America In Prophecy



This page lists all prophecies directly related to the United States of America. It’s often asked- “Is America in Bible prophecy? Does God have anything to say about her?” The answer is YES– the USA features prominently in Bible prophecy, but not under her current name. However through pictures, wordplay and analogy God clearly and emphatically reveals the United States and His will for her to repent and turn from her growing wickedness of purpose, in order for Him to relent concerning the judgements He has pronounced against her. America is already having a hard time in the global arena, but God says this will not improve until the nation repents of sin and turns back to Him. The emphasis is on REPENTANCE AND CONFESSION to secure FORGIVENESS.

Click the ‘America’ tab above and work your way down- prophecies are in order in terms of relevance and how related they are to one another. Please keep this nation in your prayers, whether you’re from here, live here, or are an international visitor. God said in one of these prophecies: ‘Let no nation rejoice to see America fall. Destruction of such a great nation means that destruction is coming in the form of judgement to all nations.’ We ought to be in prayer for ourselves, our families, friends, nations and the world at large. May we understand that GOD IS MERCIFUL and wants us to turn back to Him now; that should be everyone’s primary focus as we browse these prophecies.

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