Hear the Word of the Lord – June 26, 2019


flag brick


“I tried to cleanse you, but you were not cleansed,
You will not be cleansed of your filthiness anymore,
Till I have sent My fury to rest on you.
I, the Lord, have spoken it;
It shall come to pass, and I will do it;
I will not hold back,
Nor will I spare, nor will I relent;
According to your ways and according to your deeds will you be judged,
Says the Lord God.’ ” – (Ezekiel 24:13a- 14)


“What ails you America? What has made you afraid? I see your legs trembling- they cannot stand. You are weak! Weakened from WITHIN. I am the fourth man in the fire, I SAVE THE NATION THAT LOVES ME. But you do not love Me, nor do you love My laws. You have broken every cord I wrapped around you for safety and given yourself over to be slain. I see your leaders working blasphemy and wickedness against you– I am seated at the table with them as they talk, argue, and plan your demise and destruction. Soon I will reveal these conversations about your funeral, but for now- Hear the words of the Lord.”

“In ancient times my servant Jacob wrestled Me. He was a humble man, broken by defeat in the match. I broke his hip to make him understand the difference between God and man, and he was forever changed by the encounter. He knew My name. But you do not know Me. You are a bastard and rejected offspring; I spew you out of My mouth. My hammer is coming against you: first I form the weapon – then I strike. Hear the word of the Lord.” 

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  1. Sandra J says:

    I am glad to see there are more who think as I do. The truth.

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