The Grey Aliens Of The Future – May 10, 2020


“If a man or woman living among you in one of the towns the LORD gives you is found doing evil in the eyes of the LORD your God in violation of his covenant, and contrary to my command has worshiped other gods, bowing down to them or to the sun or the moon or the stars in the sky, and this has been brought to your attention, then you must investigate it thoroughly. If it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, *take the man or woman who has done this evil deed to your city gate and stone that person to death.” – (Deuteronomy 17:2- 5)

*We no longer stone people to death. However in the end times people will stone themselves to death with the evil choices they make and the demonic ‘gods of glory’ they continue to lust after. 

I continue bringing out prophecies in the archives of The Master’s Voice. This one is more than two years old and is one of the most detailed revelations of the demonic creatures known as ‘aliens’ that I’ve ever received from Yah. It takes me awhile to share these things because they are not the easiest to talk about, not only that but people – both Christians and everybody else- are not really minded to take these things to heart or prepare for them until they happen. It’s a dangerous thing for Yah to show the power these beings have; it’s even more dangerous when you look around and realize that even Christians don’t have the necessary knowledge OR FAITH to be able to resist and protect themselves from these things. That’s why we have to know the truth ahead of time.

For me alien talk/ documentaries/ movies are not fun because 1) I know it’s true, 2) They leave out essential information like how aliens eat people, 3) when they do decide to show more truthful scenarios of what aliens are like they make it a “good vs bad” thing. So only the bad ones eat people but after that the good ones show up and fight for us, they cast the evil ones through the portal and save the day. Then the good ones stay behind and become our pals but nobody notices how after that society is forever blended with demons.

Be aware of this theme out there, this deep lie that even those who study UFOs and their occupants believe- that there are ‘good’ aliens and ‘bad’ aliens. There’s no such thing, it’s all lies. There are only bad aliens, different forms of snake, crocodile, reptile and other creatures formed by satan who aren’t anybody’s friend except Satan’s. Whoever forgets that will remember it the hard way later on when they show us who they really are. These beings come from Satan and they hate people. They feed on humanity- they steal  people and torture them in experiments because they see us as inferior lifeforms, the way we see cockroaches. They have sex with us to get genetic data and use it to make more of themselves. They are cruel and manipulative, they are not from God and we should have nothing to do with them when the time is forced upon us.

Aliens mind control people and do horrible things to them, sending them home with blank minds afterwards so they can’t remember what happened or who did it to them. Aliens will come to the supermarket stinking like rotten meat and death, and all the things they do we will not find out about it until they’re actually here doing it among us, so that is why blogs like this are helpful. 

Whoever sees any form of aliens as saviors or finds them ‘so interesting!’ will have all the time in the world to revise their views once they actually get here, and that is all I have to say about that. 

My experience on May 10, 2020 is below- taken as I wrote it from my journal. I have left in personal details where God was speaking to me, giving me instructions only because He said to. I share only because someone wise will realize what I can do they can also do, and use this information to stay safe and sane in the end times. Thank you. 

During bible study in Psalm 9 this morning, God surprised me, He really surprised me. He started telling me about the fallen angels and aliens specifically, how they will appear over every city, town and village in the whole world in future. Every region of the earth will see them. They will appear as if on a timed signal out of nowhere- all over the world at the same time- so that nobody can say another person is lying when they say “Go outside and look up.” They will make their presence known to us then come to live with us, just as God told me all those years ago til now. Aliens will live with human beings and no Rapture is going to take us away before this happens- every last one of us will be here to see it (unless we die). 

God said at first they will live in colonies they set up for themselves, but eventually they will request to live with mankind. They will say they want to share “knowledge, culture and technology” with us; unfortunately it’s this last one [tech] we’re so greedy for that will destroy us. The bait of advanced technology is what will get people so hooked they’ll agree to live in blended community without hesitation. Even Christians will be deceived about these creatures, even believers will be duped by their demeanor and how kind their initial approach is. Underneath their kindness is DEATH- even to the point of eating us as food and causing havoc in our communities. Christians who have no desire to stay holy, those who have no discernment and even believers who are walking with the Lord can be deceived and controlled by grey aliens, so please listen closely.  

As the Lord was speaking I saw dull-looking silver disks hovering over the fields, cities, villages and nations of earth. The view God gave me was a panoramic one that stretched out towards the horizon; I saw  dull silver ships looking like mashed silver yo-yos as far as they eye could see. 

Then I saw when they landed, the door opened and a tall, very tall and super thin grey-skinned creatures with huge eyes like insect eyes came out. The skin had a dull, silver, rubberlike, smooth tubing look, and the alien wore a lighter colored silvery suit that sparkled with kaleidoscope rainbows colors and diamond-shaped patterns when it moved. The suit looked like John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever outfit except it was a one piece zipped up in the front, with a raised collar like men wore in the rock and roll days. The lead alien had a cape with purple lining in it. The whole thing looked like a parody from an alien movie but it was real, it was happening in real time. I saw the being raise a hand towards us, a hand having 3 or 4 fingers, not more than that. I was dumbstruck looking at that hand in the vision like, Am I really seeing this God?

Yah said these are the greys. The most famous ones, the ones everybody thinks they know. Bear in mind they are demonic creatures but this is the popular form they take to confuse and captivate humanity. They are murderous and give off a smell. The smell is not so palpable in real life but if a person walks in the spirit they can smell a grey the minute they enter an area where they are. You will walk in the spirit, you will be here with your family and will hate these things. When they integrate with humanity they will have access to everywhere people are but you will refuse to go where they go, to even enter the same stores they frequent. The minute you smell one you’ll turn and walk out of that establishment and not go back while they are in that place. Their bodies give off a spiritual stink and if a man is filled with the Holy Ghost his very soul will hate the greys; he won’t be able to abide them or inhabit the same space with them. 

God then replayed to me the dream I had long ago, where a human-looking woman with platinum blonde hair chased me to kill me but I escaped. He said these are the Nordic demons. They look like people but they are not, they are just as bloodthirsty as the greys but much better at covering it up. They are extremely social and beautiful such that people are fascinated with them and want to associate with them. As a result it is much easier for them to hide among people, blend into society and even be wanted by women and men as sexual partners and lovers. Beware of these people, they will try very hard to win your affection and get you to support their integration with humanity. But they hate you and you should hate them, they are killers just like the rest of them. 

I couldn’t believe the ease with which God switched gears on this topic; He spoke from all angles as if we were discussing different brands of cereal. The greys I saw were very tall, very very VERY tall, spindly almost, with spaghetti arms and legs. When one of them was in a supermarket aisle you only saw it from the hip down, you saw the arms dangling down but the head and upper body was obscured by the descriptive signs most supermarkets have hanging between the aisles. Movies do not show us greys as tall as this but the ones God showed were tall, not the tiny ones most people are used to.

They were very skinny and didn’t look strong but maybe they didn’t have to be, because they had serious power in their minds. I saw them standing before a crowd as one of them gave a speech, behind him was a second grey with his eyes closed and a wifi signal emitting from his head over the crowd. The wifi made loopy ‘parallel dimension’ ripples in the air, like a wormhole may open from it or something. The signal went over the entire crowd and told everyone to like the speech and agree with what they heard. Therefore all the people smiled in agreement and clapped at various intervals. This was right here in America I was looking at, a crowd of people of a city attending a grey press conference, clapping in enthusiasm for something they didn’t even understand and wouldn’t remember later.

I also saw that when greys extended the 4 fingered hand towards us like superheroes do, invisible power came out of their hand to freeze people instantly in place or make their mind go blank. Soon as the hand went up the person froze on the spot and went blank; when they woke up later they couldn’t remember nothing. Greys controlled people all over the place like that, even a room of people- they just walked in and lifted a hand – “Freeze” – then they could do what they wanted. They did a lot of things that God did not show me but the sense was that they could easily run and control society because of their ability to do this.

Afterwards eyewitnesses woke up unharmed from the freeze but  couldn’t remember a thing. The aliens never moved around by themselves, always in groups of 2, 3 or more. I saw all this like, Whoa, God who’s going to live with these creatures? Do you have a place for people to go?

Yah said Yes. All humanity that doesn’t want to cohabit with them will move to the outer areas of civilisation. Some people will even move to the enclosures the greys created for themselves before they migrated to join the human population. Humans who want to live apart will move to the greys’ areas, and greys will live with humans. The Nords will also integrate with humanity and be much more successful at integrating with humanity but some of the other creatures that come will be successful too. 

I did ask the Lord several times, Lord, when will this happen but He did not give me a settled answer. I wanted to know how long we have left of real life before this Twilight Zone existence that I keep seeing in dreams catches us, but He only said It will happen, you will see it and live through it. They will soon start disclosing alien existence on mainstream media just as you saw in the other dream –  they’ll confess to what they already know about but they will take A VERY LYING POSTURE on it. They will act as if this is brand new to them, they will say “America we’re on your side. We’re working as hard as we can, as best we can to bring the coverage to you as we discover more about these things. When we get the news you’ll get it, so stay with us and trust us to get you through this.” But I the Lord say to you: Presidents long dead have known about this, that’s how far back it goes. It is part of America’s history, part of her heritage of pride and poor decisions. America has always trafficked with these demonic creatures, that’s why the destruction and carnage they cause here will be worse than any other nation.

This is The Master’s Voice. These prophecies cover THE END TIMES; from what I can see end times can also be loosely translated as ‘What they never told you in church.’ This blog  deals directly with the days warned of by Revelation, Daniel and selected pieces of Apostle Paul’s writing, when the mystery of lawlessness and mystery of iniquity will no longer be mysteries- they will be walking the streets with us and waiting in the same grocery lines to pay for bread they’ll pretend they eat.

These posts are semi-personal but I will not soften or edit what God shows me so anyone can be comfortable. THIS STUFF  IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I’ve had enough alien dreams, visions and ‘teaching lessons’ from the Lord to assure me of that: “In your lifetime Celestial, you will see it with your own eyes.” Therefore I remain committed to strengthening my prayer life and spiritual armor, especially the helmet of salvation that I constantly warn about. Now you can see why I speak on protecting the mind so much – thought waves will be in the air literally controlling the brains of people, that’s why.  

Please read these posts properly – a lot of the things people ask can be easily answered by re-reading what you didn’t understand. I do not have any real world alien experience so I can’t be of much help in that area but one thing I can say with authority- The word of God is mighty to save. The Name of Jesus works on demons of all sorts. People ask for advice as if zombies or aliens are a special class of creature apart from demons of the New Testament but I reply with the words of Solomon- “There is nothing new under the sun.” A demon is a demon is a demon and the sword of God is useful for warfare and protection against them all, with faith.

*Kindly keep comments relevant to the post, people learn more from a useful comment rather than very long threads of personalized chats in the comments. God bless each of you, I always pray for everyone who reads this blog to hear God’s words, repent of sin, and return to His counsel so He can help them become the very best version of who He intends them to be.

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  1. Nita A Renfrow says:

    I wish we knew time lines. I believe everything you say. I just wish I knew what was coming first, war? End of America? sinking of America like Atlantis. I had a hard time with your work in the beginning, but I learned to balance what I learned from you with David Wilkerson, my mentor Daniel from Once lost but now saved, and Derrick Prince. My only heart felt wish is time lines. I pray about it but don’t get any answers. Thanks for your work. I will send more support your way. I share everything you do and pray that others will listen and ponder. Thanks Nita. Ohio

    1. Janice Wong says:

      Thank you Celeste, I believe everything here is from the Lord JESUS. I think we can already see one of these beings – the psychiatrist who testified for Amber Heard. He acted like a lizard and Amber might be one too. There are videos where she couldn’t help rolling her tongue. They are already amongst us.

    2. JesusIsAlive says:

      It’s not for us to know exact times. God rarely gives them. It is us to have a trusting relationship with Jesus and be ready at all times and we will be safe in His arms and will have the Holy Spirit’s wisdom with us to know the deception from the true.

    3. Hélène says:

      We don’t need timelines
      Simply live life in the Lord. Planning wisely in His will, working hard at His purpose and leaving the future and outcome to Him. Simple. Beautifully simple. Ur stuff gets eaten by Mad Max-ers? Ok. We end up in the demons/nephilim’s camps, living out life? Ok. We burn up in nukes? Ok. We lose our children to training groups where evil forcibly takes them away from us? Ok. Be.In.His.Will. That’s where glory is and safety. Not in timing. His Timing is perfect and will happen regardless.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you Celestial for being the instrument of truth of our God in these deceptive times. Your prophecies are really sobering and the way I look at things in my daily life as I continue to ponder on these prophecies have changed.
    May the Lord bless and protect you always as you continue to be obedient in His work for you.

  3. Stephen says:

    The prophecy club on YouTube has other Alien prophecies as well

  4. Carla says:

    Thank you celestial, I wish we were neighbors , I have a million questions. Lol 😁 your a blessing to the body of Christ , right on time. Have a great night .

  5. Besala says:

    Matthew 6:9-13 NKJV —

    In this manner, therefore, pray:

    Our Father in heaven,
    Hallowed be Your name.

    Your kingdom come.
    Your will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread.

    And forgive us our debts,
    As we forgive our debtors.

    And do not lead us into temptation,
    But deliver us from the evil one.
    For Yours is the kingdom and the power
    and the glory forever. Amen.

  6. Koda says:

    Thank you Celestial, I’ve connected with your message. God bless you and yours. I pray for all of us to have deep, fruitful discernment. I am completely ruled by fear as of the last two years. The evil in this world has taken my wife, family, job, home and vehicle. My faith has dwindled. Maybe the err I suffer is from my lack of faith. I’ve been maneuvered by God before. Thank you again.

    1. Celestial says:

      How can a child of God be dispossessed to this level?? Won’t the devil try to take your life next like Job, after taking everything else?! Brother. Return to the BASELINE. Go on your knees first for your own sins- list them line by line & repent, asking mercy and justification by the blood of Jesus. After that you have authority to address every issue that’s gone wrong, Phil 4:6-7. STEP BY STEP we repossess territory. Fear is a projection of what may go wrong. Since everything’s already gone wrong for you, what is there to fear? Rise from your knees, believers are not supposed to be down there unless we’re praying. Get up, revive your faith and take every problem to God, praying with faith on each issue ’til you see God’s mercy, reversal and power of victory in it. God bless. Matt 11:12

      1. Kanard says:

        Dear sister Celestial, I heard you mention about people seeing repeating numbers. I to have been seeing them, I’ve prayed for them to go away but they keep coming. Does God speak in this way or is this a trick by the devil.
        I’m aware of angel numbers and I stay far from them as these are new age.
        Thank you if you reply.

        1. Celestial says:

          It’s not the devil. It’s just a way God gets people’s attention. The issue is not to turn it into a ‘doctrine’ and definitely don’t end up on any angel number websites. Just say Lord I’m paying attention, your servant hears (2 Samuel 3:7-11). Usually after that He’ll show the real thing He wants to focus on. Some people check Strong’s concordance, others pray and He tells them. My prayer is for us to give the same attention to the Word of God, completing book-by-book of the Bible, as we do to other stuff. I wish people knew how unmoved I am by stuff floating around. It’d take an explosion to make me pay attention to most things- if it’s not related to CORE TRUTHS & DOCTRINES OF CHRISTIANITY I don’t have time for it. Christianity is excellent when we are down-to-earth, CONSISTENT, and very well trained in the basic truths of our faith. And yes, it’s the nephilim/ zombie/ dogman/ alien servant of God saying that. If it’s not taking me to Heaven, it can wait. My motto is: Sharpen your sword (the Bible), make sure you’re good with it bcz that’s what you need for the future ahead. God bless. 🙏🏽

      2. Fred says:

        And perfect love casts out fear! See 1 Jn 4:18

    2. Indra says:

      Please don’t press in and don’t give up on The most High, dear Koda. Sending compassion to you on the loss you’ve gone through; that must have been heartbreaking. As you know, there is nothing and no-one greater than Yah. Bring it to Him. Cast your cares on Him like He said to. Don’t let the enemy make a home in your heart or mind. Praying for you. Like Celestial reminded, Job Job Job…the second half of his life God blessed more than the first. Pray pray pray

  7. Linh Chi says:

    Thank you again Celestial for strengthening my shield of faith. May God keep you and bless you. I will continue to donate to your ministry when I get the chance. Have a safe and comforting day.

    1. Kanard says:

      Thank you, and yes I don’t and will not neglect reading and knowing the Bible and also thank you for your work for God, hope we meet in this life or in heaven.

  8. Ciarri says:

    Very interesting
    The predictive programming has been around for ever with this. I remember a Twilight Zone episode where aliens invaded earth and ppl marched up into their spaceships thinking they were going to another planet but in fact we’re going to be eaten.
    V series in the eighties as well.

    All animals prefer to live near their food sources.

    Also strikes me that the Nordic demons may be the root of the legends and mythos of the Norse Gods.

    Thankfully God warns us of what is to come so we are not left in ignorance concerning this alien invasion.

  9. DKay says:

    Thank you Celestial for your strength and bravery. Like others, at one time I had a hard time taking it all in. I’m thankful that you are being used by God to prepare us.

  10. HAVEN says:

    Dear sister Celestial, I’m seeing repeating numbers. Is this God or a deception from the devil.
    I stay away from angel numbers. But they won’t stop even when I pray for them to go away.

  11. Celestial says:

    See my reply to someone else above.

  12. vasile says:

    We have the Russian invasion that is also prophesized by Dumitru Duduman and considering the present this seems to come first then we have vax zombies and we have the alien invasion or acknowledgement/revelation.
    Is this the order in which it will happen? Is the pale horseman the aliens?

    1. Hélène says:

      Why does the order matter? Plan for tmrw, work the plan, leave the plan to haShem for harvest/completion. TY Yeshua, we have a great Overseer of our souls!

    2. Warrior says:

      i think so palehorse alien

  13. Tracey says:

    When the Lord told you the aliens hate you and you should hate them too… this is the scripture that came to my mind.

    Psalm 139:19 If only you, God, would slay the wicked!
    Away from me, you who are bloodthirsty!
    20 They speak of you with evil intent;
    your adversaries misuse your name.
    21 Do I not hate those who hate you, Lord,
    and abhor those who are in rebellion against you?
    22 I have nothing but hatred for them;
    I count them my enemies.

  14. Luckson Mutiwekuziwa says:

    I cant claim to have timelines but here is what I have heard and I believe from the Lord. Around 19 Sept 2020, while kind of sleeping, I heard a voice speak to me a lot of things which when I woke up, I had forgotten except for the bit that said, “….the devil has tried really hard to win you but he has failed, I therefore work with you for these nine remaining years….”. When I woke up, I shared the words with my wife (then fiancee) via whatsapp and also with my senior pastor. On January 4th 2021, a prophet guy that i had recently begun listening to named Tomi Arayomi posted his message from The Lord for 2021, and guess what the title of the message was…”The Lord Says You Have Nine Years”, earlier this year around April, I also stumbled upon a sister who also posted a message in April 2021 saying the Lord says you have nine years to the tribulation. Here are the links:

    1. Hélène says:

      We could have 90 yrs or 9 mos. Our walk is the same. Wise, prudent, holy. And we teach those we are in charge of to do the same. Training them up. Children, adult students of trade, workers in our employ, congregations…

  15. sophilyn86 says:

    I hear you sister Celestial. Just take your time. Love you sister.

  16. Immer says:

    Anunnakiys, here in the earth. See you…

  17. Charlotte says:

    A guy named Phil Schneider had an encounter with a gray back in 1979 at Dulce base in New Mexico, who sent out a blue beam an seared off about 3 fingers and opened him up like a fish, you can find his story on YouTube. He was an engineer working on those deep underground military bases. Check it out. Shalom.

  18. Katlego says:

    Wow, I know for a fact that this is true there’s a sister who loves the Lord and serves him her name is Erica Mukisa she also spoke of the greys and while she was serving in the kingdom of darkness she worked with on grey called Cleo who is in charge of the technology we see today, God is good remain blessed.

  19. Doreen Barrett says:

    My dear Sis. Celestial,
    I thank God for your life. I am especially grateful, as I have mentioned in another comment, that He has chosen you to reveal so many of His deep truths, in this hour. I know we are living in the last times and there is great darkness on the land. By His grace, I am also aware that we are nearer the end than we even imagine.

    Prophecies are fast fulfilling! He has assured me and I take comfort in His Word, to “let not my heart be troubled. He is and will be with me, wherever I go, as long as I maintain a deep and faithful relationship with Him”. This is for all the redeemed and not for me only. It’s reassuring that amidst the happenings, I have a deep settled peace. I know, like that old hymn of long ago says, “Whatever my lot, He has taught me to say, it is well…” His grace is sufficient and He will never leave His own. He is our guiding light in this dark and slippery world, and we must remain focused. We must keep our eyes on Jesus.

    He reminded me this morning (15/03/23) to hold all things loosely because they are only temporary. He said something similar a few weeks back and by His grace, I will. Since He has said that everything that can be shaken will be shaken, I have no doubt that’s going to happen. May we all live our lives like it’s the last day. May we become greater witnesses for Jesus and have a burden for the lost. We must occupy until the trump sounds and that included being labourers in the vineyard.

    As I read your above blog, I was reminded about a short clip someone shared with me earlier. I found the whole video whose link I will post below. I hope that someone sees the connections between it and your blog/video. Irrespective of the time that video was done, God is speaking. The wicked has a way of hiding things in plain sight but God is the revealed of secrets. They often create commercials, movies and even books to desensitize people but our God neither slumbers nor sleep. His eyes are on the sparrows and He watches over those who have surrendered to Him.

    May He bless you real well and may you, as well as all the redeemed, remain faithful so we may wear our robe and crown, in addition to, receiving our new names, walking on streets of gold and reigning forever with our Lord and King. He is coming soon!

    Love and blessings, in Jesus’ name.

  20. elfmom55 says:

    Thank you for this Doreen! Ceslestial has a prophecy about “synthetics” in case you didn’t know. This is SO creepy!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen one an Alien aka demon before black eyes and Grey and it huffed at me. Because of certain things my father and mother in law is into witchcraft.

    I have had peculiar encounters but I choose not to dig into mediumship because God doesn’t want us to.

    I have seen some peculiar things that are very real. Read John Eckhardt book the Prayers That Route Demons. It gives a glimpse to the spirit world but I truly believe there may be a cross over In the near future because the world may get dark and that could be the opportune time for a lot of demonic activity. There is so much occult symbolism in movies and tv shows already that is desensitizing all of us to the occult and demonic activity so when we see these demons…aka aliens, giants, shapeshifters which are demonstrated in movies we may be in awe instead of alarm. Aliens aka demons are not your friend. I believe they are enemies of God.

    Becareful eating from people and taking items from others and having people in your home and car. Protect your body it is the temple of God protect your car and home it is your sanctuary. Becareful who you are friends with and family I believe demonic possession is still here and some people have demons, aliens in them that you may not be aware of. Remember we wrestle not with people but demons aka aliens. Food items clothes and other things sprays and etc is a means of someone of getting access to your aura spirit or soul. The occult is on the rise and unfortunately I got caught up in it but God is merciful.

    We need to pray for discernment. I do believe a war is coming. I believe in Jesus Christ I believe in God. I do believe if people can we should get out of the United States. I hope me and my family will be able too by 2024. I am actively making plans for Panama. Hope it is not too late by then. Thanks for doing this courageous blog and video blog.

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