Forced Vaccines & The Coming Of The Beast – August 20, 2021

“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” – (Revelation 13:2)

What concerns me about the future is not the part I’ve seen before but the part I’ve never seen before. God covers multiple topics here but it’s the supernatural things we have to grasp- when we understand the supernatural we make better choices in real life. We choose better because we know every decision has an eternal weight to it. The whole of humanity needs to really pay attention and choose WELL right now, tomorrow and even more so as we see the day approaching.

I am hoping to completely finish the vaccine related prophecies and revelations of the Lord and get back to completing the series I was doing before. The issue is the words keep coming true right after I put them up and some things are not yet posted, but I have new words to put up and make videos for and that makes me fall behind. I hope you will share these things with your family members and friends no matter what they say or think of you- very often I think of the day that “I told you so” will intersect with what we see revealed without shame in front of all of us- all who believe in God, all who don’t believe in God- there is coming a time where every word of the holy Scripture of God will unfold in HD quality before the whole world.

In those days many hearts will mourn because they did not listen when the people who cared for them the most tried to save them with truth. Truth is always reviled and hated right up to the day it proves true, then people lament and wail but in many of the end times scenarios I reveal here, it will not make any difference. Wailing cannot save a hardened heart. The hard hearts will pay a hard price; that’s because truth that is accepted too late is still true, it just isn’t true enough to reverse what’s already happening. Hard hearts will pay the price. Amen. The dream is below.

[1] I dreamt [once again] that vaccines were forcibly given around the world. Whether in America or anywhere else, I saw the different scenes of continents and countries, a confused mix of flags slipping past quickly like in a movie, and I watched as coronavirus vaccine mandate became the law.

Wherever they went into effect life became very restrictive- first you couldn’t do this and that because of the mandates, you couldn’t have this or that or go here or there because of the obvious segregation they caused. Then life became horrible (people really felt the terrible vise of the law clamping down on their lives and limiting them to the bare minimum), and then suddenly life was downright dangerous for all who refused to take them. 

However they were the law so people who were in defiance of the law were found and injected against their will. The Lord showed me a terrible struggle happening on earth, it was the same as every dream before, a horrible struggling but it was expressed mostly as a feeling. It came across as things that are very hard to decipher and explain. The struggle was depicted as rolling and tumbling, human bodies, human cries, tussling. As pain, strain, as mighty striving to uproot a tree or against a boulder you cannot lift, but striving and struggling in vain. A great struggle of many souls against a force so big and terrible that rose against mankind yet we could not overturn or prevail against it.

When a person is in the gym training there’s a huge amount of energy expended, striving on the bike or rowing machine people sweat with effort as muscles do their work. They strain and grit their teeth against the burn, when they’re near the end of a session they do the exercises with pain, those last reps take all they have. Every true fitness person knows this expression of pain, pressure, and determination that cannot be mistaken for anything less than total commitment to their cause. 

The struggle against vaccines looked like that, metaphorically speaking. Like people striving against weights they could not break, remove, or escape. I didn’t see the police forcibly injecting people this time. All I felt was a terrible PUSH on earth, a wave of fighting that eventually subsided and died down as people were caught even in hiding and given the vaccine. It was a dark period for the world and my heart clutched to see this taking place.

[2] Next I saw the world as a house. I hope this will be clear. I saw the world as an open two-storey dollhouse; dollhouses are open in front so the child can play with it, that’s how it was. The upper level was smaller than the lower one but both levels held uncountable numbers of people. I saw students studying for exams, people having dinner, breakfast and lunch, lecturers teaching, workers in meetings, people asleep and basically every phase of life going on at both levels of the house. 

Suddenly a thick black line appeared around the house, it looked like a huge marker drew a thick ‘border’ around this house but no-one saw it. The line was thick, vibrating and made me tense. Before I could do anything, the head of a man and two disembodied puppet hands appeared. He held a large flat magnet, as big as a plane when compared to the house, a very powerful magnet that he rubbed at random places of the house.

Wherever he rubbed it people on the lower floor went flying towards it. He rubbed it along the left side and all people on the lower level went tumbling like bowling pins in the direction of the magnet, I mean head over heels flying towards the magnet’s pull.

He rubbed it on the roof and the lower floor people rose and smashed against the roof of their half of the house. He rubbed it down the right side and they flew to the right side and then tumbled down from the roof and hit themselves on the floor. He rubbed it in a quick arc over the whole house and I saw people fly left first, tumble across the roof of the lower floor, then drop down on the right. All on the lower floor, every single one of them were magnetized to that magnet; as they flew around I saw the puppet-master grinning and playing with his magnet even more, enjoying the effect it had on people.

But on the upper floor nothing happened. The people there didn’t feel any magnetism, they carried on with life unaffected by that powerful magnetic signal applied against the world. They weren’t hurt and simply didn’t perceive or respond to the magnet at all.

When I woke up the Lord said: The vaccines are of the beast. They are the preliminary step of the ultimate mark, they cause those who have received them to bind to the beast which will make them much more willing to accept the actual mark when it comes. The final mark will be physically administered in the hand or forehead; whoever accepts that mark will be eternally cut off from my presence forever and damned to the lake of fire. There are those who will respond to the call of the Beast and those who will not, those who by reason of corruption in the mind, body and spirit will respond to the Beast’s signal and those who by reason of my spirit will keep themselves free of corruption and not heed to his signal at all. The vaccine makes a person bind to the spirit of the beast, such that when the time of the mark arises, they will be very willing and accepting of it. But to some who shall handle dangerous serpents, nothing shall by any means hurt them. There will be a remnant, there will be my people. There is life after this.

As the Lord was talking to me I saw the body of a beast. It was unlike any creature I’ve ever seen before. I saw a lion and a dragon merged at the same time, with the skin of a leopard on the upper flank. When it was a lion it had the head of a lioness, not a male, and the upper flank was at the same time the gold fur of a lion and also the spotted pelt of a leopard. When it was a dragon it was a deep angry red scaled creature, with the skin of a lion and skin of a leopard visible at the same time.

The head was like the head of a female lion and at the same time it was the head a scaly red dragon with a heavy, fancy peacock plumage of red, gold and green- the head seemed like a lioness’s head and the head of a dragon with a huge feathered, colorful headdress at the same time. The body was like a lioness sitting upright, grooming herself but also the same body was a dragon with red scales sitting upright on its tail. I could not fully make sense of this image but that is what I saw.

lion dragon 2
This is nowhere close to what I saw but it provides some helpful context.

Then I saw into the body of the beast and all its cells were floating around, like in CSI when they do a murder scene. I saw all the beast’s cells floating around, zoomed to a heavy magnification. As the cells floated I saw human beings flying into the body of the creature and binding to the cells. May my words make sense in Jesus name. 

People came into the beast’s body and embraced its cells, one human to a cell, curved and holding on to that cell- brain cell, blood cell, whatever type they landed on- with an expression like they’ve found home. They hugged the cell and became bonded to it and one with the mind, body and soul of the beast. That’s what I saw.

The beast was a lion, the beast had the skin of a leopard.

The beast was a serpent with a HUGE HEAD looking out from a high mountain over the whole world, and the beast was a red dragon with peacock feathers in a crown on its head. People bonded to it at a cellular level and became one with it such that its life, thinking, desires, motives and worldview entered them; people served and loved this beast but there remained a remnant that was pure and true to the Lord who did not adhere to, cling to, love or follow the Beast.

This is what God has shown me, these things must be spiritually DISCERNED. I will add the scriptures of the beast that Daniel saw later- The KINGDOM OF IRON AND CLAY- but for now, these things simply must be said. Remember if nothing else: “There is life after this”. God bless all TMV readers and shalom.

Personal Note: Listen and read CAREFULLY PLEASE. It is not written anywhere on this page that vaccines are the mark of the beast. It is distressing to me how many will read what I say and then ask me what I didn’t say. It’s a distressing trend I see among subscribers and it tells me there is a spoiler locking people’s ears and minds into a place where they can’t really hear what God is saying.

The Lord said these vaccines are ‘of the beast’ and indeed they are. There are endless hybrid experiments going on around the world right now with DNA, none of them more nefarious (EVIL) than what’s going on here in America. I’ve shared that I’ve seen them making wolf-men in underground labs, that’s also ‘of the Beast’. All this is to catapult us back to what Jesus warned about, ‘the days of Noah’. We’ll go back to living with multiple twisted hybrids, sick, demonic and even undead “reanimé” life walking around on this earth and all that is ‘of the beast’. Listen and read only what I’ve precisely revealed from the Lord as He showed it to me, not what I didn’t say. Whatever I learn I will say, it is extremely possible my own understanding of these things is growing even as I am carrying out my call in the Lord Jesus Christ. Bless you all, Amen.

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  1. that is the most beautiful phrase I have read in a long time: there is life after this.
    Thank you, Lord, that those who choose You above all else will be kept unharmed by this poison.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The vaccine is nonetheless a mark also. If you can’t buy or sell as it is in many places it is a mark regardless. Imagine this, when they deem the paper vac cards are useless due to many counterfeit ones what is the next logical step to make sure they know who is vaxxed….one they they can scan. People tend to just focus on what they know to be coming rather than realizing that deception is at hand. Soon the pentagon will complete their chip experiment to insert it into people. Then you have the final mark everyone has been waiting for which will make it more obvious but they will soon see it is all connected to the jab. Read a message in the middle of last year where it stated stay away from mark (vaccines or digital tattoo). Satan tries to be crafty. He will make them think oh it’s not a mark because the antichrist isn’t on the scene or it is isn’t in the forehead or hand. He knows the Bible too. Intentional deception to get them to not think twice. Truth is you are marking yourself. I have heard people say well noone said we can’t buy or sell if we don’t have the vax. Well that may be so in their area but there is a world outside of the US and many aren’t even allowed to go to grocery store without it. When people make definitive statements it becomes dangerous.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The vac too has the name and number of the beast in its patent number and bill number.


  4. Lori C. says:

    This ministry is such a blessing to so many. Thank you for being a vessel ready for the Master’s use. May you be blessed beyond measure and your upcoming move be seamless.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Slavochka said that before the arrival of the world ruler (antikhrist), a police state will be created in Russia (the same system, according to the youth, will be created all over the world). It will begin to implant a microcircuit to all people on a massive scale, under the skin. Slavochka said that in the beginning people will voluntarily agree to accept the micro-circuit and even ask for it. And then, the lad said, they will start to put forcibly. Slavochka said that a signal will go from this microcircuit and those people from whom this signal does NOT go will be caught and forcefully put the microcircuit on them. Slava said that in a police state, the army and the police will be in one person, and in order to control everything, they will forcefully put microcircuits on people. No choice for people at all they will not give, therefore the believers will have to hide and live in secret settlements away from cities and highways. This is how the boy talked about what today we would call “chipping people.”

    I remember, I also asked him: “Slavochka, what chips will they put people? Why?” And he described it to me like that this microcircuit: “Mommy, it will be such a small, small microcircuit.” And he also gave me an example of how the behavior of those people who will accept the microcircuit will change. Slava compared these chipped people to dolls. He said: “Mommy, there are such dolls. Many, many threads come from these pupae. And for what thread the devil pulls, the doll will do. ” That is: the chipped people will be a toy in the hands of the devil: whatever the devil wants, they will do. There will be complete control over the soul and body of these people – they will become like zombies. To make it easier to manage people, they will be chipped in this way and turn them into zombies (the lad said so: “they will become – like zombies”).

    Then Slavochka said that after the mass implantation of microcircuits, people will begin to issue the last document – “it will be a small, very pretty gray plate – the world passport of the world ruler.” Slava said that when people stretch out their hand for this world passport, special equipment will use special rays (Slavochka said – “isotopes”) to tattoo people on their foreheads or on the wrist of their right hand in the form of three small sixes (666). When a person begins to stretch out his right hand for the world passport, then three sixes will be applied to the wrist of his right hand, and when a person begins to tilt his forehead, then three sixes will be applied to the forehead. Someone will receive three sixes on their right hand, and someone will get right on their forehead – everything will depend on the situation and the equipment will be adapted to this. The lad said that the person would be applied not with a barcode but with the numbers themselves – three small sixes (666) – in the form of a tattoo, and the young man called the process of this application “printing.”

    Slavochka said that everyone who received the microcircuit would become absolute fiercely controlled by people, like dolls on strings. The lad said: “Mom, if a person accepts the microcircuit, it will no longer be a person but a“ doll ”ruled by the devil. For what thread the devil pulls, the “doll” will do. The devil will pull the string and these “dolls” will run to get world passports. “It turns out that as soon as the chipped people receive the command they will all immediately run to receive a world passport and the seal of Satan. And that’s why Slavochka said: “Whoever accepts the microcircuit will certainly accept the seal.”

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    1. Celestial says:

      To you, it doesn’t show your name. May the Lord bless you for this comment, it’s an excellent comment and is true. It’s what most are missing in these messages. It’s what I have seen, what the Lord said. Vaccine is a precursor, a “step” of many steps taking people to the mark. It’s like a table set for dinner. You have cups, plates spoons- “place settings”. You don’t eat those things. They’re not the MEAL. They “prepare” you for the meal. However it is very, very hard for a man to sit in front of cup, plate, spoon, tie a napkin around his neck… and then decide he is no longer hungry. It’s rare I see a comment which exactly, perfectly captures what God said in the message. Truly thank you & God bless you.

      “WHAT THREAD THE DEVIL PULLS, THE DOLL WILL DO”. You can share this under other posts. Amen.

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      1. Anonymous says:

        I am ready to send you a whole book, write your address. True, it is in Russian, but the text is highlighted and can be translated in an online translator.


      2. Scarlett says:

        Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, wrote a book describing his plans to kill billions of humans. He is the one who said, “In 10 years you will own nothing and you will be happy”. All the things we see coming upon the earth, and dovetailing with the events described on the Georgia Guidestones, are being fulfilled in these prophecies. I know a little about human nature, and only artificially programmed people will be happy having nothing, and be happy. (or eating Bill G’s Green food stuff for that matter).
        It’s all been planned long ago; Satan just salivating waiting for just the perfect moment to strike at each opportune moment.


      3. Anonymous says:

        It really grieves my spirit that there is so much division in the body of Christ about ‘the mark’. How this has completely caused such great division and online brawls among believers.

        The church of Acts should be our prayer Acts 4:32 “Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul”. The truth of what this mark truly is ONLY comes from the source of the words that exposed it over a thousand years ago, God, not our “thoughts” or “feeling”. This only causes division. Let us strive to seek and hear Him as one body where we cant say, I don’t need the eyes because I have ears OR I don’t need hands because I have feet. Let us not bring our own “thought” to this but seek the truth and work collectively together as One body with many parts. This God did so that no one can boast. We can only function collectively as one body if we are of ONE soul with Christ. Not with our “thoughts”. Jesus only did as His father showed him.

        I just have a question. From your previous post Mark of the beast, you state the mark is sin. In this comment you state another physical mark is following the vaccine. Is there two parts to this?

        I pray God clears this confusion that is consuming the oneness of the body of Christ at present. It really hurts my spirit to see the lack of oneness but division. How some believers have already given up on the vaccinated like they are doomed for hell. The word states that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus while he is still found SHALL be saved. May God open our eyes that we be of one soul with Him, AND to only speak as he leads, not “our thoughts”.


  6. Kenny says:

    So this morning, i had a dream about forced vaccination, i struggled against this move but somehow my strength paled B4 this force, i was beginning to get really worried in the dream and i woke up, i had to pray immediately to cancel this on my person , only to check TMV to see the scene in my dream being described by celestial!!!

    May the good Lord keep his own, amen!!!


  7. Kenny says:

    Plus this vision perfectly makes sense, the LORD has confirmed it through another prophetess in Nigeria that the mark is indeed an harbinger or a forerunner to prepare humanity and kill Evey resistance they have whatsoever to the mark when it finally comes, she added that the vaccines is the DNA of the beast and it will perfectly bind the vaxxed to the DNA of the beast such that they will be a living expression of the beast. The cell imagery given here is a perfect graphic illustration of her prophecy.

    Her page is “happiness aibangbee” on Facebook.

    God bless you.


  8. Thank you Celestial for this post. People really need to discern and read clearly what you said. When the jab first rolled out, I was working in urgent care. I CANNOT stress how many times people came in AFTER getting the vaxx with unusual side effects. These have no cure and only should be handled by the Emergency Room.

    Truly these won’t be discussed by mainstream new media outlets or by a paid physician, advertisement. You’re jusy simply told, “Go get vaccinated!”

    Coughing up blood, body tremors and chest pain are the main three I’ve seen. Not to mention blood clots, dizziness, lethargy and near fainting.

    Countless times I heard patients say, “The second dose almost killed me.” I simply look at them and ask why did they even get it?

    -the government said to
    -my sister got hers
    -I want to be compliant
    -I want to get back to “normal”

    The list goes on and on but many who claim to be born again believers are taking the vaxx too without any thought of God’s DNA. Many have been on the “hush” about it & some very proud.

    Proverbs 16;18
    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

    I’ve told my own sister numerous times, I’m looking forward to life after this, as well as whenever we go to our Heavenly home.

    This is a time to pray and fast like never before. Many Christians don’t like to fast but it conditions you spiritually.

    God Bless us all!



  9. Sonya says:

    i’ve seen a shift in many people that have taken it.not all of the people that have taken it but many of them it’s like their brains no longer function on their own, they have a hive mind sort of mentality and repeat the same things-the same thoughts and ideas word for word in many cases. i’ve had some of my own (extended) family members calling for the death and or imprisonment of those that refuse the vaccine! people that i would have thought would never go that far!

    but if the vaccines bind all people to the beast what about the children, elderly and those that refuse it and fight against it and are given it anyway. i sure hope it doesn’t bind us to the beast in any way. i rebuke that beast in the name of Jesus may it never come near our spirits.

    i’m assuming your dream meant that the belivers that fought against the vaccines do not bind to the beast and the ones that gladly went after the vaccines did.

    i tell ya people are crazy over this vaccine—one lady i know was told by her doctor several times that taking the vaccine would be deadly for her because she has blood clotting issues and some other health issues.

    yet everyday she posts on FB how much she WANTS this vaccine and has tried multiple times to make appointments to take it! she’s been turned away several times (surprisingly!) but has another appointment with a different place next week to try again and get it. it’s absolutely insane


    1. Celestial says:

      The vaccine has spiritual power not just earthly, it’s clear. It has destroyed all critical thinking & even spiritual caution. Even before it’s put into the body there’s this deadly “pull” towards it. People are sneaking out to get it after swearing they won’t. Once they get it they’re vocal, almost violent, about how we all should take it. No normal meds do that. No-one who gets cancer insists everyone should get it too or go to jail. People are under a strong delusion, one of many to come. The house in this dream under the black line is the world under the vaccines. V’s will be forcibly given- to all. I’ve said that I saw even in the deepest jungle, hiding, somehow this electronic system will know where people are & inject them. Yet the hope from God is right in these prophecies but people seem not to see it. His words are clear- EVEN IF THEY HANDLE SERPENTS IT SHALL NOT HARM THEM. Read of Paul: Acts 28:1-6, Luke 10:19, Mark 16:18. God is saying clearly, EVEN IF THE SERPENT STINGS, long as you didn’t line up to take snakebite it won’t harm you. All the house was under the black line but the top wasn’t under demonic control like the larger group on the bottom. The line encircled them all but only 1 group was unmoved, unharmed. May the Lord be praised.

      See also:


    2. I have too Sonya. People I’ve warned with many videos and articles last year. They (those I know) definitely are experiencing memory loss. But the with the same lame excuse, “I didn’t have a choice” or “My job made me do it.” Unless you are held down by force then that is the only way.
      Whenever you receive any type of vaccine or medical procedure, you MUST consent to it. Even something minute as a dental cleaning, your signature means you agree.


  10. TOYAH BELL says:

    Of the beast… Same as Mark of the beast. They are one in the same as we are one in the same with Christ. Can’t go around taking a vaccine that changes DNA 🧬 and expect to enter the Kingdom of God. Uhh yeah, not gonna happen. And Yah is not the author of confusion.


    1. Anonymous says:

      As long as the Lord can still be found, there is hope for those who have taken the vaccine . We should pray instead for their salvation.

      Isaiah 55:6‭-‬7 “Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, And the unrighteous man his thoughts; Let him return to the Lord, And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon.


      1. TOYAH BELL says:

        Anonymous, there’s no hope for a nephilim. Don’t try to input scriptures for non human entities. Jesus Christ died for humanity, not someone who willing was deceived to take this vaccine. If you have read Revelation, you know it says the wrath of God awaits these hybrids. Can’t pray for demons. Their souls are eternally damned. Unfortunately, there’s no reversing or forgiveness for those who have taken this mark. Let he who have ears understand what the spirit is saying to the church.


        1. Anonymous says:

          If vaccines will be forced on everyone as prophesied on this blog and if the effects of it cannot be reversed and there is no hope, who will be saved? If God can make this vaccine like water or help his Children shake it off as did Paul with the serpent, could He not do it for those who repent? After all they become adopted sons of God just like you and me.

          Look at Jonah

          But the Lord said, “You have had pity on the plant for which you have not labored, nor made it grow, which came up in a night and perished in a night. And should I not pity Nineveh, that great city, in which are more than one hundred and twenty thousand persons who cannot discern between their right hand and their left—and much livestock?”
          Jonah 4:10‭-‬11

          Please be careful. The gospel is simple. Repent and live. The only time in scripture we are separated from God is when we sin:

          Behold, the Lord ’s hand is not shortened, That it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, That it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you, So that He will not hear.
          Isaiah 59:1‭-‬2 NKJV

          Romans echoes the same:
          For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
          Romans 8:38‭-‬39

          Christ became sin for us. Closing the gap that so separated us. Sin is the only thing that separates us from God. Christ took our place making peace for us so whoever believes in Him will be saved. As long as the Lord is still found, As long as His appointed time has not yet passed for his grace to cease, there is hope. His mercies are new every morning. Yes judgement is coming, but Christ loves his creation so much that even in the last hour He is sending out his two witnesses (us believers) to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth in the midst of Chaos. People who repent will still be saved.

          And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11 NKJV

          The blood and the word washes us from sin. Purifying us from darkness into his marvellous light.

          This is the unaltered Truth. Stay grounded in it. Remember it is by words Adam and Eve were deceived. There is so much “words” of deception arising from the shallow pits of hell contaminating the gospel of peace. Christ on the cross. Lets pray for discernment. Test every spirit by the rigours of the fire of the word of God. Truth will always stand true and not burn. If it burns, like this no hope doctrine, it is not of God. Christ offers hope. This is why he came. As long as He is still found, even in Chaos, and if one repents, their lives are hidden in Him. Lets keep praying for the unity of the church and for the salvation of all the lost sheep. May God bless you.


      2. Jobob says:

        I love that verse.. thank God for his mercy… I was lost and desolate but now I am found.. thank you Lord jesus… thank you😭


    2. Anonymous says:

      Hi Toyah.
      Are you saying that there’s no hope for a Christian who takes this vaccine? My Pastor has received the vaccine and his reason is so that he can still pastor the people in our church. Are there exceptions when it comes to the vaccine? Will God allow some people to take it and some not?


  11. lservey says:

    To any and all that will listen…she said it is part of the Mark, but not the full Mark. Jericho means “City of the Moon.” It was the demonic capital of the world with the largest demonic temple. When Joshua and the Israelites left it, Joshua cursed it that it would be built in the blood of the first born and youngest of the one who rebuilt the City. There is a similar curse on the kingdom of the beast. However, the sacrifices must be entered into the “temple” of the Lord (in other words us.) The foundation sacrifice is the blood of unborn children found in most of our foods (look up HEK sorry can’t remember the numbers after it) and the fetal tissue in all vaccines but especially this. The second part of the mark will contain the gate sacrifice which is the blood of the “firstborn” also Satan himself. You must have both parts to first lay the foundation and then to open the gate to full demonic sovereignty. They are restricting us from buying and selling to unveil a puppet they intend to promote as the Anti-Christ so that the true Anti-Christ will appear as a savior. It is all part of the deception.


  12. AMP says:

    Heard someone describe it this way: if the mark were a car, then the vaccine is the engine


  13. Marcos :-) says:

    Hello Celestial! I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed a drastic change in my dreams recently. In my relationship with God, I’ve noticed that the way He talks to me the most is by dreams or by incoming unexpected thoughts. Sometimes, I notice that certain dreams, by the context or spiritual feeling, are not of God, but of the enemy. Last night, there was a lot of warfare in my sleep. I’m having a lot of spiritual battles in my dreams, and I would like if you could please pray for me, because sometimes, I’ve had many dreams where Jesus tells me something very important, and as soon as I wake up, I forget parts of the dream, or I have partial memory of what He was trying to tell me. I’ve read in a post on the blog, that sometimes the enemy tries to “steal” your dreams from you mind after you wake up. So, I don’t know if this is what’s happening to me, because when God gives me a dream now, I only remember part of it, but fortunately, God is merciful that He reminds me some of it.

    For example, two nights ago, I dreamt that I saw a multistory building in Kabul, Afghanistan, and I saw a huge explosion in slow motion behind the building. The explosion was so big that it had shockwaves inside of other shockwaves, and it had shrapnel pieces flying outwards. The explosion was so intense that somehow it bent the sky like waves, I mean that the shockwaves bent the composition of the atmosphere, with the could and everything.
    Then I saw like a video image from BBC Farsi, stating who the perpetrators were, and I saw them with bazookas posing on a picture. Then, I saw like phone footage from a nearby building and women screaming seeing the explosion. It reminded me of the Beirut Explosion, but it was way more powerful. Then, as the dream continued, I perceived that something was disrupting the dream, and placing random stuff in it. When I woke up that morning, I heard on the news of the two Kabul explosion, and I remembered the dream.


    1. Marcos :-) says:

      I’ve also been having these weird, and hyper interactive dreams in which I feel that I can “freely” go to place in the dream, but I don’t like them, because the enemy usually uses those dreams to attack. But I know that this is something that I expected, because when the enemy goes against you, it’s because you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. And of course, at not time should we ever get out of God’s protection and communion with Him, because that is what holds our life together, no matter the attacks. Good night, Celestial 🙂


      1. Jobob says:

        I was fooled by a dream from Satan once.. it cost me dearly… back then I didn’t know he could give me dreams.. I prayed and asked God for wisdom and discernment… and now I see clearly when he tries to fool me… but my prayer for wisdom and discernment lateraled into my daily life also. This has been both a blessing and a curse tho. Cuz now I see all the fake people, users and narcissists that I had seen as friends before. life is a lot different… more lonely… but the upside is I talk to God more like a friend… aside from worship and reviling him..


  14. Marcos :-) says:

    Celestial, I have a question: what did the LORD mean when He said “But to some who shall handle dangerous serpents, nothing shall by any means hurt them.” I didn’t understand the part of handling serpents.


    1. Jobob says:

      Please understand brother.. celestial is on many different platforms apart from this blog… she can’t always answer all questions.. so she many times leaves it up to another brother or sister to answer for her. … as to your question… to handle a serpent is figurative… any poison or deadly thing the enemy tries to harm u with will have no effect if you are doing God’s will… we have power and authority in this world in his name. In his name we cast out demons, move mountains, no deadly thing shall harm u. Have the name of Jesus on the tip of your tongue ready to glorify him in word or deed. All power on heaven and earth is given to that name. The world and all that is in it was created by him.. hallelujah brother… glory glory to his name…. 👍👌

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Marcos :-) says:

        Amen brother! God bless! 😉


      2. YahisLife says:

        God bless you JoBob, you have a true love of Christ in you, i cam read it im your words, i can feel Jesus within your speech, its inspiring and my soul is more at ease knowing i wont be damned or weirldy drawn to the enemy if i am held down and forced to take this vaccine, Yah is great, He is all loving and i need to be less, so that He can be more in me, just as He is in you. May He bless you and keep you forevermore brother.


  15. paul costello says:

    Hi sister Celestial. First I want to say how much I appreciate your blog. I have an unusual request. Recently I received an email concerning America being take captive by invading forces. You referenced seeing people being led with their hands being zip tied. I was wondering if you can send that to me or tell me the title of that blog. There is a sister that wanted me share it with her and I can’t find it. God Bless you sister.

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m wondering if you’re referring to either the 1st or 2nd title listed below. You can use the search box below to find these.

      -The Valley Of Vision” – May 1, 2021
      -The Slavery Chronicles: America in Chains, Pt 2 – June 7, 2019
      -The Many Words of God, Pt 2 – January 13, 2020
      -Sedition & The Fall – July 30, 2020
      -Revolution At The Gates- October 20, 2019


  16. says:

    Do you do all these drawings and colouring yourself? If so, you are an artist as well. Thanks again


  17. H says:

    … Everything thag the LORD created in Heaven… satan is trying to use “knowledge” via technology to recreate here on Earth…

    In his own physical ability and spiritual influence…

    Read Revelations. Read Daniel. Read Jeremiah. Read Micah… for example…

    And see how amd why satan will use the beast(s) to create his sort of “heaven on earth” in “hell” form… as he does nothing with sincere positivity and intent.

    Imcluding… the morphing of mankind to genderless, sexless beings of existence… of a trans and hermaphrodite nature… asexual being of both sexes…

    If I had found one false or misleading prophetic experience to date on here… I’d be the first to call it out.

    I cannot. So much of what the Lord of Hosts has revealed to sister here… God warned me of, or gave me insights and experiences to see and learn the origins PHYSICALLY since a child… even in 2005 informing me to beware the coming president after bush… and he would be tan…

    I had never heard of Obama in my life before a few years later…

    And I was reminded… 16 years next month.

    Such as God sees fit, such as we are to do. Including to not fear, but have faith, be prepared, and be ready for whatever role we are assigned for His kingdom, even while still here on “his” earth…

    Amen. Even so, Lord Jesus come.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I was actually just wandering…what happens to Christians that willingly take this vaccine? Will they bind to the beast’s cells too? Will they be drawn to taking the mark of the beast when it arrivew? Will they lose their salvation if they take the vaccine? I know a few Christians whom have taken this jab and am concerned for them. Is anyone able to answer these questions for me?

    Thank you so much
    Keep safe and God bless!


    1. Luke says:

      Visit Sister “Happiness Aibangbee” timeline on Facebook and search her Posts for ” Question and Answer With the Lord…”
      There you shall see what the Lord JESUS CHRIST says about them (protect your precious Salvation).

      This generation is indeed blessed with Anointed Women who hear from God.



      1. Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for forwarding that information onto me. I’m so lost for words and my heart cries for every soul who has taken this vaccine, especially for all our brothers and sisters who were deceived and had eagerly and willingly received this vaccine, for whatever reason!

        I didn’t realize that you could lose your salvation by taking the vaccine. I knew it was evil, but wasn’t sure what the outcome would be for Christians who take the vaccine? A friend of mine (prior to her taking the vaccine), said; “It cannot change your DNA…God would not allow it”.

        This is much more serious than what most Christians think!

        Thanks again. God bless you and keep you during these trying times. May we stand firm till the end!

        Your sister in Christ,


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