“They Will Die”, Pt 2 – November 17, 2021


I cried to the Lord with my voice, only with my voice, and He heard me and brought me out of a pit.  

Help me Lord, save me, deliver my life from these dogs. Honour me with your salvation and bring me up out of this pit! 

Why should you die O man, why should you enter to darkness? Save me O Lord, bring me up out of this pit.   

– (A real prayer I prayed to save myself out of a horrible dream this morning)   

I am writing this as a true account of a most horrible experience of the early morning today. I’m on a day off, there is no way I’m in any shape to go to work and pretend I care about what’s going on there. I feel ill-equipped for daily commerce and that is as a direct result of what I went through before I woke up today. 

I praise the Lord who saved me out of this dream. I dreamt that I received a verbal invitation to come to the hospital. In real life I don’t respond to invitations to go to hospital because the Lord tells me clearly “Don’t go”. I’m also never sick and besides basic checkups which I grudgingly take every 3 or 4 years as due diligence, there’s nothing going on at hospitals that I want to be part of. I don’t go to a hospital unless I’m hurt or in an emergency (which is rare).  

Yet I received an invitation and in this dream I went. When I arrived I was told in a rather forcible tone that I have to take a covid 19 booster or a covid 19 vaccine. It was three options I was given, which I realize now is how it must be already or how it will be soon enough:

(1) If you’ve never had the shots they’ll tell you You have to take at least your first one now, it’s time, it’s been long enough you’ve been avoiding this so let’s put an end to the childishness. You have to take your coronavirus shot. (2) Or they’ll say Listen you already had your first dose, now you need the other one. You need to be fully protected. (3) Or you will hear You’re already fully vaccinated so no need to worry, the booster is to just to make sure you stay safe and retain your immunity. It will be one of those three that people will soon start hearing or are already hearing, because that’s how it went for me in the dream.

Although I’m only one person the lady’s sentences somehow conveyed all these different setups to me, she only said a few words but it came as 3 different options as if I was 3 people: A person who’s never been vaccinated with the covid vaccine, a person who took one shot and never showed up for the second and a person who took both shots and thought they were done. Her short sentences sounded to me like I was all three people and I wondered why but when I woke up I understood.  When I woke up I knew God was warning all three classes of people not to make a bad situation worse by having anything to do with the cold vaccine and boosters.  

Strangely I didn’t seem able to resist what the nurse said to me and it wasn’t just because of the dream. There was some kind of force affecting me, something pressing and compelling me to say yes and agree to what the nurse said. I strangely felt very weak and emotionally vulnerable at that time; I was even kind of teary as I took the vaccine. (This is not my normal emotional state or behavior at all). I’d never put my arm out for anything under this sun that I’m not interested in, I don’t even like blood draws, but in this dream I felt powerless to help myself. 

I felt this great pressure against me, in my heart, in my mind- “You have to take this”. Also a big male orderly in white scrubs with meaty arms folded like a night club bouncer was right by us, so I stuck my arm out with a face like a small child for her to vaccinate me.

In real life I’d have given that woman some calm words while looking right in her face. In real life I’d never even be there. I know there must be some very specific things written on my medical charts by now: I used to be offered HPV vaccine, flu vaccine, eyeball enlargement and ‘Grow wings on your back’ vaccine- every form of nonsense test and medication beloved of the medical establishment and I have always firmly said “NO.”

I’ve had some deadly calm conversations with health providers over the years, asking questions and saying things that left the room silent with a dangerous ‘black mamba’ feeling in the air. Eventually no one ever asks me if I want to take anything anymore, no matter what hospital I go to, so I know it’s God. I also know it’s because when I speak in a particular way about what I think people learn not to ask me certain things ever again.     

But here, this dream, I was so weak and reluctant that I saw my face crumpled like a 5 year-old made to go to sleep early when his favourite cartoon is on. I stuck my arm out and the nurse took it and gave me the covid booster. That’s when this dream became horrific. I felt as if my stomach were about to explode. My belly began to roll in me like the sea, it felt like my intestines got twisted out of place and it was so painful. My chest heaving, I felt like ants were inside me and I couldn’t really breathe. All this was also happening to me IN MY BED, not just in the dream. I felt these effects not only in that dream hospital but also in real life and as a result this dream was very hard for me to get through.  

Right in the middle of experiencing these symptoms the dream clicked off and went back to the beginning. Once more I saw myself get a call to come in to the hospital. I was puzzled but noted the date and time for the appointment and showed up. Heard the nurse’s covid speech, reluctantly agreed, stuck out my arm with the huge guy standing there as a tacit reminder that I should not sprint down the hall or cause trouble. Once again as soon as the booster vaccine hit me my entire system went into SERIOUS DISTRESS within the first minute-  

My heart was slamming like a horse on a racetrack  

My chest felt crushed like a huge person sat on it and wouldn’t get up 

I couldn’t BREATHE 

I felt like red ants were running around in my body 

My belly began to pulse in and out, like I was trying to push something out of my stomach.  

My intestines felt LITERALLY TIED AND TWISTED TOGETHER, like someone filled my tubes with snow peas and mashed potatoes mixed with lead and wet cement! I felt as if the inner cavity of my body was filling up with glue, everything was being glued together and hardening, such a horrible feeling to have.

I cried out, Oh! Oh! I don’t feel good at all, help me,  what’s happening to me! All the while suffering the same pain in my sleep, the same distress yet I could not exit the dream. I collapsed as the two health staff rushed to catch me from hitting the floor and the dream went right back to the start. I had this dream more than nine times this morning.

Something was also wrong with my blood. It would not FLOW! It became thick as gelatin and refused to flow; it struggled through my blood vessels like toothpaste. I saw inside my body, my blood vessels looked like when you flatten a straw til the sides touch. They were so mashed together that my thick blood couldn’t pass, and in trying to flow it put a terrible strain on my chest.

I saw as if someone was slitting blood vessels to open them, that’s how it looked- a magnified picture like someone took a knife to one blood vessel and ripped it from top to bottom. I felt that ripping action all over my body, blood vessels ripping themselves up or being ripped by something.  

My heart was racing, I was gasping for air and my insides, oh my insides were twisting so bad that I fell to the floor. The nurse and orderly rushed to catch me at the same time but I still collapsed to the floor. I had this dream over and over until I realised it was a dream while fighting against the pain- I cried out God! I can’t take it! I can’t take it anymore! Will you let me die Lord! I can’t bear this anymore my Father why should I die! Save me from this, I can’t take one more round of this! Help me!    

Right away as I prayed along those lines I woke up; I felt so sick and that feeling hasn’t quite faded from me. No one should expect me to do anything today, my belly feels like it’s full of wet cement expanding in my intestines as it dries. I haven’t been able to get rid of the feeling just yet.   

I am therefore telling every reader the blunt FACTS OF LIFE: if you carry yourself off to take any covid 19 booster shot it is very likely that you will die. The Lord has already said in more than 10 prophecies that the outcome of the vaccines themselves will be death, even if it takes a long time like ten years- all that has been covered in messages like Do Not Take The Vaccines.


The Lord said the following when I was trying to calm down from that dream.  

It is a blood coagulant. It makes the blood CONGEAL and clot up like cooked liver. It will seal up blood vessels like a vacuum cleaner and blood will only flow after a struggle; the vessels will constrict like nothing seen before and the blood will get hard as clay and CLOT. The heart will be under pressure like never before; never before has the heart had to work as hard as it will work when a person takes a booster shot, because what is in a booster is many times deadlier than in the original dosage. Their hearts and lungs will fail, some of them within minutes of taking it and it will rapidly be the end for them.   

I can attest that it felt like it was the end for me, I cried out in my sleep so loudly, Will you let me die! Why should I die Lord! I can’t take this anymore, bring me up, let me out I can’t take it anymore!

I searched online and this is the best definition I found that showed ALL ASPECTS of what I saw:

Coagulation- In physiology, the process by which a blood clot is formed. The formation of a clot is often referred to as secondary hemostasis, because it forms the second stage in the process of arresting the loss of blood from a ruptured vessel. The first stage, primary hemostasis, is characterized by blood vessel constriction (vasoconstriction) and platelet aggregation at the site of vessel injury. Under abnormal circumstances clots can also form in a vessel that has not been breached; such clots can result in the occlusion (blockage) of the vessel (see thrombosis).

– (Taken from an online medical definition page called Brittanica)

Vasoconstriction is your blood vessel mashing together til hardly any blood can get through them. Coagulation is blood thickening and clotting up: usually your body will do it fast and naturally to prevent blood loss like when you cut yourself cooking; the platelets rush there and form a lump to stop more blood going out. But for the Lord to say something being introduced into the body is a blood coagulant? For what?! What earthly reason does our blood need to clot artificially for? Why would someone want to manually introduce clots into the body, which results in occlusion (BLOCKED BLOOD VESSELS), and then, when enough vessels are blocked the heart ends up working like a horse pulling 20 wagons uphill, ’til the load finally sends the body into cardiac distress of all forms?

WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT WAKING UP TO THIS OBVIOUS PART OF SUCH DELIBERATE KILLING?! Why are so many constantly freaking out about “the mark” and zombies and overlooking the main effect of these vaccines, as if this obvious first step of reducing the number of living beings upon this earth is not right in our faces?

When I woke up I made the prayer you see above, a mixture of different verses. Why should I suffer for the stubbornness of others Lord? If I listen and obey why should I go down to the pit on account of the rebellious, why should I suffer these pains on account of the deceived and stubborn hearted who do not know God and don’t want to know Him? Yes I interceded for my own soul and said No Lord, bring me up out of this, every time I receive these dreams I am poked and prodded so painfully until they end. No I can’t endure this anymore, I need to wake up now.

It is heart-wrenching but this is the truth. People will still read this and send me email asking but what about if it’s for my job? They don’t want to hear the Master’s Voice. They want to follow Dr. Anthony Fauci and his church of CDC guidelines. Right now people are lining up to pierce their own children with arrows, lining up to sacrifice those little ones and themselves on the altar of misplaced altruism: “I just want to get back to normal”. “I’m doing my part to keep my community safe.” “They said it only works if we all take it.” “I’m a good person, I don’t want to bring anything home to my kids or loved ones.” “It’s the rest of you who won’t do your part that’s keeping us in this mess.”

This is state propaganda and predictive programming at its finest. Stalin and Hitler would admire America if they could see it today: A hundred lies for your loyalty, a hundred more lies for the ones who don’t have ears to hear God but can vomit verbatim what the masters of deception say. THIS INCLUDES CHRISTIANS, those who say they are Christians but I tell you the love of the truth is not in them. Not because I say so, but because the Bible says:

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your steps.” The Bible says “Cursed is the one who trusts in the arm of flesh”, it says “My sheep hear my voice and they know me, a stranger they will not follow.” It says “Trust in me WITH ALL YOUR HEART, DO NOT LEAN ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING” (i.e. Do not trust in what you see, what you feel, or what you think you know).

If we apply these and many other verses as the standard then what is the outcome? What is the obvious conclusion we have to accept? We have to accept that many we thought loved God actually loved a whole list of other things before God; they are breakers of the first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other God before Me.” They did not hallow the Lord in their understanding but chose to listen to any and every other source for guidance except the clear warnings He has given.

We on the other hand are sad, because we’re seeing for the first time that not everybody keeps the Biblical standard. The church is full of tares and now the wheat are crying because they can see what God could always see. Do you think all these people who have scorned your advice, your begging, your tears and even the arguments you’ve been willing to risk to try and warn them- do you think they rejected your voice of warning because they love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and spirit as the Bible says? Do you think they love God more than being right, or more than keeping what they have (i.e. their job), or more than being afraid to disobey man?

These vaccines are aSWORD over every soul on this planet- some flee away from it due to common sense but many flee away from it to HONOR JESUS. Yet the majority have fled toward it because of fear, because of a desire to keep what they have. Some fled to vaccines because of a compromising spirit: I want to get back to normal, I want to do my part. Or a grossly misinterpreted understanding of basic scripture: He won’t let anything happen to me, if I drink any deadly thing it will not harm me.

Let me surprise us with this truth: God always knew who was unfaithful. Did you know that? HE ALWAYS KNEW. The reason this process hurts so much is because WE were deceived, WE didn’t know what was in the hearts of the so called “good people” who have followed the vaccine lies but God knew. We didn’t know they would depart from us, fight us so much and hate us in the bargain, as we tried to say Don’t do this, the Lord is not in this, don’t do this it’s not what you think it is.

But God knew and that is why these prophecies sound like this. We didn’t know and that’s why there is so much pain in us now. Jesus knew exactly who Judas was when He chose him and God knows every person who loves politics more than Him, “Build Back Better” and “Make America Great” more than Him, money, sex, perversion and the almighty vaccine gods more than Him. He knew every knee that would bow to the vaccine and STILL HE CRIES OUT TO SAVE SOME, if they will only admit they made a mistake and repent so at least their soul can be saved from the pit.

God is able to save but people love their idols too much and their pride even more. Many will find it hard or next to impossible to turn to God in humility and say “I was wrong. I was afraid, and I hid myself in these fig leaves. Forgive me Lord Jesus and heal me if you will, if you are willing help me God.” It’s too much for them, so they bury their children, husbands and unborn fetuses and still say unimaginably dull things like: “I can’t be sure it was the vaccine, they said there is no link. Correlation doesn’t equal causation.”

Man’s every waking breath is PRIDE. Unless we cling to Jesus there will be none of us remaining, I can say this factually because the devil hasn’t even gotten started with the evil he has in store for humanity, for these end times. I watch people going insane over these vaccines yet I scroll through these prophecies and I wait- the wise shall wait until the human body receives actual embedded software in the beast system where they can switch your money off for disobedience and switch YOU off for so-called treason. These vaccines will be long forgotten then. You will remember God said more was coming and will wish with all your heart that you had saved your energy for the days which are still ahead. 

And here we are. I am part of the great vaccine experiment without ever having a needle in my body. Therefore my only response is the one God gives me when I ask Him about these things- a Biblical, time honoured response that has not changed since the Bible was given to man:


Repent and be baptized and your soul and spirit shall surely be saved. The body is at His mercy. I say nothing above what God sent me to say, and I say His word promises salvation for the soul and spirit when we repent. As for the rest, scripture repeatedly shows that the salvation of the body is at the Lord’s discretion. Hezekiah was healed, Lazarus came back to life, but Priest Aaron fell dead when the ephod was removed and the thief on the cross went home that same day after repentance. Therefore I do not go beyond the Bible, concerning the body and if it can be restored after taking vaccines- each one must approach the Father by himself about that.

Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. – (Acts 2:38)

I am going to rest and recover myself; the video will be made later on as I am able to. Shalom. 🙏🏽

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  1. Celestial says:

    These things are the literal symptoms and sufferings people will endure if they continue to take these covid 19 vaccines. Let no one think this is Celestial’s “dream”. God is showing these things by using me as the warning, just as He used prophets in the Bible as the example to all the people of what would happen to them in the day of His judgement. Therefore if you see, hear and understand then obey the Lord and turn to your feet to the road of life, or you can proceed at your peril.

    1. Kim Ironside says:

      Thank you Celestial for your faithfulness. I’ve started sharing your prophecies with a friend (Christian) who has taken two shots but is now considering not taking any booster shots despite pressure from her family. I pray she will resist, as she has a real heart and love for the Lord.

      1. ashlytton says:

        Hey sister I’m over here on the blog and will start following here. I had asked you a question back on YouTube about your definition of sin and promptly YouTube algorithm showed me a video from 2019 with the series you did on sin. So in a way that is the algorithm loosing lol anyway I am going to go and check that out now! Thanks for sharing your time with us and

    2. annettewatsona65 says:

      For people who have taken this poison into their bodies, especially those who have confessed they belong to Yah, will their names be blotted out of the book of life. Have they traded their birthright for a bowl of stew like Esav did.

    3. faithpurposelifestyle says:

      Hello Celestial I pray you are blessed in Jesus name.I believe another prophecy has been full filled a CNN contributor tweeted that POTUS will have a colonoscopy so he’s handing over power to Harris. The link to the tweet is below if you want to check it out for confirmation.

  2. Ani says:

    Hi Celestial,
    Regarding the first part of the post- i just woke up dreaming about a smear for pelvic invitation, which i went to do (even win real life i don’t) and after i do it i see somewhere written that i got the v somehow through this process. And only after i did that i realized that I saw the warning BEFORE i went. But i couldn’t see it somehow at the time and i was eager to go and do it which is nothing like me usually! And i just don’t understand how can i not see it so clearly as i am remembering now after I’ve done it! Woke up saw your post notification.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This patent could be an embedded software for Microsoft-Bill Gate, using human body activity for mining cryptocurrency.


  4. nmangoaela says:

    I pray you recover speedily from the terror of this dream.
    It is heart breaking that in spite of all the warnings that my entire family residing in Wash DC took the vaccine, save my daughter who didn’t take it. Some of my relatives here in South Africa have taken it as well. Others are still contemplating the idea …all Believers …in spite of all the videos, articles and personal warnings.

  5. Heather S says:

    You can see the immediate coagulation post-vaccination, as it bleeds out. Click the link and scroll down to the embedded video…I’m terribly sorry to hear that you had to experience this sensation Celestial. Truly your reward will be great in heaven, faithful servant.

    “Hijama aka “cupping”: desperate workers, students forced into vaxx mandates turn to ancient treatment to remove the injections after administration”


  6. Yesterday and today I’m saying similar things how I see so many people thinking they are fine and will just go to heaven! I see in my heart that so many are going to hell! People do not like this speech they are too mesmerized, hypnotized, brainwashed and foolish caught up in the Ways of the World and living for today! They are throwing away their only opportunity that God to all of us to have eternal everlasting joyous life with Him but so many listen to the liars and he system that is in place now to tighten the grip on humanity until people will have no rights or will not even want to pray so they will be children of Satan and damned!

    Just read this a moment ago!

    “The Pope declared that humanity needs a global reset because the unjust, pre-pandemic world is not worth going back to.
    Sounds like the Pope is on board with the Democrats’ push to a socialist nation because that “pre-pandemic world” the Pontiff is referencing had far more freedoms than the one we’re living in today.
    “The reality we knew before the pandemic was that wealth and economic growth were reserved for a minority while millions of people were unable to meet the most basic needs and lead a dignified life,” Francis said.
    Pope Francis is a radical leftist who is working side-by-side with liberals to change the course of humanity as we know it.
    And not for the better.” © Culture Watch News

    I can see it all coming so clearly and either the Second Coming happens within the next couple of years or several at the most; because hell on earth is just about completed! The antichrist should be openly professing to be God soon as I see it! This is a false prophet that is cozy with Radical Islam that have gladly chopped heads off Christians and we now have America’s Man of Perdition sitting in the White House who is hell-bent on totally megalomaniac control of all Americans and beyond if he can! Biden went from slurred speech during the election to suddenly being president and putting his foot down telling We Citizens that he has been patient with us! The man is demonically possessed!

    God bless you!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

  7. Holly says:

    Dearest Sister,
    My Spirit is zinging with Truth as I just listened to your livestream and then came here to read part 2.
    I am praying for your recovery in every way. I understand how real are the knowings that are imparted spiritually — just once, let alone the nine times you experienced, and it is seared forever. Even the passing of time (decades!) does little to diminish the knowing of it.
    I respect your commitment and obedience to The Most High. While your warnings greatly alarm me, they confirm what He whispers to me, the least of all. As the world continues to barrel down Insanity Lane, I am dwelling in Him, and have peace because of it. (Isaiah 26:3)
    One illustration from my life that He says is true of Him : Sometimes I must say to a class “eyes on me”, or “hey friends, the action’s over here”, or some other clever/funny phrase to redirect their attention (especially true if there is a student with a 1-1 aide is with us who is having difficulties). The point is, Yahusha Hamashiach stands in front of His sheep, commanding our attention — “eyes on Me”.
    All glory, honor, praise, and thanksgiving to the Lamb, and to the One upon the throne, forever and ever!

  8. ToYAH of Zion says:

    These ppl will worship the beast who don’t die from the 💉. They are eternally lost. I wish ppl would stop saying they love the Lord who took this. Or they are Christian. Yeah lip service Christians. Your hard hearts hate truth and love a lie. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  9. A Mason says:

    Praise be to Yah who is merciful and long-suffering, who warns us through His prophets and watchmen. The blood of the vaccinated are not the same as those without. I saw photos from a nurse who noted the thicker and darker colour of vaccinated blood. And now the vaccinated are allowed to donate blood. I dont take blood donations and have more reason never to do so because of this. The bible warns that life is in the blood. Glory to the lamb whose precious blood was shed for us for the atonement of our sins.

    I pray for the comfort of Yah to be upon you for what you had to endure to warn us.

    Humans are very stubborn. Someone i know has family and even relatives who run a congregation who have taken it. They do not look the same. Their eyes look changed. Lacklustre. Like the light is gone. For many, they won’t heed warnings but perhaps when they see the effects of the booster shots killing people, then maybe that will be enough to make them see the error of their ways.

    Thank you for your work. All glory be to the King of Kings.

  10. Mark says:

    Starts with believing in a God not seen by us yet, is faith. So you must believe and have faith. Then Yah is power, king and creator of everything from nothing. Such power and greatness is to be feared. Fear leads to obeying. Obeying leads to Yah’s love which brings gifts of asking, prayer.
    Now honor God is believing with unwavering Faith. The fear of such greatness and wanting to serve with all my heart and mind which leads to total obedience. Which leads to prayer of asking and granted with love and rewarded with life. An eternal life with with the ancient of days. Through honor…
    A life with our Father!

  11. KarmenRH says:

    My heart sank when I read “He always knew who would betray Him, just as He knew Judas would betray Him” . I see my family members and friends take this poison and one by one falling into the trap, not listening to me, and now I’m selfish and careless because i don’t comply, because I Honor Our Lord Jesus Christ and not men…they don’t even understand the consequences…prideful they are…they mock me and my children…I pray for them everyday in hopes that Jesus sends His Holy Spirit to them and opens their eyes.
    Thank you Celestial for taking the time to sound the alarm, God blesses your sharp mind and beautiful soul 🙏🏼

  12. Besala says:

    I pray that some will be pricked in the heart and made sorry in a godly manner that produces repentance leading to salvation, that they come to the full knowledge and realization of how they have wronged and offended the Lord in this manner and not reject His mercy that He is willing to give.

    Deception is surely rampant in this hour. Lord, open our eyes and have mercy upon us. We are nothing but doomed without you.

  13. asblackwell says:

    Thank you, my heart goes out to you for the intense reality you go through to bring us these messages. I appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.

  14. Judy A Hoefling says:

    Powerful prophecy! Thank you. May God Strengthen You As You Have Need Of Such. Rest Sister .

  15. Mondexmomma says:

    I have preached and pleaded on Fakebook. In fact I am censored there. Too much Truth makes them recoil like a serpent that has had holy water sprinkled on them. I have sha8both your articles as well. All of my family has received the DEATH DARTS. My sister just got skin cancer and my mother just got breast cancer. I am so sad yet how I preached to them. Just found out my 14 year old nephew also got it too. So mad at my sister in law. Such ignorance.

  16. J McCree says:

    Dear Celestial. Thank you so much for videos you have posted. Today on the InfoWars show broadcast from Austin, TX, the host ‘Alex Jones’ shared with the audience information very similar to what the Lord had already given you about the vaccines, boosters. I can’t recall exactly, but I think it was their show’s tip line that I had forwarded your link to about the vaccine mandate (the one from October). Thanking God for His warnings and His mercy in warning.

  17. J McCree says:

    Dear Celestial. Thank you so much for videos you have posted. Today on the InfoWars show broadcast from Austin, TX, the host ‘Alex Jones’ shared with the audience information very similar to what the Lord had already given you about the vaccines, boosters, etc. I can’t recall exactly, but I think it was their show’s tip line that I had forwarded your link to about the vaccine mandate (the one from October). Thanking God for His warnings and His mercy in warning.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Amen, to God be the glory. Let’s train ourselves to be faith unto death, that we might live with our creator. Training is by studying and doing the will of our God.

  19. Connie says:

    The blood coagulant sounds like FEMA’s hydrogel.

  20. Galactic Mind says:

    Oh, GOD, Celestial. What you said @23:00 on the Rumble video- about the physically-active sex-bots with demons inside; The Lord told me that 3 days ago! They’re ALREADY programming to be “responsive”! (a video showing this is when Yah told me) The Lord said they will be more powerful than any doll or mannequin because people will “infuse” them with sex-energy! GOD SAVE US!

  21. rhondadoerr says:

    WAR ON MAN DREAM – A dream from Dec 2019 (I tried to upload video several times with no success..so posting it here.)
    In the dream FATHER gave me I saw a literal sea of people as far as the eye could see..then I saw a large convoy of black miltary tanks with no markings on them coming right into the people. The tanks were the size of skyscrapers driving throught the middle of the people…but they were TOTALLY oblivious to them. I heard ‘war on man’.

    The scene changed~
    There was 2 men in business suits sitting at a large desk facing me when I walked into their office. The looked nice…but they had a sleazy used car salesman feeling to them.

    The 1st time I walked into their office they told me I needed to listen and to do what they are saying. I replied ‘No, I dont.’
    They were very frustrated and angry that I would not listen to them so they would mock and scoff me. I would then turn and walked out.

    I had to go back a 2nd time and now they had a shot glass with purple liquid in it sitting on their desk…they slid it across the desk at me and said, ‘you have to drink this’…I said ‘No, I don’t.’ They were so angry and frustrated with me and would then start to mock and scoff at me like bullies – I would then leave.

    The 3rd time I walked into their office and they tried to get me to take the shot again. I would not listen to them. This time they each took the shot glass and downed it. After they took it, they said, ‘see it is good!’ and start laughing like drunk men at a bar drinking shots of tequila.

    They seemed fine at first…then suddenly they looked like they were being shocked – both of their bodies jolted and their eyes got big…something was happening to them.

    Then in a time lapse viewing I could see small rash/pimples forming first on face and then on body. I was then given xray vision where it was forming on their insides too. The spots would turn into like a pimple with a large white head, then the head would grow into a boil, and then so large it would burst and their flesh had looked like it had be mualed. This was happening on the interior and exterior of their bodies. They were in agonizing pain and wanted to die but couldn’t.

    There was NOTHING anyone could do to help them. And then eventual after MUCH PAIN..they did die.

    HE said ‘This is a WAR ON MAN…DO NOT TAKE thier SHOT!’

    ~End of Dream~

    Father showed me the men were news casters/new media(witches/spell casters-owned by the elitest)….this how they tricked people into taking the shot. This plan would not have been achieved without the news media.

    Interesting the liquid in the shot was purple…’don’t drink their ‘kool-aid’.’ – color they are using in tops of the first vials.
    I did see a test subject where her heels of her feet got blisters that kept growing and erupted…her cousin put up a ‘go fund me’ page for her. That is when I started watching and seeing all what FATHER showed me unfold… as it still unfolds…it is truly heart breaking. I pray that they wholeheartedly REPENT. I have warned and warned…but people will be people. (This fact remains the same throughout time…FATHER says they are a stiff-necked people!)
    Please heed the warning. DO NOT TAKE THEIR SHOT!

    PRAISE & GLORY to YEHOVAH for warning HIS children what is coming!! May HE give us strength, boldness, courage and endurance until HE comes to gather HIS Bride. COME YESHUA COME QUICKLY!!

  22. rhondadoerr says:

    My daughter write MY words –
    Woe to you who say that I AM your GOD.
    You who do not obey My Words and Commands.
    Sudden destruction is coming, suddenly your world will be changed …in an instant.
    I have warned you – REPENT and turn from you lawless ways to MY Ways of obedience. You have chosen your path, you have opened your lives to the enemy and his minions. You will be destroyed for he seeks to kill, steal and destroy.

    Because of your stubbornness you have let him in, you have My Word yet you do NOT follow and obey.

    My prophets of old and of new have warned but you take no heed.

    Captivity to strangers is coming upon your land, death and destruction to your cities and towns. There will be no where to run and no where to hide. Your children will be taken from you, never to be seen again.

    Why did you not listen and search the Scriptures yourselves. My watchman have been warning of the dangers I have been showing them. They have been sounding the alarm from their dreams and visions. It is now upon you . . . you are as a bird in a net. The enemy has encompassed you, but you don’t see nor have any regret.

    You have been distracted and entertained by his plans and schemes. I told you not to be of this world, why did you not listen?!

    Destruction is upon you!

    Death is upon the people of the earth.

    Even the enemy has been warning you of his plans but you take no heed.

    Do you not see what has already begun?

    Do you think you are safe and untouchable?

    I tell you, YOU ARE NOT!!!

    REPENT! There are only a few more moments left – TURN NOW!

    Daughter warn them! WARN THEM – tell them to seek ME now in their times of prayer.
    Tell them to take the time and seek ME now before they ALL are in despair!!
    Time is up!!! I have warned, why did you not hear!
    The world is going to burn and melt that fact remains. . .I warn you but you would not hear. . . many have been called but only but a few will obey.

    REPENT children of the earth!

    REPENT for your evil and wicked deeds and ways.

    Turn to MY Son and Obey MY Commands for so many are about to perish, indeed it is at hand.


    I SAY REPENT and turn to ME while you still have breath. . . once you die there will only be death and torment! I SAY REPENT!


  23. Anonymous says:

    I got accepted into the nursing program. I got the letter 2 weeks ago. Went to orientation and they said all facilities are asking for the vax….I was so discouraged. I worked so hard to get in this program and the lord has led me to it from the very beginning. I will be submitting my religious exempt and I’m praying and have to trust God that his will be done. I am literally walking by faith with this. It really saddens me what the world has come to….I know these are birthing pains…I got on my knees when I got home from orientation and I just cried. Because I know I must choose whom I will serve with this amount of pressure. I choose JESUS. Please pray that my religious exemption is accepted .

  24. Anonymous says:

    If it does not get accepted and they can’t accommodate me in other facilities I will have to walk away from my pursuit to be a nurse.

    1. evesnewbeginnings says:

      We serve a living God that will NEVER fail us as long as we keep our eyes and hearts upon Him only.
      I was in the same predicament as you, 3rd year of nursing program this year and l had to choose between the vax or my faith. I happily chose my faith in God.

  25. vixgorden says:

    peniel ngonde youtube account got deleted heres the new link and the LORD current message for 2022, especially for the USA.

  26. Grace says:

    Listen I am a nurse and I have chosen not to take it. I am on unpaid leave but I trust that the lord will provide. Stand strong, keep the faith and wait in the lord. I will be praying for you.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing word, so true and so powerful. Let the people WAKE UP before it is too late. Thank you Jesus for going through this pain for us all. You are truly the mercy seat of Christ and being a ” laying down our lives for the brethren”. This is our life for now. Jesus in us crying out for people to repent and give their heart to our wonderful merciful Father. Bless you

  28. This is from willie the flower somehow i got off Word xoxo

  29. bupeza says:

    In zambia they have just released a memo stating all government workers should be vaccinated aswel as those visiting government buildings. If you reject the vaccine your employment is terminated or your won’t be served. God help me and God help us all.. remember me in prayers saints

    1. Luke says:

      When will it take place:
      Like effective from…?

  30. Andrew says:

    Hey sister Celestial. Hope you’re doing well. I really appreciate you. I had commented before about a month ago asking about me pursuing nursing as I had my degree and was studying for my boards. I appreciated your response and agreed .

    Well, I passed my nursing boards and am now an RN. I have been applying to jobs and have asked the Lord to put me where He wants me.

    Well, I had an interview this morning at a nursing and rehab center not far from me. I spoke with the director of nursing and was honest and said I don’t want to take any vaccine or any, or give any for religious reasons and to my surprise she was not phased. Though I do not believe she is a born again Christian, she believes in the right to have religious and medical exemptions. Something I can appreciate.

    Sorry for typing so much. I was just offered a position pending a background check etc.

    The only thing I’m wondering is I would have to do mandatory testing for COVID twice a week. Which I would have to at any nursing facility without taking the harm that causes harm.

    My questions is has the Lord shown you anything about the tests? I have not taken one yet, but would have to for a nursing job. I don’t Believe in coincidences and this nursing position meets all my needs in terms of religious exemption and not having to take or give vaccines. The nursing director is new and only been there a few months.

    Anyway, please get back to me when you get time. I know you are very busy, and I appreciate your response.

    Thank you,


    1. Luke says:

      If you will belief it; belief it!!
      From a Prophetess in Nigeria “Happiness Aibangbee “:: the Lord admonished us to stay away from everything C-19 , yes, everything!!
      There is something wrong with that testing tool that goes into the Nose!!

    2. Celestial says:

      Congratulations. Every believer comes fully equipped with the Holy Spirit. If you’d honour God the right way & seek HIS counsel for life you’d move forward faster than stopping at every step to ask others what to do next. I warn Christians against dependency and remind all that I am not a public crystal ball. Who brought you this far? Was it me? Or was it Christ? HONOUR THE LORD, HE is the one to go on your knees to ask what to have for breakfast if you can’t decide. If you believe He brought you thus far as I told you He would, only to stall you now, then stall you must brother. Weak, wavering faith wins nothing in these times. Honour the Lord your God and HIM ONLY do you need to guide your life. Congrats to you and God lead you.

      1. Andrew says:

        Appreciate the correction. Love ya. God bless.

    3. His Salt and Light says:

      Please note that you can ask for a test by spitting into a testing cup or container. Heard that d PCR test is dodgy as it required the tester stick to go deep into d nostril area (DNA checking) and the result accuracy is questionable as well. Do your own research. Much info. can be gleaned from Z3news.com. Cheers!

  31. Debbie says:

    Hello Celestial. Thank you for your endurance as you received God’s prophecies. May He bless you with strength and courage to continue your heavenly calling.
    I was actually crying as I was reading this. Indeed, man’s pride and arrogance will cause his downfall. Our local church group is small, 7 adults and 4 kids and sadly, 4 of these adults had already taken these vaccines and are planning for their boosters, 1 of the kids had already had her 1st dose. My 2 kids, me and my husband and an elderly lady didn’t have it. The other kid, will eventually have hers when a dose for her age group would be available. I am grieving silently because of this. Our group has been divided and sadly, our worship time had become a time for them (vaccinated) to use the scriptures in the Bible to convince us to take the harm. In a way, it had broken the spirit of unity in our group as well as the spirit of openness to let the Holy Spirit speak to us. It is distressing me how our time for praise and worship to our Lord, had become like the praise and worship of the vaccines. Our testimonies had clashed, of which I am greatly saddened, as I do not want to cause argument and strife while in time for worshipping. I had this dreadful feeling that one or two arguments will not be enough. They are so convinced that these so called vaccines are here to protect us, and no, they won’t accept any thing you say or show about how it isn’t what they think it is. Everything we say is fake news to them. They leaned heavily on science and not to God. They leaned heavily on what a man in authority says and not on what God says. And in that part when you penned that God knows their hearts, I really broke down. I could not imagine God’s patience with people with dishonest hearts. People who have said they believed Him yet went ahead and do the very things that they should not. I know this feeling. I, too am oftentimes weak and only believes what I believe is true and good. I sometimes have this internal talk with God when I reflect on the times I leaned on myself and on other things and not to Him, that if this was an exam, I have failed. Time and time again and again, I would have failed. But its not. Physically its not. Spiritually, it is. And if this is last the last exam for me, then I wouldn’t want to fail. I wouldn’t want to fail Him. And I am sure most of us wants to come to Him. But we can only do that when we give our hundred percent to him, mind, body and soul. And I would love to do just that.
    Anyway, I have dreamed not long ago, that me and my husband got the vaccine, I was crying. And when I woke up, I was still crying. I had to pinch my arm just to make sure. I am glad it was just a dream.
    May our Father in heaven strengthen us as we take a step in His kingdom, may He grant us peace even in these trying times and may He renew in us our love, trust and obedience in Him and in Him alone. All the power, glory and honour in Jesus Christ our Father and Saviour forever, amen.

    1. Celestial says:

      This touched me. Separate yourself. You can see the discord which tells you lines are drawn betwn light & darkness and there can be no peace, so why do you linger? Remember Lots wife. Seek God now where to go & take the older lady with you if she wants to. Be like Ruth, not Orpah. Ask God where a new life is. People preaching vaccine in the temple instead of the gospel & you can see it, yet you remain, are you any more obedient than they were? Many linger in dead places deluding themselves that they’re doing it “to help them, convince them or maybe save them.” You can’t save anyone. If God wasn’t enough to save them what will you do? May the Father speak to your family & lead you to a safe place if YOU are willing & obedient to overcome sentimentality & move to good pasture. God bless you sister, be strong in the Lord.

      1. Debbie says:

        Thank you Celestial for your wise counsel. I needed that. You perfectly put into words the counsel that I needed to hear. And yes, me and my family needed the Lord’s guidance and strength for this big change. Without Him, our reality can never be overcome. We could never move forward with our faith in dead places. I wouldn’t want to be distracted and spend time on petty arguments on things I will never be able to turn over. I will trust and obey Him. This time, I will ask Him to cover my eyes, ears and heart on things that will distract me as I sought for Him and His guidance. I was reflecting Job’s life and the words of the Lord that you have spoken in your other blogs and if ever my local church group can be taken, there might be time that everything I value would be taken, my job, my family and my life but I have read Isaiah 26:3-4 and it says:
        You keep him in perfect peace whose mind stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

        May the Lord God grant me peace and acceptance to the things I cannot control and may He direct my ways and lead me to His pasture as He also cultivates in me obedience, patience, endurance and love For Him.

        I know I can’t thank you enough, Celestial, for the things that you do, endured and sacrificed, that we may not be able to see but I know that your heart is in the right place. Please continue to do your work. You have helped me, along with many others not to be lukewarm in the Lord. And I know there are still many out there who are hungry for the Word and Wisdom of the Lord. May the Lord strengthen and protect you and likewise give you peace and joy as you do the work He had given you. All power, glory and honour in Him forever.

  32. Ms. T says:

    Ma’am, I make this comment with all respect. Please consider some type of “over 18+” restriction on your page. I am a high school teacher in Colorado, and one of my adolescents students shared this message with me, other teachers, and other students this morning. This student has been in a mental facility for the last 4 weeks and only just returned to school a few days ago. They were in that facility because messages like this from your blog are too heavy for children to carry. Please, consider restricting the content of your blog so that those who are not yet fully developed intellectually or emotionally are not exposed to such horrific descriptions of their potential fate. Please – I understand that you are trying to warn of greater threats, but these threats should not be carried by children. It is wrong.

    1. Debbie says:

      Hi. I know I dont have the right to address your concern but nevertheless I would like to state my case also.

      Please dont stop sister Celestial with her work. People of all ages needed to know these things. If we always consider everything, then it will be too late to prepare. We might find ourselves ill-equipped with the things to come.

      I am also a teacher here in the Philippines and I believe our little boys and girls here are always, always seeing the realities in life. Most of my first graders (boys) have already abs due to constant fetching of gallons of water for their family. My little girls know already how to cook their own food and rice from their own garden. They face the harsh realities in life along with the rest of their family. This is really hard especially when living in the mountains but they have come to accept and enjoyed it. And because of that, they learned a lot. This is the benefit of learning even when young. Same is true with young plants. When we see that a plant is growing the wrong way, we can easily bend it to the right way without breaking it. It might be an unfamiliar position for the plant, but we know that this plant isn’t in pain and we can be sure that the plant can grow in the right direction.

      I am not downplaying the situation of your learner. But I hope you as the teacher could help him/her to understand that life is uncertain. There will always be good times and bad times, bumpy roads that are sometimes unceasing. But you know what, we have hope. Because we have Jesus. Our Heavenly Father sent Him for us to have hope, be guided and grow according to His way. Sister Celestial’s warning are indeed very weighty but that doesn’t mean we are doomed. Let us heed her warnings and follow Jesus. He is trustworthy. He will never forsake us BUT we also have to work our share of work. Since Jesus is not our servant, He is Our Lord and as our Lord we have to obey Him for He knows the way. Let us repent and seek His guidance.

      Prayers for our youth. May the Lord Jesus Christ walk with you that He may lighten the burdens in your hearts and may He soften your heart that it would be easily bent to His will and grow in His way that you may find genuine peace and joy only He could give.

    2. Tracey says:

      Hi Ms. T,

      None of us are more compassionate than God. If God is speaking on a matter… especially one as serious, prevalent & broad (across all age ranges as this)… I don’t see the point of putting 18+ warning on the message. Do you think when the realities of this start unfolding- the people dropping in the streets will first look around to make sure there’s no 12 or 17 year olds before they keel over?!?! Haven’t you seen the rising cases of myocarditis in teenagers now- which we NEVER heard until this horrific vaccines were introduced? A problem which we hear there’s no healing from as it causes scarring on the heart and people will usually die from it a few years later. The evil forces that decided to design this death dart vaccine- are they restricting it to adults and 18+? Have you not seen the news with 11 year olds that are dying, becoming disabled, impaired en masse from this horrible vaccine? They are giving this vaccine to 5-11 year olds… pregnant women (so to some extent their babies too). And they’re being affected in ALL their groups. Respectfully, please do not stop those high schoolers God has put under your care and led in His mercy and wisdom from viewing this material if they somehow found it. High schoolers are MORE THAN old enough to hear from the Lord their God. If you feel compassion for their development, that’s very good- then maybe seek God on how to discuss these matters with them sensitively- and help them work through the details- but only if you’re not there to contradict the message. If you don’t believe it- then please let the kids be and their God will deal with them directly. For surely it is the truth- for every age.

      Is this more graphic than the graphic video games and xmen & Jason bourne movies they watch with 80% of the characters being shot & cut apart in every scene? The vaccinators are coming to their schools to give 11 year olds free pizza behind their parents backs so they take vaccine. If they are not informed- are you saying its better they die in ignorance than be scared with being told the effect of the vaccine if they take it? How old was prophet Samuel when God gave him a message to tell Prophet Eli that his sons were going to be killed? Samuel was a BOY!

      High schoolers are not toddlers. Let us not pamper them into certain death and destruction- that there’s no coming back from. This is what God has purposed to say- Let God be God and deal with, inform His people as He pleases. Try to unlearn this worldly “compassion” that tells you- you are kinder, more thoughtful and sensitive than God is. None of us are. It is an act of compassion that He warns- or surely many and most of us would have fallen in the pit. Many already have if the news reports on vaccination rates are to be believed. If this report is truly what affected that young person, God is willing and able to take care of His child. And hopefully the people around him/her can gird themselves up and ask the Lord how to go about helping that young person. If a specific person truly has a sensitive constitution or if they’re even too young to view or understand- for some surely are, then it is the parents responsibility to monitor their child’s online consumption and then find a way to break down the details to that child. Ignorance of effects, in the case of these vaccines, is NOT bliss.

  33. Shirley Hansen says:

    Many years ago I had a dream (1994 or 95)
    I went to a gathering being held outside in a field or large grassy area. I was on the outside of the crowd and couldn’t hear the primary speaker, so I weaved through the crowd until I could see and hear the speaker. I saw a young man in a wheelchair next to the speaker who was basically paralyzed and had a tube coming out of his mouth. Basically a human vegatable. I listened to the speaker who said this perfectly healthy young man was damaged by the vaccines. (Remember this was in 1995, I was pregnant with my 2nd son). I was then told no more vaccines or this would be the state of my son. These vaccines are the new Killer Bee.I stopped getting vaccines for my children @ that time.
    Fast forward to 2021 and I am reminded that the vaccine is the KILLER BEE.
    My son I was carrying at the time in the dream just got his 2nd shot. He was told he would be fired if he didn’t.
    Quite some time went by before this 2nd shot.
    I see now how vaccines are in fact “The New Killer Bee”.

  34. Vickie jackson says:

    Hi my dear sister in the Lord, I can’t tell you how happy I am that the lord led me to your page! Wow you have a awesome call of God on your life and I’m happy you are obedient to him so he can use you in these last days. Lord has shown me something in dreams also but nothing like he has shown you! I’m taking to heart all of your dreams and prophecy I know they are from the LORD!!! I have also shared them with my family and friends sadly some don’t believe, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you that many in my family have already taken these shots including 4 of my grandchildren ages 18,13,10,7 my heart I cried so much I tried everything I warn my son and my daughter not to do this, it is sooooo sad that people say that believe in GOD but that are so blind to the devils lies even my husband who is a pastor! I have prayed For them now I have placed them all in the hands of the Lord only he can save them now!! God bless you!!! please keep sounding the alarm 🙏❤️

  35. MG says:

    The shredding of the blood vessels which you experienced in your dream is due to the presence of nano graphene oxide in the V. These nano particles cannot be decomposed biologically and are essentially razor blades which cut everything they touch in the body:
    Dr. Noack was arrested in the presence of his pregnant wife and then killed for his revelations. May he rest in peace.

    Because of this and other scientic information I found early on I alerted people through any media I could find to NOT take the V. I was called a conspiracy theorist by family and friends. My LinkedIn account was blocked. Only the Lord can heal those damaged by the V. May He have mercy on those foolish enough to step into Satan’s trap!

  36. Crystal says:

    Hello sister Celestial, Thank you for edifying us more than some church sermons ever will. I know you recently prevented copy and pasting from the website due to plagiarism. I also tried printing but it states print preview is not allowed also. I thought about writing down the prophecies from the blog, however this would probably take me over a year. Is there anyway i can print/get the prophecies so that i can have to study? especially in the event the internet goes down.

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