The Betrayer Betrays- June 7, 2019


“A distressing vision is declared to me;
The treacherous dealer deals treacherously,
And the plunderer plunders.” – (Isaiah 21:2(a)

June 7, 2019 Update to: From Underground 

(If you haven’t already please read that word first).

The Lord has given more information about this event to hit New York City. During the time of this strike (see “The Strike against New York City” and What Have I Really Seen?“), there will be looting taking place from national treasuries.   

So I found myself hidden under a bridge or tunnel in New York, and an unseen watcher with me lifted up his hand and pointed in the direction He wanted me to look. It was the Lord in his white robe and blue sash. I looked as a huge truck came barrelling in to the back of an imposing building with bars on its windows. The men in the truck got out quickly and moved to the door of the building, and were met by other men bringing a heavy cargo. I saw sacks of rough material being carried out and laid in the back of the truck, and one sack opened and I saw actual bullion bars in it. The men loading the truck quickly stacked this gold with cloth or velvet in-between each one, so it wouldn’t scratch during transport. Then they closed the door just as fast as before and drove off, and the vision disappeared. I knew this was not a robbery, but in fact they were taking this gold to deliver it… to the rich people of America. 

Prophecy: Today I am announcing in your hearing- economic woes! – but of a contrived nature. Stock market crash! – but orchestrated. I am saying, “Your betrayer has put his hand in the bowl with you America. You have broken bread with him because he is your brother whom your own mother bore, the friend walking with you on the path. He has encouraged you to follow ‘The American Dream’, but his pathway to wealth is very different from yours. Behold, he undermines you from within. Your treasury is looted. Your hard earned money will be taken, and you will hear that it is a ‘stock market crash response’ as a result of the terrifying incident to take place. This is the revelation of the Lord.”

“Investors are… (dramatic pause)… well they’re not happy Bob. This was a bolt from the blue, an unexpected blow! Massive losses across securities, bonds, housing, gold, just- so many casualties being reported in the stock market at this time. Yeah. I don’t know what to tell you- this event has stolen so much confidence out of the market. It’s incredible, I’ve never seen anything like this. I just- don’t- know- (smacks desk)… if the market is going to recover”.

I hear this conversation as I write, and I know the face of the man talking but I won’t say his name. He is a trusted and beloved announcer on the Fox News channel, a man people connect to, follow and trust. The sincerity of this news announcer and his beguiling stare belies the truck I have seen in the spirit with the Lord, racing down an alleyway at the exact time when the city is struck. Bullion packed in burlap at the back, separated by velvet dividers to prevent the wealth of the nation from scratching as it makes its way to private homes. The betrayer betrays, the treacherous dealer deals treacherously, and the plunderer plunders. Let the Lord reveal His secrets to His friends.

 God bless all who read and remember this word. (Video available HERE).

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