The Ways Of A King – November 28, 2020


“I declare the end from the beginning, and ancient times from what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and all My good pleasure I will accomplish.” – (Isaiah 46:10)

“Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.” [NLT]

I continue with the revelations of the times to come from archival prophecy given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning Nov. 28, 2020 God said that President Donald Trump will go down in infamy. Now it’s been a while since I heard that word but I know it means notorious and usually NEGATIVE fame; it means to be remembered in history in a very bad way (like Stalin and Hitler). God said he will go down in infamy, any time he is remembered it will be with a feeling as if a person wants to spit after it [these are the Lord’s words].

God said: ‘Their wall will fall and Trump will fall with it, he will go down in infamy. America herself will fall but at first it won’t be a total collapse. It will be toppled. To topple means to make a slow and steady fall to one side until you crash down to the lowest available point, to fall down slowly.’

[If you haven’t seen the prophecy Ezekiel 13: Prophecy Of A Great Fall or the post Little Fires both confirm the above.]

God said to prepare for sudden changes. He said the new administration is ‘a government of many changes and sudden transitions’. From the moment they take office they will be VERY BUSY passing laws and making changes, almost as if to make up for lost time (i.e. the last four years). Kamala Harris in particular (when she takes office) will be a president of executive orders.

Swift changes are coming to government Celestial. America will be glued to the nightly news and subscribed to multiple websites and ‘online broadcasts’ in order to stay aware of the rapid changes taking place. Each one will be ‘plugged in’ to stay abreast of all the changes affecting their region and state. You need to be more aware of everything going on around you so you can stay safe.

Shocking changes are coming to America from the very first month of the Biden presidency: They will not hide the agenda for a New World Order anymore. It will be plain to see as rapid changes are made to Healthcare, Banking, Financial regulations, Trade, the economy and many sectors of daily life including Immigration.

Immigration is a key area they will change; they will make sweeping changes that open the door for disenfranchised people and the undocumented to receive that coveted American status. This will be done smoothly and rapidly via policies that assimilate all previously undocumented immigrants or those otherwise excluded by current laws into the legal framework of America.

Prepare for national upheaval. This will bring FURY to Americans on both sides of the political aisle who feel illegal foreigners do not deserve such sweeping amnesty, yet there will be overwhelming relief for many who consider themselves American and have made lives for years in the shadows.

Expect the growth and continued visibility of the United States Military in this administration.

This is the end of insights the Lord gave me on Nov. 28, 2020. 

Therefore I am declaring by the Lord Jesus Christ that America’s political changes are only just beginning. Whereby it is currently believed that a new administration will bring steadiness and an even course to this nation the Lord God says the opposite. Rapid changes are coming to every area of America’s way of life– changes that will entrench and finally expose the one world government of the end times.

The Constitution will be methodically dismantled, American sovereignty will be eroded bit by bit and changes to daily life will be at times too much to keep up with. Power will change hands unelected. Immigration reform will rock the country causing a huge outcry from both sides of the political aisle but it will be pressed through. This is due more to the need to track and monitor ALL PERSONS WITHIN BORDERS rather than any motivation for altruistic amnesty (see second prophecy below).

The theme of Immigration has been revealed before; see: The Taskmasters and also this one I Will Bruise Their Bruise [which as I re-read it today makes me wonder if it was talking about the coronavirus and how it would absolutely alter America’s way of life for good ahead of changes leading to the “New Normal” (New World Order)]. Then again, some parts of it seem to be talking to another event yet to come so please, note this part is just my thoughts.

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  1. Jay Gee says:

    Thank you so much for your continued service to us in the body of Christ in this late hour. I have a question of some urgency. How can we download these messages? The youtube videos are simple enough, these I am not sure how to download. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you. May his face continually shine upon you and blanket you with his peace.

  2. Scarlett says:

    As for me, Scarlett, I’m still trying to ask the Lord questions and trying to sort many things out concerning the election, and the recent revelations on this blog.
    A couple of the things bothering me today, are first, the disgraceful way American people are behaving toward the now former President Trump and his wife, Melania., and the ugly things that are being said by people about them.
    Lastly………it did sadden me to see them walk out of the White House, wave goodbye, and board the helicopter to leave for the last time as President and the First Lady.

    Shalom and God Bless all of you……..

  3. CIK says:

    Not that you need proof but,

    The immigration bit has already started.

    1. Celestial says:

      Look at that. That was fast. The Lord said they would pass measures with record speed, aside making up for lost time.

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