The Lord said: A prophet is a signal, a signpost. At the time of doing the work it is as if they are among thorns and briers, nettles, sticks and stones. While doing the work they are often in torments, tormented in their body, mind and soul by the weight of what is laid upon them. But when the time comes for fulfillment, when the words are being fulfilled – they are at ease. They have finished the work. Now those who watched them without understanding will go through the weight of bearing the prophecy, but my servants will be at peace.

The Coming Of The Beast System

The Lord spoke of the coming A.I. [artificial intelligence] system of the Beast. There’s about 25 tough minutes of another prophecy in a clear recording which I will make available soon.

He said the Beast system is a world BASED SOLELY ON TECHNOLOGY. Everything will be automated, everything will be A.I. Everything will be about convenience and gratification but this is what makes people sinful. People become sinful when everything is at their fingertips, they get lost to pride when anything they want can be gotten online, no waiting time, no inconvenience. You snap your fingers and things can be delivered or acquired or found for you by the A.I. – This kind of life makes people sinful because there’s no need to wait. There’s no need to be patient, no need to pray to Yah, no need to learn how to trust Him for anything because everything is quickly provided.

The Beast will eliminate all limitations and rules – PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. The coming New World is one without laws or rules like what is commonly accepted in present-day modern society. Nothing will be taboo. Nothing will be condemned, NOTHING WILL BE OFF LIMITS. You will be able to do whatever you want as long as you have the money for it, or the desire, or the palate. Anything goes. All morals and socially acceptable codes will be broken down, eroded over time, then banned openly and done away with altogether, with harsh penalties for transgression. It is an arrogant, lawless society that is about to arise.

Africa will be modernized. Africa will built up, Africa will be the recipient of what is called “Development” but Yah said they should beware. That development is to destroy them. That ‘development’ is to kill them, to lull them into a false sense of security and make their society highly automated and accessible like the ones in the West where plans are nearly at tipping point to destroy the people who live in those modern centers. Africa be careful; the hand of progress extended to you by the Beast system is a KILLING HAND, if granted access it will seek to reduce your population and use things like germ warfare and automated segregational living on you. the intention is to destroy you but I will not allow it to prosper.

The aim of building up the developing world is to create monitoring and control like the developed world has now. You can’t monitor a population where not everyone has a cellphone, or where cell towers lack perfect coverage. You can’t track and trace every transaction or easily categorize people in nations where not everyone is registered for banking, online purchases, money apps, or has interlinked computerized ID cards and passports.

Russia is merciless in warfare. They are without mercy for even the young or old, they move in formation like ants doing their drills. I saw a Great War break out in America and Russia (Putin) was so amused and laughing. The Lord said as Putin was laughing: I punish the wicked with the wicked, Russia will be the punishment for America for the full extent of her sins and continued defiance against the Lord. When America is gripped in internal war and turmoil Russia will finalize its moves and laugh, but when America has worn itself out, made itself so weak, when everything is broken down and the people are so tired, that’s when Russia will come. You don’t fight your enemy when he’s strong and secure, you come when his defenses are down and he is fainting, that is the time to strike.

I saw Russia and America like two big wrestlers, fighting and slamming one another, but one failed early. He was worn out, tired, he succumbed early to the other wrestler. I saw two types of blood in America, blood cut out of the nation from a brutal civil war, and then- more blood, drawn at the point of a merciless attack by Russia in the end times.


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  1. Kadin Nguyen says:

    so when the two years that the Lord gives us for repentance is over, then all hell will break loose? Is that what I am reading from this blog?

  2. LoriQ says:

    Yesterday, I asked the Lord how much time the US has before all hell breaks loose (in our nation). My thought was between 2 and 5 years with 5 years being extremely generous. This morning, I saw this blog post pop up and Voila! God answered my question once again through your faithful blog. The other discussion I had with my husband yesterday was the thought of actually leaving the USA and where we would go if this was a possibility. We’ve never had that discussion or entertained such a notion, yet the handwriting is on the wall. Our nation is falling, has been falling and as you have written at times before, Will Fall. It perplexes me that most Americans don’t see it! Chaos, insanity, criminality, deception and violence reign in this land. It is only going to worsen. The Books of Revelation lays this out, but even Christians don’t or won’t see it. One of the saddest things I have ever heard was another “Christian” tell me that I would live a more peaceful life if I didn’t read or study the Book of Revelation. Sigh. He and I don’t really speak anymore.

    Taking this to the Lord in Prayer. I don’t have the answers, He does for each and every one of us. This particular blog (with a few others) has me in tears, yet I know that this is necessary for people to hear. We have to finish our preparations, we must seek the Lord and ask Him what we are supposed to do, where we are supposed to go, and so on. I imagine it will be different for each one of us to varying degrees. God has His plan for each of us, may we all (those of us who follow Him) rise up to meet His plan and courageously carry it out.

    Celestial – Thank you for being loyal, obedient and faithful servant of Our Lord. I am extremely thankful for this website, I have learned much that will help me in the near future. God Bless you and continue you to keep you safe.

    1. Marius says:

      When did you receive this word? So we can have an idea when those two years passed.
      I believe this will happen. God bless ❤️

      1. Karen says:

        Can people who took the COVID vaccine or vaccines repent for taking it or the

        1. Max says:

          If you have been vaccinated, read this article at https://tinyurl.com/2tz4d7jh , pray the repentance prayer and do the protocols listed in it. Do it quickly as time is short.

    2. Celestial says:

      I’ve always enjoyed your comments. You think deeply about things & never spare yourself in the assessment. Thank you, God bless you and keep you safe also.

    3. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:


    4. Flourish&Thrive says:

      I found this extremely interesting, a report article by MSN dated 01 January 2023:
      HEADLINE: “US general’s leaked memo warns war with China is coming soon”

      Some of the contents from the article:
      • Why you should be worried about the next two years…
      The United States of America could be at war with China and President Xi Jinping in as little as two years according to senior U.S. Air Force General Michael Minihan.

      • Minihan told his troops that they needed to be ready since he viewed the 2024 U.S. presidential elections as a pivotal moment where the American system would be distracted long enough to offer Xi a shot at capturing Taiwan.

      Everything is aligned for war
      • “Xi’s team, reason, and opportunity are all aligned for 2025,” General Minihan wrote. But how could a Chinese invasion of Taiwan spark a war between China and the United States?

      So how likely is a war between China and the United States?
      • Several other top-ranking American generals and admirals have also voiced their opinions on the possibility of a coming war with China.

  3. Karen says:

    Can people repent for taking the COVID vaccine or vaccines?

    1. Boris says:

      They should repent immediately, time is running out!

  4. Marius says:

    When did you receive this word? So we can have an idea when those two years passed.
    I believe this will happen. God bless ❤️

    1. Roni says:

      Conflicted tired worn out and terrified i was near suicidal with waiting yet knowing that means hell. I find comfort in sin and that means hell. Woe is me. Wretched man. Waiting knowing..confused. I saw visions as a child. Taken underground. Govt taking us away on buses . leaving my body in reality then saying Jesus put me back after i realized i could walk thru the closed door. Waking in cold sweats BEGGING the LORD to keep the aliens away from and later asking to please never dream. It seemed like hours. I begged never to dream. Things just got dark after that. I don’t dream. I don’t remember. Now the enemy torments i feel physically like my heart comes close to stopping at times. I find comfort in food and have grown obese and with high cholesterol. The LORD will speak or allow mw to understand from people the atmosphere like the sky or a movie or a prophet…
      People respond to the warnings from me and those i post from celestial or others with silence..
      Footage of biden beating a naked child. A video of kamala harris sister who trump abused or tupac daughter who was trafficked to denzel Washington obama biden and others are app ignored or the actual trump law suit i send and Facebook won’t let friends open the PDF if the court file
      Family member is SEE EYE A they told her if something happens they will take us to wear it’s safe. That is LITERALLY the lie they told in the prophetic dream as a child which i thought were nightmare. Water covering the streets where people’s belongings laid on the asphalt . me running but better on all fours like a dog . always on. The run always danger no where safe always hiding. A witch with a needle. Alone in a desert like place then a military tank taking me up and the ranking officer giving me a helmet and a gun then some bullets on a circular holder like Rambo wears over his shoulder ( he had 3 or 4 and gave me one) .. Off to the green grass from desert to grass . there was still a ways to go i knew that tho i could see the sun over the horizon there was more.
      In another i saw grandma unresponsive there one minute in a chair looking up. I looked away and she was gon. This has now literally happened as i held the hand of the most important person and she went limp the moment i released her hand. In the dream as a child she was in thay chair then gon then in the air like a light.. Lots of light but 1 Huge BRIGHT light. JESUS was arriving . i was surprised happy grieved afraid and i said as i saw the people fighting everywhere not noticing the LORD’s return ” i told them i told them but i told them” no one seemed to listen.
      I heard atom or atomic. Is that twinkling which is greek atomos. Ir was that about atomic bomb was if Christ or the A bomb. Some say we go up when the bombs come down
      Who knows
      I just thank GOD that as i came back to read this he said we will hear him clear and He will direct and us. I want to leave. He said i have not called you to people who you cant understand but to rebellious Israel. It is crazy cause i have always been hard headed and sinful and it seems he’d ask Someone else. I understand his word. VERY well and i fail.
      I pray He finish the work He began. 2 years is long. The more time we have the more we mess up the more chance i will fall again fail again backside again perhaps never to make it home.
      I don’t want to be here. Neither did.jeremiah or job who cursed the day they were born. Living means sin is possible and i hate that. The aborted go right back to GOD. Straight back home.
      I thank GOD He said here that we will hear clear what to do tho now it is terrifying and confusing. I thank GOD we may hopefully leave so i wont endure any longer the federal agents in my family or other who adore obama and or trump and those who say ” i just want to enjoy my life” just relax don’t worry i wanna be happy and all that stuff 😫

      1. Allison says:

        Roni said “Living means sin is possible and i hate that. The aborted go right back to GOD.”

        i hear your cry and this is my cry also, desiring to leave earth with as much as i love God-so deeply my heart longs for but i do not desire to leave without completing the Lord’s work in my life, contentment i must have kneeling before God’s throne

        people of earth are despitefully evil, all around one ventures people practice some practices to make one ponder if we are in hell itself

        so let’s put on the grace, armor and fight the Lord’s battle with an innate desire to witness earth being consumed with fervent heat while we are placed on the right hand of GOD

        stay strong, do not faint and the peace of God will abound in your heart

      2. elfmom55 says:

        Roni I just prayed for you! BOTH of us! I struggle SO much in my flesh as you do! If my “drug of choice” happened to be food I would be obese as well. I struggle in other areas and daily ask God that He not give up on me! We are to overcome and endure till the end. We can’t do this without Him! I am encouraged and want to encourage you as well that He will finish the work He began in us.

        1. elfmom55 says:

          Just to clarify…No, I am not on drugs! The Lord delivered me from them and alcohol several years ago! I’m just talking about the weakness in my flesh in areas that need to be dealt with.

    2. Dani says:

      Celestial may the lord keep on making you strong and equipped. I plead the blood of Jesus over you celestial and may there always be a wall of fire from the holy ghost around you at all times in Jesus name. God bless you celestial.

  5. Allison says:

    hey Celestial you forgot the no copy icon, do not give the enemy easy opportunity to steal your work

    i am grateful for the word of God, be bless and be even more determine to glorify our Risen Lord, the bride loves you

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you. It was very late & work was being done, forgot to out it back on.🌺

  6. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    I am speechless yet I will give Yah the praise… I pray that many will be ready but people on this blog truly need to go to Yah in prayer and stop asking questions that only Yah can answer.

    Pray pray pray, your answers are through prayer. Seek ye the kingdom of GOD FIRST.

    To keep going to man is to idolize that person and say they are greater than Him. Celestial is a vessel being used by the Lord Almighty. She do not put herself on the podium above Yah to answer questions that only comes from Him. “Can one be saved from taking the vaccine?, ask God” “Where should one escape?, ask God”… His Word tells us to ask Him, seek Him and to knock and the door shall be opened.

    When Enoch was behind closed doors for days, weeks, months; people kept seeking for him, they became lost because they was so use to hearing from him and wanted to know more and more, what was next or what they needed to do. Instead the people should have went to God in prayer.

    Then when Enoch left some of the people was taken over by sin because they only listened to the man whom stood in front of them instead of God who was over then.

    When Yah places Celestial in a secret place of safety, many of y’all will go frantic because you wanna keep hearing from her. I can tell this already as I have read many people saying “Where are you Celestial” “Are you not posting on YT anymore” or “Glad to see you again on YouTube”. She never left, she was still speaking yet she was doing the Father’s work as well. His voice is available to all that seeks Him, but He will keep silence when you place man over him.

    Be blessed and remember pray and seek Him first and everything else will be added to you accordingly.

    You better get right, we’re living in the last days…

    1. Allison says:

      truly these subscribers need to cease placing Celestial above God, as she always points out she is a mere vessel being used and any christian may be used by the Lord

      there is this thing inbred which keep telling us it is impossible to be in covenant relationship with the Lord, walking hand in hand daily in sweet fellowship, we must have a Saul, a Moses. People do not know how to be free

      it is really sad to view the body of Christ

      1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

        I truly agree, she consistently tell people to pray but ears hear only what they want to hear and eyes see only what eyes want to see. The things God speaks through her about are very scary yet vital, even the dreams I have makes my heart race. But if one doesn’t seek Him first, the fear they are about to have when they stop hearing will be the reason they turn from Him and be lost forever.

    2. Lenae says:

      I never comment on here, but your comment hit the nail right on the head. I see so many people asking Celestial things like she’s some kind of magic 8-ball & it’s very concerning & disturbing. Not only is it extremely disrespectful to The Most High, it’s also disrespectful to Celestial. If she is given a word from the Lord that is for the public, she will release it when she is instructed to. If there aren’t any prophecies about a specific country/circumstance & you have questions, you should direct your questions to the Lord, not Celestial. As it has been said numerous times, no one wants to do the work! We constantly want to be spoon-fed instead of putting forth some effort on our own….. walking around like baby birds waiting for food to be dropped in our mouths instead of learning to forage on our own. I know all of us are in different stages of our walk with Yah, but we have to step up & get it together tout suite! Didn’t He tell her “The Bridegroom cometh! The Bridegroom cometh!”
      This blog/channel has consistently challenged me in my walk with Yah. In the other vid Two More Good Years-An Introduction, Celestial commented on her authenticity being questioned because she hears from God daily. A literal light bulb went off in my mind…in my human relationships (friends/family), we dialogue (speak/listen) regularly. Why wouldn’t this be the same with my Lord? He is both my family & friend. I began to think about what I was/was not doing that’s preventing a true regular dialogue. Am I not approaching with the proper respect & humility, am I not taking enough time to be still in His presence & listen, am I just throwing my requests out there & treating Him like some santa/genie instead of seeking true intimacy with Him? All of these things started swirling around in my mind. This is the kind of growth I’m receiving from this channel; an open call to strengthen & renew my relationship with my God. This should be the goal of all who visit this channel
      All I can say is heed the words of the Lord. If something posted is hard for you to understand, seek God in prayer. If you’re having a hard time believing the prophesies are true, seek God in prayer. If you need advice on what to do in your personal circumstance, seek God in prayer. In ALL things, seek God in prayer for ALL your needs. And fasting! I personally struggle with this so much, but I am trying to build up my fasting muscle; it’s a work in progress
      May Almighty God bless you all in the mighty, everlasting name of Jesus Christ, the author & finisher of our faith

    3. Sue says:

      Amen, Onyenyechi Onyeukwu. Well said. We must all work out our own salvation daily, take up our cross, and follow Yeshua Jesus. It is easy for humans to be lazy and expect someone else to do all of the work for us. Celestial is an end-time prophet. But even as she says—she does not have all of the answers—this is God’s blog and she is being faithful to the Master to deliver His words. The rest is up to us. God bless you for speaking up and speaking out and God bless Celestial for serving the Master diligently and faithfully—regardless of what it has cost her. I am sure she serves the Lord with joy and I think it will be a blessing for God to relieve her of this task when the time comes. We have been told. Now it is time for us to seek God about what our assignments are and to faithfully execute them for Him—with joy—no matter what the cost. For He—Jesus—has done so much for us. May we all grow up and put our spiritual armor on and march forward as the Holy Spirit leads us. Me included! We all have room to improve. God bless everyone who reads this blog. 😀🙏❤️

      1. Allison says:

        Amen and may the Lord bless you mightily also

      2. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:


  7. Gail Mcverry says:

    We need to seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added. Like peace, love and joy. Answers to hard questions will be added. When we seek the face of Jesus and only him first, with trueness then answers will come. If we seek God out of fear it’s seeking him but is it holy and true. Seek God to find HIM!! And him alone!!! All other good things will be added.

  8. Peggy says:


    SEVEN End-Time VISIONS before the Coming of Jesus Christ by William Marrion Branham (died in 1965)
    In the year 1933, God gave Brother Branham a continuous vision of seven major things that must transpire before the Lord Jesus Christ would come again.

    The first (1) vision was that he saw a dictator rising up in Italy that would invade Ethiopia. He saw Mussolini and his shameful end where the people turned on him before it ever transpired in the actual event.

    The second (2) vision was shown to him by God where he saw a young Austrian named Adolf Hitler who would gain power in Germany and would lead the world into war, but that Germany would be defeated and Hitler would come to a mysterious end.
    Read here about the Supernatural Cloud that Formed in 1963

    In the third (3) vision, he saw three great ISM’s in the world: Fascism, Nazism, and Communism: but that the first two would be swallowed up into the third one Communism.

    Then on the fourth (4) vision, he beheld the tremendous advances in science that would follow World War II. He saw an automobile looking like an egg that’s being run not by humans but by remote control.

    The fifth (5) vision showed him the horrible moral decay of the world, centering mostly around women.He saw women cutting her hair, smoking cigarettes, drinking, wearing pants and indecent clothing. (Remember these five things were shown to him in 1933, years before they occurred).

    In the sixth (6) Then in the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.

    And remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD there will be a woman rule before the end time. SHE’LL EITHER BE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, or it’ll be the Catholic church as a woman. I’ve seen her: A great woman, the nation bowed to her. It’ll be one before the end of time. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Write it down and find out, you young people. See if it happens. If it isn’t, I’m a false prophet.

    Now, just remember; that’s the end. This America is a woman’s nation. It’s a place where she’s god at freelance, and the man says nothing to her. She’s bossy; she runs everything, businesses and everything, even got into church on the platform, the pulpit, and running it now. So, there you go. See, it’s been… That’s absolutely as unscriptural as–as Cain and Abel… or Abel would be the–like Cain. Certainly, all these things, she’s a ruler. And she’s–she’s a goddess. That’s true in America.

    And in the last (7) vision, he saw the land of America in smoldering ruins. As far as the eye could see there was no life, only craters and smoking piles of debris. He also saw Los Angeles, California sank beneath the ocean caused by a major earthquake. Then these visions faded away.

  9. Daniel Samuel - Nigeria says:

    Thank you Yahweh for not leaving your people in the dark concerning these things. This blog has been one of the channel through which Yah has express His love and mercy towards His children in this last days. Sister Celestial may Yah continue to bless and protect you where ever you may be and in whatever assignment He has for you next

  10. Jessica says:

    I have felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to look, and seek other counties to live in. I don’t want my daughter to become a sex slave to China nor my sons. I know God will guide our path and I pray my husband wakes up. Thank you for speaking the Word of the Lord.

  11. Linda P. says:

    This past year I’ve felt the Lord placing moving to Mexico in the next few years on my heart. I started taking Spanish and researching areas of Mexico. I have doubts many days, and then have to talk to the Holy Spirit because in my life this just doesn’t seem feasible. As I learn to listen to the Lord, there is such a fight going on between my own desires and what God is telling me. The MV has been really helpful, as I have always known that what is written here is from the Lord. We all have our own personal walk and journey with the Lord, and it has been good to read other’s comments. My prayers are with you Celestial, as I know what the Lord has shown you has not been easy, yet you have been faithful to Him. Blessings!

    1. Celestial says:

      It happens a lot Linda; what we see in life doesn’t always match up with what we KNOW the Lord is saying. That’s where discipline in Christianity pays off, trained believers will continue to lean to faith- and obedience. God told Israel He’d give food in a famine in 1 day, but one guy leaned to his unbelief against the word of the Lord & died for it. [2 Kings 7] You’re doing great so far but kill the unbelief. It may be a daily fight doing it but those things are disrupters that tempt people to disbelieve God “until it makes sense” or “until i can see how it’ll work.” Nobody told us that sight is a prerequisite to trust Jesus. We live by faith, not by sight. If he told you to prepare do it or you’ll do it under duress like the people in Noah’s town when the rain started. God bless🌺

  12. Joseph says:

    Hi all, can someone direct me to a recent prophecy that covered.

    [people who molested, sodomized, murdered children in the church and private lives will be uncovered. This includes people of great fame and people in small towns. Our crimes will be uncovered.]

    I would like to revisit some of the details in that prophecy.

  13. Andrew says:

    Hello sister Celestial. Though many things you say are hard to hear, I appreciate receiving the truth and my spirit bears witness that that’s what it indeed is. I do humbly come to you for some advice. After listening to this prophecy, it is clear that my relationship with the Lord is not where it should be because I myself struggle to hear His voice. I have been born again for a little over two years now, but have struggled to hear the Lords voice during this time. I realize I have now been seeking the Lord as I should be over the last year, as I have let things of the world (mostly stresses of life) distract and beat me down at times. I realize this is just an excuse, but my heart is set on changing this and hearing His voice clearly for myself. As my sister is Christ I humbly ask for advice on how I Can best approach this. I also have a question about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I have had lands laid on me for this and they heard “it is coming”, but I have not yet received it. I also greatly desire this, and will continue to pray for this. I understand now the importance of fasting, along with prayer and someone time in the Word. All 3 of these things I have been neglecting lately, which is probably enough reason in itself why i am struggling to hear his voice, but I just humbly wanted to ask and see what advice you have as you have been on this walk a long time now. You say things as they are And I appreciate that. Iron sharpens iron.

    Your brother in Christ,


  14. Kadin Nguyen says:

    Sister Celestial, may you please pray for me that I grow a deeper relationship with God to the point of mastery and perfection? I am spiritually immature and I keep stumbling in the sin of lust and masturbation because I am not taking God seriously enough. I want to serve God wholeheartedly but my sin is getting in my way and I dont wan’t to die in th war

    1. Timothy says:

      you must go to God in prayer yourself and confess your sins to him. He is faithful and merciful. You can ask for prayers of others, but you must take it upon yourself to God. We all struggle with sins, past sins/regrets but if we truly repent to God and accept his son, the man God anointed as his messiah and seated at his right hand giving this man Jesus all authority in heaven and earth..if we believe this man is Gods salvation and that God has made him both Lord and King, we have forgiveness of sins,…but we MUST keep clean and sin no more

  15. Pavel K. says:

    I’ve been interested in prophecy and the endtimes as far back as the early 00’s, and one thing that has perplexed me is Russia and China coming to overtake the US… Mostly because in the media, both nations are almost always vilified by this country. I know Christianity isn’t prevalent in China, and that Orthodox Christians reside in Russia, and in your blog you mentioned that God uses the wicked to punish the wicked. Everything will come to pass, but are these countries (governments) our enemies because the US has essentially painted them into a corner, using it’s wickedness to taint them with wickedness, or because they were already wicked? I know the West hasn’t done a great job in it’s spread of Christianity amongst the world, and with the US at the forefront, people equate Christianity with bloodshed wrought by America and her wars.

  16. Renee says:

    This particular message is making a huge impact on me. I have been on a journey to discover the Fathers truth for about a decade now. I say “discover” because the more I searched his scriptures and read, the more I realized what I had been taught in church barely scraped the surface of what He wants us to know.

    I had to unlearn so many things… The god I learned about from youth, is not the God I read about in the Bible. Our Heavenly Father is so beyond patient and merciful to allow us more time to build our ark and fill our lamps.

    Celestial, thank you for your messages from the Father… they are perfectly in synch with what I’m reading in scriptures.

    Over the past few months a strong and unquenchable desire to leave this country has risen in my and my husbands spirit. This message, while full of very serious and heart wrenching details, strangely, has given me peace.

    We will continue to work while it is day, as the day draws to a close I know the Father will guide us somewhere. I’m not sure where yet, but at this point if He said take the clothes on your back and start walking east… we would.

    Your blog is the only meat we get, in addition to the scriptures of course… it’s so hard to find anyone actually teaching the very serious and hardcore messages in the Bible. But when I read the Bible, that’s all that jumps out at me now. Very serious things on the horizon, your prophetic messages only confirm that, but like I said, in a sense that’s given me peace. It’s filled in the blanks and details of what scriptures says is about ready to happen. What a blessing from the Father! Thank you so much!

  17. Gunther says:

    Celestial, do you ever see the cause of the civil war?

  18. Timothy says:

    I wonder how the sequence of events play out. Civil war first, then Russia/China invade and totally destroy.
    When do the vaccinated turn into zombies? If Russia/China come and completely destroy America, then when are the zombies coming if there is no America left?
    Or do all these things happen simultaneously?
    There seems to be so many different “destructions” of America.
    Also why do so many believe in a rapture event that Jesus comes to take them to heaven before any tribulation comes?
    Everything I see in scripture says the opposite. Christians will be tested and only those who endure whats coming, even to death, will be given the crown of life….No free rapture ticket to safety before tribulation.

  19. Kristin says:

    I have a question. No one I know is having a good year. Ppl are working 2+ jobs, the social and moral landscape is atrocious, and disasters are happening daily, all over the world. How is it possible that there would be 2 more good years if things are not good right now? Im trying to understand how this is possible. Thank you

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