A Hammer For Jezebel, Pt 3 – June 3, 2019

“I will strike her with a hammer.

I will not tolerate her.

I will throw her down as before.

Jezebel you are JUDGED.” 

PROPHECY: There is a time coming when women will suffer visible judgements of God related to their dressing, lifestyles and obsession with cosmetic falsity. Their physical problems especially will multiply, and doctors will say plainly: “It’s because of this, this and this”. As I received this word I saw a woman in a hospital room consulting her doctor: she was decked head to toe in a super-tight dress, high heels and full face makeup. She was very sick but you could not tell by the outside what her sickness was: infertility and barrenness. She was under a curse which I saw rotating around her head, but the doctor couldn’t see that. What he COULD see, he identified. With a worried face he pointed to the woman’s waist trainer, high shoes and tight dress as the reason why her womb is barren. She had constricted her reproductive system and was now having trouble to conceive. 

This is only one type of judgement coming.

PROPHECY: There is coming a time God will pour out judgement not just against women, but against the image of Jezebel HIDING IN WOMEN. God loves women, but God will judge the principality very harshly, and when He does anyone representing her or her ways on earth will suffer the effects of her judgement. I do not know what exactly this judgement will be BUT- There is a hint of it in Isaiah 3:24: 

“Instead of perfume there will be a disgusting odor; instead of a sash, a rope; instead of styled hair, shaved heads; instead of expensive clothes, rags as mourning clothes; instead of beauty, shame.”

Please be advised, to those who may think this is “too much”:

Jezebel was once a human woman, but this DEMONIC POWER was influencing her. The real Jezebel died a violent and wretched death: She corrupted the whole Israel for years with false Baal worship, disgusting sexual practices, and brought defilement to Israel. Finally she was pushed from a window by those obeying a command from an appointed king, but before they could even collect her remains dogs ate her whole body and licked her blood from the ground. The Holy Spirit has more given information on who and what she is- I will post it in a separate note.



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  1. Ruby goesel says:

    Can one go to hell for wearing makeup ??

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