UFOs & Aliens: “Hiding In Plain Sight” – February 26, 2020

Not the same. WE ARE NOT THE SAME.


“If there is found among you, within any of your gates which the Lord your God gives you, a man or a woman who has been wicked in the sight of the Lord your God, in transgressing His covenant, who has gone and served other gods and worshiped them, either the sun or moon or any of the host of heaven which I have not commandedand it is told you and you hear of it, then you shall inquire diligently. And if it is indeed true and certain that such an abomination has been committed in Israel then you shall bring out to your gates that man or woman who has committed that wicked thing, and shall stone to death that man or woman with stones. – (Deuteronomy 17:2- 5)

God gives me compelling dreams. They can be interactive or like a movie, in interactive dreams it’s like real life because the visuals and experiences are so real I don’t know that I’m dreaming. Sometimes I have dreams with no pictures- just God telling me things to write down later. God testifies to me using dreams and one thing I know is, He is a true witness. He tells me the future and explains what I see. We dream for many reasons as Job 33:14-18 says- mine is to show the things that will come.

I mentioned that once when I was a kid a bunch of my cousins, siblings and I had a chat with my dad. The things we talked about were interesting but it wasn’t til years later that I got their full value. Dad was passing the lounge as we watched a movie- he caught a glimpse of the TV and said: ‘You know the fascination with showing these things in the movies is because they’re real, right?’

Being kids who greatly admired him for how smart he is this shocked us, so much so that a few of us burst out laughing. What?! His calm statement kicked off a noisy conversation. Surely you don’t believe that Uncle! Come on Dad this stuff isn’t real it’s just entertainment! Back and forth we went, some people for and a few against (I was firmly against). He indulged us for 15 minutes, leaning in the doorway casually swatting our theories away like the professor he is. It was a great interaction, I’ll never forget it. It took me decades to grow into the understanding of the things my dad said that day and his last comment has always been with me:

“Once something reaches TV in America they’ve had it 30 to 50 years. ONCE YOU SEE IT ON TV IT’S REAL. THEY HAVE IT, THEY’RE DOING IT, AND ONE DAY IT WILL BE SHOWN TO YOU.”

With that, this is what God said to me when I woke from the dream below.

There are aliens stationed in different living quarters all over the continental United States. They are living in different stages of WITNESS PROTECTION, some of them live very free and normal lives as people because they look like men and can get away with it, while others are kept under tight security because of their appearance or because they have violent tendencies and have expressed a wish to harm humans.

No matter where they live, who they are or what they look like, America knows about these creatures. Her government knows, her leadership knows and those who have top level clearance and access to these files of information also know. There are multiple numbers of them under the ground, as many as thousands, these creatures will rise in their ships as a ground invasion force in a very literal sense at the end of days. They will crack open the surface of the ground in multiple places in an earth-shattering way, splitting up streets and sidewalks as well as fields and mountainous places as they rise to reveal themselves to humanity for the first time. The government of America knows they are underground BUT they are clueless as to their locations or in what great numbers they live down there. All will be revealed, says the Lord.

These words were given to me by the Lord God Almighty by way of bringing peace to my spirit as I woke from the dream I had, it was an explanation and confirmation of what I saw. ‘You will see these things with your eyes Celestial’ He said, and then He left me.

I dreamt that I’d been fasting for a while and was about to end it. My excitement was peaked and I was in high spirits- I had rice steaming in the kitchen and the TV in the next room was on high volume. I went back and forth between the living room and kitchen, very focused on making my post-fast meal. The fast hadn’t over yet but I was so excited to celebrate what I knew God would do for me that I started preparing my favourite foods in advance. In all this the TV kept up a stream of news but I wasn’t really interested until it got to a certain story.

On TV someone very prominent had died and was being remembered. News channels kept up that ‘Reverent but insistent’ eulogy coverage they’re known for- you know how they spam every channel with news about a person’s death til you can’t stand it. In my dream the coverage was so wide that you couldn’t escape knowing this man had died. Different voices were talking about his incredible contributions to America, how important he was to U.S. safety and security etc, but as someone in the other room flipped channels I heard one interesting line of coverage start up. It was the man’s daughter remembering him but her angle was out of this world.

She was saying how she remembers her father loving her and having time for her but also having to work a lot. In fact dear dad had to work so much that he sometimes took his growing daughter with him on assignments, but for safety’s sake he left her at various “safe houses” to do her homework, watch TV and wait for him til he came back. None of this would have been noteworthy except… this blonde woman with the sincere gaze was saying that the ‘people’ her father left her in the custody of were in fact, aliens.

She described doing homework in various safe rooms and safe houses under the care and watchful eye of people who were sometimes human- and sometimes not. Her detail of the places her father took her was incredible, she was so calm as she spoke and she came across not as crazy but completely believable because of how much detail she was able to give of times, places and real people she’d met in her life.

Her favourite custodian was AOKI, the kind owner of a bakery her father often visited to gather information on that alien world. Aoki gave her pastries and checked her homework while her father went through a door in the back of his bakery and disappeared into tunnels that kept him away for hours at a time. Her exact words were: “I remember dad would take me to the bakery and leave me there to get supper and do my homework. Aoki was so kind and friendly and I can say without hesitation that he was my favourite. I can say with certainty that I have been fathered by Aoki on more than 500 occasions when my father was busy and had to work.”

In other words this woman said that she had been left with a human-like being who wasn’t human, trusted to him by her dad on more than 500 runs into the back of the store that she could remember. Nobody in my house even cared about this breaking story but as I was making my food I was RIVETED.

I was so intrigued by hearing this lady’s testimony that I left the food countdown to stand in front of the TV and watch her speak. On the table in our house was the Wall Street Journal, freshly bought and folded in half. Across the entire bottom half of the page was the grainy ink photo of a bakery and below it were these words: Twelfth Night Bakery, owned by friendly Aoki on 128* Templeton Street. It was either 58 or 128 as the location number of that bakery and it was in Washington D.C.

In front of the bakery a smiling man of indeterminate age and ethnicity stood waving; the ink picture was too grainy to see what nationality he was but his name suggested he was Asian. This woman’s story had made the front page, bottom half of the Wall Street Journal and it said exactly the same things she was saying in real life on TV. I was softly amazed to see this type of story being carried openly on mainstream news. I ran my finger along the caption of the newspaper photo, stared back at the TV and murmured, ‘Wow. Just… wow.’

A key thing about the news coverage that was shown to me in the dream: the newscasters had this wide-eyed, innocent attitude that was completely fake. They all had this “We want to be as open as we can about this. We’re trying to show you guys out there as much as possible” approach that I didn’t buy for a second. Their coverage was so earnest: “We’re bringing this to you as we get it America; we’re in this with you. We know this is shocking but we’ll get through this together”- every last one of them on every channel covering the story had this vibe but I knew in my soul it was ALL LIES.

I was given the understanding that these people knew about this long before it became public but were under strict orders to play the middleman and side with the public by expressing shock, concern and bewilderment on air so viewers could think that everyone had found out at the same time. I stared at the TV and knew I was watching a carefully crafted performance from the media to make sure that public perception didn’t suspect how deep the coverup for this news of alien beings living among us, really went.

So there it is. I dreamt of a breaking news story here in America, extensive breaking news coverage about a man who had been part of witness protection programs for alien lifeforms for over 30 years all over the United States, and part of the testimony given by his own daughter confirmed without hesitation that some of these beings look exactly like us. They are not held in secret, they are not monitored in captivity like the other violent, dangerous and strange-looking ones. These ones are allowed to go out and mix with the population BECAUSE THEY LOOK, SOUND AND ACT LIKE PEOPLE. In fact their ability to blend with us is so excellent that children can be left with them, reared and looked after by them if need be. I repeat, in a dream God showed me an American woman explaining (1) who her father was [a prominent citizen involved in high-level security affairs], (2) who he worked for [the United States Government], (3) saying on national news that she knew the kind of work he did and who he worked WITH, even as a child. (4) The media knew about this and (5) the story was carried without shame in national newspapers and on public broadcasts.

That’s the dream I had and that’s what will happen in future. We will be told aliens exist, the press will cover it visual and print, taking a false sympathetic stance when all along they’ll have been told what was coming. Powerful people have hidden this for decades but in future there will be more willingness to speak and this alien topic will become part of normal mainstream news. All this is leading to the day these things come among us, the day they will show themselves.

The Lord taught me long ago that America lies. She is a cauldron of lies. She lies to her people and herself. The people are heavily deceived and as a result are cut off from the kind of knowledge that, if they had it, they might behave differently. They might repent, they might be less assured that no harm can ever be done to them by man or beast. God said to me today as I prepared to drag these things out in the open when even my closest friends have never heard them before:

Upon the wing of abominations he shall make it desolate. The skies of America will be infested with the ships of these creatures, they will sit over every city and state. The sky will be thick with ships over New York, it will be a “reveal” like no other. They will hover for days inviting speculation, fear and extreme excitement, they will present themselves as SAVIOURS, BROTHERS, FRIENDS. By this abomination shall man be greatly destroyed.

These things make me sad, because [sorry to be blunt] but there is no accounting for the foolishness of some of us. No matter what is said, no matter what warning comes, no matter what anyone tells some people- they will go running to the abyss. No matter how you plead with them (as we see for instance with this vaccine situation)- some people seem to hate their own souls. NOTHING PERSUADES THEM NOT TO ENTER FIRE TO SEE IF IT IS HOT. I do not understand such minds, not one bit, I leave them to the Lord. I have seen the ground splitting open like when you crack fresh bread in half and these ships, ENTIRE SHIPS COMING OUT FROM UNDER THE SOIL TIL YOU WONDER ‘HOW DID THIS THING EVEN ENTER THE EARTH; HOW DID IT GET DOWN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE TO BE BREAKING OUT ABOVE-GROUND NOW?!’

NO MATTER WHAT I SAY ——> I have already seen people die in multitudes from mass stupidity and the love of what God said is harmful. Do not be offended, listen closely. What you love is what you follow. God tells me often that those who love the world love Satan; they may deny it but they love him and they also love “his things”. God said the same in the zombie dream– ‘The very thing they love now will hunt them and kill them, their own family members are the ones who will end their lives.’ The worst punishment is to get what you want, we all know it- you cry for something til you get it and then how you regret. Those who cry for angels and aliens will surely get them but wow, won’t they regret.

Aren’t people already coming here telling me I’m wrong? A young woman wrote her heart out last night twisting scripture as far as it would go, to convince me that we are angels sent here to enjoy a human experience. I was amazed at her lack of wisdom but didn’t bother to respond. God called me to prophesy, not to wear myself thin against stones. I have a mandate and when I carry it out nobody’s death will rest on my head. After I bring the word from God my hands are clean.

These beings come in so many manifestations, so many different shapes, sizes- the children of Satan are as many for number as the sand upon the sea. And they will all be here, ALL OF THEM. From the sea, the ground, deep under the ice and out of the crags of mountains they will return. In some countries nobody has bothered to go up the mountain in 300 years because the entire village knows that nobody who goes up there ever comes back. Yet an explorer from Virginia or a scientist from Europe will visit these places, be told everything by the locals, laugh, finish his beer, take a hiking kit, go up at first light and… his clothes will later be mailed to his wife. Isn’t that always the case? Do people think these other cultures who know what happened long ago are fools, or what?

These. creatures. will. RETURN. I cannot share everything in my heart, I don’t need to but I can tell anybody who loves life and wants their body parts to remain connected to them in the correct order:

Listen to God. Listen to the Lord who is speaking to us all in these times. Don’t see some woman on this blog and think “Oh my she’s so interesting, but I just don’t know what to make of this!” Move past this ‘woke-ness’ which is destroying America and learn how to hear the voice of the Lord when He is talking to you.

God sent these creatures away from us. I don’t know how He did it. I don’t know what He said. I don’t know if it was a command, a finger pointing to the hills telling them never to show themselves until their time came, then angry and bitter but compelled by His sovereign power they had to remove from us and go into hiding. I don’t know what He said or used and I don’t want to know.

All I know is HE FORBADE THEM TO INTERACT WITH US and like bitter opponents who have lost a crucial match they withdrew. They removed themselves, they went wherever they could find to keep themselves but they never forgot. No, they never forgot. They’ve been testing the waters for centuries, popping up here and there- all of them, the ones that swim and the ones that fly. The ones that eat people and the ones that are so beautiful and pretend to be our friends. Their stories are “oral history” remembered by wiser societies, told generation after generation in order to keep the people safe. Where history is remembered the people are kept safe.

But in proud societies, in mighty centers of learning where people think they know everything nobody is safe. These histories are taught in colleges and universities as MYTHS, LEGENDS, AND “NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF” – and that’s why Satan is prospering in the West. The children of learning are returning to paganism, nihilism, atheism- chanting with flowers in their hair as decoration for mother earth worship. Meanwhile other cultures are fasting for 21 days without food to release the kind of spiritual power that attracts the interest of God. Satan will prosper in America, he’s already prospering. He will be welcomed as a god. And Jesus the real God will give America just what she wants, then we will see what it costs to be a nation that removes the life-saving genes of WISDOM AND SELF PRESERVATION from among its men and women. Sadly, we shall see.

Those ships will come here. They will hang in the air like stationary Venus fly traps. (See this post: Forced Vaccines And Aliens). Alien entities will reveal such power in the end times as we never knew possible, and through it all God will be watching like the biggest ‘I told you so’ plot twist. He will protect those who trust Him don’t get me wrong, but there aren’t many of those. The American church largely trusts in itself and its institutions, it just doesn’t realize that yet.

From the skies, from the seas, from the caves of the earth and from deep inside the ground, they will come back. They heard the command and retreated but at the end of time the command must fall away and humanity will be tested to see if it will love God or follow Baal.

The command of God is like a BELT, a girdle that encircles the earth and makes it do exactly what He tells it to. That command is a silent frequency that even an ant can hear, even the ants of the ground hear and respond to the sovereign voice of YAHWEH.

But Man? Who is God to Man, why is He important and why should Man listen when his Master is calling him? The ox and the donkey know how far to take their wandering (Isaiah 1:3), they follow grass for a day but at evening they turn their faces and head back to their master’s house. BUT NOT MAN. NOT US. WHY SHOULD WE LISTEN WHEN WE CAN FOLLOW SATAN AND BE GREAT?

This is the reason we perish: we are soaked in pride, delusion and deafness. It is only a tiny number who realize that greatness in God’s eyes is humbling yourself, obedience and repenting for all of your sins. It is a tiny number who are waking up to the fact that you can have 12 degrees on the wall and still get cancer. You can have 30 million dollars to pay the cancer bills and still die- so what is the point of the education and money if it can’t preserve your soul? Having these things is not sin but if you lose your SOUL you’ve lost it all.

A SOUL IS A PRICELESS GIFT. God gives gifts. Satan takes gifts. Satan is coming to take souls and though I don’t really know what the fallen will do in other nations I can testify with all my heart that here the devil will play like he’s in an airport gift shop. He will be welcomed like a PRINCE. God showed me how people JUBILATED when the fallen came! How they sang, danced, and LAUGHED!! You would think it was Jesus who arrived! HOW HAPPY THEY WERE TO BE PROVEN RIGHT THAT ‘ALIENS EXIST!!’, when really we should know they exist because Satan exists. Satan is real and he will come like an angel of light bearing gifts that are hard to resist. What he’ll ask in return is your priceless gift- YOUR SOUL- and many will lose theirs in the day of this abominable wickedness I’m speaking of here. God showed me how people were so happy to see Satan but thank God we weren’t all like that.

I won’t say more. Sometimes my heart gets ahead of me, I want to shout at people to wake up and I do my best because that’s what I’m sent for. CRY ALOUD, says the Scripture, SPARE NOT! LIFT UP YOUR VOICE!

But is anyone listening? I hope so. Future days will tell.

From the sky, from the rocks of the earth, from the ice where they are sleeping the fallen who were banished will return. Then we will see what faith is in the children of Men, then we will see whether we still want to be angels or whether being little Children who cling to their Jesus is finally enough for us.

Whatever I have said here I have said it. I may edit it later if I decide to but for now, it stands. Goodnight.

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  1. KimKim76 says:

    “What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it?”

    I was reading Isaiah last night and when I got to this scripture it reminded me of America. It’s all coming and what you say is real as rain. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Scarlett says:

    As for me, I don’t want to be anything other than what God made me to be, and I don’t want to make Him disappointed and sad that He did.
    God has prepared and made available an armor for us to put on as protection against any evil thing that would try to harm us. How awesome is that? How could we possibly ask for anything more? Jesus hasn’t asked the impossible of us, Right now I’m thinking of that old adage, K.I.S.S. aka Keep it simple stupid, ( and not complicate things by overthinking them.).

    1. Kimkim76 says:

      Scarlett, when I was in the Police Academy, K.I.S.S was one of my instructors favorite phrases. I have not hear that since. 😘

    2. Ameer says:

      And funny u say KISS here cause I was gonna ask Celestial if the man who left his daughter in care of the alien was KISSenger?

  3. joyceschraeder says:

    This is confirmation of several other’s.
    Totally correct and the Lord is warning us. I thank you for your dreams your messages . Your dad sure sounded like a very wise man, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.!!! God bless you precious sister in Christ.

  4. Could these entities be the image of the beast which were given life? Rev. 13:15

    These posts prompted me to revisit the testimony of Phil Schneider which was preserved after his murder. It can be found on Bitchute.

    1. Ameer says:

      Just give the link…theres no way of knowing if I find what your referring to

    2. Paul says:

      Project bluebeam combined with the ufos may possibly create a large image of the antichrist in the heaven for all who are not of God the Father to worship.

  5. cdsmiller17 says:

    Hmm. After reading this post a couple of times, I tried Googling the Templeton Street address in Washington, DC, and I looked up the WSJ archives for that front page story. Was that a remembrance of your dream? Or was this a true memory of Meghan McCain’s story?

    1. Ameer says:

      I can see why Celestial might become exasperated.
      You read it a couple times but STILL failed to notice that the death of the man and the daughter speaking of the alien is a FUTURE event?
      I also searched for the bakery which should have existed…
      Didnt find it.

  6. Caspar Verhulst says:

    Dear Celestial,

    With great interest I follow your messages from our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have a question: From various Christian (I thought reliable) prophets I read that Donald Trump

    will be reinstalled as President, because the truth comes out that the elections

    were stolen.

    From your messages I get the idea that there will be no Trump, as Biden will be set aside

    and Obama and Kamela Harris will move in or be in control somehow.

    Do you have any idea about this Trump situation? What will happen to him?

    God bless you in your ministry,

    Caspar Verhulst.

    1. Mary McMahon says:

      Good questions, I’d like to know too. I am so confused;

      I hear profits about ‘God’s money” being gold and silver, and we are going back to that, and the child trafficking and adrenachrome factories are being shut down, people getting arrested, etc. Is this all part of Satan’s deception? My heart aches so much for some of the information and snippets of videos of such horrors coming out recently. I get why God is so upset, and wonder if humanity is worth saving. But do I pay the same punishment/judgement of those who kill/torture others intentionally?

      I feel horrified about what has happened to all those victims. Also, I feel the same about some for some of my family members who got the injection, have sinned, but NOTHING like what the Satan worshippers have done/so. And yet they will face the same fate; myself possibly, as well. I have no idea if I’m saved or not. I believe, I pray, I confess and repent of my errors that I know of, but I am human. I don’t feel like I’ll ever know. And the fates you keep describing for us all seem so severe for being good people, yes, mistakes, but not cruel, manipulating, purposefully hurtful, etc.

      So hard to wrap my head around it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever thought that E.T. was a strange show that could have true elements in it? I just always got a strange vibe from it.

  8. Barbara Ann MacLaren says:

    The Lord prepared me to accept your message; through prayer, intermittent fasting, daily study of Scripture and sources referred to in the Word; such as Enoch 1, teachings of D. Flynn, T.Alberino, G.Stearman, T.Horn, Marzulli, T.Quayle, M.Heiser, and personal experience. Thank you for your obedience and courage.

  9. Mary McMahon says:

    I just want to put out there a prayer for my family member who got the bad medicine, 3 of them. I pray they were all the placebo’s. And that all those looking to Jesus Christ on this channel have enough faith till the end, myself included.

  10. Teresa says:

    I have been concerned about such things. My brothers daughter has 3 children with a bad “man”. All the children have been born with 6 fingers on each hand. He has threatened her (even though they are not married) that he will know if a child is not his due to this “genetic defect”. Evan the man’s mother is evil and talks the same. My brother is plagued with drama after drama despite fighting to live for Christ.

  11. Gail says:

    Hello, sorry this comment is not related to the above, but I couldn’t find another link to ask a question. You mentioned the other day that part in Deuteronomy where a man should not put on women’s clothing and vice versa. I have listened to a few podcasts where they claim that they have had a vision of hell and that women were sent there if they wore pants, makeup, jewellery, and cut their hair. Can you please speak to this? Thank you so much! I pray for you regularly, especially for your safety. God bless.

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