DO NOT TAKE ‘THE PILL’ – March 28, 2022


“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him.

For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” (1 Corinthians 3:16- 17)

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” (Matt 6:13)

Today the Lord revealed a terrible agenda planned for Africa- Southern Africa is what He spoke of but even if you don’t live in those areas hear this word – take heed if you see details of this dream happening in a country near you. YOU (and your family) STAY AWAY if you see this near you; this is intended to exterminate people and create times of horror across this earth; the more people keep participating in it the worse it will be for everyone, even if we’ve managed to avoid it so far.

It is clear that by many deceptions, by many mass efforts of a rising Beast system building its Utopia will this world’s population fall into the crosshairs of the DRAGON. Millions are intended to be trampled [to death] by the Beast, on this blog are so many prophecies showing that by beheading and social credit scores, by online tracking, NWO police, HYBRIDISM, TRANSHUMANISM and many other hidden ‘devices’ the devil will make a continuous assault on the world population. And why? To take people away without repentance. To kill and destroy human life before a man has a chance to repent of his sins and be reconciled to his Maker. There is no end to the devices of the enemy, that’s why the Bible says “Do not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.” His endless demonic methods are always being revealed by Yah on this blog so He can WARN THE REMNANT.

God is practical because practicality helps people get past their endless sensitivities and offenses and takes them right to the heart of a matter. So if no-one said it in a sermon recently or brought it up on the endless Christian podcasts of our day, let us remember that that word “Remnant” we Christians love so much actually means WHAT’S LEFT. ‘Remnant’ means what’s left after the rest of something has been eaten away, used up, hunted, decimated, removed, destroyed or left for dead. Remnant means: “The last of a thing when the rest is GONE.”

Remnant in Bible terms especially means, what made it through the testing- what survived the plagues, pestilences, wars, mass incarcerations, martyrdom, mass murder and even the devil himself. It also means who survived the multiple needles that people keep putting in their veins, not knowing that this is making them candidates to be transformed into the “bestial men, savage men” of Revelation 6:8. That phrase “kill with the beasts of the earth” doesn’t only refer to wild animals, it means men who are like beasts, savage men who will terrorize this world along with more relatable troubles like war, economic collapse and disease.

Understand that Bible prophecy already laid down parameters for everything that will happen in the future, works like The Master’s Voice only color in the details so we can have better understanding of how this reckless generation shall be punished for its sin.

Vaccines and all things related to them should be fully exposed by now. We are TWO YEARS IN now. This should be old news but just as I saw in this dream, people will argue about things like PPE (protective coverings) and vaccines until society collapses. Even in a fallen and dystopian nightmare version of America, I saw that some people still clung to Fauci’s protocols, which honestly goes to show how deeply embedded the medical deception is already. 

Use discernment around the medical industry for your own sake- stop blindly following what the TV tells you because it will cost you, and we’ve not even entered into the true woes the Bible talks about. 

To those affected by this prophecy I hope you remember everything so when this thing shows up YOU DO NOT RECEIVE IT. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN IT. LISTEN TO THE LORD’S WARNINGS- Hide these words in your heart so you won’t be tempted to sin against God or yourself, but also so wicked people don’t poison you and your family. Prophecy comes to warn us, to prepare us and shut our hearts against wickedness so we won’t follow the devil. Africa – hear the word of the Lord and do not let your feet enter any path to self-annihilation. Amen.

This dream looked and felt exactly like “They Will Tear You To Pieces”. That was a most horrible dream and this one was 100% like it, except it was set in the nation of Botswana not New York.

I woke up too early today so after having some water I decided some extra sleep can’t hurt. I fell asleep and dreamt I was in Africa, Botswana specifically, heading with a joyous crowd to the national football stadium for a big match. It was the kind of game where the winner gets mega-bragging rights as well as a huge prize, probably a regional football tournament or maybe even the Africa Cup. The two finalists were not Botswana so many people had come in from other countries to watch the final; the city was flooded with African nationalities of all kinds- waving flags, beeping car horns and a lot of excitement as a great flow of people headed to watch this game.  

The sky was very dark, too dark for the middle of the day. No rain expected but personally I didn’t think that sky had anything to do with the weather. It’s what I call ‘the doom sky’, spiritual darkness; I see it in almost all the alien prophecies and the ones that deal with the real end of the world. It’s the sky we will all see when we get to the point where- as the Lord often says to me: “Celestial, those days will be the worst days mankind has ever seen, terrible times, times of weeping and intense grief, days when men will wish to die yet not find death to relieve their souls at all.” (Rev. 9:6)

The dream skipped forward suddenly to a moment I can’t forget. The game had ended suddenly and people were running out of the stadium. I didn’t run because I don’t like moving with crowds of panicked people- the risk of injury or even being trampled is too high. I sat with arms protectively around myself until the area around me cleared a bit, then stood up and started trying to find my way out. The field was covered with huddled groups, many upset on their phones, and a lot of people pointing towards a heavily cordoned off area. I saw police, the army and another type of military that can’t be African- the cops in all black from the New World Order visions I have seen.  

They look like SWAT but they are not SWAT. They are the New World Order military, loyal to no army, loyal to no country, loyal only to the One World Beast system of the end days. That’s who was with the Botswana forces, monitoring a heavily fenced off area at one side of the stadium. 

The dream skipped forward again and I was right in that area, standing right behind the soldiers and police with an unblocked view of what was happening. 

Under every stadium there’s an area for private parking, a one-level parking garage with large pillars and marked off bays surrounded by a strong chain-link fence. VIPs park on that level for safety and the whole thing is separated by that fence from the rest of the stadium. Thank God for that fence, because inside it was the most terrible, vicious, non-human fight I’ve ever seen. Even the cops and soldiers were scared, I saw them muttering among themselves as they held readiness positions outside the perimeter. Inside it, a crowd of about 300 people tore each other to pieces.  

I’ve never seen such violent, graphic “I’ll rip you apart” rage like that, ONLY in the prophetic dream “They Will Tear You To Pieces”. When I saw it today of course I didn’t remember the other dream (I was asleep)– so my shock was like it was the first time. Everyone there- local military, foreign military, me and all the people coming up from the field to look- was afraid at what was happening. You can’t see something like that and be okay.

About 300 people, men, women, youth (teens and young adults) were fighting so viciously that blood spread like a fountain at their feet because of how much flesh they tore. Blood flew everywhere and soaked everything as they ripped each other with teeth, fingernails and rained blows mercilessly on each other; people tore each other ’til small pieces of flesh stuck on hands, clothes, shoes and the cement parking floor. I was frozen as this horrible cold feeling filled my bones, I had only one clear thought: ‘These people have turned. They’ve changed, they’re not people anymore. They must have taken the pill!’ 

More people kept coming to see, only to end up screaming and crying as we watched over 300 people savaging each other like wild dogs behind the fence. They paid no attention to us- and thank God because if they’d broken out of that enclosure not a single one of us, military or not- had the strength to fight off that kind of powerful, violence. None of them screamed for help either –  not one pleaded or screamed at the cops for help, nothing. They didn’t want help, they only wanted to kill each other and from the way it was going I could see they’d do just that until only the strongest survived. It was like the movies- destroy ’til only one survives- and once that dawned on me I got out of that place.

As I was looking for an exit God gave me flashbacks of how this had all happened.

During the game people started acting aggressively: all over the stadium tempers flared as shoving, yelling and fights broke out for no reason. Each time stadium security came and got the main troublemakers and took them to the fenced area for safekeeping. Nobody wanted to miss the game, the police figured once the event was over they’d take a few people in and give them a warning. But something was wrong- one or two incidents turned to 10 and 20, then 50 and soon- way over a hundred. 

In the flashbacks I saw men just lose it and try to choke others in their seats- people got violent so fast and when others tried to stop the fights they received hard, knockout blows for touching the enraged person. Soon the lockup had over 200 people and the number kept growing until even on the field, the players couldn’t concentrate and the match had to be suspended.

Soon after that, like by a switch- the angry people turned on each other. Those near that area panicked when they saw the bloodshed and that’s how the stampede occurred. That filled in the gaps for me, all the parts that the dream skipped before I ended up staring at the kind of savagery that scared even trained police and soldiers. That’s when I said out loud: “This is caused by a pill!”

When I woke up I was so disturbed, then the Lord told me things and here they are for us all:

There will come some type of medication, a pill that people in Africa will be given/ offered as a type of immune system boosting pill. They’ll be told it’s for health, it’s for covid, it’s for a whatever they can fit under the general umbrella of IMMUNIZATION. Phrases like “immune-boosting”, “immuno-compromised” and “immunization” will be used a lot when this pill is introduced, just as they’ve strategically been used in Third World countries for years as a means to give people all sorts of negative things that cause sickness, death, even sterilization. Not everything given in immunization programs for poor countries has been true medication, and the proof is out there if you care to look.

Even light research will show some of these scandals that always end in hushed retraction of the medication, non-genuine apologies: “We didn’t know it would have these effects”– and so on. This even happened in Israel. These controversies go away but the larger intention behind them never does; the Lord revealed in the recent ebola prophecy what the intention is – to remove and openly reduce the population of African countries since many decades ago.

There is another prophecy where I saw vaccines being forced under the reasoning that Africans were all “immunocompromised” and had to take it: Forced Vaccines In Africa.

God showed me THERE WILL BE A PILL, a medication Africans will be offered, given, or even ‘strongly recommended’ (i.e. forced) by the powers that be, that they should take it as part of general world health protocols for IMMUNIZATION. The countries God named were Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Lesotho.

These countries will receive this pill as an alternative to vaccinations, being told “This is better than a needle for those who are scared of needles”, “This is more convenient”, “This can reach a lot more people”, ABC, XYZ. I may not know how can pill can be a vaccination but I add nothing to the message.


DO NOT TAKE THOSE PILLS WHEN THEY ARE INVENTED, they will destroy your inner person and make you a triggered, temper-filled, angry, blood-shedding savage creature-person who will lose its senses on an unseen cue and try to kill others. This is the third time God has shown some form of control to people caused by taking the covid-19 vaccines. Here are other witnesses:

Forced Vaccines & The Coming Of The Beast (scenes of people controlled by a magnetic force) 

The Fig, The Seeds & The Vaccines (black ‘seeds’ inside people that controlled how they acted)

As always, when I write what God has shown me, it should be clear I can’t take it back. No matter how it seems for this moment (this ‘moment’ of normal life where none of this seems possible), know the day is coming when all will be revealed- not because I said so, but because God insists on showing us a future that is impossible to conceive of or survive without the covering of the Lord Jesus Christ. If anyone has read John’s Revelation yet still thinks The Masters Voice is hard to believe, then respectfully, you did not really read the Book of Revelation.

I do not know any gentle, moderate way to put what I have seen; gentleness is not what God called me for but to be someone who will warn others by the Spirit about the things to come. STAY AWAY from what harms the body. The future will contain some time of dangerous pill that changes people and makes them extremely dangerous. Africa, DO NOT take any “one pill fixes all”immunity medicine, it will not be what it’s said to be. God said it will even cause sterility in those who take it and outrightly kill others as their body cannot absorb whatever is in it. For still others, it will wait inside their body as a “trigger”, just as I shared in that horrific Manhattan-based dream listed above.

This is The Master’s Voice. I will upload prophecies covered recently on video and those I still have.  God bless you, let us kindly share this information and also remember it for ourselves. Shalom.

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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Dear Celestial, this is heartbreaking. I just couldn’t sleep (it’s 1.30am here) and saw your notification come through. Southern Africa is my home, I live and move among the countries you’ve mentioned. May God help us. Let me finish reading I just had to make a quick comment because my heart lost a beat for a moment. Thank you for the message. God bless you.

    1. Elma Zanamwe says:

      I’ve finished reading and I will share widely. Thank you again for the message.

    2. Karen T says:

      Hi Celestial, is this the pill from your dream? It’s spelled p-a-x-l-o-v-i-d.
      It is available where I live from early February; and incidentally there has been a rise in cases of strange crimes since.

  2. Den Rhodes says:

    They already have such a pill I think.

    1. Mrs YahushasTrumpet says:



  3. Den Rhodes says:

    Promising news for Pfizer’s COVID pill

    An antiviral pill called Paxlovid has been shown to cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% for vulnerable people newly diagnosed with COVID-19, says its maker, Pfizer. Interim data, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, were collected from more than 1,200 people with COVID-19 who were at high risk of progressing to severe illness. The innovative treatment inhibits an enzyme known as the main protease (Mpro) that is integral to coronavirus replication. This is combined with ritonavir, an HIV drug, which helps to slow the breakdown of the protease inhibitor.

    The news follows the approval in the United Kingdom last week of another antiviral pill, called molnupiravir, made by Merck (called MSD outside the United States and Canada) and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics.

    1. Lisa says:

      I would not trust anything from Pfizer. Pfizer in German is death. Secondly their open page study showed 1200 test patients DIED. was a cover up. They cannot be honest openly they cannot be trusted. What are inside those little pills. Why are they not using proven treatments still????ivermectin, HCQ and others????why all the experimental new fangled drugs? I no longer trust big pharma for anything. Do you know the history? When medicine was in its infancy the chastised doctors that were using homeopathic remedies even threatened to revoke their license of practice if they did not conform to the ROCKEFELLER ways of chemical drugs aka big pharma. Almost sounds what is going on currently with doctors. If you do not conform to using experimental drugs and practices we will revoke you license. Just unbelievable. I will not go in a hospital right now. Frightened for my life. I will not take anyone else’s blood either. If in the event I need blood I will bank my own blood. Or know some to donate that has NOT GOTTEN the death dart. God help us all

      1. Den Rhodes says:

        Yes it is as you say. He deceived those earth dwellers by his pharmakeia.

      2. Den Rhodes says:

        And Trump and Putin and Xi are meant to be the only hope we have of stopping it all??? Hahaha. All 3 had no problem poisoning their people.

  4. Rod says:

    The scheming and evil never seems to end. Be sober brothers and sisters for the Lord’s return draws nearer. Our temples only need the Lord. Not all this garbage and filth they push. Gob bless you sister Celestial.

  5. Den Rhodes says:

    ALSO Merck has one that seems to fit your dream-

  6. Elma Zanamwe says:

    @Den, thank you for sharing. I’d not heard about it.

  7. Celestial says:

    For me what stands out and cannot be ignored is this: Modern medicine is increasingly being used as a delivery vehicle for experiments on the world population ON A MASS SCALE. It’s become a tool to test chimera potions and destroy DNA without the owner’s knowledge (though in millions of cases with the owner’s ignorant consent). This poses incredible risks and harm to humanity, therefore messages like this are warning sirens to everyone, even those who think warnings are foolish. By the pharmakeia of mystery Babylon are the nations deceived (and by extension), rapidly destroyed. Jesus asked if He would find faith on earth when He returned and I always remind us- Faith can only be found in a PURE HUMAN BEING of sound mind. Hybrids, nephilim, spirit beings and corrupted humanity that has turned into “otherlings” do not qualify. Amen.

    1. Deanne says:

      Every medical association has a snake and needle as their logo. That should warn all Christians. They show themselves constantly in their signs and symbols. I find pointing to simple things like that really get ppl to start thinking about the world around them.

  8. Jennifer Gailer says:

    Hi Celestial I’ve been reading the blog regularly and just shared with a ministry (friends) I have in Zimbabwe. Dr. Ian Ndlovu and his ministry. You should check him out sometime when u have time. Divine Kingdom ministry

    1. Ellen Korto says:

      Dr Ian Ndlovu pretty much promoted it & referred to “conspiracy theorists,” watch:

      1. Jennifer Gailer says:

        Yes when saw that video 7 months ago and was very disappointed. I hope in the meantime he has come to a more biblical understanding of these therapies

  9. Mark says:

    Celestial, you do not have to be poetic, you do not need to be kind or perfect in spreading God’s words of wisdom, of prophecy, of warnings. This is mean to be plain, scary and straight forward. The Times of winning over believers is over! God already know about hearts and our mind. He knows who will honor him and who will fall. Times of the end is now! So warn and speak the prophecies and let it go, for God is in control and it is not for us to totally understand. Celestial, just warn and let it be…..
    Thank you!

  10. Chinea says:

    I had a dream a couple months ago about them going from vaccines to the pill. This pill was made in a lab and the person who was carrying the pill had on a hazmat suit and the pill was in some type of packaging that I was able to see after it fell out of the lady’s hand. It looked like a purple capsule of some sort or if the pill was in the capsule I’m not sure but them the woman came out from the lab with the pill, I saw her take it out of some type of large cylinder thing. It has smoke coming from it.

  11. Magdalene says:

    Thank so you so much Celestial for this very important message. The Lord bless you always.
    I am from Southern Africa and my country Zambia has been mentioned here. I will definately share the message with family and friends.
    My country is actually a Christian nation but It is just surprising why our government succumbs to such. Just two weeks ago or so, there was an immunization programme against polio for children. I understand there’s an outbreak of polio but I personally have not seen that. I just heard it from those who were taking their children for immunizations.
    May God help us and open our spiritual eyes. I wish we had prophets like you in our country. I am so glad to be part of your prophetic channel. Thank you!

    1. Polio is rickets re-branded by Big Pharma to make more money, the root of all kinds of evil.

      Rickets is vitamin D deficiency. But Big pharma don’t make much money out that. I hate to think what the vaccines do to children.

      I had a nightmare as a child perhaps I was about 7 years old. I was falling through utter darkness I could not stop falling. But eventually I did. At the bottom was a serpent.

      I wonder if I had had the polio vaccine? I have no records to check as far as I’m aware.

  12. loriq says:


    Once again, your blog post answers questions I had regarding a dream/snapshot I had of the near future. In real life, my husband and I live in an RV park in one of the northern suburbs of Denver, Colorado. It is considered “rural”, yet the urban sprawl is starting to engulf this once thriving agricultural region. Our RV Park is always full. Vacancies are rare and the slots are always filled with many blue-collar workers: utility lineman, construction workers, oil and gas workers, and a smattering of traveling nurses, computer programmers and retirees. My husband is a master carpenter/general contractor, his work takes him to various locations in and out of the state. It is why we live in an RV.

    Ten days ago, I had a dream/vision/snapshot of the near future that I didn’t fully understand. I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. In this dream, it was daytime, noon. I was alone and decided to go outside and walk (as I do in real time). As soon as I opened the door, I noticed that the sky was “different”. The sky was darker, the air seemed heavier, but there were no storm clouds in the sky. Weird, I thought. The next thing I noticed was the RV park was at least 75% empty. This is highly unusual. Complete rows of RV’s were gone. I was shocked and hesitated for a moment, but then I decided I would still go for my walk. I walked about 200 yards when I saw a father and his son (about 8 years of age) on the right side of the road, standing in front of their RV. Ok. Then I looked to my left, and I saw a single male standing outside of his RV. He looked odd, feral even. I instantly turned around and started walking very quickly back to my RV. As I came upon my RV, the father and the young son had somehow materialized right next to my RV. They had the same feral look that the other man had on his face. Realizing that I was in trouble, I made a run for the door of my RV. Surprisingly enough, my husband (a devout Chrisitan in this life) somehow had come home, opened the door and pulled me in. The dream ended.

    Until I read this particular blog post, I had tried to figure it out for a few days, but nothing made sense. When that happens, I just hand it over to God and ask Him to show me the meaning and here I am. The savage beast men of Revelation 6:8 is what I believe I saw in this dream. At first glance, they looked normal. Upon further inspection, they were not. They moved so quickly, almost preternaturally. They were also extremely predatory; I knew that I had become the hunted prey in a split second. Also wanted to say that the people who look “normal” or “harmless”, AREN’T. The little boy was just as predatory as the adults. The sky you described, Celestial, is what I saw. There was no weather system, yet the sky was dark in the middle of the day. No clouds. No weather patterns. It was just heavy and dark. Weird.

    I thank you for posting this blog, Celestial. God always seems to lead me to answers I have about dreams, visions, Bible verses and other things that I may not understand. So, thank you and God Bless you and keep you safe.

  13. Mildred says:

    Thank you dear Celestial and may God continue to use you for His work. This prophecy is terribly disheartening but at the same time we thank God for the warning. I am from Southern Africa; although our country is not mentioned, we are greatly linked to South Africa in many ways as well as to the other countries you have listed. I will share the prophecy and may God help us and have mercy on Africa. May God help us in Africa to hear what He is saying.

    In spite of all the wickedness directed towards Africa over the years, I still say: God is good, all the time.

    By this opportunity, I just want to thank you for the many postings on the blog. The Master’s Voice blog contains a wealth of information and I have learnt a lot through the blog. May God bless you indeed

  14. Felicia says:

    Thank you sister Celestial. I read the blog message immediately I got the notification last night. Even though I was almost sleeping but I managed to read through. As an African Nigerian precisely I couldn’t sleep after, it’s so frightening and weakened how far people can give themselves up to fight God. Because this is really like fighting God. By destroying what God has made. I pray anyone reading your blogs and following the strong warning signs been exposed can humbly bring themselves down and lift Christ Jesus up so they can learn. Sometimes, I just wondered what else God can do for mankind? Nothing these wolfs in human form plans that is hidden. One way or the other, they get exposed. Just a small thing on our part to OBEY, yet people minds are just too harsh and hardened. May our heart be open to receive God words. Shalom!

  15. Lisa says:

    Dear blessed one. Not only the pill but the Pcr test. They are tainted with what they call smart dust. What they are called is thermagrippers. John Hopkins designed them they go up your nose and down to you stomach and intestinal track. They attach and release vaccine or aka graphen oxide. You can verify this. Also it has been brought to my attention the food supply shortage is man-made purposely. They will be tainting our food sources with graphene oxide as well. Bring a magnet to the stores. Buy organic and stay away from all processed foods. Poptarts type of foods, breads, TV dinner type of foods. At this point I would not trust frozen vegetables either. Buy local grown and fresh. Make your own bread. As far as meat test with a magnet. It is already happening. Already documented cases of magnetic meat. Buy from local butchers. My next concern would be our bottled water supply. It was my vision. When it was told to watch the water my thought went right to our drinking water. Please Heavenly Father on this day I pray to you with all my heart to save your children from Satan and his demons. We are cattle in his clutches. Dear Lord God Yehweh and Savior Yehshua I ask in your name to saves us from the terrors going on in this world. Please send down your angels to protect your children. Amen. 🙏

    1. Lisa says:

      My husband a pastor insists on taking my children for vac. Two of my girls took 1+2 dose Sinovac. I am helpless. And considering divorce so that he would not push for booster. Please pray. I am tired fighting this battle.

      1. Frank Bell says:

        Oh sister I am so sorry to hear this, your husband is not a pastor of Yahs’s flock if he is doing this. We will be praying for Yahuah’s divine wisdom for you in this. Shalom and blessings.

      2. Angels on their way.

    2. Mrs YahushasTrumpet says:

      Dearest Lisa, Yes sister!! You’re 💯 correct on every word!! All this evil science has been proven & documented again & again yet so many just don’t want to believe every bit of technology is in the V (MOB) already, in pills, water, food, etc.

      Both my husband & I have been permanently disabled, me handicapped too, in chronic severe pain for 20+ yrs on plethora of RXs for decades. But knowing what they’re doing, quit ALL cold turkey at Christ JESUS’ feet Sept 30 2021, GLORY HALLELUYAH TY JESUS 🙌 When He said, “Done, trust Me!”. We’re on SS disability only & knew soon, no Drs, no access, no income, but will never lose our 👑 & place in His Kingdom. All our physical strength & fixed income has gone into growing at home inside & on little space outside of our leased land plot in senior mobile home park, canning fresh stuff, dehydrating, making diy water filtration system, etc. And praying over every little thing we get before coming into our home or mouths. It’s much darker, more advanced & further along than most could ever fathom!! I just praise our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ for revealing truth to us through Holy Spirit, no matter how much it hurts, hubby & have lost EVERYONE, (5 adult children, 7 grandchildren, all family, church family, etc) the truth does set us free!!!

      God bless you dear one, strengthen you & give you peace🙏💪⚔️🕊️❤️ We soldier on exposing this darkness, hopefully awakening many!! SELAH 🙏❤️

      1. elfmom55 says:

        Mrs Yahushua, I just now happened to watch this vid and fwd it to contacts AND saw your comment. If you eat food or drink water watch this!

        1. Debbie says:

          @ELFMOM55 Lord bless you & I thank you for leaving video. Definitely will watch. Probably have seen it already as I follow call for an uprising.

        2. elfmom55 says:

          Sorry, they took it down almost immediately!

        3. Debbie says:

          ELFMOM Praise God I was able to watch already. And yes, this video was new, but have been watching them for a while now. Exactly why I stated in my comment we grow our own stuff, can, dehydrate, filter all water with homemade gravity DIY Berkey system, bake everything from scratch at home etc. Very aware of what’s in our foods & water. Mass genocide per Georgia Guidestones. God bless!!🙏❤️

        4. elfmom55 says:

          Don’t know how or why but vid is back up.

  16. Odwa says:

    Thank you Celestial. God gave me a similar message (which I’ve shared) in August 2021, about the pill that’ll be introduced here in South Africa. He made it clear that it will *kill* us. I’m grateful to God for these warnings.

  17. Av says:

    Thank you so much sister for sharing about the pill l had not heard about it before but now I know. And it really fits well with the other communication of they will tear you to pieces so am sharing them both on other groups for emphasis. Thank you once again.

  18. lstemarie says:

    There’s already many COVID pills to replace the current injectable vaccine. God help us! I knew that the Holy Spirit revealed to me over 2 years ago not to do testing, take a vaccine or participate/comply in the beast system for any reason. Please seek God and His wisdom and guidance in these last days 🙏🏻

  19. Maggie Nghatanga says:

    Celestial, thank you for this is a powerful warning. I thank God for using you, His servant, to bring this message to our nations. We will indeed share this message and pray that many people will read it. God is Supreme and in control. He is with us and will save us from many evils and human wickedness (Isaiah 43: 1-3.) Believers on our knees for Africa and pray for our survival . God is good! Bless His holy name.

  20. Kakou says:

    Hello Heavenly Sister I go through the prophecy when suddenly I got an image of a movie called this name THE CRAZIES I do not advertise their predictive programming, but at this event there is a baseball game where the city attends, all seems normal, people Rue, comments the match, when suddenly there is a man scratching on the base, everyone knows him as a person who drinks a lot of alcohol, it seems like elsewhere, the sheriff decides to go to this gentleman, when he approaches this man disconnected is armed, this coming down immediately by the sheriff, it was the trigger of a whole city that had been poisoned by water, was enraged, started killing, beating, kidnapped… They made a lot of movies as his or her people were activated by their phone they became fierce, hunter… God help us the times are bad.

  21. tinie baars says:

    dank je wel voor de waarschuwing

  22. Rachel Casselman says:

    I commented on the video about the fig, the seeds and the vaccines on YouTube. On 10/6/20 I had a dream that myself and a group of people were running from zombies, very fast violent ones. It cut forward in the dream, we were in a wealthy person’s home that seemed to be abandoned we were looking for valuables, food, medicine, etc. I was rummaging through a medicine cabinet and picked up a prescription bottle and as soon as I did EVERYONE started screaming, “PUT IT DOWN! THAT’S THE COVID VACCINE, THATS WHAT TURNED EVERYONE INTO ZOMBIES!” This was before the actual vaccines even came out I was very confused about the pills and why it was a prescription bottle. But again this message from the Lord is confirmation to what He’s shown me as well. I don’t get dreams often but this one I wrote down in my journal.

  23. Manda says:

    This is crazy it reminded me of what happened maybe 2 months ago in Mexico. It was also a soccer game the team was Atlas and I forgot the name of the other team. My friend was the one who told me that the people turned violent instantly and it seemed like it was hundreds of ppl at it. The governor claimed there was supposedly only injuries but my friend was able to find videos before they got deleted where ppl were dead and she told me in 1 video therly were killing this man even after he was dead laying there with his head popped open like a watermelon there was someone screaming telling him kill that dog! Savage like behavior. They did this in front of children without caring that they were watching what was going on .since that incident the Mexican Soccer league is taking precautionary measures so that something like this doesn’t happen again and they’re checking the ppl and players for weapons. What I know is MX is really really pressuring the citizens and this includes children to be vaccinated. In my opinion from what my family in Mx and what I see on MX news is it looks like to me like they’re pressuring their citizens more than the American government & the ppl are very obedient & very trusting.

  24. Manda says:

    ATLAS VS Querétaro

  25. Darlyn Newman says:

    I believe it. The Father is warning those that are His. Praise be unto Yah – TMH!

  26. Beka says:

    These pills may be the new anti Virals being released, Paxlovid and molnupiravir.

    I’m from New Zealand and the government here will have Paxlovid available by prescription from next week. They state: “The antivirals will be given to immunocompromised people and others assessed as vulnerable (including those not having completed a full course of v’s) soon after a C 19 diagnosis”.

    “Pax” (Latin) is defined as a period of peace, eg: Pax Romana, meaning Roman peace. It is also a tablet decorated with a sacred figure (as of Christ) and sometimes ceremonially kissed by participants at mass.

    Scriptures 1 Thessalonians 5:3 and Matthew 24:24 come to mind.

    I’ve refused the V’s and this prophecy is confirmation to me to never take the pills either. Thank you Celestial.

    1. Scarlett says:

      I feel strongly lead to post this video that just became available a week ago from Rumble, on the Stew Peters show. It was research done in depth by Dr. Byron Ardis. Even though he is a DC, he has completed a massive undertaking in researching this, which before it’s release on Stew Peters was carefully vetted and researched by a private qualified professional. The unthinkable result was the conclusion the “virus” which isn’t a true virus, and the “vaccine” which is not a true vaccine is SNAKE VENOM from the King Cobra, and another highly venomous serpent, which has somehow been tragically incorporated into the “virus”….. these vaccines, pills,(Remdisiver), and even our drinking water from the tap, and only God Himself knows what else. I suggest reading and listening carefully for your edification and discernment.

      1. JennyWren says:

        Celestial snake venom is nothing new. Around d 30 years ago research was being done with snake venom for antihypertensiva so yes Sorcery

        1. Scarlett says:

          The anti-hypertensive Lisinopril is one of those derived from the Brazilian Pit Viper. Has lots of damaging side effects, one of which is damage to the kidneys. Touted as safe, but it’s not. Hence, multitudes of deaths and law suits against the maker.

    2. Thank you very much. It is written ‘They dress the wound of My people with very little care, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace at all.’

  27. xs says:

    From Pfizer to luzifer –
    Moderna – EDOM RNA?

    1. JennyWren says:

      Yes Scarlett Lisinopril with that annoying cough is an allergy to the snake venom that they love to market to black people

  28. Charlotte Beale says:

    These lands are the lands of the Bantu, the 12 tribes of Isreal that still reside in the Holy Land, the real True Holy Land not the land that they want you to think is the Holy Land. Our Father wrote on the wall with his finger in the Xhosa Language, a Bantu Language. The customs of these Bantu people are that of the children of Jacob in the Bible. They are trying to kill the remnant of the 12 tribes that are on the Continent. This just hit me.

  29. Skyeblue says:

    Ophirex | Lifesaving Antidotes. They are working on a pill to fight covid. It’s in development now. it’s derived from snake venom. I believe this is the pill, it’s not ready yet. but this blew my mind when I saw this. Im a chemist and work in the pharmaceutical industry. I keep my eyes open to see what’s going on. Just thought people might be interested.

    1. Magdalene says:

      @Skyblue, you are a genius!

    2. Celestial says:

      What if there are many pills? Isn’t that how they deceived and trapped people with vaccines- first making Moderna seem a safer bet, then also making J&J- “Look! It’s even better, a single dose!” What if it’s multiple pills- see how many different types have been mentioned in previous comments already. Multiple pills under multiple banners, differing only in terms of the markets they’ll be released in (Asia, Africa etc)? We truly need God’s guidance because the enemy can use multiple doors to “cattle drive” people to the same destination.

      1. They are all poisonous neuro-toxins if they are anything at all, most Big Pharma drugs are just that. And most of it has to do with the love of money as usually the case.

        Look for the nitrogen in the chemistry. Nitrogen is of the night in a sense, the dark.

    3. elfmom55 says:

      This is a new doc that came out last Mon. night. Dr. Ardis discovered they are using Cobra and Kraite snake venom in these demon juice jabs. They can replicate it This is explosive. There are 3 more I’d like to post with more confirmations and info but not sure if I am allowed to post all of them.
      Watch the Water

      1. Celestial says:

        You can post a few links but the reason I ask that they be kept to a minimum because I do not have time to vet even 10% of links people share here. I do not want TMV to become a place where people click links to stuff that then leads them astray. One link is OK for me. God bless.

        1. hi2584733592020 says:

          Hello, it seems that there are signs of Marburg and acne on me

    4. Scarlett says:

      The antidotes listed by Dr. Ardis so far are NAC, Zinc, Quercetin, Vit D-3, Vit-C, Copper, Budesonide, (a steroid); and surprisingly…. nicotine, monoclonal antibodies, and some others I can’t remember off hand.

      1. Yes. However, a simple reminder is in the name Covid 19. C Or VItamin D. Stress on the capitals.

        19 is atomic number for potassium, K the letter used on the periodic table. There are two numbers, 1 and 9, hence K-2 which is recommended to go with D-3 to reduce possible calcification, i.e furring of the arteries. But you can get K-2 from food fairly easily.

  30. awakeansee says:

    “Africa’s top public health body is in talks with Pfizer to secure supplies of its antiviral Paxlovid pills for treating Covid-19, its director said on Thursday.

    Paxlovid is almost 90% effective in preventing hospitalisation and deaths, and data suggests it retains its efficacy against Omicron, Pfizer has said.

    “We are in discussions with Pfizer to see what can be done to make the [Paxlovid] drugs available and accessible on the continent,,” said John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ”

    Paxlovid a covid Pill has many side effects.

  31. gregoryk says:

    there is a speech from the 2022 McCain Conference on youtube that is about “Brain Computer Interfaces” and seems very highly related to this prophecy

    on 7:25 for example they speak of “non-surgical neuromodulation inhalables ingestibles deliverables … that can then be segued to where they have to go in the brain and form literally vast arrays of sensors and transmitters to be able to real time and remotely read from the living brain and write into the living brain”

    or on 32:17 “we might give you a pill that you take that laces you with conductive materials that enable us to then develop a brain computer interface inside you without the surgical option …”

    and this is the related darpa project called N³

    i think all the pills, sprays and injections they give to people are there to build a BCI inside of us like an antenna directly connected with out brain, after that they will only have to send a signal to hijack our brains and make us aggressive to one another.

  32. LoriQ says:

    Celestial- I hope you are doing well, Good and Faithful servant of Our Lord. May you have a safe, wonderful Christmas Holiday with your friends and family. Time is so very short as many prophecies continue to unfold.

    In God’s infinite grace,

  33. Pamela Albright says:

    Ditto from me too Celestial! I trust You’re well and all dear to You.

  34. Thomas says:

    Hi Celestial
    Thanks a lot for all your work. I really profit a lot from your teachings as they are clear and very motivating. I wonder if you could make for us a video on how to pray better and how to get easier in contact with God / hear His voice.
    Thank you so much.

  35. Marcquez Parker says:

    Celestial what you describing was in the kingsman Church fight scene. About Violent people. Here is the link:

    1. MaryLeah says:

      Well, that was unsettling…

  36. Penny says:

    Proverbs 30:6

    Do not add to His words Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.

    Colossians 1:9

    For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,

  37. Akua says:

    Celestial haven’t seen you in a while I pray you are okay. I relocated to SA in July from NY. No matter where we go our only salvation is in Mashiach. I am sharing with friends who live here. I pray they read and remember this warning. Shalom.

  38. Duntic says:

    Prophetess, my names is Duntic Munford, and I can really see and feel the anointing of God your life, I’ve recently started viewing your blog and your prophecies on TikTok, Oh my God I’ve seen the same thing. However, I would like you to pray for me and ask the Lord what is the reason for the stagnation with my music. There’s a long story with it but I believe he’s directing me because I can never put it down although I’ve tried, I’m sending link to the latest thing that I’ve done, and if there’s any word from God, please get back with me to give me the word. God bless youProphetess.

  39. LoriQ says:

    Long article on Synthetic Biology written by a fellow Christian, Celeste Solum. Interesting. Felt compelled to post.

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