“SEND FOR THEIR FLESH!” – June 27, 2019

This is a future word, meaning it’s not for immediate fulfilment. But this word will come to pass. This is an intense prophecy, please read carefully because there are many things revealed at the same time, many pieces of information given. I’ve tried to capture it in detail so the word is long- I broke it into sections for  convenience. The other parts will follow and will be labelled “Flesh!- Russia”, and “Flesh! – China”.

Last night the Lord gave me verses to read; the entire scripture is posted and briefly paraphrased. Please don’t skip it; you need to know what the prophecy is based on. The Lord gave me Isaiah 20 which is six verses: (Isaiah 20:1-6)

In the year that the supreme commander (sent by Sargon king of Assyria) came to Ashdod and attacked and captured it—  at that time the Lord spoke through Isaiah the son of Amoz. He said to him, “Take off the sackcloth from your body and the sandals from your feet.” And he did so, going around stripped naked and barefoot.

Then the Lord said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has gone stripped naked and barefoot for three years, as a sign and warning against Egypt and Cush, in the same way the king of Assyria will lead away- stripped naked and barefoot the Egyptian captives and Cushite exiles, young and old, with buttocks bared—to Egypt’s shame. Those who trusted in Cush and boasted in Egypt will be dismayed and put to shame.  In that day the people who live on this coast will say, See what has happened to those we relied on, those we fled to for help and deliverance from the king of Assyria! How then can we escape?

In this chapter, a powerful king came against the nations of Egypt and Cush. These two countries were well known for military exploits and were highly developed in the ancient world. However Assyria was stronger and better at war- she beat these two and took away many slaves as her reward. A particular aspect of taking slaves in those days was taking them NAKED and BAREFOOT- this was a big part of modern slavery. A naked, barefoot person can’t run far, can’t hide, can’t do anything except follow their captors. Also bear in mind, transporting naked human beings inspires LUST, it inspires CRUELTY. By this the Lord let me know this prophecy would involve nakedness and captivity. This is a word against the USA. I don’t know if any other countries will  suffer this- they might- but I know for sure that this vision is the continuation of the ‘America in Chains’ vision I shared recently (See that here before continuing).

In that vision America was taken into slave ships by Russia and China. She lost a war with them and was sold into slavery as part of the spoils of war. There is another prophecy where the Lord said Americans will be enslaved to repay DEBT (click here for that). Therefore because of losing military conflicts and also because of owing high sums of money to other nations, Americans will be carried off in ships to work as debtors and slaves in foreign countries. God revealed that many of those taken will never see America again- they will end their lives in captivity. He also said this is a punishment for wickedness against the original slaves America kept so long ago.

Here are today’s prophecies, revelations and visions below. 

I’m in a conference room where leaders of China, Russia, and Ukraine (among others) are having a discussion. These are not “talks”- during talks everyone has to be guarded, wise about what they say and careful not to reveal too much. No, this is a very open discussion about what to do about problems they have and needs they face. Everyone is talking freely, suggesting things, waistcoats open like after a good meal. Ideas are flowing and anyone can speak. 

The table is full of stuff- spoil- bounty- booty- rewards- treasure- piled to the point where the men at the table can’t always see each other. This treasure was won in WAR: these people went to war somewhere and ended up with huge amounts of useable goods they can use to power their economies (and beautify their homes). They have seized fine art for example, electronics and gadgets; I see pearls, gold earrings and a lot of diamond jewellery as well as other things. Even food is on the table; they have seized pipelines of food and other perishables and brought them back to their nations.

China and Russia are the biggest, Ukraine is on the Russian side, the nation LATVIA  is also seated with Russia among others. China also has cohorts but I can’t see their faces to know what countries they represent. There is not a single Western nation there: no London, no France and definitely no USA. This is a private meeting for invited guests only.

The talks are about LABOUR. China especially is complaining: “I’m growing at a fantastic rate. I need helpers, my people cannot mix the cement I need all by themselves! I don’t want the women to work; they should get pregnant and live at their leisure so that we can multiply and fill the whole earth. I need labour to produce food for us! What can we do about it?” 

Russia says: “The palaces are not enough. The opulence is not enough. We need more GOLD. We need more SILVER. We need more MINES. We need more FOOD, FINE ART,  BASE METALS, PRECIOUS STONES, AND PRECIOUS METALS. Where can we get them, and who will dig them up for us?”

Ukraine is silent but content, they’re happy just to be here. So are the other leaders, Asian nations mostly, I see them nodding along. They too are happy to be invited but don’t have much to say. This is China and Russia’s talk.

A man at the head of the table has been listening. He’s dressed in a suit, but I also see this man wearing the Russian imperial uniform of long ago, the uniform of the Tsars when they came out to meet the people. He says one loud command: SEND FOR THEIR FLESH!! 

And everybody lights up! Wow. This is IT! This is the answer! This makes perfect sense, why have we been here wondering and worrying what we will do to create new labour sources? The answer was this all along! A big toast is made, comments of congratulations  flow around the room.

And I am back on the seashore with the Lord and his immovable expression, watching a broken and naked America being taken to the slave ships to come spend the rest of her life chipping and mixing concrete, bearing bricks, making bricks, serving tables, and consistently and methodically being raped and beaten all the time by her captors. I see more than that: nations in captivity will build high rise hotels and highways, lay tracks for railroads, build silos for food storage. It is just like Israel’s slavery in Egypt! America will build her captors’ economies with her own bare hands.

[Nations: refers to countries with borders, also refers to ‘types of people by ethnicity’.

People of God please understand. If I knew another language I’d use it to tell you- YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS COMING IN THESE END TIMES. AB-SO-LUTE-LY NONE. That goes for me too- even as I post, write and share to others in my network I’m aware that nothing in my daily 9-to-5 existence has ever prepared me to confront a world where slavery is again a present evil. The end times are the worst times ever prophesied in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation THERE WILL BE no worse times than these. If anyone understands anything from this blog, it is to get under the cover of the Love and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, in order to be able to survive the days that are coming.

Russia will take everybody from America she can GET: every race, tribe and creed she can lay hands on and bring to forced captivity in these places: Kiev, Stalingrad* (forgive my spelling if that’s not it), Moscow and other major urban centres. There America, God says: YOU WILL MAKE BRICKS LIKE YOU MADE MY PEOPLE MAKE BRICKS, and you will pay for the things you have done in your past. All men are created equal you said, but you did not live like that. You treated my people like wild animals and raped the women until they killed themselves rather than have you touch them again. You raped CHILDREN; as soon as you saw them flowering and edging to the cusp of their bloom you plucked them and had them sent to your bed, to deface them the way vandals deface a graffiti wall. FOR THIS there shall be no atonement.’ 

‘In times to come your flesh will be banded– i.e. grouped together, gathered together, hunted down and collected like bands of wheat in the field; you will stocked and stored– i.e. you will be put into processing centres where all your gifts and abilities will be listed: can you cook, can you clean, can you mind livestock, can you watch children, can you farm, can you build, can you teach – English-speaking teachers will be in high demand- and yes I also hear CAN YOU PLEASE MEN SEXUALLY. Women will be asked this a LOT. You will be banded, stocked, stored and shipped out for labour and unless you repent and unless the Lord Jesus comes to save you, you will not see this America again. Unless I by my Second Coming rescue you America, you shall not see your homeland again, you will stay in captivity for good.’

I see America empty as a peanut shell, everybody’s gone, or nearly everybody- the place looks like the set of “I Am Legend”- all grim and dusty, grey windswept landscape and empty city buildings. The cities will be like that, empty as a shell, and wild animals will live in them just as Jesus said. 

There is no remedy for this illness. This judgement has been set by the Lord and as I write this a patch of concrete dries in my vision to show just how “set” it is. The Lord has stretched out His hand against this nation and He will not take it back. I am telling you, I am TELLING YOU ALL, we are not on a “Save us Lord!” mission here. We are on a ‘SEARCH AND RESCUE, NO SAINT LEFT BEHIND’ mission. That means repent of sin NOW and live the lifestyle of Mother Theresa on her finest days, that you will be saved out of this judgement. There is no turning back, so the only thing left to do is make sure you and nobody you know is included in the number of those who will suffer this fate.

For those who belong to God 100% there will be no harm to you, but I tell you I SAW CROSSES on the necks of some of the new slaves. Oh yes, many fake Christians, many sleeping Christians who go to those “Showrooms of Destiny” where every sermon is about their “breakthrough”, their “prosperity”, “The Next Ten Steps to Promotion”– these people will be captured and judged just like the ordinary worker and businessman. Let this be a sign to you that the Bible is TRUE: I remind you of scripture- Not everyone who names the name of the Lord will be saved, so let those who truly name his name depart from INIQUITY (2 Timothy 2:19). Not everyone who says to Him “Lord, Lord!” is of the purebred children, only those who do God’s will. (Matthew 7:21).  

This should tell you something- God cannot be fooled! He KNOWS the true believers and will easily weed them out from the fake. God can see the quality of your blood plasma with His eyelids SHUT. He knows the thoughts you’re thinking and what you will do before you do it. To someone who is holy this gives great comfort, to know they’re always watched over. But to someone who is sinful or conniving this is a problem- they want to do their works in secret but God’s presence is like the bright noonday sun, shining on all their abominations. If you are born again having sex out of marriage God is watching. Born again but watching porn and massaging yourself, God is watching. You use unjust weights and measures in your business to cheat others, you lie about everything, you constantly want what someone else has and can’t be CONTENT- God has already dialled your number. Christians will enter the judgement right next to the Wiccan and the one who always said “I have no use for that stuff, that religion mumbo-jumbo is not for me.” 

If you are a real Christian you know what I’m saying is true- there will be NO entry into heaven for any of us without testing, without tribulations, but this judgement I’m talking about is not part of those trials. This judgement is called THE BITTER CUP and the way God works is: only those who mixed the bitter cup in their lifetimes will be forced to drink it in the end. True believers who see God as Holy and spend time seeking Him for friendship, love, but also grace and mercy, will not taste this thing I’m talking about. They will be saved “as out of fire” and God will have mercy on them.

Until then people will think everyone with a cross and a Bible is an Christian, but I see a SHARP separation coming in so many areas that even people who aren’t saved and don’t care about Christian issues will say “Hey- something’s happening in that community! Something’s going with them.” The separation will be VAST, progressive yet sudden at the same time, and SHARP. I don’t know what that sharpness is yet, but I see a grey knife edge and it is whistle sharp (i.e. you can cut a whistle in two with it).

Prophecy: Slavery is coming to the nation of the AMERICAS, particularly the USA. She will be taken away naked and captive to serve other nations because of her abominations, because of pride, because of wickedness and witchcraft, because she owes money and because she is hated by those who come against her with force. The attacks will be sudden, swift and deadly. This was spoken in a previous prophecy- (here)- “Many will die in the first attacks, but more will perish from the greater atrocities which are to follow”. There will be sexual molestation of the captives and humiliation of male and female without remorse or pity. They will not pity your children America; they will use them brutally for hard labour as you used the children of the American Indians and the black population to do your work until they died. Your children will not be spared because you did not spare the children of the ones you once called “slave”.

I add here a vision from the ‘Slavery Chronicles’ prophecy that I didn’t include before. I saw a little girl in a huge empty city, a foreign city, it reminded me of those ‘ghost cities’ that China is said to have built. The child was blond with cornflower blue eyes, her face covered with smudges and soot as if she’d been working in a dirty environment. Her dress was dirty and torn in places. I was looking at her and she looked straight at me and said “Please, I’m tired and I want to go home.” I felt so much sorrow and compassion for this child, but I couldn’t say anything because I was invisible. Then a voice answered her sternly and said: “This is now your home, you shall not see home again.” The vision closed.

This is the first release of information from the visions called Send For Their Flesh. I will post the rest shortly. 


Vindication of African American atrocities and slavery

Vindication of Native American atrocities and slavery

Nakedness and captivity as punishment for sins

Nations plotting against America

Separation of true Christians from false

Punishment of false Christians and pretenders

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  1. CarlaK says:

    I love your site, Celestial but its important not to get caught up in dreams of racial vengeance for the abomination of colonial slavery which happened at the hands of less than 2% of the sinful white population, with plenty of help from sinful black African and sinful jewish slave traders who willingly sold their own people into slavery.. Over 1 million Europeans were also taken into slavery by sinful North African pirates who continually raided the coasts of Northern Europe, centuries ago to steal free sexual and slave labor. The British Empire forced many white people into slavery in Australia, for the Royal Navy and for the colonies. The white Slavic (slav is short fo slave) people were all slaves at one time, yet we never hear about these abominations in any school textbook because satan wants you to hate only white people.. Sinful slavers are alive and well today in China, Arabia, Africa and in the US, yet people don’t seem to care about this current evil, in their haste to judge all white people today for crimes committed 150 years ago by sinful, godless strangers of all races. One of the first slave owners in the US was a free black farmer, a fact ignored in textbooks.

    Ezekiel 18 warns us: “The soul that sinneth, it shall die. “The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.”

    I trust our perfectly just God on this one– and so did Job. Hell will be filled with all races.
    God bless you, Carla

    1. Celestial says:

      I can always tell who’s new. Let me say this, O ‘Schoolmarm of Instruction’, and extend the courtesy your obvious myopia hasn’t given me. This blog has prophetic words the Lord gave me. He found me fit to steward & write them as He said. He forgot to ask me: “As a black woman do you think you can prophesy free of bias, and do you think I can trust you not to trigger a white audience?” God found me fit, God gave me His words, so I choose MY next words with care: I am weary of the passive-aggressive crap some of you bring here. Your response is tone-deaf, it’s part of why I keep getting prophecies like this. God has America’s permission to judge for abortion, Satanism, child trafficking, drug-running, wars of aggression- you’ll accept it. It “sounds like Jesus” so the blog overflows with “Forgive us Lord!” But when He says He will judge for the rape, carnage, sado-masochism & murder of slavery – all of a sudden Celestial needs a reminder “not to get caught up in dreams of racial vengeance”? You are quite silly. God knows what America needs & He will fulfill it from the first post on this blog to the last. Russia & China WILL come and you’ll have these riveting history lessons with them in person. Hard hearted, proud ones who think I’ve time to sit at home “dreaming” up revenge fantasies for America, or that I care enough about you to write things only towards a certain audience. You lack blog etiquette and an ability to read the room, so let me clarify. When prophecies are put up THEY STAY UP even if you turn blue in the face with pontificating. I don’t do this work to please anyone’s flesh, including my own. You have a problem choking down any part of what you read here, hit the prayer closet and ask Jesus why is the nice lady is lying on America. Til you do that, this is your first and last shot across the bow. I don’t care if you ‘love my site’- it’s not my site so there’s the rub of your hypocrisy. Either these posts are PROPHECY, i.e. From the Lord, or they’re from me and not prophecy at all. You take it all or leave it all. Site is “lovely” til it hits your funny bone, then you feel the need to teach history in case my school fees didn’t cover that. Sit down ma’am. Take a minute to deal with the awful head-rush this blog gives everybody, & watch what you say to me also. Fair warning.

      1. Celestial says:

        I’ve seen grown men break down on this blog – repenting over abortion, repenting for a sin they can’t commit. All because they heard God condemn it and say it’s a national evil. Then there’s your group: Well now 🧐 let’s just look back into statistics of how few did this & WHO ELSE did this & is this even really necessary? This work is sacred, true, I know that. But it sure does offer up its ludicrous moments. Hope you can find a dictionary soon & read what the words: “punishment” “for” “national” “sin” mean, esp. when they’re used together in a sentence.

  2. Hélène says:

    Maybe we can take this prophecy and know there are others for other nations. We are not the only one to be found in need of sentencing. But Celestial isn’t prophesying about African or EU nations. At least here.
    I am one who reminds ppl often of the very thing Carlak writes. But this is prophecy. If Celestial is coloring it because of personal interpretation, we shouldn’t even be here. It’s invalid. The prophet needs to speak it as given.
    Some ppl don’t get this blog/channel is about simple prophecy -except where Celestial says she is teaching.
    Idk why, but some don’t seem to integrate that concept. I can argue it maybe, but not with Celestial; with the Lord. And if I am, why am I reading or watching her further? I can just stop reading lol

  3. YolandaC says:

    Thank you Lord for leading me to Celestial and The Master’s Voice. Thank you for your obedience my sister in Christ 🙂 Your prophecies have blessed my soul so much. You represent the qualities of the true prophets that I remember from the days of old in my childhood. What God says is what he means and it will happen. May God reward you greatly as you take your place with the prophets of old.

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