“The Fairest Of Them All” – February 15, 2021


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” (The evil queen in ‘Snow White’)

The following dreams occurred in one night, they are a revolving look at things that God said will come to this world in future. I’ve decided to leave them together as He showed me.

First: I dreamt of the nations of the world. I saw they were gathered for a beauty pageant and each one had to display her glory and splendor before the others in competition. As they lined up to participate each one turned into a beautiful woman – every nation was shown as a woman, talented in her own right but the nation nobody could beat or compete with was CHINA. She was DAZZLING.

Her beauty filled the room and there was no need to have the competition anymore once they all turned into women. It was glaringly obvious who was the fairest of them all. God the judge crowned her the leader, the winner, the front-runner and she bowed her head and accepted her crown and scepter. That is the end of the dream. 

Prophecy: China will be the world leader in days to come. She will enter supremacy and there will be no holding back her glory. Thus says the Lord: The reward for hard work is ASCENDANCY, PROMINENCE AND GLORY. She will be the foremost nation among the nations and will take her place as a world leader who influences everybody else. All the style, culture and compelling political rhetoric will come from her, not America. She will be the leader in technology and nobody will be able to compete with her production rates, prices, market share, business savvy or anything else.

Diplomats from China will be fêted (i.e. greatly celebrated and coveted as a friend or dinner guest) while America will be forgotten and irrelevant as we enter the end times. She will fade from prominence even as the glory and beauty of China fills the room. These are the words of the Lord.

America your time is over; now you will be ignored, bested, outperformed and beaten by your enemies who have worked harder and burned the midnight oil more consistently than you. Prepare for your imminent defeat, prepare to go into the darkness. Prepare to be sidelined, overlooked, to lose international competitions and your once-sharp competitive edge. You will flounder and make great mistakes in the international arena. You will fail to read the writing on the wall. “Mene mene”.

Mene – You have been weighed.

Tekel- You have been found wanting.

Upharsin- Your kingdom has been torn from your grasp and given to competitors who are hungrier and better than you. This is the word of the sovereign Lord who dictates the rise and fall of nations, and rules in the affairs of men. Amen.

Second: I dreamt that zika virus came back, worse and more virulent than before. Little babies’ misshapen heads filled my point of view, they were perfect from their toes up until you reached the head area, there the children looked like their skulls had been grossly pressed or flattened before exiting the womb. The newborns weren’t dead but they were painfully maimed in the crown area and I saw like racing postal mail how this disease rushed around the world this time. Not just Brazil and other South American nations, it refused to be confined this time. It rushed around the world and people cried out at the terrible damage happening to their children at such a HIGH RATE. Then the dream ended.

“ZIKA will be back with a bang” said a voice to me, “so will EBOLA. Both these diseases are viral in nature and will beat a “wide path” for themselves through the soft, vulnerable flesh of humanity. People will die in record numbers and it will be recorded in the annals of Heaven that the pale horse who kills with death is riding, and Hell is following closely after him to take up the souls of all who die in sin without Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Behold, a pale horse. The end of the world approaches.” (Revelation 6:7)

Third: So I saw also in a dream that people will be covered with sores and lesions in the end times. Health care will NOT AT ALL be prepared for or able to cope with these things. Several doctors will rise to the challenge and invent fixes and “cures” for many of things they see and encounter in their medical rooms in the future but… it will not be enough. People will die in record numbers from diseases nobody has ever seen before, and sores and lesions will be one of the most common indicators that a human being has been greatly compromised health-wise and is deteriorating to the point where the outward visible meat of their body ROTS and erupts in pockets of weak flesh (i.e. a sore).

I saw that these undetected diseases and unknown viruses were mainly of man-made origin, this is the reality. I saw disembodied hands making them and releasing them and people died in record numbers because of these illnesses; I saw mankind falling like straw before an onslaught of new diseases and it was painful to see people die like that

Note: Please read The New Man and Dream Of A Deadly Disease prophecies for more on man-made, weaponized diseases. The future holds a lot of death but much of it won’t be natural. Wicked people will devise many different ways to reduce the population of the earth and they will be very successful in their plans. So if you’re one of those people who still thinks calls the truth “conspiracy” or whatever, just watch out that your life isn’t one of those lost pointlessly in the end times, all because you refused to listen when God was sending a warning.

In many prophetic words I’ve been shown hands without faces, working in labs on things so deadly that they even kill the scientists who are hired to make them sometimes, and why? Because once you ‘create’ a disease even you the creator can’t tell what it will do when unleashed. God calls all these demonic plans to kill people with deadly, lab-created pathogens: “Man’s inhumanity to man.”

Fourth: I saw gossip flourishing around the world. That was the sole point of the last dream- everywhere and for any reason people picked up the phone and TALKED. They talked about everything, they told lies and slander to such an incredible level that my soul became pained in the dream watching it. All I saw was a mouth (male or female I don’t know) next to an old-fashioned telephone, the kind with the ‘dial-each-digit’ console- someone called someone else and started talking, on the other end the receiver listened patiently, absorbing everything and nodding all the while. Then the original caller hung up and the listener picked up their phone, dialed someone else and repeated everything they’d just heard but distorted and multiplied times TEN. Vicious words spread like fire around the world causing major damage and that is what I saw.

“You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not profit by the blood of your neighbor: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:16

“He that hides hatred with lying lips, and he that utters a slander, is a fool.” Proverbs 10:18

“With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors, but through knowledge the righteous escape.” Proverbs 11:9

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. Please try to pray about what you read here (if you aren’t already), God can work through the massing of our prayers to show mercy. Thank you.  

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  1. paulvoudrach says:

    Thank and be blessed sister Celestial. AMEN!!!

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello brother Paul, God bless you too- you’re always welcome to The Master’s Voice! I must say, it is a blessing to see such a cheerful and enthusiastic blog reader, may God bless you & keep your spirit in joy, in Jesus name. 🙏🏽

      1. paulvoudrach says:

        Thank you sister Celestial. Your blog of the master’s voice give me strength and encourages me to continue following Yehushua Hamachiah!

  2. Marty says:

    Seems like China has been used by the world elites to institute the satanic New World Order system. They were the first to set up the social credit score, QR codes to prove vaccinations, using the cell phone to buy and sell instead of cash, censoring the internet, and openly persecuting Christians. Sounds like they are the kings from the east in Rev. 16:12. Thank you Celestial for sharing your dreams. I pray that all who come here heed your warnings and strengthen their relationship with Christ Jesus. 🙏

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Marty, I pray that anyone who uses this blog will believe the words of the Lord Jesus Christ on it. He has given me His counsel and I share it as exactly as He said, so that we can realize without Him there is no safe place or safe way to navigate the times that will come. God bless you.

  3. paulvoudrach says:

    Hello Celestial: I am blessed to read and heed what you have written in your blog. Thank you and I pray that God will continue blessing you as he uses you to bring forth His Truth. Amen!

  4. Anonymous says:

    After reading this post, I am compelled to write a comment addressing it. The Bible tells us to test the spirits: 1 John 4:1 ESV: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” The writer here is clearly a false prophet, for God knows all truth and does not lie when He sends messages to his prophets.

    The author of this post mentions twice how China will ascend to the top of the international order as a result of its hard work and diligence. First here:

    “The reward for hard work is ASCENDANCY, PROMINENCE AND GLORY.”

    And then here:

    “America your time is over; now you will be ignored, bested, outperformed and beaten by your enemies who have worked harder and burned the midnight oil more consistently than you.”

    As anyone who has studied the history of the US-China relationship knows, China has climbed to the top of the economic food chain by cheating its way there. Yes, China is hugely influential, and yes, there are some hard-working people in China, but it was not China’s diligence that has allowed it to be so successful–it was its brilliantly-executed history of defrauding others. China has repeatedly lied to its trading partners and stolen intellectual property from foreign companies. It has been helped by many treacherous and seditious Western politicians and business leaders greedy to capitalize on the vast Chinese market.

    The fact that the author claims to speak for God himself and yet does not seem to know this is proof positive that this message is not from the Almighty and is instead the result of human machinations. Shame on this person.

    1. Paul Voudrach says:

      Thank you Sister Celestial for sending this post. I tried to put in Word but was not able to because my network system crashed on me twice this month.

      Paul Voudrach ________________________________

    2. Louis Williams says:

      America has cheated people since it’s INCEPTION. It’s no different or any better as a nation! It’s just as underhanded if not more than China. America is not above reproach as it postures itself to be. It’s still held to God’s standard of holiness and righteousness. Remove the idol from your heart (America) so you can be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, less you become more and more like her, eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, hands that cannot help and feet that cannot move.

    3. Pure vicious racial slander likening to that of MSM or White Alt Right or BLM Black aka White and Black supremacy followers and none of your points are made in good faith in the spirit.

      You never heard of how America bought the World’s scientists and used CIA to covertly gain the work of other industrialized nations like Germany, USSR, France, UK as well as hiring skilled immigration for German Nazi scientists’ in American called Operation Paperclip?

      In our current times, Who develops American High Tech and advanced industries if not for Chinese and Indian skilled immigrants that Washington pays handsomely for and attracts?

      Get a clue about the reality of hard work. America was built on Black Slavery and Immigrants while the Chinese in China did none of that and worked on their own backbreaking work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would even argue that America’s decline is too large in part due to trash talkers running their mouth while sitting on their couch watching mindless entertainment instead of putting in inhumane levels of work in all sectors of society like China.

  6. tanfair says:

    Wow! I’m ashamed at some of the comments people make who clearly walk in the flesh instead of the spirit. If u feel that this is false prophesy by all mean stop reading them and even more so don’t believe. It is to your own detriment to speak against the Holy spirit. When you try the spirit try yours and see if its the correct spirit that you’re operating in. Take everything to the Most High in prayer instead of lashing out at his servant. It would be terrible on your part to touch an anointed one with your mouth or otherwise. Be careful. Don’t be Pharoah.

  7. Read the reply in context to the racial hate based trash talker or don’t act like his alt account and judge the facts from your false moral high ground

    1. Sorry my reply was to the original anonymous? my reply linked to him didn’t click through. I hope to speak from a place of kindness and open civility.

      Not only does he goes on a rant to deny the detailed and fact-adhering prophetic word 0 logical points other than racial drivel, but the man basically claimed that only American, West, White can innovate and work hard and that Chinese, yellow subhumans bascially all do is steal, copy and deceive? Laughable that kind of rotten cesspot of hive popular thought, the low hanging fruit of MSM garbage filled hubris that degrades all the well meaning people and spiritual insight.

      I can only list a few most obvious facts that he can easily verify if he wants to debate on “hard” work of East Asian Chinese.

  8. Cynthia Harris Bolden says:

    Hello Sis. Celestial,
    I thank God for these words of prophesy. I have heard some of the same words many years ago through my Pastor who is also a prophet. I know God is trying to wake up his people! Thank God for your obedience. Peace and blessings to you in Jesus name!

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