Principality Jezebel, Her Means and Ways- June 6, 2019


A principality is a demonic power that may or may not sit among the register of the fallen angels. They are extremely evil, high ranking, “high places” heavenly entities who hold power over different levels of geography: from rivers, lakes and streams, to persons and assemblies, to regions, nations and even whole continents. A principality is an evil force that can only be broken in the LEGITIMATE power, authority and rank of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jezebel does not hold fallen angel status but she is still a very wicked,  stubborn spirit related to the sex/ snake/ python clan of spirits. Her chief effect is slyness and being highly pernicious (i.e. having a dangerous, harmful effect, especially in a gradual and subtle way). This is how she creeps in on people, a little at a time.

Jezebel is a QUEEN spirit reigning over people. This spirit wants to be worshipped, adulated, praised, and recognised and SEEN. She has global authority to attack all who love the flesh and practice her deeds. She works by manipulation and control; this is why her greatest fame is always being mentioned as the one who breaks up churches, prayer groups and marriages. Yet her effect is felt far and wide in many other areas.

She is an armour plated queen; yes- she will fight to maintain her position. She is insidious (underhanded) and hard to get rid of. Like Leviathan, Jezebel is “hard-backed”: in other words one of her biggest telltale signs is hardening those who are fully under her power, or who allow her to influence them. Saved or not this person will become hard, cynical, aggressive and deaf to advice– in women you’re looking for traits of “mean girls” but this is not always the case. In men Jezebel manifests in intense desire to be seen, heard and followed- the spirit inspires a need for acolytes and “yes men” who can be controlled. It also manifests in a lust for power in both men and women, high powered “boss girls” and femme fatales are her motif. I dare go so far as to say: the tsunami of militant feminism sweeping the globe today, that’s at the brink of saying men are completely useless on the earth and a relic of the past- That is the voice of Jezebel. She is even at work in the same sex community, making them very prideful, flamboyant and difficult to turn from that lifestyle.


Observe Ahab sleeping while his wife is alert and watching. That is Jezebel, always on the watch for rightful authority to usurp so she can spread her deeds. Look at how she hates Elijah- this principality hates the prophetic and apostolic anointing, they will drag her down from her high throne and she hates to be confronted by true men and women of God.

Jesus Christ’s powerful anointing is the only one to break off this spirit from people.

She works in hiddenness and secrecy– unless you have discernment or she is exposed in a fiery church that does spiritual deliverance, you will never even know she is there. True to her serpent roots she speaks direct to the ear- She constantly whispered to Ahab’s ear what she wanted, and that weak and controlled king did it. It was Jezebel was ruling Israel- not Ahab- and she does the same in the lives of those she controls.

However that’s not all. This principality is a sexual immorality and lust master who has men and women doing things I am too young to fully express on this thread- the things shown in XXXXXX movies is all her doing, all her invention, and all who copy them will be judged by fire along with her. Do not be fooled, your body is God’s temple. Sex is a marital privilege, and the freedom of expression in it must still reflect HOLINESS. This is the word God has given me. To copy her sins is to agree with them- those who do what is seen in pornography or even watch it will be judged along with her. Beware.

Lastly, Jezebel will fight the voice of God. She was not amused by Elijah, and she is not amused today by any person exposing her prophetically and warning God’s people what she does so they can separate from her. Come out from the signs of this principality in repentance for practicing her deeds, and surely God will receive you.

May God bless and perform his word unto us, and hope to see you again! 

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  1. brothertyler44 says:

    What do you do if you are married to one, at the time I was not aware but now I am fully aware.

    1. Celestial says:

      You’re her husband. The Bible is clear on a husband’s role to pray for, lead & cover his wife. A lot of people ask what next almost as if (not saying it’s your intent)- as soon as they see something spiritually wrong with their spouse the next thing is “What do I do”, with one eye on the door. You pray. Jesus is head of a church with *everything* wrong with it yet He stays with her. He loves us, prays for us, He covers, He advocates before God using the power of His blood and Holy Spirit until we CHANGE. Husbands pray for wives gone wrong until they CHANGE, wives pray for husbands gone to the dark side until they CHANGE. If your wife has jezebel it’s your job to fight that demon til it leaves your home. Marriage is work. The Word says “let no man put asunder”- it means “Nobody should ruin or break up marriage”, that INCLUDES the couple. They shouldn’t break up or flee the marriage unless for very good reason. Most people want to flee just because the marriage isn’t “what they want”. That doesn’t count. If you married a fixer upper & didn’t know bcz u didn’t do due diligence before marriying, it can be hard but it’s not impossible. Marriage is where patience, humility, faith & determination are weapons. Jezebel is a spirit like any other – by fasting regularly and praying **privately** to dethrone it you can attack that demon til it’s weak. Of course the woman may get worse but keep going, u’ll know you’re winning when you see changes in her outward conduct. Then cast it out. Note- Half these women out here have Jezebel without knowing it, thank feminist culture for that. Women, you better stop it, and men, you better look at more than breasts before you marry. Bless you. 🕊🙏🏽🌺

    2. Celestial says:

      Here is more- the woman a man marries is often the exact replica of who he was at that time. Not always, but often. If a man is carnal or spiritually weak he doesn’t look for more than surface gratification. He wants to be happy (which is fine) but doesn’t seek God for enough time saying “Show me who she is! Show me her weaknesses because they’ll fall on me to fix. Show me her strengths so I can know she has my back! Show me her needs, show me her dreams because if she’s destined to be a famous designer who travels a lot while I want a wife baking pies at home – it won’t work. SHOW ME WHO SHE IS AND IF I SHOULD MARRY HER.” Men who are spiritually low don’t ask God much, they use 2 scriptures like “he who finds a wife” etc, “it is better to marry than burn with passion”- & get themselves into yokes that hurt. Biblically speaking I can say to both sexes- if you buy a field full of stones without knowing? TELL GOD. Ask for help, His help and any other help that fixes marriages. Study the land, note where the stones are, then get to work. Marriage is work but after work we’re rewarded. Many people are damaged but prayer greatly heals/ restores damage; the end of your home will be way better than how it started. God bless.

      1. LoriQ says:

        Ok. God works in mysterious ways! I am having a bit of trouble in my 10 year marriage and asked God a few days ago to show me what to do. Fortunately I did ask God to lead me to my husband 12 years ago. Just didn’t know what to do now until I was led to read your two comments. (By the way I normally don’t go back and read comments on other articles but this one I did. Hmmm…)

        Marriage is hard work. It just isn’t wine and rose’s every day. Just couldn’t figure out how to come back together instead of growing apart. Thank you for your comments. They opened the door that I forgot to open. God Bless you…

  2. Nurse Audrey says:

    This is so powerful an on point. The Lord has lead me also. To stop wearing makeup and for some reason I’ve been covering my head more especially when I go out in public. I noticed a difference spiritually as well.

    Yah lead me to get the same covering you wear on your YOUTUBE videos when I pray.
    I don’t know what is it. But there truly is a difference.
    I also, stopped watching the Reality shows that reveal this Jezebel spirit operating in woman.

    The hair is getting longer and the claws are also. Ther truly is a demonic spirit associated with the excessive fake hair,nails, and altering of the body.
    Proverbs 31 states Beauty is pure Vanity. A woman that fears Yah is to be praised.

    Charm is deceitful and beauty is Vain.

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