A Word To Mexico – June 24, 2019


On June 24, 2019 the Lord gave me a brief word for Mexico. He said there will be a major earthquake in Mexico, at or near Mexico City specifically. The cause of the earthquake is SIN, and nothing else. It will be a major earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, and again the Lord said SIN is the reason for the judgement of this earthquake. I asked the name of the sin and the response was “Aztec worship”. I know there are no more Aztecs, but when I checked I found that Mexico City sits on the actual site of the ancient capital city of the Aztecs; the old city was called Tenochtitlan. Mexico City is built on the very spot the ancestors practices ‘Aztec worship’. 

Aztec worship is well studied- it was a series of complicated rituals performed almost every single month to endless deities- they had a pantheon of gods almost 200 deities strong! Almost every single ritual required human blood and human sacrifice. It is well know today that Mexico has one of the highest murder rates as a result of gang and drug-related crimes, gang activity, ritual murder and human sacrifice as well as human trafficking that often ends in the long-term rape and murder of even underage victims.

The sins of the fathers are still being performed today: God is angry about this and is revealing a large earthquake of a 7.1 magnitude into the area of Mexico City. The timing of this event feels urgent (close), therefore please keep Mexico in prayer. Share the word with Mexican Christians so they can intercede and seek God with fasting, prayer and repentance so that this disaster will not come upon the country. Repentance and prayer with intercession must always be made for God to have mercy and to turn away prophesied disasters, amen. 

Further Information:

The city now known as Mexico City was founded as Mexico Tenochtitlan in 1324 and a century later became the dominant city-state of the Aztec Triple Alliance, formed in 1430 and composed of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan. At its height, Tenochtitlan had enormous temples and palaces, a huge ceremonial center, residences of political, religious, military, and merchants. Its population was estimated at least 100,000 and perhaps as high as 200,000 in 1519 when the Spaniards first saw it.- (Wikipedia)

Aztec gods – The role of gods [from allabouthistory.org]

Aztec rulers were considered to be the embodiment of their gods and were thought to know the disposition and will of the Aztec gods. Among the many, their three main gods were Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, and Tezcatlipoca. Huitzilopochtli, as with others, could only be appeased by the blood of human sacrifice. His great temple was on atop the pyramid in Tenochtitlan. (present day Mexico City)

Victims (many captured in battle) were beheaded and the heads were displayed as trophies on what is called a great rack or wall. Others sacrificed thought it a great honor and volunteered. It is thought that more than 20,000 were ritualistically killed in a 4 day celebration of the temple’s first completion.

Other gods and goddesses include:

  • Atlacoya — goddess of drought
  • Chiconahui – a domestic fertility goddess
  • Citlalicue – a creator of the stars
  • Cipactonal – god of astrology, sorcery (witchcraft)
  • Oxomoco – goddess of astrology
  • Xochiquezal – goddess of female sexuality, prostitutes, pleasure
  • Patecatl – god of healing and creator of peyote (a hallucinogenic)

Tezcatlipoca was the god of darkness, deceit, and sorcery. Much of the Aztec beliefs and religion were centered on the dark side. Their pagan practices led them into what are actually satanic rituals and customs.

Therefore this is a word to the nation of Mexico to repent of the sin of spilling human blood and conducting human sacrifice. May this nation repent and avoid the Lord’s wrath, in Jesus Christ merciful name.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Satan had to come up with something to replace the Aztec idol worship when the Spanish subjugated the Indians in Mexico. The so-called “Lady of Guadalupe” was the perfect thing…a counterfeit of the Mary, Jesus mother. Oh, how I dislike this so much, and the damage it has done to people. Thousands of Mexicans grovel at this demons shrine, as well as New Mexicans here where I live. And now, I’ve recently found there is a monastery here by the same name. Very beautiful in outward appearance, but just the very thought of it makes me shudder. Pictures, paintings and statues everywhere. I must do more praying and intercession.

  2. Darlene Anderson says:

    Thank you for your messages. It gives me better insight on how to properly pray for the world.

    1. Erimeow says:

      Hello Ms. Celestial the aztecs were mislead by evil entities now there is alot of things happening in Mexico cartels are now doing wars in the streets bombings etc and there is a drought up north mex . Please pray for Mexico 🙏

  3. Azure says:

    It looks like your photo of the lion and the lamb has been removed.

  4. Missy says:

    There was a 7.5 near there today!

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