UFOs & Aliens: A Warning – June 1, 2021

*This is a teaching, please read it all and focus on the theme and scriptures. God bless you.

The Bible tells of how the Galatians who were blessed with the ministry of Paul became fools, men who received the gospel of Jesus with gladness like those in Mark 4:16-17 but later cast it aside for deception. They heard of eternal life and forgiveness of sins, they heard about grace and yes they received truth with gladness. At first.

Later they became sown with FOLLY, tares fell among their wheat and made them foolish. In the end Paul came back to find his thriving church following some other pattern than the one he left them to build with and how that must have hurt. It’s always painful when you work so hard for increase and still the vines grow wild.

Not a man to mince words he called them fools and they were, for a fool is one who hears of a free gift and then asks the price. A fool is one who receives lasting truth that is simple to walk in but along the way begins to create other explanations for his condition, he cultivates views that destroy the original premise he started with. It is the tragedy of our generation that it is rife with fools and I say this with no regrets; I’ve said it long before I started this work and nothing in my years of life have ever disabused me of this observation.

Fools will miss the narrow way precisely because it is intended to weed them out and expose them; the narrow way is a test more dangerous than Gideon’s men lapping water to see who will go home.

The narrow way is how God separates truth from lies, proud from humble, wise from foolish; it is where we’re meant to weed out error and repent. These days the separation happens mainly in the realm of IDEAS, i.e. what every man believes. It’s not surprising that the battle to enter Heaven has always been in the mind first, after all if a man cannot believe on Christ as Lord he will never confess with his mouth and be saved (Romans 10:8-13). It’s not that God has set us up to fail and it’s not that He doesn’t love fools- it’s that His narrow way will automatically turn aside anyone of an unclean body OR mind. We know that the highway of holiness rejects those with an unclean body but I wonder if we pay the same attention to weed out the unclean ideas hiding in our minds?

This I know, up til the very minute Jesus appears to take His people home someone with a deceived mind will make a decision that costs them eternal life; that’s just the tragedy of humanity. Seeing they do not see, being fools they profess themselves to be wise. (Romans 1:21-22)

“O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Who turned you aside from obeying the truth, you whose eyes were so blessed to see the painted picture of how the Lord was crucified? Tell me, did you receive the Spirit of God by the works you do, or by hearing what He did for you and putting your faith in it? Have you now come to a place where what began as Spirit will be completed by flesh? Are you that foolish and were all the things you suffered for this Gospel IN VAIN?” – (Galatians 3:1-3)

Paul had every reason to be upset. There is a habit in humanity- all of us- to start well and end foolishly. You see it in children all the way up to the elderly. A task given and explained is ever at risk of not being finished to specification unless the GIVER of the task routinely passes by and keeps an eye on it, making sure the blueprint is being followed so that the end result comes out right.

In the case of our salvation the task is daily sanctification and the deeper knowledge of Christ. The overseer is the Holy Spirit who works hard to see to it that we always keep the narrow way. Yet by the choices we make- what we choose to follow and listen to- we can easily separate from the Holy Ghost and end up in the arms of lies, either fully walking in them or harbouring them in the most crucial areas of our so called faith. Lies are harmful. They are LEAVEN. They dull the mind and make the outworking of the Image of the Lord Jesus Christ of none effect in us. You can never look like Jesus if you are deceived; deception is the food of satan and you will only end up looking like him.

Beware of that. Beware of thinking your face shines with light when in fact it’s dulled up with darkness, with ideas that negate the very fact of who you are in God’s sight.  We are entering the season where God will reject everything that doesn’t look like Him and if you are still confused about basic principles like who God is, what we are, and what is in store for the Body of Christ then I advise you to go back to your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you from scratch without filters.

Jesus didn’t die for you to call yourself anything but a Man. He died for men and the sin of men- that is the heart of the Gospel. We are not angels, our daily need for repentance should be the first and most obvious sign of that. There are no angels down here except for the ones being punished in various locations of the earth; there are also other beings hiding in ‘human’ bodies waiting for the day of their wicked revelation to the whole earth but we are not part of them.

We are not a fairies and we are not trolls. We are not Nephilim, “star seed”, ascended masters or anything more than animated dust that needs food, sunlight and regular trips to the bathroom to function properly. We are weak and utterly dependent upon the breath of God to keep us alive in every respect. And this is the majesty of humanity.

That in this condition, born blind and dependent (unlike angels who have no parents but were created like trees or rocks), even though we are PURPOSELY made weak we are still the chosen vessels of the Lord! He chose not to reside in angels but to deposit His Spirit in MAN. ‘For there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty, gives it understanding’. (Job 32:8) God does not reserve seats at His table to welcome angels home. Angels are servants who wait on God and His people so if you want to be one of them you’ll have to get up from the coveted seat of being a co-heir with Christ and go stand with the rest of them in eternal service, for the angels of God inherit nothing.

As I continue this series I am not Paul. I am Celestial and there will be no punches pulled in saying what God has shown me or correcting fantastical mindsets that visit these pages. God set a word in my mouth like a sword to uproot lies so that people can repent, so they can wake up to where we are, so they can find courage to  face the days ahead with the right perspective.

Therefore I am here to tell the lost, all who say they are wise yet have become corrupted with Solomon’s gospel – which is to run after ideas and revelation to the point where you confuse yourself and are at risk of joining the Galatians as a fool- there is no seat at God’s table for angels.

There is no seat at the wedding supper for star seed. There is no seat for the sons of the fallen in any of their manifestations, for Christ is our example and He does not break bread with demons. It was the weakness of men He had compassion for: He ate with them, went to their houses and endured their clueless conversation. He led them into revelation so they would repent and choose eternal life. But He had no space for anyone with delusions of grandeur; He made that clear with the Pharisees and I will make that clear every time I come here to preach in His name.

There is RAMPANT DECEPTION out there offering people ‘early greatness at no cost’ and it’s for this reason that many reject the Gospel. They don’t want to wait to be great. Why listen to a storyline that makes you weak when you can spend hours listening to documentaries that help you trace your lineage from star gods? Indeed PRIDE has gone out like a mist into the souls of many and now they follow teachers of a new ‘gospel’:

You can be Christian and a witch. You can be Christian and love Wicca. You can be saved and polygamous, saved and gay, saved and non-binary. You are a god.

Today’s deceptions are like the tide of the sea for multitude but what does God say about this? The Bible says ‘Let this mind that was in CHRIST be also in you’, but have you looked at your thoughts lately to see if they look like the mind of Christ? Have you? Or are you going to walk around believing lies and think you will take them to Heaven?

Warnings against False Teachers

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.” – (1 Timothy 4:1-2) [NLT]

The Holy Spirit tells us in plain words that in the last days some people will turn away from the faith. They will listen to what is said about spirits and follow other teachings about demons. Those who teach this tell it as the truth when they know it is a lie. THEY DO IT SO MUCH THAT THEIR OWN HEARTS NO LONGER TELL THEM IT IS WRONG. – (1 Timothy 4:1-2) [NIV]

Here’s another way to read that: When we get to the most crucial years of all, the very last days when the stakes are highest for the souls of men, that’s when some people will cast away the solid foundation of JESUS that they always walked on and begin following and entertaining the most dangerous lies about DECEIVING SPIRITS AND THE DOCTRINES OF DEMONS.

At the time men should be watching out for their immortal souls the most (so that they won’t lose them), they will instead flock off the beaten path that would have saved them! Whereas their fathers succeeded in living right and have now gone to be with the Lord, dying with the hope of glory and a right confession of faith on their lips, their sons will follow men of NO GOOD CONSCIENCE, liars whose ability to discern their own lies has been utterly burned off by a hot iron. These ‘teachers’ are hypocrites who absolutely believe the lies they tell; they cannot tell the difference between truth and lies anymore and so teach with a sincerity that ensnares the blinded captives who listen to them.

This scripture is fulfilling itself faster than ever before. New teachers are telling people they are ‘more than they are’– not quite human- there’s a little extra twist. It’s no longer enough to be a descendant of the first son whom God loved so much He sent the second son to die for his sin.

Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, so also death was passed on to all men, because all sinned. – (Romans 5:12)

And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. The first man was of the earth, MADE OF DUST; the second Man is the Lord from heaven. As was the man of dust, so also are those who are made of dust; and as is the heavenly Man, so also are those who are heavenly. And as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly Man. – 1 Cor. 15:45-49

God in His careful design gave us all truth to walk in but it is no longer enough for some people. The life of dust comes first, after that we shall be changed into an eternal form which carries its own glory as Paul told us (1 Cor. 15:40, also v42- 44). A weak and perishable form do we have now, yes!- but not forever, and this is the glorious hope we live for- the new body, the new man- not a fake mingling of angel and man in order to feel special and ‘extraordinary’. It is enough for most of us to learn we are the object of love so great that an even greater sacrifice was made for our sakes in the form of Jesus death on the Cross.

But for others, too many in this world– the story needs more pizzazz. It’s too simple to say “God so loved the world that He sent his son to die for us”. It needs to be ‘God loved the world yes but IN THIS WORLD some of us are “special”; we are angels in men’s bodies, we are ascended seed, we are A-B-C down here waiting to be free of our chains, we having a “human experience”.

I am here to simplify it for any who loves truth, using the same gospel that was good enough for Paul. Our chain is SIN.That’s what fights us while we are in these bodies (Romans 7). It’s not that you’re a star seed lost from your planet, caught in earth’s orbit but awaiting a Saviour to free you. It’s simpler than that. You are a sinner who can never do right unless the power of God enables you to do it. So am I. Our “experience” is to come into the world as Adam and Eve and see if we can make it to Heaven without God OR without the mistakes they made. So far no one has managed it yet. Only Jesus, the perfect, sinless sacrifice given by a perfect, sinless God as a free gift to a race of men chained by SIN. The gospel is nothing more complicated than that.

The ideas now are as laughable as they are tragic- the  tragedy being that there ARE INDEED many beings that will inhabit men’s bodies in the end. Some are down here already. The only difference is, they’re not thinking about God at all. They don’t mediate on scripture or wonder when they will be free to ‘return to light’ or whatever nonsense the documentaries promise. They have a very simple goal- to rip humanity to pieces when at last they can reveal themselves. I have taught this all over this blog yet I still see some wanting to become the very abominations God warns about.

O foolish Galations, who indeed has bewitched you?

I will tell you this. If you are not flesh and blood you will never inherit the kingdom of God. The sacrifice and agony of the Cross was for MAN. The blood that flowed was shed in a man’s body for the forgiveness of the sin of MAN. It doesn’t include angels. Christ didn’t die for Nephilim, of which they are like the sand that covers the shores. God speaks of these creatures with so much disdain and when He shows them to me my heart wonders how we will ever stand against them when they reveal themselves.

Jesus Christ did not die for anything not made in His image, so right now before I proceed I will tell everyone flatly that if you believe yourself to be anything more than the low dust from which God shaped men and women- YOU HAVE NO PART IN CHRIST JESUS.

If you believe anything contrary to what the Bible teaches you are not walking in truth.

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. – (Galatians 1:8)

If you have begun to accept any new belief except what Scripture says you are burning the foundation stones of salvation, and nothing good can come of that. Angels, part-angels and all fallen are NOT included among those who can confess their sins and return to the bosom of God. You don’t know God at all if you think He who said “Kind must mate only with kind” would bring immortals down here, encase them with flesh, then loose them into our population and sit back to see what would happen. Such foolishness.

GOD IS NOT ABOMINABLE AND HE DOES NOT PERFORM ABOMINATION. The endless false narratives nowadays deny Him and people can’t even see that! No man should think he can be anything but a MAN and still have fellowship with Jesus. Never. Sons of Tammuz, daughters of Lilith and all the half-angels out there hear me well:

Christ is a blazing light ONLY TO MEN, therefore those who fellowship with Him must agree to walk in the light of the gospel AS IT IS.

In Him was life, and the life was the LIGHT OF MEN. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. – (John 1:4-5)

If you need to be otherworldly then Jesus is not for you. If you need more excitement than the Bible, Enoch, Jasher and all the works of Josephus can provide for you then… you’ve likely lost your place in the narrative. No one can emulate Satan in his “fallen” narrative and still call God Father. The Holy Seed of God in mankind has nothing to do with Belial, Satan or the Iron Kingdom of crushing death that is coming to earth. 

This is the Great Deception at its core. Where man is enticed to grasp for more than he is, until he either welcomes the iron that will mingle with clay or he thinks he IS the iron mingled with clay! Yet both are abomination before God. God has said some of us will welcome the ‘others’ to live with us, some will be so reprobate they will even sleep with them and bring back the same race of Giants and OTHERS as plagued this world before.

God says sexual joining will happen between strangers and humanity as abomination, just like the days of Noah- how then can anyone imagine God is the author of created “entities” set among us as ‘men’? Let us mature in the basic doctrines and move on to become teachers as Paul has said, we do not have time to be breaking our own foundations like children.

See: Strange Flesh; Rivers In The Street Pt 2

It’s bad enough that so many people will do this but these beliefs have no place in God’s people. This is what happens when we don’t seek God for revelation, we let the History channel and YouTube puncture the helmet of our salvation in these crucial last days. Then when we are filled with leaven we get up from the table of demonic doctrines and approach the altar to say “Come Lord Jesus come.”

Beware, because judgement begins at the house of God.

This what many wish for and will welcome. (See: The New Man).

THIS is what the scriptures hid in Daniel, the seed of ‘iron’ mingled with clay. TRANSHUMANISM, the new wave of ‘humanity’ which the fallen ones will push for when they get here. Don’t die old! Don’t die full of disease and pain! Why die at all? COME AND GET NEW LAMPS FOR OLD, come let us fill you with boneless metal that never wears out, come let us replace your earthly weakness with new dimensional wonders that will enhance your life indefinitely. We are your fathers. We are your gods. We have come that you may have life eternal, and that more abundantly.


We are the Holy place where the Spirit rejoices with singing, Mankind, YOU! ME! Weak but precious, we grow old but we are loved and carried to our grey hairs. Now snakes have come hissing that we are ‘something more’, we are this and that, and the pride of life makes people gather to them nodding in agreement: ‘It makes sense. That’s why this verse says this and the other says that! I am a god!’

My labour will not be wasted on this earth.

After crying aloud for years in warning I declare that my work will not be burnt up. NOBODY who sees these things as God has exposed them will stand before Him still clinging to lies and say ‘But God, I didn’t know.’ God has warned and is still warning, let those who have ears to hear- hear.

If God was content to have angelic seed join to man why did He promise to return and smash that final kingdom which would be the worst of them all- the kingdom of IRON AND CLAY? A kingdom where demonic entities and their technology will cleave to the temple of the human body? Why of every kingdom on the statue did Jesus choose to return and destroy that one?

How dangerous are the games this End Time generation plays, young and old. Deception is why they will chase the Beast’s kingdom which is the one John and Daniel spoke about (Revelation 13:4, Daniel 2:43) The thing that is coming to destroy Man is the thing Man wants to be. The literal IRONY of it.

When these things happen in front of us how great will be the crying as God constantly says in these prophecies. All over this blog it is repeated: You who loves them and longs to be of them or mixed with them, how terrible it will be for you when they actually arrive and show Man who they really are.

As for me I will be NOWHERE around them; God knows His own and I am thoroughly convicted of being one of His own. There is no leaven in me, only grace to speak the truth.

*I always teach before I start any series which is stranger than what we see in the surface of the Word. Not seeing things obviously written doesn’t mean God didn’t conceal it there and warn us of it, now is the time of warning to save lives. This site contains nothing to feed any delusion. Here you will hear the gospel as God has spoken it in times before; you will gain access to the parts that have been hidden from us so you will not be a sitting duck in the days of exposure which are coming. Then you will have to decide whether the truth as God says is it good enough for you or not. Either make the tree good and the fruit holy, or chop down the whole thing and throw it into the fire. 

I am Celestial and this is The Master’s Voice. Even so Lord Jesus, come.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said. I’m am thoroughly blessed by this post. As we get closer, I am beginning to be a lot more bold in speaking about Christ. I am dumbfounded at the amount of Christians who don’t want to hear or talk about the times we are in. Their mindset is that they are going to be raptured out of here and not have to endure or even see anything of this nature on earth. They so enjoy the things of this world that they think because they mouthed the words long ago regarding their salvation that that is it and they don’t have to do no more or no less than that. I truly find myself alone in this hour. I’m finding out that not many are very trustworthy at this point. They think they are better because they had the vac. It’s like my eyes have been opened and that is a scary sight. But I am thankful that the Lord will never leave or forsake us. Thank you for taking the time out to further bring clarification. Blessings, Celestial.

  2. Lucretia says:

    Hi Celestial, thanks you for this word. My revelation on the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place is this: The only people who ever stood in the holy place were the levitical priests and Christ. Christ became sin for us and fulfilled the most holy law according to leviticus 7:1. The sin offering was the most holy. Christ became our High priest. Standing in the holy place as our ‘daily sacrifice’. No longer do we need priests to perform daily sacrifices for us. Christ fulfils this as our High Priest. Thus the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place is some form of a god, that will be set up to replace the ‘daily sacrifice’ Christ, who stood in the holy place. This god will be worshipped as the saviour. Casting away the true sin offering. A counterfeit savior. When we see this false god set up, we should flee to the mountains.

    To say the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place is ‘us’ humanity, I find it hard to grasp given that humanity without Christ is unholy. And still many don’t believe. Can you please help me to understand this part? Iron sharpeneth iron. Let’s grow spiritually together. God bless you.

    1. Celestial says:

      We must read the OT in the light of the New. The holy place is open to all, the veil tore at Christ’s death and man enters in there now for himself, to have communion with the Lord. Christ is not any daily sacrifice: the daily sacrifice is lifting of hands, prayer, fellowship with God. COMMUNION. It will be taken away in the time of the Beast & anyone who tries to communicate with God will be put to death.

      The desolation causing abomination will be something entering into the final temple, (which is not any temple built with hands), it’s the human body. The home of God is man. At the peak of the end times Satan will bring something into man that will desecrate him in such a way that God will never again enter into that man; he will be cast away forever, ABOMINABLE, unable to be renewed again to salvation.

      I did not say we are the desolation. I said we are the holy place God dwells, please read carefully. God is opening these matters so we don’t need to look for “new” revelations (which is what this entire post is about). TMV is a prophecy site discussing & revealing the end times. Multiple links are given in every post, it takes diligence to gain the full picture. I hope readers understand that I cannot go over ground I taught years ago for every comment. There are multiple links in the last 2 posts alone if anyone wanted to go deeper in this, this is the one answering your questions:


  3. Lucretia says:

    Hi Celestial. Thank you for your reply. Perhaps my quote on ‘daily sacrifice’ was misunderstood here. The Daily sacrifice is Romas 12:1, Us offering our bodies as a living sacrifice to the Lord. You are correct. A form of worship to the Lord. We plead the blood of Christ to cleanse our sinful state daily. Hence ‘daily sacrifice’ in quotes. I hope I’m clear now. Yes Christ tore the veil for us to commune with him. We need not priests. Anyone can boldly approach the throne of God. Through Christ our high priest.

    What I am finding hard to grasp is this:


    The bible clearly states that the abomination will stand in a holy place. Matthew 24:15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place.”

    Man cannot be holy without Christ. Those who do not believe in Christ are therefore ‘unholy’ save they invite christ in their lives. God cannot have fellowship with those in darkness. Thus man as a holy place here does not fit.

    But Praise God, Christ stood in the holy place. Hebrews 9:12 Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all. He entered the holy place for us. No-one else can. Thus when the abomination (a false god) comes, he will eliminate Christ, eliminating daily sacrifice (worshipping Christ). To be worshipped. Standing in the holy place. As a redeemer. A false christ. A counterfeit. A great deception. I hope this clears it up. I will take your words to the Lord in prayer on this matter. Please take mine too. God bless you

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