Return Of The Giants, Pt 2 – May 11, 2020

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We continue with the theme of previous posts- fallen angels and their seed, the Nephilim and all that has grown out of that corrupted angelic root over the centuries. It’s truly been a huge amount of time that these rebellious ones have been embedded in, living among, and hiding in [by mixing with] Mankind. These beings and creatures are not Mankind, meaning they shouldn’t even be down here in the first place. But not only that, they should never, ever, ever touch or defile by sexual means or any other means the sacred creation of God in HUMANITY. We are created in the image of God, even those who are not saved and still living in sin- that creation should not be corrupted by anything demonic mixing with us.

He spoke to me at length about the giants so I wrote it down; the first sentence was:

The time of ice giants, AI living, snow queens and separation is here. Giants and other things are on their way back and man cannot do anything about it. 

After that I received clear and detailed descriptions, they are listed exactly as spoken. I need to emphasise this- this is a CHRISTIAN BLOG. This is not a Wikipedia fan page for people who like Dragons. Nor is it a place to brush up on mythology, or find confirmations for “I KNEW IT!” alien life fetishes. I felt I had to say this all day today before I continue posting. I have to give this warning because one of the main things I’ve always worried about while doing this blog is that people will get distracted from learning about Jesus and start coming here for the aliens or whatever. I knew the blog’s content and my concern was (and still is) that people will lose interest in JESUS AS THE CORE AND CENTRAL THEME and start coming here to hear about werewolves or the other things God shows me on a regular basis. So I need to make certain things abundantly clear. 

(1) God does not waste information. That’s not His way. Words are precious and He doesn’t waste them. If God sees fit to share information on something then you can bet your skin it’s vital, essential information- you need it to survive.

(2) These creatures are deadly. They are… mmm.. impossibly wicked. They’re not what TV makes them out to be, friendly giants who only want a little boy to play with, or gentle faeries who only want to grant wishes. Listen- We have been victims of one of the longest running DELIBERATE scams in human history, a scam perpetrated by a global pool of those who have known, kept and in fact guarded these truths under strict oath for thousands and thousands of years. They’ve kept this information for their own use and to block off access to power- just think- if a man refuses to serve God yet knows how to call up a 7th or 10th level demon, do you know how much power he has? Are we aware how much POWER lies in the occult?

(3) These truths God is exposing are central to power TO THIS DAY. In fact I venture to tell you that the confederations of the wicked have awaited the end times AS MUCH AS CHRISTIANS HAVE. We’re out here waiting for Jesus to come back to us and they’re waiting for Satan to come back to them! They’ve waited CENTURIES for the prophesied times: the perfect prophesied moons, the alignments of planets, melting of ice caps and whatever, all so their demonic masters can arise from chains and take this whole earth into slavery to Satan again. They are right now forming a skillful army of “humans helping Satan”, and powers will be given to them by this same Satan- just as Daniel prophesied.

Now if we know an evil army is mustering, really what are we doing at all these reckless love concerts? Can someone tell me what exactly we’re doing?

So if you’ve been wondering why a Christian keeps posting about Nephilim and giants and angels etc, there’s a reason! As young David said angrily to his older brother (who tried to shut him up when he was asking why no-one would fight Goliath)- “Why should I be silent?! Is there not a cause?!” David was asking- “Why are you shushing me? Why are you telling me not to speak? Just because you’re  scared doesn’t mean everyone else is! IS THERE NOT A GOD IN ISRAEL, ARE WE NOT HIS PEOPLE, AND SHOULD WE NOT ARISE FOR THE CAUSE OF OUR GOD?!”

A boy was more ready to defend God than the whole army standing there that day, and what he said I now say to you- Is there not a reason for God to tell you these things? Do you want to be lied to? Do you want to sleep until an invading army stabs you in the heart, or you follow satan into “heavenly chariots” like I see liars telling Christians on Youtube to get ready for? Where on God’s green earth did He tell us that ‘getting caught into the air’ for Rapture is going to involve spaceships? Where?! Isn’t this deception? Isn’t this how  satan will lure well-meaning but ignorant believers, people who DON’T study their Bible but who are desperate to see GOD, into ships that are indeed coming (but not for our good?)

And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other. – (Matthew 24:31)

Correction: You will not be gathered by a spaceship. You will be gathered by God’s angels who will lift you to meet with Jesus in the Rapture. Therefore if anyone says “Come see this nice ship with Jesus inside it”, take my advice and F-L-E-E. Thank you.

Sigh. The number of times God has had me type on this blog- “You will be grounded to powder” does not bear thinking about. For those who haven’t seen it yet, keep reading the blog- you will. This is an ancient way of saying- You will be made into meat paste so fine that your very bones will splinter into atoms and turn into bone dust along with your flesh.

That’s the past-time of giants: they either eat people whole if hungry or boil them endlessly ’til soft enough to make paste. Ask me how I know this? I was a foolish child once who read at a 10th grade level when she was only 11. I skipped two grades ahead and had access to a library no kid should set eyeballs on. I read whatever wasn’t nailed down, and I was drawn like a magnet to stories about gods, demons, witches, sorcery, magic, dragons, giants etc. I read that stuff with glowing eyes, wishing I was there instead of in the boring real world. My whole life into adulthood, I found, read and bought, treasured and kept such books. I’ve read the truths about them written in perfect detail- either by the secret-keepers themselves, or by people who used divination, demonic dreams and other means to gain true but illegal knowledge of what these ‘gods’ to come were like, and will be like again. I never thought they were real.

I came to the Lord with irrepressible zeal but I had no knowledge and so did not give up these books. I read, and read and WATCHED. I thought wow, the time of the kings was so much more interesting than here! Ten years later as I made a move overseas for study a mother of one of my teens in the choir gave me a new KJV Bible and a prophetic word- Celestial, your Father says you love him but you are in the dark.

She repeated it twice though the look on my face was not positive; (I appreciate that woman now more than I did then). Imagine: saved ten years, zealous, yet as I prepared to move halfway across the world I hear that I don’t know God. I was hurt, but I know when God has spoken. I kept that word in my heart. After I settled and started my studies with signature energy, God showed up and began to show me all I tell you here.

I said a moment ago- God never wastes information. When He finally told me the truth about these creatures I realised why He never stopped me from reading those books until I was many, many years saved. He knew they’d form a library in me, a library helpful to the specific work He has for me. I threw the books away but the information is with me, and God tells me more all the time. Therefore I’m here to warn you about my childhood friends- in my books they held their true nature but on TV now they don’t. In my books they were savage and very hard to defeat; often they won wars and brought times of darkness to the kingdoms of men. On TV now they are sparkly with lots of beautiful music playing when they come on screen, but that’s not how they are. Don’t be fooled by TV or the new wave of books painting them as heroes: They are sinners and they kill.

I realised during those years that getting me away to that foreign land was just a pretext to get me alone! God was not really interested in whether I got more education, He wanted an unbroken season to BREAK THE MOLD OF TRADITIONAL CHRISTIANITY IN ME, because it was sorely lacking. Yes, I said it. Modern Christianity has set people up for a rude awakening in these end times.  I love the Church but what she don’t know will literally kill her if nothing changes. If the believers I know in real life are any indication, I’m sorry but we are so perishing in the claws of the Antichrist. Cuz that guy… wow… Yeah…

God took me away from my people, my church, away from my rank as a church leader, away from friends and the busyness of adult life, to a land where nobody spoke English. Brothers and sisters when nobody speaks English guess what? You won’t either. You learn enough to ask for meals and not eat something weird, but you become very QUIET and introspective. You look at your whole soul and God looks with you. And you dream. As a true prophet you dream to the point of near exhaustion, because you have to wake up and record all dreams or else you’ll lose them. So you dream, record, sleep, dream, record, sleep and wake up a little tired. Dreams are super vivid and interactive, sometimes my dream is nothing but God’s voice talking for hours then I wake up and write it all down and post it if He says to. You dream like you’re there and to this day I can’t always distinguish between ‘here’ or ‘there’; I’ve woken up in sweat, sure that the thing I saw is with me only to see windows, bedcovers and nothing else. 

For prophets the dreams, records, and accurate understanding is key to the entire foundational understanding of this gospel of Jesus Christ. If your foundation is half baked and incomplete, your understanding and faith will be too. You’ll realise you know all the stuff that can save your soul but none of what can end your life. Yet all through scripture we see JESUS working so hard to educate the church, to make them realise they have to be careful. “Be gentle as doves but wise as serpents” He says. Why use a serpent to say how wise we should be? (1) It’s very hard to kill a snake. (2) We’re literally living among snakes as we speak, so why think like cattle next to snakes? Won’t we lose that war?

Jesus loves people so much that the entire Bible is set up in a way that strives to keep our bodies and souls together long enough for us to either die in peace and go to Heaven, or live in faith until the Rapture. So before I continue I must make a very strong caveat and say-

I am NOT making these posts to entertain people. I’m not making them to show how trendy I am, even though I see how fascinated the world is with fallen angels and stuff right now. I’m not posting to show that I “get” pop culture, nor am I here to invite dispute and scorn from those who are “too mature” to believe in giants. I’m blogging for 2 reasons: God told me to, and Jesus loves you. He wants you to know the whole truth, not just the John 3:16 part. He wants us wise, smart, and READY FOR THE END, cuz that’s the most dangerous time of all.

Here it is in His own words:

How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until nowand never to be equaled again“If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. – (Matthew 24:19- 22)

Basically He’s saying: If you had to rate all existing days from creation til the very end, including days of wars, days of the Roman Empire killing everybody, days of Britain enslaving everybody and America joining in, if you had to add up all the global pain, disease, famine, and murder, sex crimes and human trafficking, you still have not come CLOSE to what the days before My coming will be like. This is a heavy statement folks. If you’ve not read Matthew 24 and Mark 13 yet this conversation may be lost on you. But if you were to study those passages with prayer and a good clear Bible translation, a LOT can filter down into the bedrock of your spirit, just like my years alone with God did for me.

These demonic beings are NOT making a return to earth for any of the lying reasons they will tell us when they get here and believe me, they have a library of lies. I’ve seen them speak to us while people received them like.. well.. gods. These dreams trouble me because it means what God says in the prophecies is accurate. He doesn’t say it because He hates us or because He wants to abandon us. He says it the way a person who’s already seen the end of the movie says it- He knows what we will do, because we do not love the truth. GOD KNOWS WHAT WE ARE LIKE, how stubborn, how easily fooled! You show people any new gadget and they’re ready to buy it, you advertise black hamburgers made from snow dust ash mountain mushrooms or whatever, the entire city will be lining up to “try it just once you know, to see what it’s like.” People are so easy to lie to, so easy to FOOL. Sigh. So easy to kill… Let us be wise before the Lord.

Below, the information given on May 11, 2020 at 6:33 a.m.

Ice giants: They will punch their way up through the snow when they wake up. They are not dead, only sleeping- cryogenically preserved by their angel fathers in a bid to save them during the time of their pronounced earthly destruction by the Lord. As God always preserves a remnant before destruction so did the fallen angels, taking a portion of their children by women and keeping them locked in ice for a time when they could arise and take vengeance against mankind for the judgement of the Lord that came against them (for harassing mankind). These giants will not wait for anyone to dig them up but will break their way out of their ice graves when the time is right. When temperatures drop low enough for their blood to circulate again, when the polar zones are warm enough for them to thaw and become mobile and conscious, every memory of why and who and when and what will return to them, and they will punch their way up through the ground and return to earth to take a horrible revenge against humanity.

*God has said on several occasions that the giants under the snow are not dead. There are some giants who are really dead but wicked people have captured their bones and are playing wicked games with DNA to revive and make something like them, I’ve seen these too but they are not the ice giants. Ice giants are living but “sleeping”. They are preserved through something the Holy Spirit called ‘cryogenesis’ (which I’d never heard of and had to google.) It’s a real thing, which proves what the Bible says: There is nothing new under the sun. People think what they invent is new then God says ‘No it’s not; the fallen ones did it millennia ago to keep their bloodline preserved because they know Bible prophecy too’. Amazing.

Snow queens: These refer to female giants of the same caliber as the males above, but also female demons and devils that have a human form. They are deadly and malicious and kill people. I do not have much further information on them except that God listed them with ice giants as something that will return to destroy humanity at the end of times. 

The examples I saw: I was shown the icy destructive witch from the Narnia series, how she built a wall of ice between the lion Aslan and one of the characters. The boy became so cold hearted that nothing could reach him except intervention of the lion that broke the ice around his heart and saved him. These queens have power to steal all love and compassion from the human heart, til people get hard-hearted and wicked as if they have rocks in their chest instead of hearts from God. They make the love of man grow cold through spells and seduction, (which is an unseen power that affects people through words spoken to them), the words go in your spirit and freeze the heart gradually until you can’t show love. GOSSIP is a type of seduction, but nowhere as deadly as what the demonic type can do.

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. – (Matthew 24:12)

*Doesn’t that old verse have a new meaning now that you know what you know? The movie Frozen blatantly shows the process of what interaction with a snow queen will do to the human heart and no, you won’t live as long as the little sister did and no, the carrot snowman will not save you. Those are dramatic devices thrown in to cover the open truth being put right in front of you. Please stop letting your kids watch Disney, Disney is neck deep in sorcery and every other form of occultism you can imagine. A word to the wise.

Demonic seduction: Will be a powerful weapon of the end times satanists- words spoken with spells, magic or something called persuasion on them, once a person hears them they will start nodding in agreement, believing the words, and can even be sent to carry out the words they heard like a mind controlled slave. The power of satanic seduction is REAL.

I also saw a platinum blonde woman in a light blue and white dress (like Ilsa from Frozen)- she wore a very high gold crown with little gold balls at the tips of the crown. She had pasty skin, red lips and an angry evil expression. She also had a white cape made entirely of flakes and frost design, and I saw her point a finger at someone and utter words- a beam of blue crackling light blasted in a straight line from her finger and hit the person and they froze to death on the spot. Death as in “dead”, whether you defrosted them or not they would still be dead, their defrosted heart a burst and shredded mess from the shock of going from a warm, pulsing vessel to a block of ice in one second. That transition burst all blood vessels of the heart because the blood rushing around became like deadly arrows and shot through the heart walls in their innocent momentum; even if you defrosted a victim or somehow reversed the spell, all you would get is what I saw next. Summer came, the ice block warmed up very slowly and melted but this was not like normal ice, it was like iceberg ice so it took a long time to melt, one slow drop at a time. Finally it melted and the person inside collapsed to the ground looking fresh as a daisy, rosy cheeked but very, very dead. This is the power of the entity called ‘snow queen’ that God said will return to earth.

The Lord’s tone was urgent as He spoke to me. He said Celestial listen, listen and pay attention. The time of separation, classification and AI living is here. The Information Age is over, now is the Rise of AI and separation. Age and class restrictions, separation, stirring up unrest on purpose between the haves and the have nots. This is the time where people will be classed differently and treated differently for purposes of the New World Order. As the Lord spoke I saw three bowls: one was full of rice and one had some rice and the last bowl had nothing. It had about two grains of rice in it and really it would be laughable as a measurement of food for a human being if it wasn’t so terrible and clear in its meaning. It is intended for the poor to starve and only the rich to be well cared for. 

This is the exact record of what I heard and saw during online prayer on May 11, the rest is up to each of us to realise the kindness of God in telling us the truth. That’s mercy. None of this is supposed to terrify you (though yes, it may be hard to receive at first because it doesn’t have the Apostles or John the Baptist in it, so some may look at it like, but why? Read above, I already explained why.)

It may be very different but it is still Christianity. How? CHRISTIANITY IS THE TRUE FAITH OF A TRUE GOD, AND IN ORDER FOR THAT TRUE GOD TO BE SHOWN  AS THE ONLY TRUE GOD HE MUST SHOW HIS PEOPLE WHO IS NOT TRUE AND WHO IS NOT A GOD. That’s the point of these posts. Satan’s power is the only thing stealing the worship that belongs to God, but it is being revealed. Hooray for Jesus! By exposing every lie Satan can possibly bring on the world stage His people will not find themselves in a spaceship expecting rapture, nor will their ten toes be found anywhere near a “Giants Among Us! Kids Enter Free!” exhibition. We’ll stay home and warn all our family members even if they don’t believe us, because back in 2020 we read the truth somewhere and had the grace to believe it. Amen, glory to God.

Shalom, there’s more to upload. Stay with The Master’s Voice. It’s different but hey, we haven’t been at work in 3 months. The whole of 2020 is different, so let’s use it to learn the truth! Subscribe- move your screen up and down until the Follow+ button pops up in the lower right, click and you’ll get updates when I post. Share, Like, Comment on posts, or support the blog if you feel led to. See you again soon, and hold on to the PEACE OF GOD…

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. – (John 14:27)

God bless you… 

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  1. CIK says:

    You’re right about all of this. In April, I had a dream within a dream of cyclones hitting a part of the US that isn’t known for that specific natural disaster. Immediately after, amid the destruction, the sky was a beautiful sunset, all sherbet oranges, pinks and blue. In the sky, concealed, and of the same colors as the sunset was what would best be described as a UFO spaceship. It was shaped like a disc. It was sucking up things but what stood out the most was that it was sucking up white clouds shaped like oblong pills, stacked in 4 by 6. I didn’t know what this part meant until I read your post on how unusual colors in sky mean that demons have arrived on the earth and how the clouds would be bowl shaped or in stacks. At the very end of the dream, an acronym flashed, either in my mind, on a document or across the sky. That acronym was DTCI. That left me puzzled until this post. If you look DTCI, you’ll see why everything is now so clear. Again, you’re spot on. Even if I hadn’t had that dream, you’d still be right.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello CIK, Thanks for visiting TMV blog. I appreciate your comment. Indeed I’ve seen the discs in visions hiding inside clouds stacked like plates, or one by one like frisbees. The weather people were giving them fancy names but it was all lies- they knew what they were. The Lord is strongly warning us about these things because the time of their revealing is close- there is impatience in the demonic world to move time forward to hurt humanity. If not for God- we would already be prey. We need strong understanding of how to use the blood of Jesus and scripture to defend ourselves and keep our homes and loved ones safe. I hope you will visit the blog again, God bless.

  2. A says:

    Please write a post on (your comment): “how to use the blood of Jesus and scripture to defend ourselves and keep our homes and loved ones safe.” We need to know how to pray. Thank you.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello A, thank you for visiting TMV Blog. I will do my best when I can, however I usually only post online what the Lord gives me directly to share. I will see what I can do to incorporate more precise information on how to pray for these things. God bless you, it’s a very good point.

    2. elfmom55 says:

      Are you saying these “cloaked ships” I’ve been learning about the last few years are demon vehicles and not military? They are hard to see but can be seen if circumstances are right.

      1. Dean144 says:


        I believe it could be either one but the knowledge of this Tech comes from and is controlled by them. The fallen ones have shared technology with us. They are deceiving and doing what they always have amongst us. Clear back to the earliest scriptures we were told that the fallen were sharing forbidden knowledge with mankind. Nothing has changed in how they work and deceive us. Hope this helps.

        Your brother in Christ,


        1. elfmom55 says:

          Thank you Dean. Yes, these wicked one’s in Enoch’s writings say they taught humans all kinds of wickedness. I was kind of, sort of thinking they were military until I learned otherwise. I do know our wicked military and all forms of gov get their tech/knowledge from demons.
          Thank you again for your time. I enjoy reading your comments.

        2. Dean144 says:

          You are very welcome. I praise God for you sister and am so glad to find a few like minded family here in this blog. There is so much I did not know and so much more that I still don’t but like you I am seeking God to grow and learn. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.

      2. Dean144 says:


        I am open to further discussion, prayer, or suggestions on any subject posted in the blog with anyone. So as not to distract from the topic I suggest using email. Just hover over my avatar and you will find my email address.

        Your brother in Christ,


      3. RingSteel says:

        These cloaking ships are not a either or. But both. Our military working with these fallen ones. I recorded a TR3B emerging from a ship much larger. The ship is so large my wife thought it was the sun setting on the east.
        Yes we have no idea what’s coming. I was led to leave churchianity. Holy Spirit has been teaching me. Not one professing Christian has shown interest in my warnings of whatto come and why we must repent of our false gospel and turn.
        Nope, no one outwardly seems to care.
        Let’s not give up asking father to draw all men towards Jesus.

    3. Dean144 says:


      this is a very good question and one every person should ask. I thank Yahuah Father God for you and the desire to learn of Him. May I humbly suggest that you not be so concerned on what words and scriptures for defense you should pray or speak as much as with what heart and motive. For the Lord knows your heart and He knows all that you have need of before you ask. There is no magic set of words nor specific way to pray. Read and study the Word of God, spend time just talking to Him as you would anyone you love. But remembering He is above all and should be Loved and respected above all.

      Be honest, sincere and God will hear you and answer your prayers. The Lord Yahuah Father God Creator of all things LOVES us. He wants to bless us, protect us, and fellowship with us. You only need to reach out in honesty, reverence, and truth. He will do the rest. Learn to walk in His Spirit, spend time growing in a relationship with Him. Talk to Him, praise Him, Obey Him. Christ said if you love Him you would obey him, so learn to obey, and follow Him. Read your bible, ask Him to give you deeper understanding, teach you, open up knowledge of Him to you.

      It is so simple and there is no set way. For we are all unique creatures and have our own personal relationship in God. There is no cookie cutter Christians in Yahuahs’ Family. Father I lift up A before you asking that the Holy Spirit would lead them into a closer relationship with you. Hear our prayer in Yahushuas’ name I pray Amen. I hope this blesses and helps you.

      Your brother in Christ, Dean

      1. elfmom55 says:

        Thank you SO much again! Seems the Lord has been been bringing me to this point in my life that I can receive what He is sharing with Celestial. A few short years ago I probably would have thought her a nutty false prophet cuz God would NEVER say or do these things. He has taught me much in His Word and online. Unbelievable things! This world is NOTHING like I thought it was! I have been learning incrementally step by step. If these things had been dumped on me all at once I would not have been able to handle it. Our Father is good, kind, merciful, patient,…but all that is about to end. I badly backslid twice but in His mercy He took me back again but I dare not stray again or I believe that will be it for me. He has strengthened me and toughened me up some for what is before me. Am I ready? Probably not but He will make a way where there is no way.
        May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you!

        1. Dean144 says:


          I totally understand what you mean. Not long ago I couldn’t have accepted the things being spoken about here, and I too was shocked as the blinders came off. We are truly in a foreign land, one growing darker by the second. No matter how many times we sin or stumble, our first instinct needs to be to cry out to Yahushua and seek him for a Spirit of Repentance. Then to wash in his blood and lay down that which beset us. Many of us are going through the polishing faze. All the trials, tests, and tribulations have broken our self-will and caused us to cry out. Our eyes opening is a result of this. Once totally dead to self we do not have to be anything except obedient, empty vessels polished and prepared for the Most High to inhabit. Vessels unto honor, fit for HIS Purposes and Glory. We need only be ready to follow Christ, no matter where he leads or how it may look. His is just and faithful and will not abandon nor forsake us even to the end and death. I believe this with all my heart and can only think of a scripture and song that says we shall mount up with wings as an eagle. I praise God for you sister and look very much forward to the day we meet in Glory. Shalom.

          Your brother in Christ,

    4. Celestial says:

      Hello A. You indeed do need to know how to pray, and indeed should be concerned with learning defensive warfare prayer. While there’s no set way to pray the Bible is very clear that God’s people are to (1) know there is an enemy, (2) that enemy is compared to a ‘roaring lion looking for prey’, (3) we’re told we aren’t fighting flesh and blood but powers, princes and all manner of spiritual wickedness that is not going to be overcome by adoration-prayer or comfort-prayer. Christians need a portfolio of prayer and the wisdom to know what to use, when. There’s a clear duty for the church to know its armor (Eph. 6:11-18), how to use it, and to prepare for warfare when times are dark. Look online for “spiritual warfare prayers”- there’s no end of sites that teach what it is and how to do it. The psalms are an excellent source of defensive, protective prayer. Psalm 91 and 18 are clear proof that in the day of battle it’s better to be dressed for war than thinking that loving God is how we survive attacks from demons, devils and satanic power. When the apostles cast out devils nobody spoke of love, they commanded spirits based on stored-up power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. See 1 Cor. 2:4-5. This end times period is about power- who has it reigns, who doesn’t, is trampled. God will uphold His people, and His people must learn how to pray. God bless.

      1. docsavage7 says:

        Amen, Amen and Amen Celestial…. “Return of The Giants – Part 1 & 2” shows us how to overcome Satan and his minions with Reading God’s Word and going into the right prayer and at the right time. And we can only do this through continuing in Read God’s Word and Prayer!
        May our Lord bless your work Celestial…

      2. Shawn says:

        Please pray for me to get stronger Celeste 😢

  3. Tracey says:

    WoWWWW Celestial you were talking about ME: in this part—- “I realised during those years that getting me away to that foreign land was just a pretext to get me alone! God was not really interested in whether I got more education, He wanted an unbroken season to BREAK THE MOLD OF TRADITIONAL CHRISTIANITY IN ME, because it was sorely lacking.”

    This is my LIFE- God moved me from North America to the Middle East… I thought I came to do a masters program. And I did do that. But somewhere in there… I who identified as a Christian my entire life but had NEVER owned a Bible before (don’t even ask- I was not serious) FOUND my Lord and savior Jesus Christ in a foreign land. By my bedside… in a way I can’t even explain. It occurred to me a year or two into my experience that God just separated me to get my attention. I know this for a fact. And I couldn’t be more grateful for what I have found in Him is my greatest treasure.

    It’s beautiful to know your story and I’m encouraged to see how far God has brought you… cos I’m earlier in my walk… I know whom I have believed and that He will also take my life to the conclusion He decided for me before the foundations of the earth. When I see people like you truly hungry for God and what He has done with your life… it makes me so happy… because it’s so rare even in Christianity today. Thanks for doing Gods work. God bless you my beautiful sister. Amen.

    The post subject matter is heavy and I take it seriously… just wanted to comment and thank you for sharing this bit.

  4. Frank Bell says:

    Wow sister Celestial, I started to watch the YT video first then came to the blog to read it.

    I too as a teenager (who believed in God, but did not know Him) got into reading “fiction” horror/demonic books. I don’t know why but I did take them seriously. Then of course certain movies, and super heros of course. But as you describe the “Ice Giants” all I can think about is the day of old when I played dungeons and dragons. 😮🤔

    My wife and I keep you in prayer sister, we could not imagine the burden (blessing) of what Yah shows you. May He continue to strengthen you and give you rest.

    May Yah strengthen us all. Blessings sister

  5. Dean144 says:

    Thank you for your response and yes I am well aware of what a portfolio is. It seems we are in agreement. Blessings Sister.

    Your brother in Christ,


  6. chege says:

    May Yahusha name be praised for the information he has given us to prepare us for the war to come. May Yah bless and protect you sister.

  7. Lynn says:

    I thank God he has chosen you to deliver these messages. I feel I need to learn spiritual warfare.

    1. Gray Stroke says:

      If, you are serious about this then I can help.
      Three solid sources.
      1- Derek Prince videos. There are two channels to subscribe to. Much to learn about Spiritual warfare. From Derek learn The fear of the Lord, The Armor of God and then his play list on deliverance and the Blood of Yahusha.
      2- John Eckhardt books: Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Living Free & Fasting for Breakthrough and Deliverance
      3- Gene Moody- His books are free on his webpage via PDF files.
      Witchcraft Deliverance Manual , Healing Deliverance Manual & The Complete Deliverance Manual. I prefer books to mark up and make notes. Lots to learn.
      Lastly to grasp the magnificent work Yahusha did on the cross this book by Derek Prince: Bought with Blood
      Prince, Derek
      It is actually a study book with questions at end of each chapter meant to make reader dig deeper and learn by the Holy Spirit.
      Now you have the starting point.
      Yahuah give you the grace to start on your journey, He is looking for one to stand in the gap. I pray you will seek Him and become mighty warrior for the glory of our Messiah.

      1. Avigail says:

        Dear Gray Stroke, thank you so much for the information regarding Gene Moody! I know that I am to do work for the Lord in deliverance as part of my ministry where He has placed me and this information is invaluable! May the Lord bless you!

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