The Breakdown Of America – February 2, 2021


He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake; . – (Psalm 23:2- 3)

I continue the dreams of February 2, 2021. I had six dreams in one night and from what I can tell they’re snippets of how America will look in the future- a broken, scary, UNSAFE society still trying to cling to normalcy. To be honest there’s signs of that right now but, I don’t think we understand how bad it will get. Life is scary when government fails in its responsibilities to the people, when you can’t even get basic healthcare or police protection anymore. That’s when you know the social contract has FAILED and life reverts to the Law of the Jungle F-A-S-T.  I believe God is showing me and many others these things for us to train our minds and bodies, ‘cuz it’s going to be hard as nails to maintain normal life in the years ahead of us.

This is the third dream.

I was on the move with my family members and a lot of people I don’t know. In my end time dreams I’m always with my siblings (which is great) and a ton of other people I don’t know at all, and we’re always headed someplace away from the confines of what used to pass for normal society. From what I’ve seen society is going to suffer some kind of sudden shock or tumult where like it says in Matthew 24:15- 18 we’ll have to flee to wherever we can without taking lots of stuff. Jesus did not mention that in idleness, He said it because it is a CLUE.

I say this all the time: In the end times YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHO YOU’LL BE WITH OR WHERE YOU’LL END UP, so just keep your eyes on God and try to be a decent human being to others and pray they’ll be decent to you.

So it was the same this time, I was leading a group of very scared people who somehow expected me to direct, protect, lead and feed all of them. All I remember is being with adults and kids of all races, I can’t describe anyone because God deliberately made their faces hazy but I know I was leading scared people who looked to me for protection. I kept seeing everyone watching the environment with big eyes as we tried to navigate our way quietly across a dilapidated mall.

The mall had lights, stores  and everything else but it wasn’t operational. It looked shut down and the lighting was that depressing, jailhouse white lighting. I didn’t see broken windows in stores and there were other groups of people crossing this mall, but we were all on mega super caution as we passed through because of the undead.

Yes, the undead were present in this dream, with their nasty habit of appearing with lightning speed out of nowhere and mauling or snatching and dragging off people. The undead with their unmissable stench, you knew they were coming before they got there and yet they were so fast that they got there before you knew it. The undead with their extreme strength and raggedy normal people clothes, their savage faces with ringed dark eyes like mascara applied in big, unskilled circles and their rotted grey flesh- THEY were now part of society at whatever time period this was. I saw the people I was with were extremely obedient and did whatever I asked them as we travelled, because not one of them wanted to die by the undead or be carried off by the disease [the glowing black and gold disease- see that dream here].

Believe it or not there was a President making addresses on TV concerning the dangerous virus but nobody gave a HOOT what they had to say. We could care less; we were locked in a bitter personal struggle for survival and so whenever a Presidential address popped up on TVs across the mall we totally ignored it. Not a single one of us turned our heads to look at or listen to what that person had to say. 

Society was in a strange state. I honestly can’t remember if it was functional or not. Hospitals were still treating people who were dying of that terrible skin blackening disease, and the government must still have existed because a President regularly came on TV to address to the nation, but… Here I was with all my siblings, traveling across the country with a whole bunch of people who were not my kin but had attached themselves to me for safety- I am not sure what stage of life this was but it’s clear life was no longer fully functional in America. It was in a stage of rapid BREAKDOWN. 

That’s the end of the dream.

I know these dreams have personal elements unique to me but I also believe they are definite screenshots of a time yet to come that will affect all of us. If anyone wonders why God keeps showing me these things I think it’s to warn anyone willing to listen to make certain types of smart and long-term, ‘good fruit bearing’ decisions now. What do I mean by this?

Good-fruit decisions don’t only mean prayer and fasting. It means to adopt a lifestyle where your body is healed and healthy. A healed body may be one that’s sick now and needs you to do more than hang on a doctor’s every word for your recovery. A healed body is one that needs its owner to take responsibility and eat better, do research, stop eating poison disguised as food, and take clear STEPS that will eventually help the body to bring itself back to par. A healthy body is one that’s been through the process of healing and is now being responsibly maintained by its owner through sleep, good diet, exercise and whatever else the Bible says to do to have a long life. Why do we need this?

Well, I’ve said endless times that the undead are going to be in America. I tend to think they’ll be everywhere but I know FOR SURE they will be here. I don’t watch scary movies or anything with a “I died but thanks to the secret lab potion in my veins I’m back!” storyline, such movies are very stressful and besides, The Lord shows me all the scary stuff I can handle. I don’t know what could possibly affect millions of people in such a way that they die but are still “animated” –  it’s been 10 years seeing this in dreams since 2010. I know there are theories about what could cause this undead state but for me until God tells me Himself, I’m not going to guess.  

These undead are not alive and they’re rotten- I’ve seen their flesh up close. It’s grey and looks like a combination of stiff marshmallow and bread with tiny holes in it. Their bodies look spongy but they’re so strong and so fast when they’re running that it’s clear they’re not made of bread. 😟

The undead have no voice brothers and sisters. They’ve lost their power of speech and can only whine, roar and growl. They’re impossibly silent when tracking people and then suddenly, out of the blue (or should I say the black), there they are and you just want to perish with the shock of seeing something that looks like you but totally ISN’T you. They eat meat, flesh, us, people. Not rabbit. Us.

I am not joking. I am a grown and busy woman who is taking time here to share with you what the Spirit is saying to the churches and the world at large. If you already know that Satan will appear in the last days flanked by fallen angels like some kind of demonic beauty pageant, then you need to adjust and understand that the Bible also says the world will be rife with LYING WONDERS in the end times. I cannot think of a more wondrous lie than dead people coming back to life and eating others. Can you?

God is warning us to adjust mentally and prepare spiritually and physically. I can’t say what time these dreams point to but with signs of government still in existence, electricity in malls and TV still on- it certainly doesn’t make me buy into Christianity’s early Rapture theories. It’s food for thought. Rest your faith on the truth of what scripture actually teaches, not what you prefer to believe.

God bless and I’ll continue posting the Feb 2. dreams. Let your faith rest in nobody but Jesus. ❤️

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  1. A says:

    Heavy, but thank you for sharing. You haven’t been seeing children when you see the zombies, right? Can’t imagine they will all be killed/will die before that happens. Unless that’s the only way “out” of this God-forsaken world. Depressing nonetheless . 😔 Definitely food for thought though. God bless.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello A. It’s written in this post that I was with adults & children. There were also entire families with me in the post “The Silver Mist”. God constantly tells me, (and I say it frequently on this blog)- If people do not train up their children in the Lord’s ways, they’re responsible for whatever happens to their children in the end days. God gave us kids to raise/ train in His ways brother, not to hope something magical will happen to save them even if they do not live for and love the Lord. If children sin they will receive the rewards of a sinner. Stay blessed & do not let this blog make you heavy hearted. Let it make you wiser, warned and changed. Shalom.

      1. Celestial says:

        You may want to look at Prov. 22:6, Prov. 13:24, Colossians 3:20, Prov. 29:15, Mark 13:12, Prov. 30:17 and PROVERBS 20:11. God has stated on this blog that many don’t even believe the scriptures. the Bible says clearly that many will be handed to death by their own children- not only adult kids but even young ones and teens- that’s who will hand them over to the Beast system for being Christians when the kids are not. (Matt 10:21) This is the 2nd or 3rd time you’ve asked about kids. A, prepare your children as the Bible says & when evil times come God will honor his covenant to save them —> ISAIAH 49:25.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Sister Celestial…you mentioned the word “animated” in relation to the things called the “undead”…..I can’t even begin to imagine that God would have anything to do with the animation of these horrible things, but I could on the other hand, believe that Satan could “animate” them to behave in such an evil, frightening and hideous manner. Since he can’t create life in the same way our Creator does, perhaps he can instead, animate corpses by some AI, and send them after real humans. All I know, is I don’t want to run into one in a dark alley…….or anywhere, and will clearly be motivated spiritually to avoid such an encounter.

    1. Celestial says:

      They’re not corpses. They’re normal everyday people who have somehow died and come back to life without having funerals or any process where they were seen by medical professionals and properly pronounced to be “dead”. They’re CHANGED. They can’t be said to be ‘alive’ in any sense that God honours yet they’re not dead in the ground in a box. They move in huge packs but also one by one. It is surely the result of something that will happen to mankind on a large scale that makes them to become this way. I used the word animated because I can’t call them ‘living’ as we are.

    2. Celestial says:

      Satan CAN create life. If man who is the lowest on the ladder of intelligent beings has the ability to recreate himself, what makes you think that a fallen angel cannot? Where did the nephilim come from? Satan can create life that blends very cunningly among men (Daniel 2:43), and he’s done it for all of man’s history. People have birthed, married and fallen in love with satan’s seed without knowing, and it will continue right up to the very last hours when God reveals by His Spirit what is true humanity and what is ‘mingled’. That’s when the fainting and screaming will begin, and I’ve said it in many of the posts of this blog. The Bible says men’s hearts will fail for the things coming on the world, and one of those ‘things’ will be seeing at last who your husband, children and coworkers really were. God bless.

  3. sheepdogwarrior says:

    There’s a reason for all the walking dead show’s, its 100% predictive programming allowed to normalize the public’s response to it.
    So many won’t turn to God, but instead say “I’ve seen that on TV” .
    Science and Technology……explode.
    Vaccine’s in great numbers given to those willing people, combined with mass 5g, and other future advancements of shots, to correct the growing effect of bad vaccines… To cover up sickness….
    And remember the scripture saying at the end, “they will look for death and it shell flee from them”.
    Prepare Now, for then….

    1. Mark says:

      Wow! I haven’t thought of that verse of Revelation like that. I mean the part of “They shall seek death and death will flee from them”. You know, as these times unravel themselves, the LORD will show us little by little the things that the prophets from the Bible and preachers or missionaries of past centuries couldn’t understand of the book of Revelations. Jesus the LORD will show us what the things written there really meant, after centuries! Isn’t that amazing to finally know these things! 🙂

  4. I’m not surprised. I hear about the undead all the time in Haiti. The only difference is that the ones in Haiti are created through dark magic by taking the soul of a person and using that person as a slave and the undead in Haiti don’t eat people.

    1. diego says:

      The US Department of Defense has a “zombie apocalypse” plan called CONOP 8888, or CONPLAN 8888, or Counter-Zombie Dominance. According to an Intellipedia document (which may or may not be legitimate), it recognizes several kinds of zombies: pathogenic zombies, radiation zombies, evil magic zombies, space zombies, weaponized zombies, symbiant-induced zombies, vegetarian zombies, and chicken zombies.

      I don’t know if the document is a forgery or not, but it does talk about exactly what you are describing.

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