Forced Vaccines & Aliens – April 11, 2020

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when evil men prosper in their ways, when they carry out wicked schemes. – (Psalm 37:7)

This entry is old. I decided when I first had these dreams that I wouldn’t release them but now I’ve had a change of heart. I feel I have to. I’ve been praying since I saw things changing so rapidly in America, asking God if anything could be avoided. Although His answers are steadfast I believe the Lord has a plan for His people; He will not let us down. I am still praying for clarity about many things I’ve seen but I’ll share it anyway, there are three dreams in this post so take your time in reading. 

Dream 1:

I dreamt that people around the world were vaccinated. I don’t know how you can vaccinate the whole world but… it was happening. I saw the world map and many little figures on it representing people- the sense hanging over the image was VACCINATIONS ARE IN PROGRESS.

There was a terrible outcry against it- I saw a global disruption because of this vaccination but no matter what anyone did the program rolled out undaunted. EVERYONE had to take this “protective measure”. People fought back but the overall response was: “It doesn’t matter what you do or say or what your dissenting claims are- you will still take it.”

As a result a terrible struggle arose across the world. I saw a force that was used to compel people, a terrible pressure could be felt in the dream and no one prevailed against it. I saw countless hands raised to Heaven as we called on God to deliver us… but in the end we still had to take it.

The needle was brought before me, a very big-mouthed needle, many times bigger than you need to draw blood for instance. Looking at it I was very suspicious and wondered “Why does the mouth of a vaccine need to be so huge if it’s only liquid they will put in us? Why is this thing BIG like this, like something else can come out of it besides a liquid substance?”

I was terrified and said “God I cannot take this thing. You have to save me.”

Then God said And he causes all, great and small- ALL-  to receive a mark. I will not fault My people who truly belong to me if this happens to them against their will. When He said “He causeth all” I saw a highway in the dream, a huge highway built over a multi-pass,  crossing over a big road near sunset. The image looked like this 🌇. There was a big electronic billboard near the highway and as God said that verse about the Antichrist the words appeared on that board:

Revelation 13: 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

When I saw it I became hopeless and tried to shake myself out of the dream. I began to deny what I was hearing- I said No no no God no! We are yours, we’ll never see you if we’re marked with a mark!!! You can’t let this happen. I shook my head and rolled in semi-sleep in much agitation, I did not want to hear about any vaccine or Mark of the Beast.  

As I settled back into sleep I heard: Everyone will receive this mark. No one can escape it but I shall not reject my true people because of it. My people will not be rejected if this mark is given against their will. Whatever is put into them shall not harm them, it will turn to water in their bodies and be passed out in waste without harming them.

*Please note the date of this dream. This is when coronavirus just started to peak. No mention of any vaccine or mass vaccination of any kind was being talked about on mainstream media yet; all we saw on TV was people dying. When they finally brought up the topic saying they would try to complete creation of a vaccine by the end of summer I remembered this dream and felt horrible. 

Dream 2:

I saw a dream of the future or… it could be what’s already happening. I saw that same huge needle again; it was brought close to my eyes. This time it had a tracking monitor inside it, so small it could barely be seen- the size of a fingernail or rice grain. The device was already on, it had a red light I could see inside the needle, blinking deep in the tube like a tiny red eye.

Then I saw so many people in the hospital my God- I saw countless numbers visiting hospitals and this is what happened to them. I saw the doctor telling them “Well since this knee or hip or joint isn’t healing according to expectations, since you say you’re still in pain I think you need a steroid shot. You need a cortisone shot. You need something to ease the pain.”

The person would say Ok if you think so doctor, after that the doctor took the big mouth needle with that tracking monitor in it and injected the person. The device went in them along with whatever steroid or other medicine they’d been offered but the person never knew they’d received more than what the doctor said. 

The scenes started changing: people unknowingly got this injection into TEETH, it was injected into cavities and then a crown placed on top to seal it in. I saw the big mouth needle go into KNEES and HIP JOINTS especially, as these are very common ailments in America. I saw women getting it with BREAST IMPLANTS, they got it with BREAST BIOPSIES, they got it in their WOMB during any type of CUTTING PROCEDURE they needed to have. Basically the medical community put this tiny switched-on device into a huge amount of people if any type of surgical cut or deep tissue injection needed to be made. They did not do it to everyone but they still injected a staggering amount of people, and none of them had any idea this was put into them. I also fled from this dream and woke up. 

*To me this dream sheds more light on what God said in the first dream. ‘He CAUSES all’. Meaning that with or without man’s knowledge, by using scheming devices and hidden methods of deceit- Satan will work to CAUSE (i.e. make something happen, make something take place) ALL PEOPLE, to somehow end up with this device that’s affiliated with him in their bodies. God said if anyone is ’caused’ to receive this thing but their will is not involved- meaning they don’t agree and accept it with prior knowledge- He will not hold it against them or allow it to harm them. I do not know if that device is the mark or a forerunner of it, nor am I telling anyone to flee surgery and end up dead because ‘Celestial said so.’ Please read these posts clearly as I strive to give them clearly, and take all matters arising to the Lord who is your God. That is wisdom.

Dream 3:

I fell back asleep and dreamed I was with my brothers and sisters in a world far ahead from now. And invading forces came from the sky and hung over the major centers of the world. Over every town and city worldwide, flat silver disks with a slight curve toward the middle portion and a ring of serrated holes around the edges (on the underside) hung motionless all over the place. The sky was full of them. We lived in some town and not the city, I’ve never lived in a town before so I know this wasn’t my present life. So we lived in this town and if you climbed the town’s water tower and looked in the distance you could see one silver disc close up, then another a few miles away, then another a few miles after that, as far as the eye could see. They never did anything or made any sound. Just hung there day after day like silver dinner plates over everybody’s heads and we would stare at them.

The sky was not blue in those days, it was a curious dust-red colour. From morning to night it stayed that shade and the only way you knew day from night was the brightness of the redness- dull at night, bright in the morning. We were used to it but it affected the agricultural output and many of the fields were dry and dusty, unable to produce any type of crop though some things (like corn) still tried to grow.

One day I stood with my siblings watching as the air force of the nearby city deployed their best aerial jets to go and meet this threat in the sky. I did not hold one shred of hope for their chances of survival. I said to my brother, “This is the part where we watch them get blown to pieces like they always are in the movies. They’ve never survived against these things in a single movie I’ve seen; this is where we watch people die for nothing, all because America is stubborn and doesn’t listen.”

I turned my back because I didn’t want to see anyone die but my brothers, sisters and all the people of our town who were out scattered on the roads and fields kept staring. Even though my back was turned I saw what happened anyway – the disks began to shine bit by bit until their dull silver looked very bright like sunlight was reflecting off it, then ‘pew!’ ‘pew!’ Long rays of light came out of them with a flash like a photo being taken; the rays struck the jets on the front and sides and vaporized them. Those planes were destroyed so thoroughly I don’t even know if any pieces remained to fall out of the sky. The disks made no sound during this encounter, the only sign of life and change from the normal was how they became as bright as silver suns. After blasting the planes they powered down back to dull silver but WHAT DID I SAY?

I said America is extremely stubborn. 

Soon I heard the roar of multiple planes come from behind as a second wave of young pilots were sent to their early deaths. The planes roared overhead coming from behind us and everybody stood watching but I sighed and turned my face. I really wished not to see anymore because even if my face wasn’t looking my prophetic gift would still show me the scene in the sky. So I muttered “FOOLS” and went to our house; I thought If I’m far away maybe I won’t see what happens. Indeed once I left the area I didn’t hear or see the second wave of planes getting destroyed, which is good.

When I got in the house I ran our sink full blast for the water to calm me down and grabbed a grape soda; I stood by the window sipping it and thinking: How did we get here? And how the heck are we supposed to live now with aliens killing everybody and hanging out in the sky above us. Why is life like this? That’s what I was thinking when the dream ended.

I know you may be staring after what you just read, but have you read Ezekiel? Or the book of Revelation- about blood in the water and man-eating locusts with razor teeth and  hair like women? Church of Jesus Christ, do you really know, understand and ACCEPT the kind of God you are following? Do you fully understand and accept ALL ASPECTS of the faith He has called you to- a Man who walked on water and refused to stay dead even after all that whipping and tomb business? Do you really understand that this world we live in is a joke that is ending, and that as it begins to dismantle itself the real inhabitants of the skies, seas and forests will start to come out into the open, happy not to be hiding anymore? If you’ve never thought about these things- Welcome to The Master’s Voice. This is the call God has given me.

All I will say is: I’ve seen this since I was little. Even if I woke up in tears from a dream and thought it would go away – when I went back to sleep the dream would play from exactly where it stopped like a tape. For a season as I grew up the images stopped but when I came to salvation there was an explosion of the supernatural in my life again, and I’ve been seeing, hearing and experiencing things over and above this natural world ever since. I saw things then and still see them now. Let me unburden myself, as I said we are called by God differently and this how is how I am called. Whether it sits well with modern times is not my concern.

Yes I see aliens- the lying name these demons call themselves. Extremely thin, tall, disgusting beings that come with ships from the sky. I’ve seen them walking on the sky like it’s the ground. I see how they will arrive, what they will say and offer, the lies they will tell and the powers they have. I’ve seen the sky opening many times into a funnel, a furious swirling funnel of grey clouds that widens to become a hole they can enter through. As I said in one dream recently- I exit with the speed of a truly wise person who is determined NOT to die when I see this hole forming. I’ve never seen myself stick around when aliens appear in my dreams, therefore I am hopeful that when this happens in real life I will behave with the same wisdom and disappear to a safe and distant location.

I have seen the fallen angels having meetings in the second heaven brethren, I said all this before. They look like muscled, naked clay men with very dull skin, stripped of glory, lamps that cannot shine anymore. They look like men wearing too much wrong colour face powder or Shakespearean makeup. They look like Romans, wearing Roman type clothing with no underwear at all, naked like Roman sculptures are naked. They discuss terrible things up there and Jesus showed them to me in a vision with the sound turned off, so I wouldn’t hear what they were saying. They are princes and gods, and they will be right back to pick up where they left off with Noah.

They have a celestial floor up there and that floor acts as a floor for them but a ceiling for us, I’ve said this before. They sit on it and their weight makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE TO MOVE except for the power of faith. When people on earth are praying I see their prayers BOUNCING off that floor and falling helplessly to earth, if you are weak in faith or think that saying “Oh Jesus you’re so good; I love you!” is how prayer ascends past that barrier in the Heavens then you are truly deceived.

If a man doesn’t pray fervently with all his heart, mind and attention on the Lord, the fallen angels won’t even bother to try and capture the prayer as they did to Daniel- instead that massively thick floor of grey, green, blue and white marble does all the work. It blocks everything, it whacks prayers back down to earth like tennis balls and people get frustrated down here, wondering why God doesn’t seem to answer. If you’ve read this far then let me keep going.

I see and continue to see to this day, huge spears coming down from the skies. HUGE spears that sometimes fall as lightning and strike the ground in the form of lightning, jagged and glowing like lightning but with belts around the ‘waist’ of each lightning bolt, leather belts bearing insignias. Symbols. Initials, which means each bolt has an owner and on his belt is his symbol and his name. Doesn’t the Bible say God has named the stars of Heaven? Very well then, one day they will be here to tell us their names in person. Noah knew these angels, they slept with women during his lifetime and that’s why God destroyed the world. Enoch knew them, he wrote they will return and so I declare it to you in our times. Fallen angels will fall again, more than they ever have before.

Sometimes I see rays of light hurtling to earth, streaking down in red/ yellow/ blue/ white/ and black currents of light. But when these light rays hit earth they turn into wooden spears, they strike the ground at tremendous speeds and end up as vibrating beams of wood, big as young tree trunks which no man can put his hand around or pull out of the ground. Each one has a leather belt wrapped around it, at times they fall so close to my eyes that I see the symbols on them but I don’t know that language so I can’t say whose names those are. I look at them and I know a name always means a person, I know those fallen spears have owners who will be coming for them. I also know God is revealing all this so His precious creation- HUMANITY- those who believe this blog and what the Bible and other resources say: CAN BE WARNED. The warning is this- on the day these beings are revealed we should have nothing to do with them. Do not fall for the greatest deception to ever fall to earth. Stay away from them, stay away from those who want to be with them. 

That’s all (for now). I’ve got it off my chest. I will share more dreams and then… then we continue with daily life without becoming paralyzed thinking all this is for tomorrow. It’s not.

The things most Christians lack are MINDFULNESS and BALANCE. Some can’t seem to manage daily life while staying mindful of the fact that all earthly life will end, and this stuff I’m talking about will begin. And some focus on this stuff so much that they lose all balance, every other aspect of their lives crumbles and becomes a mess and a shambles: family, relationships, love, work, their dreams- everything withers except checking the sky twice a day for the return of Azazel. I won’t do any of that. I’ve trusted God to teach me how to be a good steward of the life He’s given me yet I remember to walk daily in the spirit. I won’t cave in to either extreme. 

Build your life daily and leave the out-working of your plans and desires to God. The Lord Jesus Christ is a supernatural God, He isn’t bound by what we’re able to believe. It’s up to us to be skilled as we navigate this current life- pay bills, work on our marriages and work our jobs with integrity- while at the same time remembering we are spirits on earth affected by spiritual things. The Bible says “One day the sky will roll up like a scroll” (Rev. 6:14). Brother and sister, break that wall in your mind. If the sky can roll up it means there’s someone behind it (Jesus) who will come down from it one day, and if Christ can come down from that sky THEN WHO TOLD YOU HE’S THE ONLY ONE UP THERE WHO KNOWS HOW TO COME DOWN?

I rest my case.

God bless all visitors to The Master’s Voice, shalom.

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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Scarlett says:

    I can’t remember where I read this online….it was about the time the vaccine info started popping up, but someone said that unscrupulous doctors, under orders from their wicked masters, would inject people with the vaccine without telling them when they, or their kids got any kind of a shot, (such as an antibiotic, insulin, etc). However, I firmly believe the following verses would apply to counter such underhanded, sneaky and evil tactics.
    Matthew 28: 17And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Celestial says:

      Scarlett thank you, that is exactly what I believe the Lord was saying. Without one’s free will and agreement to receive whatever is in either this vaccine, or that other small tracking thing, the wicked effect of it won’t hurt a person. I will say as a caveat that since the day I had this dream until now I’m still trying to firmly figure it out. In the meantime my body parts shall remain where I can see them. God bless you sister.


    2. ischneuing says:

      Dear Scarlett, apologies, I found this in Mark16.17-18 …. Thank you so much for bringing this up.Blessings to you.


  2. CIK says:

    God bless you so much. I am slowly sharing your blog with people but the concern of unbelief often stays my hand. I don’t care how I look to people but I worry they won’t take it seriously. This morning, I saw the funnel you mentioned (but above planet earth). It looked like the photos can come up should one Google “cyclone.” I was wondering what God was trying to say. Now I know. Also, have you noticed that the sunsets have been stunning lately? Last year, I would’ve been so happy. This year, after reading your blog? I try to get home ASAP.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work. I’ve been asking God about this vaccine because I didn’t want to take it and you have confirmed and given my heart rest. God bless you richly.


    1. Celestial says:

      God bless you CIK, I thank God for the grace to do His work. If you’ve noticed, the tone of the blog has deepened over time. There are many different types of posts you can share besides these sister- topics like holiness, repentance, serving God on a deeper level. Giants and angels is not what I generally lead with when pointing people to God, I use scripture to ask people where they’re sowing their lives. Some topics are deeper waters for people who have either come a long way with the blog or who are students of these things already. Yes we all need to be aware of them but if someone’s new to this work I recommend you share the About, Welcome, Basics & Prophecy pages. Then share about America’s future like the economic posts, fall of currency etc, things they can already see are possible. I’ve had years to adjust and study the fallen ones, others will need a gradual acclimation. Bless you sister, live your life without fear. God’s perfect love casts out fear, amen. (1 John 4:18)


  3. diegoalonsocortez says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the “balance” thing at the end. That’s hard for me. When I’m focused on Jesus, all I want is Jesus. Literally. When I’m doing my earthly work (which I very much enjoy), I begin to fall back in love with the world.

    These days I *am* the kind of guy who’s checking the sky two times a day (three on a Saturday), expecting to see an army of Thors hurtling towards the earth to seduce humanity. (I’m joking, but you guys get the point.)

    These are not easy things to handle!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Celestial says:

      😂😂😂 I burst out laughing at this! Balance is essential. Loving your work doesn’t mean U love the world. I happen to think it’s still a beautiful place. Rapidly deteriorating as all things must, (even we are passing away as we live out our years). But I love being alive and think it’s amazing I’m here for this specific part of history. Live well Diego, all things have their place and time (Eccles. 3:1) Blessings!


  4. Christine M Suazo says:

    Thank you so much. Your teaching things I never heard of before. More scary. Your right I’m a person who watches to many thing’s on UTube. And awake. Looking for the Lord.
    I feel sad with know motivation. To continue on. Don’t feel like doing anything or going any place because I know what’s coming. I will continue to pray. And take a day at a time.
    I had a dream about 3 years ago. That I was looking over the city where I live. And it was gone. Nothing but gray ashes left. God bless you and your’s and Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Christine. Thank you for visiting TMV. I hope you’ll turn more time and attention to reviving and “stirring up” your relationship with Jesus Himself, because whenever a Christian is fallen, depressed & low in joy and fire it’s because they have allowed their spirit to become choked with weeds of worry, fear, “the cares of this world” and hopelessness. God is warning us what is to come, the FIRST AND NATURAL RESPONSE to a Godly warning should be to run to the arms of God for comfort, love, and the ask for grace to repent and prepare ourselves.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Celestial says:

      Prophecy does not come to make us hopeless. Yes it may make us sad, or scared when we first hear it. But the point of it is to 👉 turn every heart back to JESUS. People no longer gaze at Jesus. They gaze at the news, rumours, vaccines, lies and every other thing but their Saviour. They run to anything for comfort except God. Isaiah 35:3-4 God is sending these prophecies to WARN all humanity that there will be NO SAFE PLACE FOR ALL FLESH except we belong to Him. There can be no clearer message that we are to rebuild the broken altars in our lives, and come back to Jesus who will save, protect and give us peace no matter what is coming. God bless you and please read 1 Kings 18. You may need to actively restore Worship in ur life again bc that’s what produces spiritual strength, hope & joy. God bless you Christine. 🙏🏽


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