War Is Coming – July 26, 2020

civil war

I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; everyone will fight against his own brother, and everyone against his neighbour. City against city, kingdom against kingdom. – (Isaiah 19:2)

I received this first part of a prophecy during an online service this morning:

Civil war is coming to this nation, a violent upheaval that tears the fabric of American society apart. First a war of IDEOLOGY- severely divided views that will eventually spill over into graphic physical violence. A man will take up weapons to defend himself and his property- each man to his own. There will be no support from law enforcement or armed forces, they will be kept busy with issues of national defence and personal survival. Citizens will be left to their own defences.

ARMED MILITIAS WILL ARISE, some of them built around personal beliefs like skin and race, but the vast majority of these groups will be highly organised, grassroots organisations calling themselves sons of freedom. Their motive will be nationalist pride over any personal agenda, their aim will be to make America free of the visible oppression and overreach of government which will soon become unmistakable.

U.S. government control, overreach and abuse of power will soon reach intolerable levels; it will get to the point where even those who are not well versed or trained in matters of law or politics will raise an outcry. Even those who are unschooled in the ways of the law and justice will realise there is something wrong in America, but by the time enough people realise it, it will be too late. The trap will be shut, the new system will already be in place. 


America will fight herself, brother against brother as they argue over IDEOLOGY, PARTY, POLICY AND PEOPLE. Petty issues. A spirit of heat and temper descending on the land. Intolerance. Small things will weaken the society and destroy the cohesion of this nation.

PRIVATE ARMIES AND MILITIAS FOR HIRE WILL ARISE. BLACK OPS. The rich will want personal protection and are willing to pay handsomely for it. They will want themselves and their properties defended, and those who can afford it will have protection from well funded and well-armed private armies and bands of mercenaries during those times. 

This is the end of the prophetic word.

This prophecy does not really surprise me because God has spoken of America going to war against herself several times, as part of the judgement that will ultimately break the country down. He mentioned the ‘sons of freedom’ several times too. That’s not the name of any group (that I know of)- it refers to those Americans who will refuse to give up their civil liberties or bow to the Beast system. Those who believe in the flag and the constitution (among other things)- they are hard core survivalists who believe being American means having the right to make choices. They believe that laws have to be followed even by those in the highest positions, so they will refuse to obey the new world order system or follow the “sudden” laws that will begin to pop up out of nowhere without going through the proper process. They will not sit idly by and let the country be taken over by subversive forces working from within, that is why God calls them ‘sons of freedom’. They will defend this nation to the last but many of them will lose their lives in the process.

Here are recent prophecies that mention them, how they will form a large part of the martyrs that will die when the Beast system arises from behind the scenes. See this post: Prepare For The New World Order. The Lord also described the survival skills of these people here: Wilderness.

All this week I’ve been thinking along certain lines: Why are people so angry? What is it really? Why are grown folk so mad that they’re almost willing to die, curse, hate and even lose family over petty idiocy like who’s president, or who’s fit to win a temporary election? I couldn’t shut my mind up: Why do people in the comments section of various social media seem so keen for terrible things to happen? I’d read an article and in the comments are tons of people proclaiming “This nation is fallen! God is mad! War is coming!!!!!!”

OK the nation is fallen, true, and God is indeed not happy with America, but how many exclamation marks do we need to know that war is coming? Why are people so eager for war, I wonder, why are they so gleeful when proclaiming that the United States will fall? It seems to be Christians and non-Christians alike so I’m not blaming one side, but I couldn’t help how I was thinking. When I got the prophecy on war today it only seemed to support my thoughts: WHY?

Do you actually know what war is like? Not the fake “Let’s send a drone 5000 miles away and kill 300 people we don’t know and fly home in time for dinner” war, but the real thing where blood flows in front of your eyes and you realise that apart from survival skills, speed, strategic ability and an huge amount of GRACE from God keeping you alive, you could be next?

Do people really understand what it’s like to switch a country off like a light switch? How there’s no social services anymore, no electricity, water, gas, or neat food chains where things come from the countryside and get neatly stacked on shelves so they can buy it? Nobody’s picking up the trash and soon your house becomes a viral, bacteria-ridden mess? Do they know “war” means tactical attacks on gas and water mains, with the objective of causing maximum suffering to the so called ‘enemy’ on the other side? In this civil war both sides will be American, this means exactly what the banner verse says: Brother against brother, each side trying to cut off food, water, essentials, medical care and basic shelter from the other so they can fall into a trap of suffering until they “surrender.”

Have any on these social platforms been through a real war, or seen one up close? Or do they imagine that receiving prophecy about war and throwing it on the table like a prize fish- “There! Look at that!”– is all that’s required to survive? I see people saying they’ve stocked up for a year, okay, what if the war lasts three years? Not to mention- IN WAR SIDES AND TERRITORIES SHIFT, AND YOU OFTEN HAVE TO RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. That means the freezer you stocked, the full basement, the cans and rice you hid in the attic- you have to leave it all when the territory you’re in falls to the enemy. You end up right back where you were before you stocked up!

These thoughts kept coming to me all week: Do people really know what war is? The cost, the devastation? Do they know small children and old people are just two of the many groups that CAN’T RUN OR HIDE? What are they really thinking?

To me, they aren’t thinking at all. It just sounds exciting to shout “War!” but deep down they don’t really know the COST. America only watches the wars it causes on TV, and in TV wars America’s like Rambo- she always wins. TV war leaves people with no clue what it will be like the day America begins to fight itself. But as for me, until that day and even beyond it I will continue to pray: “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my rock and my fortress, my God, in Him alone shall I trust. Surely He will deliver me from the snare of the fowler and every perilous pestilence, amen.”

Memorize Psalm 91. I’ve said it a hundred times, you’re going to need it in the future.

God bless everyone, more to come soon.

– Celestial 

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Obviously,this unrest among various factions has already manifested in the larger metro areas of America, but even here in small outlying communities, ripples of hate and division have started. I’m seeing this not just on the local FaceBook pages, but being acted out physically…..one small store being sacked and looted in Antifa/ BLM style. Another restaurant which had been protesting the liberal governor’s rigid masking and service requirements, had their front door spray painted red, and a dead animal placed in front of it. The worst actions seem to be coming from the liberal segment who seem to like and agree with all the new “laws and restrictions”…..but as per the prophecy, that will likely change when the folks with opposing views get sick of it.
    As for me, I’m feeling a sense of foreboding and dread at the very thought of what’s coming but knowing that Jesus is our only hope, no matter what happens. Yes, in Psalm 91….the Lord has been drilling that into us for years.


  2. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    Wisdom stands crying in the streets, but no one listens….do they think it will never happen to them, or do they just want to turn the shoulder away because to heed the warning would mean they’d have to change their comfortable lifestyle, both physically and spiritually? All the while they are like children sleeping in a death trap, not knowing the danger, that a Holocaust is in the making.


  3. Scarlett says:

    People are angry because it’s an election year. this one is the worst ever! People at each others throats over which unqualified individual should be president.
    And yes, a country divided cannot stand. The “Sons of Freedom”, aka Boogaloo Bois, (Mike Dunn), and other militia groups are taking it to the streets, and marching against the overarching demands of a corrupt government. I wept tears of pain and sorrow when I saw these men marching, and defying police who had been sworn in with an oath to uphold the Constitution themselves. Blood will flow in the streets….
    I know….I have been saying for years there would be war, civil war here in the homeland, and by foreign sources who have no concern or love for Americans, but it gives me no pleasure and very few wanted to hear. Prophecy has turned into being “current events”…being played out before our eyes.


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