“Makeup, Money & Monsters” : Prophetic Insight From The Lord – June 19, 2022


*Insight is information that allows us to better understand things. It is knowledge that can make situations better if it is used in the right way. Insight is also the ability to see ahead, or intuitively “see” to the core of a matter in order to provide answers.

These insights are given from the Lord. Unless it says “I saw” or “I realized that”, what’s written is just as Yah said it. I don’t need to keep saying “The Lord said.” It is a boring way to talk.

In the very early hours of the morning on June 19, the Lord woke me up and said the following:

I will continue to wake you up until people realize the TRUTH of My Word, the importance of knowing it and living by it. I am always warning about this and that they stop sinning. I will wake you up with these prophecies until they realize I am not interested in sin reduction – i.e. I am not interested if they think I want them to simply “do better”, or if they think I want them to “try a bit harder” or “sin a little less”. That is not what I want. I the Lord want- I am only interested in HOLINESS AND TOTAL SIN ERADICATION!

I do not want to see sin anywhere AT ALL. I do not want it to be a part of My people’s lives! I want it to where My people lose interest in sin altogether and strive by the grace of My spirit for a holy life TOTALLY FREE OF SIN. I want them to be holy as I am holy and I will talk to you about it until the task is accomplished in their understanding. 

[I guess Yah will talk to me forever then because ALL people never seem to agree or understand why sin is evil, deadly, crafty and should be totally hacked out of our lives and burned. Talking about sin offends people. It has no place in a ‘make everybody happy’ world. Exposing sin makes people tense, uncomfortable; some get mad as snakes brought suddenly into daylight. It’s like I‘m trying to take away civil rights or destroy people’s “privileges” – there’s all kinds of resistance- calling me ‘judgmental’ and ‘unkind’. What complainers really mean is “I want to retain freedom to do what I want, AND I don’t want to hear your voice bothering me in the background while I’m doing it.” Those are the facts.]

About Makeup & The Push to Destroy Identity

The first thing God showed me was about makeup. I saw women squeezing various tubes of makeup, lip gloss and foundation but also blush, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks and powder forms of coverage. They got pigment on their fingers because of it, their fingertips were stained a little red, a little gold, a little brown or pearl because of all the tubes, pots and compacts they’d been touching.

As I saw this God said that makeup gets people into trouble. It is a precursor to sin because so many people think if they alter their appearance they can be somebody else. So many women are convinced if they only look different then people will like them more, and if people like them more it means they’re somehow better. This is mental conflict and deception. Yah said when they wear makeup they become “somebody else”, in that “new skin” they feel totally different, so different they feel like they can do whatever they want in that ‘other body’. That’s when makeup leads people into perdition. The more you wear, the further you get lost in a false identity.

(Please be sure to google ‘perdition’ so you can know exactly what that means.)

I will tell you why people get in trouble. They smear their faces with makeup and become another being – an avatar, a vixen, a tart. They become divas, goddesses and queens, these are the names they use. Whatever they call themselves in their minds the next step leads into sin while inhabiting that ‘new persona’.

Then the next step is they are led into sin, into *revulsion (*something disgusting and hateful to look at), into bonded forms of wickedness they cannot get free from* (they become captives to whatever demons are waiting just beyond the boundary lines for goddesses, divas and queens).

Then they cry O God deliver me, I have fallen into iniquity! but really Celestial how did they get there? BY DEGREES. By various steps and actions they take on a daily basis until the road is built to sin, then comes the actual sin which can only be followed by judgement and perdition at last. That is where makeup is taking many: sin, alternate lifestyles, even perversion* yet  they do not see how they are getting there, step by step, degree by degree until they fall into sin. Stop changing your appearance and keep your footsteps from rushing into perdition. 

*Examples of perversion is where you see men now as makeup models, or men doing “do your face” videos on YouTube with 250K followers, or men creating [and wearing] some of the top makeup brands. Perversion is where you cannot recognize someone when she ‘takes her face off’. She’s a whole different person behind the paint, even the personality changes depending on her face being ‘on or off.’ ‘Perversion’ means – A change that is twisted and for the worse; a DEVIATION. 

MORAL OF THE WARNING: There is less personal responsibility for your actions when you don’t look like YOU. There is sin crouching at the door for many women and men, as well as perversion and different types of evil spirits. See the sins of Jezebel for more: A Hammer For Jezebel.

The Destruction Of Money & The World Economy

“’They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

The next thing Yah said was:

You will have trouble getting money out of the bank in a short time. There will be a MASS, MASS SHORTAGE OF BILLS, also of physical money aka called hard cash. The banks have NO LIQUIDITY.

They are overstretched in their dealings and have no actual funds to back up what they’re doing in terms of business, meaning they cannot guarantee their deposits by any stretch of the imagination.

To put it another way: The banks of America especially but also many major banks around the world are running A HIGH STAKES POKER GAME with lots of players, tons of influence and perceived clout, yet they do not have a single penny of the money required by law to pay up if and when somebody ‘wins’ and wants their money

Therefore if anyone decides to withdraw from the bank it is hard for them to get their money. This is a dangerous situation at the end of its logical rope – prepare for mass chaos and societal breakdown once it becomes widely known (public news) that the banks have lost soundness.

They do not have enough money on-site (at the banking halls and in vaults). They do not receive daily rations (incoming physical capital) as they should. It is a foregone conclusion that American banks will crash and My Word shall be fulfilled:

The USA will suffer a financial crisis that is worse than ALL previous ones, except this time there will be no “rescue” by the government or by anyone. The economy will be destroyed and conditions equal to or worse than the Great Depression shall ariseIt is wise to marry a rational man who has the common sense to always keep a duffel bag of money and other resources in his house. Do not marry a complacent fool who does not know the signs of the times. This is the warning of the Lord.

The banking crisis is coming. Not being able to get money. Not being able to afford goods and services because they will be priced right out of the reach of most people. There is distress looming for the United States but it is not being admitted to or spoken about. It is not being warned of, it is not being confessed so people at least have a chance to prepare.

Official channels will tell people that ALL IS WELL”. They will label and brand anyone who says otherwise with names like ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘fear-monger’. However thus says the Lord: Whoever sleeps in the arms of the Beast will be crushed by it. Whoever denies truth of the Lord when it is given will become a casualty of the times. 

See this prophecy Money Down The Drain.

Beast money is on the way. The banking crisis will remove hard currency from circulation and banks themselves will crash. It will be allowed to happen because now it is the time of the New World Order. It is the time to do away with currency, hard cash, and physical money, to raise up and implement the online money of the Beast.

CRYPTOCURRENCY is the Beast money system. Online money in a wallet which you cannot get to if it is hidden, stolen or compromised on the other end – this is the future ahead. It is money 100%  organized by the government and controlled by a password they have. Money is visible to you but can be made INVISIBLE TO YOU AT THE CLICK OF A BUTTON, you will not have that money anymore. This is the future of banking – virtual money- no ATM or need to handle real money anymore. 

There are multiple prophecies about this on TMV. You can find one HERE. It links to multiple other links and a video.

MONSTERS – Concerning The Rise Of… 

‘You divided the sea by your might; you broke the heads of the sea monsters on the waters.’ – Psalm 74:13

Iceland will have a financial crisis and also a war. I dreamt of a war in Iceland and the common people came out to fight it, meaning even moms in pants and rubber farm work-boots, dads in caps and overalls, as well as working people and the army and whoever was available. I don’t know who exactly they were fighting but the strong unbeatable sense in my spirit was – it was not people. The Lord didn’t let me see the enemy clearly but the threat came from the sea. It appeared to have many arms and was rising out of the sea like a HUGE THING high above the sea. But… at the same time it was not there. I was seeing it rising above the Icelanders’ navy ships and yet I did not see it. 

I saw Icelanders with very determined faces coming from every point of the island holding shotguns and whatever they could get their hands on, hatchets, pitchforks, etc – men and women – coming as one to face this threat against their country. The threat was in the sea but as I said I was seeing it and not  seeing it. The creature was huge and stood so many stories above the ships pushing out from the harbor, yet at the same time all I saw were ships and a bubbling sea. 

I was a journalist visiting Iceland to do a cover story on their natural resources when this invasion happened. I came back to the office after a morning of interviews to work on the story only to have the editor of the newspaper say: “QUICK! Grab an assistant and go cover the story!”

But I stared at the man with a look that said Did I say I came here to die. He ignored my protests, made a shooing motion with his hand and drove me and the eager assistant out of his office. He was so excited about getting the next edition out to print he could barely focus. He drove us out and I left him giving rapid-fire orders to his staff to prepare for a mass print.

At first I didn’t understand what type of man this that would send a woman into danger but when I got outside among the people heading out to face this threat I understood, wow the whole country is like that. These people are another breed. They were practical, calm, hardworking people and to them if there is a threat to the group’s way of life it must be faced by all able-bodied persons, without excuses.

I saw how quickly they mobilized, provisions already going to the front and people signing up every minute. The army was already deployed there and doing their best. So I took my assistant and went down as close as I could to the sea to report on this beast that was there and not there. 

When I woke up I was like God, how about just a normal dream of winning the lotto or maybe some sleep with nothing in it at all.

Anyway. The Iceland dream, the sea bubbled with a lot of froth like something capable of making BIG breathing bubbles was down there. I had zoomed-in aerial views of the sea making that same froth like when you open champagne too fast. The sea was also HOT, it steamed everywhere the froth bubbled up, making me think that  whatever was down there either had extremely hot fire in its skin or inside IT. The sea bubbled and steamed like crazy and let me say that area of bubbling was very, very big. That is all I remember.

Home Grown Monsters For America

‘So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.’ – (Revelation 12:9)

There will be ALIEN INVASION all across the United States. Full scale alien reveal. Not disclosure. REVEAL.

Disclosure is when people confess or give information about an existing situation or event, based on their motives and timing. Reveal is when the event or situation takes matters into its own hands and exposes itself on its own timetable, on its own terms and without anyone’s input or permission.

Aliens will show themselves openly without anyone’s permission and they will do it in America at the same time as the rest of them in the world. The word is SYNCHRONICITY. It will be a perfect worldwide mass event. Aliens will stop hiding and come out where everyone can see and the result will be the long anticipated breakdown of society.

This is the Great Deception. This is the greatest of all the end times delusions, the greatest deception of all that will ever be seen and experienced by mankind now or ever again. Let all who belong to God be forewarned of a time when man will live in society with what is unclean and rejected by God; whoever joins covenant with these beings please be aware there is no place for you in the eternal kingdom of God. 

See this prophecy: Satan As An Angel Of Light.

(End of prophetic message)

All I’ll do is remind as always when I post words like these. This is one message. I break them up by theme sometimes but I have less time lately and honestly there’s no need. Christians need to see who their God is. The same Person who starts out warning about grooming habits is the same One who will turn and describe the destruction of money then turn and discuss creatures taking over the world one day. SAME MESSAGE, same night, same God. You either accept all of it or or reject all of it but you can’t pick and choose which ones to believe. And that’s why I love the Lord. He is an all-or-nothing God. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.



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  1. Joyce Schraeder says:

    I appreciate your time in relaying the Lords message. Well done and thank you. Things are much busier overall and time is very precious. God bless you.

  2. LoriQ says:

    My husband said something odd to me years ago, “You look the same as you did last night!”. He and I were high school sweethearts, lost touch until he found me again. (Personally, I have always thought God brought us back together – I even asked God where and with whom was I supposed to be with.) When he said this I laughed! What else am I supposed to look like? Lol

    To be honest, I am allergic to most makeup. I might wear it once or twice a year and it is the bare minimum. As a teen, this broke my heart. I wanted to look grown up, and be pretty like everyone else. Admittedly, I found other ways to project “beauty” to the world. After God opened my eyes, I realized it wasn’t beauty I was projecting and I was getting the very wrong kind of attention. It was absolutely a hard life lesson to learn, one that I deal with every day – self worth and what it truly means.

    Being a female on one side of my family means your worth is directly proportional to how beautiful or ugly they believe you are. I have several beauty queens in the family that walked in the Miss America pageants. When I was younger I tried to keep up in my own way. Today, I don’t. This makes me worth almost nothing – I am an eyesore, a truly ugly one at that. Even to my own mother who covets beautiful daughters above everything else. I always want to shout, “Hey, I am still the same on the inside. I still treat others with kindness. I still help strangers. I am still the sweet person all of you knew.” But, it doesn’t matter. I broke their cardinal rule of looks being the only thing that matters and becoming the ugly duckling again. Sigh.

    I didn’t plan on writing this today. I guess this post just hit deep with me. It takes a very strong person NOT to walk in the ways of this world. Not to care what others think especially if they are family. To go on a separate path the Lord lays out. I would like to say not everyone jumps for joy when a person walks a more righteous, Godly path. People can be cruel, mean, even try and knock you away from following a different path. I just cry, get it out of my system and continue walking the path He has for me.

    That is the best I can do.

    1. BBRob says:

      It’s amazing how the Father cares for us. He leaves no stone unturned. I pray healing in the name of Yeshua for your spirit. Whatever you have experienced in your past that affected you negatively I pray healing for you. I pray you forgive everyone who has done you wrong. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by your Father who knitted you together in your mother’s womb. I pray that his will for your life from before the foundation of the world will be made manifest in your life as you choose to obey him and walk in the path he has set before you in the name of Yeshua. May your family be blessed because of you. He is with you and will never forsake you despite what man does to you. Be blessed Loriq.

      1. Gayle Hypolite says:

        Hey Loriq , this really touched me. I identify with you .Growing up beautiful as a teenager to just a few years ago. Now, in my 50’s, I look completely different. People who know me sometimes don’t recognize me. I used to do make up for a long while, perms, dyes, fade creams for blemishes and lighteners … the whole works … until the Lord Himself, graciously taught me the truth and brought me deliverance from myself and seeking validations of men. He exposed the lies of make up and how as women we are trying to correct and enhance ( make better) what our perfect creator has done perfectly… No enhancements or alterations needed.
        I have come to understand that our seemingly imperfections are by design; to keep us from being lifted up with pride and that we know that ONLY in YAH we can truly be made perfect and complete. It is what drives us to the foot of the cross where we discover that He satisfies completely.
        You are beautiful inside and out. Continue to remain confident in whom God says you are…… fearfully and wonderfully made.

        Thanks Sr. Celestial. I am sooo grateful to God for using you as His smooth flowing water to correct, rebuke and encourage us. It is only because of His Amazing love for us. I am enjoying listening the videos and reading the blogs. I have unsubscribed from everything else …. basically ( as I have come to understand what it means to SUBSCRIBE to something) , and I only subscribe to your channel because I truly believe and know that you are hearing from the CREATOR Himself. There are many of us out here who are reading and taking heed to God’s word as He ministers through you.
        I am praying for your strength. I have started to send in my financial support. I pray that I will be able to continue doing so by God’s Grace.

  3. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you for this prophetic word sister Celestial. We appreciate all the messages. God bless you.

  4. BBRob says:

    ABBA Yahweh is truly an all or nothing Elohim. May we as his children be set apart as he is set apart. Bless you sis and shalom.

  5. Kanard says:

    There is this channel on YouTube that has many testimonies about people (women) who died and went to hell for wearing makeup and we’re given a second chance. I also thought that it was lies but after reading this I guess there were some truth to those testimonies after all.

  6. Joseph Luppens says:

    The alien thing is really creepy- especially the Integration Program they have been working on for some time and recently has started winding down. I think the program’s initial objectives are completed and will soon progress to the next logical step- which Celestial outlined in this blog already. Dr. David Jacobs has done great work in this area:


    As Jacobs will say, forget the UFO tech itself; it’s not important. The critical thing to realize is that neurologically, they can control us, we can’t control them.

  7. Ruby goesel says:

    Wow ..so Celestial..is it a sin to even wear bare minimum coverage , regarding makeup ??

    1. Bridge says:

      The post seemed to say that its about intent in a way and also it can be dangerous. I’ve started to mostly give it up myself.

      Is the coverage about hiding what God created or about people liking you more etc? Or more practical reasons?

      Honestly I would say to be careful.

      But I still have sin in my life that needs destruction so I am not speaking as any authority.

  8. Ruby goesel says:

    Can wearing makeup take one to hell ??

    1. Joseph says:

      Depends on where your heart is at when you wear it. Are you wearing it to cause lust in men? Are you wearing it because in your “hearts of hearts” you feel you are a woman when you’re a man? Does it make you feel powerful, does it create pride? OR are you wearing it to look nice for your husband when you go to a restaurant? Makeup is used to attract attention, be careful with it.

      1. Ruby goesel says:

        Thank you, appreciate your reply

    2. Fred says:

      Amen! Jesus is interested in holiness and total sin eradication! Well said Celestial! The foundations of His throne are righteousness and justice (Ps 97:2)

    3. Charlotte says:

      YES!!! It does take people to HELL often!!! God gently had me back in 2004 to stop cutting my hair ( because I got a bad haircut) , and I stopped wearing false nails, finally I got rid of Makeup, Jewelry, and false hair etc… I decided I was enough like it or not I wasn’t altering myself for no one again. They would have to like it fall in love with who God made me to look like from then on. I learned a lot from looking at the You Tube channel called ‘ Peniel Eternal” I believe God lead me there because I had asked him about the image on Starbucks. Remember HEAVEN is the final goal. Shalom.

  9. Amelda says:

    Praise YaH! He is the God of Truth! I read those same testimonies! We’ll be shocked to know what YaH approves of and what He detests…i agree-it is a narrow road-i chucked my “make-up” completely 2 years ago! The very words should give you a red light! I have learned that make-up, enlarging any part of your body or changing of your face,extensions, wigs, hair weaving, false lashes, false nails, dying of hair, jewellery, perfumes from fashion houses, ungodly clothing, body hugging attire, some brands underwear, sleepwear(meaning gucci,lingerie swimwear etc)All things seductive, whether in private with your husband, can bring the water marine kingdom to work in one’s life! The spirit spouses, sirens, mermaids! The companies and designers have cut covenants with satan. The words that YaH asked this one women in the testimony was: so you want to improve on what I planned to make you! You are telling Me that I did not do a good job, you need to improve on What I made! Many years ago i heard a testimony from an ex muslim women asking YaH why His spirit keeps on telling her that He does not want her to go and lie on the beach as the newly found christian friends are doing? YaH’s answer was that He speaks to His daughters, but they refuse to listen! And so it is with many things that we see as normal life.I have laid down many things! Since 2005 not having a tv in the house! We do not miss it! My point is… where is your TREASURE? YaH will force no one! We assume too many things about YaH, because things of the World is so ingrained in us, part of us, that YaH’s truth sounds strange! Every testimony hits home in my inner man! TheTruth is weird to the carnal sin nature…just do it-give it up! It is a heart condition thing! One question that i want to ask?Our husbands are what and who they are?How their faces are,are what is-so why is it not the same for us? They did not enchant us with another face to get us to marry them…You see, it is a imposter lifestyle that satan taught women since ancient times… When things are hard, then we know it is Truth and from YaH!We as a married couple have laid many things down (that christians teach that is appropriate sexual acts) before YaH but it is directly from satan to defile our marriage beds.(Just more lies that we thought YaH was ok with) We repented of those too. The road is truly NARROW! All Celestials postings hit home in my heart and confirms what the Ruach teaches me! We should not waste money on satans things ever,and so much more at this point in time, and the aliens have been among us for a long time-there is nothing new under the sun! The Spirit of YaH spoke this into my spirit long ago:my daughter, you merge with satan, my daughters are like octopuses-all those tenticals are giving away a piece of them to whatever evil spirits are available for their ego’s and pride! Heed the Words of YaH! Get out of falseness and idolatory…to put any focus on ourselves! To put it in money or insurances to pay out, towards retirement! YaH is not into retirement and comfort! Thank you for all you obedience and time servant of YaH Celestial🌸🕎

    PS: i can never identify with pictures of a bride plastered in make-up on blogs/postings saying that that depicts the Bride of Messiah, and having on a strapless boob tube dress, with a big sword, or a sensual body hugging low back dress…that is not my YaH’s character!😳 We should never mix the Holy with the Profane and think YaH approves of that!

  10. GDG says:

    p.s , how do you edit a post

  11. Kanard says:

    Celestial i Just found out that CHINA is deploying TANKS around the banks to prevent people from withdrawing their own money. I don’t know if this is the prophecy coming to pass as yet?

  12. xs says:

    Hi LoriQ,
    I just wanted to reply to your post. I can understand you on so many levels, especially when I also look back on my teenage years growing up. My body wouldn´t grow, which meant no breasts, not enough female hormones and other stuff. I felt so shameful, I was wearing long sleeves in summer, always felt left out and desperately wanted to fit in. In my personal view boys wouldn´t even look at me since I didn´t have anything to show…. Doctors then forced me to take medicine since that seemed the only way out. I always believed in Gods healing but then since it didn´t happen in the time frame I thought – had to take medicine almost 30 years of my life. I know everything from depression and feeling invisibly violated as I tried to fit into society at the cost of taking pharmakeia. Thank you for commenting. God bless you, you inspired me to live a life that pleases God.
    And to Celestial: thank you for not categorizing or splitting your posts anymore, I like the natural way (the way God speaks) so much more than having to look at different categories and then read thru it all, it can be overwhelming. God bless you & strengthen you to keep speaking what God tells you to speak.

  13. Theresa says:

    Many years ago when I began to get serious about my walk with the Lord, and I began reading my Bible to get to know Him as opposed to reading it to learn what it said, He began to expose things in my life that needed to be eliminated. One of the first things he exposed was my vanity. I was very prideful in my appearance and was blind to the pride. When I was 14, the boyfriend I had who was also 14 asked me why I wore lipstick. I told him that’s just what girls do. (Now, I had been in dance since I was 3 and all performances we wore make-up and by age 8, my mom let me start practicing how to put it on myself when we were not going to be leaving the house.) He asked my if I knew where it came from, then proceeded to explain that it originated with the French prostitutes who wore it to make the lips of the mouth represent the lips of the vagina. I was disgusted at the thought and quickly defended myself saying, “That’s not why I do it!” But when the Lord convicted me of it, I realized Mike was right, that was exactly why I did it. To entice men, to make them desire me. And I didn’t care if they were married or single, young or old. I got a LOT of attention, a lot of offers for sex. When He convicted me, I was 21. I quit wearing make-up and drastically changed how I dressed. My husband at the time didn’t love me, he only wanted his trophy wife so I suffered a lot of verbal abuse because of it, but I didn’t care, I know what Yah taught me. I wasn’t even seeking His face about make-up, by His grace he volunteered the information. He taught me it was not only a sinful attempt to seduce men, it was a lie, a mask you hide behind, a sort of reverse idolatry in which you set yourself up as an idol and collect your worshippers which further feed your pride. Now, it was hard to give it up at first- you go from being Super Model to Plain Jane, but even harder because of the contempt I got from others. Not the men, mind you. In fact, the men began to admire me even more. Instead of propositions for sex, I was getting propositions for marriage. They no longer wanted just my body, they wanted me. They still continued to express appreciation for my looks. Instead of “hot” or “sexy”, it was “beautiful” and “lovely”. No, it was the women that were hard to deal with. When they asked why I didn’t wear make-up and I explained about my conviction from the Lord, they would get very offensive even though I never even suggested that they were wrong to wear it. My best friend, who was also convicted of it the same time I was, and I took a marital submission class from our pastor’s wife and when the subject came up about dressing and adorning yourself, Bonnie tried to talk to her about make-up and she very quickly and harshly shut that down and said, “It’s ok to paint the house if the house needs paint” and wouldn’t even have a discussion about it with us. (We even asked privately after class with respect to her leadership.) But Yah helped me understand that I had touched a nerve in them. I exposed something deep down. They felt like I was attacking them personally just by explaining my conviction. People don’t like you to expose their sin even when you don’t even tell them they need to give it up. They want to defend their sin. If they don’t, they have to admit it is sin. (I know I did when Mike told me about lipstick.) I have heard from many men, in fact the far greater majority, that they don’t even like make-up. My brother has said it many times and my now husband calls it the “tooie-stuff”. Tooie meaning gross. I went for many years without wearing it at all, like an alcoholic giving up drink. Now I will wear small amounts on the rare occasion I go to some dressy event. But I’ve recently been thinking do I really even need to do that? I’m 45 now and my face is far less wrinkly than other women my age, far less color imperfections, and I don’t have dark circles around my eyes which are a tell-tale sign of long term make-up abuse. Oh, and I didn’t even mention that my face was scarred badly in a car wreck I was in at age 14 and the men still call me beautiful. We do all these things to please men yet they don’t really like it. They don’t like make-up, fake boobs, fake nails, etc. Men aren’t as shallow as we make them out to be. Now I realize some men are, but most aren’t. Most men greatly respond to the inner beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in the sight of God. After all, they ARE made in His image! Then these things we do cause harm to us. What we use to fix the problem becomes the cause of the problem so we need more of it, which causes more problem, which causes more need. Then to top it off, there’s the use of a aborted baby parts and stem cells used in make-up and anti-aging treatments. So what did God say? He says do not bear false witness. Well, make-up bears false witness. So do hair die, fake nails, and all the plastic surgeries and spanx and other body shaping underclothes. You don’t really look like that, it’s a lie that you tell everyone you meet. Have you ever even thought to apologize for lying to everyone you have ever come across? Also, I liken it to this. A well-know artist is a friend of yours and he paints a beautiful picture for you. He presents it to you with the love of a close friend and explains it is the only one like it, none will ever be made like it and, it is just for you. And you look at that painting that the skilled, renown, award-winning artist just gave you, pick up a paint brush and you say, “Well I don’t like this, I will change it. And I don’t like this, or this, or this…” while he stands there with his mouth agape. What do you think that would do to His heart? Imagine your child giving you a picture he drew and you immediately took a crayon and began to “fix” it. You would never do that to your kid even if it is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. Why would you do that to your Father?

  14. Theresa says:

    One thing I forgot to mention is that Jesus explained that adultery wasn’t just sex outside of marriage, if a man even lusted after a woman he was guilty of adultery. I realized by causing men to lust after me I was guilty of causing them to commit adultery and therefore was guilty of adultery myself.

    1. GDG says:

      Theresa that is such an amazing analogy of the well known artist and the painting. I am amazed because I somehow came up with the very same one weeks ago as I thought about this problem of make up which women these days are indulging into. Just one big fat lie and very insultive to the Master Painter.

      1. Theresa says:

        Thank you! And I don’t find it surprising at all; we have the same Father! He is always amazing us!

  15. Tiger says:

    Sister Celestial, what happened? Your posts have been deleted. Did the beast system discover you? Especially those aimed at certain people. Everything is fine with you? Concerned! God protect you, in Jesus name.

  16. Dawn says:

    Hi Celestial. Where will you go when the beast system comes. Will you stay in America, or will the Lord lead you to some other place. Thank you for your time and dedication, in sharing the Lord’s word. You are in my prayers. Thank you Lord Jesus. Your sister in Christ. Dawn.

  17. Nonke says:

    Celestial are you alright, you haven’t posted in awhile and some of your latest blogs have been removed from here. Is everything okay? But I know Jesus has your back, just reassurance for peace of mind I guess forgive me. I really hope all is well with you?

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