New York’s “Sign In The Sky” – June 29, 2019


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This word was given to me June 29, 2019, and part of it is from June 14, 2019.

New York City will suffer a sign. This event will be nuclear or some other type of weapons striking the city, in the form of STARBURST DETONATIONS IN THE SKY. I keep hearing ‘nuclear strike‘. ‘Nuclear strike‘, ‘clear and present danger‘, ‘nuclear war‘. I also see the detonation starburst pattern in the sky, the chaos of several bombs going off at once like cherry firecrackers in the sky. This city is going to suffer a terrible series of hits by an unknown set of weapons at a future time. See the prophecy “Arrows“.

This event is NOT the first event spoken off in the prophecy “What Have I Really Seen“. That spoke of ground calamity, a ground attack in New York City that will reopen bitter wounds of Sept 11- (see the “America” tab for more). This second strike (or series of strikes) will create a ‘starburst pattern in the sky’ as many weapons of an unknown type- ballistic, nuclear- I don’t know all the types that exist- go off in the sky at the same time with terrible whistling sounds- ‘weeeeee! weeee! weeee!’ There will be multiple strikes against New York City at the same time.


From June 14, 2019

Prophecy: “I will destroy New York City, and remove it from the face of the earth. I will rain down fire from the sky on that city.  New York will be attacked- it will be on the international news. Pray always for all those who will be killed. Pray for  mercy for their souls, that before this evil time they will be prepared to depart life suddenly. Offer up prayers for them so each one can be given a chance to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour, so none can be lost or left as carrion feed for the enemy to feast on.”

Therefore I am declaring that New York City in addition to a preliminary attack or strike, will again be hit with a catastrophe involving the multiple use of bombs and/ or nuclear weapons. Those “arrows in the sky” that I saw raining down upon the city will cause great destruction and loss of life. People will die in these attacks, first and second, but that can be mitigated by prayer for the lost and the city at large. Mitigate– To intervene or intercede as a way of giving help, as a way of pleading mercy so the outcome of something is not as bad as it could be.

I have consistently said on this blog: All visitors to this site should remember we are a body corporate, sharing one earth. The fall of a great nation is a sign to every nation that they too will be brought up for judgement. Therefore we must read these words with the same urgency as if it is our city condemned, as if it is our city being warned. We must take up the mantle of INTERCESSION for souls to be converted to FAITH– even if they’ve never heard of Christianity, or never learned anything about Jesus before today.

If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. – (2 Chronicles 7:14)

When the church prays for mercy then people’s hearts CHANGE- mockers stop mocking and start listening, hardhearted family and friends start wondering if what we say is true! By prayer many will get a chance to hear these warnings and turn their feet away from things that could mark them for destruction. To those who wish to know more, visit the Basics page, or use the prayer of salvation posted below as a way to open your heart to the Father and come into loving communication with the One who died first to save your soul. God bless you!



Heavenly Father God, I come to you in the bent and broken posture of true repentance. I have realised that I am not able to live a perfect life for you, and I am sorry for that. I am not able to serve you as you require, not on my own, and I ask your help today to be forgiven of my sins and given a new lifeline in the Person of your Son Jesus Christ. I have heard the words of your mouth, and I believe that there is no other worthy to be called GOD except you. Lord accept my repentance today. Have mercy on me, and favour me, and accept me into your family. Wash my sins away with the Blood of Jesus. Cleanse me God, and baptise me with the fire of the Holy Spirit to remove the vestiges of my sinful past. I want to belong to you, to walk with you, to know you as you already know me. I turn away from my old life, and I renounce everything I used to do that was evil in your eyes. I choose Jesus Christ today as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you God for hearing my prayer, I mean it from my heart and confess it with my mouth right now- Jesus Christ IS LORD. In Jesus name, amen.

If you have prayed this prayer leave a comment below, or send me an email at and I will celebrate with you that you have given your life to Christ! God is NOT wicked, no matter how these prophecies may look to some. Judgement should inspire repentance. God is a just and loving Father who has to punish sin, but He is VERY OPEN and VERY FAITHFUL to all who confess that they need Him above needing themselves. I love you all, continue to watch and pray. Your sister in Christ, Celestial.

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