The Return Of The Mahdi – June 14, 2016/ December 4, 2018

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“And in the latter time of their kingdom, When the transgressors have reached their fullness, A king shall arise having fierce features, one who understands sinister schemes. His power will be great, but it will not be his own. He will cause terrible destruction and succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the mighty men along with the holy people. Through his craft and by his hand he will cause deceit to prosper, and in his own mind he will make himself great. In a time of peace he will destroy many, and he will even stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be broken off, but not by human hands… ” – (Daniel 8:23- 25)

I am still sharing prophecies from my archives.

These are from 2016 and 2018, looking at different insights God gave me about the ways America will change in the future. One primary aspect of the changes to come concerns the increase of the presence of Muslims in the U.S.A. – in particular how important they will be politically. It won’t just be a face here or there, it will be a solid advance where they enter en masse into American political life by legitimately running races, gaining [important] political positions but also… It will be VERY STRONGLY THROUGH a ‘behind the scenes’ push where they’ll end up holding a lot of power either in (or over) the highest office of the land. Muslims will either be in the White House at a future time or holding a lot of unseen political power over it, and in those days the Lord said that America will be a nation run not on the choice of the electorate but on foreign alliances

In June 2016 I had a dream where the White House was dominated by Muslims. Darkness had entered its walls and a dense fog obscured the interior; even in broad daylight the entire building was so dim and dark that as I walked the halls I wondered how anybody could see anything to get any work done. There was a lot of secrecy, deception and coercive planning going on and there were rooms I was not allowed to look into.  There was a President  in office at the time (who I didn’t see but I knew they were there)- that person was working hand in hand with African and Arab Muslims who served as the government’s unseen financial backers and secret power base.

The White House was very busy in that dream. People everywhere carrying papers, carrying coffee, talking on phones, calling each other to ‘Come over for the meeting!’ – all sorts of stuff. These were Americans mostly but I saw other people who weren’t doing anything except watching. They observed and kept watch on what the Americans were doing. The dark environment made it difficult to see anything but this is what the Lord showed me – a powerful Muslim presence in the nation’s capitol, actually inside the seat of power and keeping watch over the activities of the highest office of the land. I saw they could enter this place and walk around freely without even an identity tag on. The exact date of this dream was June 14, 2016.

Now to the revelations of December 4, 2018. The Lord said that in future times of America’s political landscape, people wanting power and wanting to ascend the political ladder would do so with the help of foreign aid and that aid will come from Muslims. Now for all I know this may already be happening or have happened in the past, I’m not sure but this is what He said. I don’t know if it will be Arab or African Muslims but the dream of June 2016 showed a strong African Muslim presence in the White House.

Because of the need for campaign dollars to secure power and due to reliance on the Muslim financial power base there will be concessions in U.S. foreign policy toward Muslim countries which will be applauded at first, but in the long run God said this will usher in ‘hard and bitter times for everyone in America’. 

In a separate brief dream the Lord showed me a growth in the presence of Islam in America that was so great that they were allowed to do their daily life rituals and practices in the open, on the street so to speak. I asked the Lord, why do I see Muslims so openly in this dream?

God said: This is the Muslim influx into America. There is coming a wave of immigration as never seen before. Indeed their own book prophesies their ascendancy over all nations before the end times. Islam will become a dominant world religion, making Muslims the most prevalent people in all the nations of the West. They will not enter like an invading force or an army but it is an invasion all the same, because once they settle in a place THEY WON’T LEAVE. They won’t move. They’ll put harsh demands on the land and resources; they are a consumptive people and will drain these nations (including America) of all their resources eventually, making them very weak. This is all preparation for the wars that will come at the time of the end, which is very near. They will rise to power globally and it must be so as they wait for their *Mahdi. After that the Lord Jesus will come.

Note: The *Mahdi that Islam waits for is the same powerful evil prince who is coming that Christians are told to watch out for. They are one and the same. Let the reader understand.

Note 2: If you’ve even lightly read Islamic prophecy you may know that the coming of the Imam al-Mahdi is the single greatest and most awaited event in ancient or modern Muslim history. As we await the coming of our Jesus, so they await Mahdi. Also looking at immigration trends today we see Islam on the move everywhere, especially into the major centres of the West (i.e. the European Union most of all) and even into the U.S. during the final Obama years. Let God’s words not be lost on us because current events perfectly line up with what He revealed years ago and will continue on a growing trajectory just as He has said.

The Lord said the years awaiting America will be long, difficult, war drained years. America will be fighting EVERYBODY, steadily alienating her allies and creating deep hatred among her enemies for the arrogance she characteristically displays on the global stage. ‘America never plays fair, always with a hidden deceptive hand in her jacket holding an extra card that tips the board in her favour at the right time.’ In times to come said the Lord, an enemy will cut that hand off, and then there will be bloodshed and humiliation in this nation to an extent which none of her ancestors ever saw before. Even the visions of her forefathers which predicts this did not predict in masterful detail (i.e. pixel by pixel) what kinds of atrocities and humiliations are going to be accomplished in this nation.

(P. S. I had to research what visions of forefathers God was talking about, before I discovered that one of the forefathers of the nation – George Washington – indeed had a series of visions of America’s troubles and wars at the end of her life).

The Lord said: It will be like an island sinking in the sea because of extreme tectonic action; when tectonic plates move there is no force on earth that can control them or prevent them from moving as they please. The whole landscape changes drastically because of their movement, that’s how America’s landscape and the face of the nation will change irreparably because of forces and circumstances that come: first to annoy her, then to incense (enrage and provoke) her, then finally to force her into tactical mistakes from which there is no turning back. This nation will never be the same as it was; her people will be wiped out and decimated as they have decimated other peoples. Her great sins and the punishment for them will dominate her as she once dominated other people.

The last thing the Lord said to me is: The prophetic time clocks are out of alignment. Things that were supposed to happen didn’t happen and things that have not happened yet are moving their way forward later than planned. The clock is off but it’s still running – at the right time the Lord will correct it and then things will start happening suddenly, consecutively, simultaneously and without reprieve (i.e. without mercy). Events will go off explosively like firecrackers: bang! bang! bang! one after another and there will be no holding back any of it; neither will any man be able to help his brother recover from the fallout because he will be too busy trying to recover himself. 

These are the revelations and insights of the Lord as given to me in June 2016 and December 2018. The rise of Islam in America, the growth of Muslim power in leadership that reaches even the very top. I pray that everyone using this blog will do so in a diligent manner (like a detective who wants to get to the truth); I pray they’ll really ask God to help them understand what His heart is in making these things known to us. It’s clear that many totally misunderstand prophecy- what it is and what its sent by God to do- and the evidence of that continues to grow clearer to me the more people discover this blog (and Youtube).

Some think it’s supposed to confirm what they already think or hope for, and some feel prophecy is only true if it’s loving and uplifting (whatever that means). AND YET – we have the entire middle section of the Bible which directly shoots down and contradicts this type of thinking but still people continue asking me ‘But why is God saying this?!’ As if everyone forgot America’s decades of war, invasion, intentional murder of indigenous and imported peoples, human trafficking, religious idolatry, LIES, perversion, satanic rituals, child molestation, LGBTQ flair and abortion (which has grown to such epic proportions both as a practice and doctrine globally that even in the tiniest nations women now follow America’s example in harassing and picketing the government to legalize their right to kill).

Sigh.. If you want to know what America is guilty of, read the blog. If you want to know why God is judging her, read the Bible. Both are free and at your disposal.

May the Lord give every stubborn and resistant heart the grace to walk in His understanding, and keep the willing ones safe, dry and ready for whatever’s coming our way now and in the years ahead. Shalom.

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  1. diegoalonsocortez says:

    “The prophetic time clocks are out of alignment.” That is very mysterious. I wonder what happened?

    1. Celestial says:

      People pray Diego. That’s my closest observation. People pray and cry and say “Oh God let it not be so!” We do all the things people do and God gives mercy and grace and mercy and more grace and time stretches and bulges until it simply can’t contain the delays anymore and then…? Everything snaps right back into place. Read the post “No More Grace” for better understanding. God simply extends time not because prophecies won’t happen, but because He is so tender and wants mankind to have time to repent, get their lives in order, and then things can happen. When we make right use of time then people who might otherwise have been catapulted directly to hell for their lifestyles are all fixed up and can go to Heaven instead. Read also the post: “The Iron Decree”. Hope it helps brother. Time is fluid but things that are written are written, and will surely come to pass. God bless you.

      1. Andrea Barrett says:

        Please watch this very revealing video on the Obama Islamic agenda.

  2. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Prepare for others food basics.
    Pray Holy Spirit guidance now.
    Understand God’s principles are always a slow roll….to destruction.
    Giving time to repent to some.
    But like this message, God will pull out the stop’s, at his timing.
    We can only prepare spiritual power chiefly, and physical activity to respond correctly for the
    weakest innocent one’s… attacked by human beings…under the mark.
    Thank you sister in Christ Jesus.

  3. Scarlett says:

    Remember Obama is a Muslim. During a certain interview, he said, and I quote,”My Muslim faith”. It’s still online. I think it was a slip, but that’s where his belief system and loyalties lay.
    On the old AOL forums, after 9/11, Muslims of all countries were flaunting they would conquer America from the inside out, and replace the Constitution with the Quran. Through the wealth of the Saudi oil magnets, they began building beautiful Mosques all over the US and marrying American women, building Muslim families,….. and, Islamic strongholds, right in the midst of America in places like Dearborn, Michigan. A great influx of Muslim immigrants began during the Obama years………and also, the killings and beheadings of Americans as well as those overseas during the great Caliphate uprising.
    Unbeknown to most Americans, as well as the majority of so-called “moderate” Muslims, even before 9/11, Muslims armed with machetes and machine guns stormed Malaysian islands in gunboats, killing Christians, and forcing circumcisions with dirty razor blades on women, men, children, and even babies. Yet you never heard about it on the media. The only way I first found out about these atrocities was via The Voice of the Martyrs, when I was volunteering there. And then also, there were the horrible Muslim atrocities going on in the Sudan, that were beyond description for violence. These people mean business about convert or die. Once any country becomes Islam dominate, it’s all over…..for proof, look at the UK and France.

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  5. Seth Omondi Olale says:

    The Word Obama in my native Luo language means :” The One Who Deceives” or ” The One Who Lead Me Astray”.I am speaking as a born again Christian and from the same Nation,Region and Tribe ,The Luo that Obama came from.The Luo are warriors ,brave fierce warriors,who decsended from Egypt and settled in Sudan,Uganda and Kenya.They are the tall aggressive people with strange speech that Prophets Isaiah spoke about in Isaiah 19.Obama will rule America with an Iron Fist.To cap it all he will honor a foreign god not known that is not known to his father’s,the pagan god of war Allah,the god of forces .He fits the perfect description of The Beast The Little Horn, Son of Perdition and The Lawless One .

  6. Jobob says:

    Your backround and career field is one of the reasons God chose you to reveal to us end time events. Your ability to describe what God shows you is unmatched. I’d like to have you in my end time survival group. God would provide us angels to look after for sure.

  7. Hi Celestial,
    I would like to follow your posts. However, I have not been able to find how I am to do this. I haven’t found a “follow” button. Please help me with this.

  8. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

    It was news today that Minneapolis city council has voted to allow muslim prayer calls to be broadcast at all their appointed hours. It just brought this proohecy to my mind.

  9. Erika Dardon says:

    I don’t know how to say this but I live with a muslim but I am christian and recently had a reawakening which was as if a blindfold was taken off and I could see so clear. Then I found TMVP on youtube and has really helped me make pretty much overnight changes in my life. Anyways he tells me that in the end times they believe Jesus will come with a prophet (I don’t remember the name but he said an alleged person whom allah does not want to reveal yet but has lived for many thousands of years on the earth) to come and clarify that Jesus is not God or his son. When I hear this all I can think of is the antichrist and the false prophet and how mistaken he is. All I can do is pray for him and his son so that they can open their eyes before is too late. He also tells me that they believe they will have a black president in the end times but when I tell him that’ll be Obama he does not believe. Anyways I just want to thank you Celestial for being who you are for doing what you do. You have no idea how much listening to these prophecies have helped me grow spiritually and get closer to God. I’m not usually on this site I am more of a listener on Youtube since I’m able to listen while at work but every now and then I check this site. I have been reaching out to my family members and warning them to prepare and to repent from their sins. Even though they think I’m crazy which if I’m honest breaks my heart but I keep them in my prayers. If you get to read this Celestial I ask to to please pray for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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