Forced Vaccines In America – August 12, 2021

“At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.

“At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’

“Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’

“’No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’

“But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

“Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’

“But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’

“Therefore keep watch, BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR. – (Matthew 25:1-13)

Note: It is the believer’s responsibility to seek the Lord concerning prophecy. Scripture says it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to put oil in our lamps and be waiting to receive our Bridegroom at whatever hour He chooses to return – morning, afternoon or midnight. Wise virgins are those who, when the word comes, receive it with wisdom and immediately turn to GOD in prayer and set-apart time with their Bible, asking His Spirit to break it down into OIL for them to put in their lamps. True prophecy stems straight from the written scripture, therefore when we read it our first responsibility is to turn to God, not anyone else, to go on our knees and seek HIM to teach us by His Spirit and help us understand, prepare for and to bear all that we are learning about the times we are in. PROPHECY COMES TO TURN GOD’S PEOPLE BACK TO GOD AND MAKE THEM SEEK HIM, NOT ANYONE ELSE.

On Aug. 12, 2021 I had an uncomfortable dream about vaccinations in the United States. I dreamt that coronavirus vaccine mandate laws were passed. It was no longer ‘the individual’s choice’ to get the vaccine or not. Nor was it about ‘strong recommendations’ from the CDC such as employers and public institutions are following now- i.e. making their workers get vaccinated even though there is no law requiring it at the moment.

It wasn’t about ‘full FDA approval’ either- which the Lord has said in another prophecy will be what triggers mandates across the U.S. No, Yah showed me way past all that. I saw the time where being vaccinated was THE LAW; you had to have this vaccine unless you were considered an actual law-breaker worthy of criminal treatment and penalties. In the dream the act of not having taken the vaccine was the subject of extreme censure (i.e. very harsh criticism, rejection and even public hatred); it was a very heated issue and had also become a criminal offense.  

So many people rushed to take the vaccine when this news was announced, it was called vaccine mandate laws. Announcements were made that if you don’t take it you’re in violation of code this, section this of U.S. law. It was codified, it was legitimate, it was the law. Despite this a large number of people still refused to take it so they were given the vaccine by force. In the dream whether it was people going to get it by free will or by force or by government pressure, an enormous number took the vaccine. Whenever a person got it I saw the needle go in and felt like I was poked; I was vaccinated so many times in this dream that I got irritated and decided to leave the dream.

Babies were vaccinated as newborns, as soon as a baby was born that baby was seen as ‘eligible’ for the covid vaccine. Also elderly people, a huge number of teens and young people, little children, professionals, temps, day workers, even immigrant workers who only came across the border for a single season hoping to pick fruit or do short term work to make money and go back with their earnings- it didn’t matter. If your two feet were standing on U.S. soil (so said the mandate laws) you had to take the vaccine.

They were announcing it night and day like some kind of repeating nightmare on every available platform, warning that you absolutely had to take it to be “compliant”. I woke up briefly from this dream and while I was thinking about what I’d seen (especially newborn vaccination) the Lord said: “Time is short for America. Those vaccine mandates are coming and when they do a terrible struggle will arise all over the world, a great push-back, a great cry for help and salvation, but he causes all.”

I went back to sleep and ended up right where I’d left the dream. Forced vaccinations happened in America. ALL OVER AMERICA. Contrary to what many think or say now, “Oh I’ll die first! I’d rather die for Christ!” there was nothing like that. Not that I saw. What happened is just what God said when I woke up, (because God knows people better than they know themselves)- there was great anger, great pushback and GREAT WEEPING EVERYWHERE.

That kind of hopeless, despairing weeping where someone has done something to you that tears at the very fabric of who you are- like when men with strong religious beliefs are forced to cut their hair for work or the army, or made to take off their turban, the way those men sob like little children because you’ve separated them from the core of who they are- that’s how people cried.

I saw people crying as if their hearts would break- men, women, everyone. I’m referring to deeply patriotic people who are not always Christians, I’m speaking also of believers, I’m speaking of anyone who for their own reasons said they will not take this vaccine but had it forced on them.

The crying was piteous and the sound of it filled America, also there was a lot of anger. But I didn’t see anybody dying or committing suicide because human nature is just not engineered to cut itself off unless there is a severe mental imbalance that makes a soul go against the will and desire to live that God has implanted in us. God made us with a will to live and that’s just how it is. What I saw millions were given the vaccine by force and they had to live with it. It was grievous bodily harm yes, it was total disrespect for human rights yes, it was horrible overstep by the government of America yes, BUT IT WAS DONE.

People wept and lamented but it was the law. The dream showed me the outcome of having an “It could never happen here” mentality; in broad daylight in America I saw everything turn sideways and God showed me how it happened here.

As the dream ended I saw a man in the park wheeling his bike. It was one of those thin bicycles that only serious cyclists buy, the one with the peaked seat and curvy Tour De France handles. He had long white hair partly in a bun but he can’t have been over 30, he was just one of those people that grey early because his face was fresh as an apple and didn’t match his hair at all. He was walking along a sunny path in a park when out of nowhere four police officers snuck up behind him, pounced on him and tackled him to the ground. The attack was so hard that the push they gave him made his his bicycle to roll away from him and fall safely on the grass, while the young man himself went thudding to the ground and landed hard on his shoulder.

Before they attacked him I saw one of the officers pull out something like a shopping register ‘gun’, that scanner they point at supermarket items to scan them. He pointed it at the man’s back and when it returned a positive ID I saw them nod to one another to confirm he’s the one they wanted. The biggest officer ran up behind the man and shoved him so hard that he went flying. As he angrily tried to sit up they were on him; it was three men and one woman who stood aside from the tussle writing something on a piece of paper. Two big officers held him down as he squirmed and screamed for help while the third took out a syringe and injected him in the calf. The man’s cargo pants offered no covering from the needle, his legs were easily accessible. He fought so much it was hard to give him that injection safely but eventually they pinned him and gave him the vaccine. As he was injected I found myself thinking-

There we go. There we go- see? It’s all done now. What was all the fuss about? IT’S DONE. You’re all set, you’re one of us now, you can’t cause any harm to anyone and you’re no longer a menace to society. You’re no longer a danger to yourself. See, no problem. It’s no big deal.

That’s when I realized I was watching the injection process through the eyes of the police officer who was holding the man’s feet. I saw the encounter from his perspective, he thought they’d fixed a problem and even done the man a favor by injecting him.

At the same time the Lord let me feel the man’s emotions- he was filled with fury over the abuse of his human rights, at being attacked and held down like an animal. He was in a lot of pain, screaming in real life and screaming in his spirit with anger. I saw the universe in this man’s mind: the emptiness of space, swirling galaxies and constellations of stars. I even saw the strange shapes and designs of eastern religions and New Age in his mind but I could feel he was not a committed follower of any of those things. He was just full of concepts, adrift in a mix of ‘beliefs’ that informed his worldview. The Lord showed me he was not a Christian, he did not believe in God or Jesus but in ‘forever nothingness’ if I can put it that way, oneness-with-the-universe or something where we’re all part of one big cosmic mystery.  

However he also greatly believed in his rights as an American- he had strong views on civil liberties and his rights as a free member of U.S. society. Yet whether he was Christian or not, free or not I saw the police jump on a citizen of the U.S.A., vaccinate him against his will and he was not able to stop it. I felt the views of the vaccinated policeman and the forcibly vaccinated man at the same time, showing how differently they saw the encounter. 

The four officers left as abruptly as they came; when the vaccine was given they left the man on the ground (without caring how badly they’d injured him, after all he was a criminal breaking the law). The four officers  walked away talking while one of them entered some information on an electronic pad. This was the same scanner they used to identify the man, it had a keypad and they wrote notes on it. One thing was sure- they already knew he was a vaccine offender- once they identified him with the gadget they attacked him without reading him his rights. He was not arrested or taken to the station, he did not get a chance to see a lawyer or have his one phone call. Instead they sent him flying to the ground and gave him the covid-19 vaccine by force. Then I woke up. 

The Lord has said in multiple prophecies on this blog:

  • This vaccine will be forced on the whole world;
  • There will be a terrible struggle against it but even those who struggle will not prevail against the ‘force’ (whether human or spiritual) that will push this thing on humanity;
  • The U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution will be overlooked, overstepped, shredded and trampled on as citizens’ rights are eroded by  emergency measures, overnight ‘laws’ and “mandates” that replace the regular system of government;

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Being violated in that manner absolutely can lead to people wanting to give up, mental imbalance or no mental imbalance. I cannot fathom it. Who wants to live with poison in their bodies that they fought so hard to stay away from and have it be forced on them. If he causeth all and it is forced, then who goes to heaven? Everybody’s DNA is crud then. Help me to understand. So the mark or vaccine is not a choice after all, that’s what I am gathering from all of this. Whether we call it a precursor or not, the point is if it is forced you still fit in the category of having it in your body. Will the RFID chip be forced too? Am I missing something?

    1. Bianca says:

      Hi Anonymous,
      What I do know is this. The Lord did confirm that those who are His children (meaning those walking in holiness and righteousness and have a personal relationship with Jesus), who are forced to take this vaccine, will be protected. There was a dream that Celestial shared where she was forced to take it, so she prayed prior to getting it for her and her family, and they all were not harmed by the vaccine. I also know of other sisters in Christ that was shown that when she had to take the vaccine by force, she prayed and asked the Lord to make it like water, and the fluid of the vaccine was ejected out of her, and it didn’t harm her. So no, not everyone’s DNA will be changed. The Lord protect His children, and I think Psalm 91 is very clear on that, even when being forced on them. Blessings.

      1. Mau says:

        Do you know which post this is in?

  2. Lord’s Sheep says:

    I’ve had two dreams. One was a few months back where a group of people are tracking me and I’m invisible trying to avoid getting caught. But they somehow catch me and tie my hands at the back and forcefully put a small round metal thing at my lower back. I cried and cried and trying to take it out but couldn’t.

    Next dream was a few days back where I’ve been chased by o.bah.m.ah… he is pure evil in this dream and is standing outside my home ( I live in an appt in this dream) and I watch him through the window. I’m living with someone I don’t recognize and he says to him that I’m not there. He leaves but instead goes to the below floor of the same appt. Enters another suite directly below mine and drills the ceiling which is below my bedroom where I’m hiding to reach me. I couldn’t explain how scared I was in this dream. I can’t remember how it ended though. I live in Canada and I don’t know why I had this dream but I feel somehow it’s related to the shots.

    1. Many says:

      I think that this people being forced to take covid snake oil are those that missed the first Rapture of the first Fruits 144, 000 . The forcing of this snake oil will be after the 1st Rapture. Be Holy , repent to make the transformation of the 144,000 . God is not mad to let 7.5 billion be forced jabbed without any help . There will be Angels to guide those that are left behind to places of safety . Satan won’t have all his way , Lord Jesus will make those let behind and un jabbed sinners ( to be born again ) disappear supernaturally to places of safety . Lord Jesus is above the American tyranny and will have unvaccinated remnant . Be ready to disappear and go through walls , the Holy Spirit will pour end time Anointing and enable those Luke warm Christians left behind be able to disappear as Satan’s soldiers break doors 🚪 down . The devil is in for a surprise,Lord Jesus always hides His people . Don’t despair help is on the way . Better be Holy and repentant

      1. Anonymous says:

        We are not raptured until after the sixth seal that corresponds with Matthew 24. We need to prepare spiritually and stock up on food and water. And don’t take the mark of the beast ! Blessings

        1. EndTimesThinker says:

          Do you believe the mark comes before the 6th seal? Everyone who dreams of the rapture says they’re having a normal day when the rapture happens. Regular, free day, worshipping in the streets, walking with family etc. If the mark comes before that, a regular peaceful day for Christians wouldn’t be possible, right?

  3. Nawfal says:

    These people, the tyrænts-in-charge, I guess, find it very convenient to forget the Nuremberg Code, which strongly and strictly laid out medical ethics after WWII — NO-ONE will be forced to take any experimental medications or have medical procedures done on them that they refuse to take….Period!

    The following is a relevant note. Consider this, almost any of THE TWILIGHT ZONE episodes (from the 1960s) foresaw the time we live in today: “In the Eye of the Beholder”, is a perfect example. In this episode, the general story fits perfectly with our current experience with the ScæmDemic Dystopia we are living. The beautiful people in that episode, could be the people who refuse the koof-jab, as they are propagændïzed to 24/7, bræinwashing society, that ALL MUST CONFORM or be expelled from “the normal society”, and “normal people”, those who run politics and all of society. For if they cannot conform, or if they cannot be “re-educated”, they are shipped off to live with the other “undesirables”.

    The malcontents are first treated with aversion, proœpaganda, and coercion. And then if that doesn’t work, they are threatened, that if they cannot, or will not, OBEY….CONFORM….SUBMIT….stronger measures will be used, which probably includes viœlence.

    In the end, the beautiful people are shunned by society, and hated for being ‘different’. The final outcome is that the ‘different people’ (the beautiful people), are segregated from the Ugly People (“The Normal People”), shipped off to their own little 3rd-Class settlements, far from the rest of the world. This ultimately keeps the horrific “normal people” in power, under the iron-hand of “The Leader”….I think that is cøde for dićtætor.

    ☆ In our dystopia, the biggest threat to the Republic would be the burgeoning and parasitic, communist-totalitarianism hellscape engineers, those behind this plan, the globalist oligarchs and uncontrollable multinationals + tech monopolists, who have the power to control our actions, shut down our speech, create hate among the races, and now, makes choices for us about our bodies. Look up the information on the owners and board of directors and CEOs of these corporations, and you’ll see threads that belong to the same cloth, working for the same globalist agenda.

    “FORCED ANYTHING” by the government on the people, is not the ideal of a Free Society. I urge everyone to read Yuri Bezminov’s (Tomas Schuman) book, “Love Letter to America” who spells out quite completely the long-term plan by the KayGeB to transform America into a cøommunist dystopia — it is amazing how accurate his warnings were in that book, based on the unfolding chaos in society, and overreach of government.

    And science has not even been touched on here in my comment: look at current stats on Breakthrough cases of the koof among the fully vaxxinated. Look at the Thousands, if not several millions of adverse reactions caused by the vaxxcines. Look at how now, the CeeDeC is admitting that the fully væxxed carry as much vïíral load as the UnVaæxsinated, and that the fully væxxed can transmit the koof to other people.

    All of the population control was the main plan, or, a happy effect to the koofdemic, I’m talking control over all your movements and activities, and that is what this is, over a ‘flew’ that most people have a 99.8% chance of survival, according to the CeeDeC.

    Isn’t it amazing how these big pharma companies can claim that a Vaxxcine they rushed to concoct for the ORIGINAL KOOF, is also pretty darn effective for all future variations of this koof — how utterly ridiculous is that assertion! That’s similar to saying they will create a vaxxcine for a koof that doesn’t even exist yet, and it WILL BE TOTALLY EFFECTIVE!

    This is a very unhappy Clownworld.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sister can confirm if this vaccine is the mark or the beast, or this vaccine will make you very sick or you can die. Also this vaccine turns you into zombies . I under stand that the beast system will enforce everyone to take it, we can already see this forming. The question is can we lose our salvation by this enforcement? I think many people are confused about this. Please confirm these things for us thank you ! And I love your positive attitude when have to deliver difficult messages. Much love

    1. EndTimesThinker says:

      Nobody loses salvation over something forced upon them that they were able to fight against. If you get it forced upon you after you fought against it, then Psalm 91 applies.

  5. Sonya lillis says:

    ive had several dreams as well about this vaccine going back to 2019 before it started. in the dreams im kicking and screaming shouting no this is the mark of the beast no dont put that in me. but they hold me down with guns to my head and put it in me anyway. and then i scream and try ti rip my skin off on anguish.

    if they really do force this on us with out out concent and force it into the bodies of our children then what? is our salvation lost forever? do we burn in hell for eternity when weve fought against it?
    i have walked with Jesus my entire life. i beg that God take me and my familys lives before letting this poison be put into our bodies.
    i am shattered day and night for the thought of being ripped away from my savior as if i never knew him.
    oh Lord Jesus have mercy on your servants and remembe. your children!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I feel the same way you do. I rather He takes me before that happens. I know me and my personality. I will absolutely not be able to think about anything else and carry on as if life is normal when it isn’t. I am not a pretender that way because I am not a robot.

    2. Joe D says:

      In 444 Jesus has time and again made it clear that the jab won’t work of forced ! It just dissolves like water and goes out of the system.

    3. EndTimesThinker says:

      Sonya, you will NOT lose your salvation over being forced anything. It will have no effect on you either. Please read Psalm 91.

    4. Vanesa GVL says:

      Hello Sonia, I know it’s been a few months since you posted this but I hope you’ll see my answer!
      God is good and fair, God loves His children and He wants people to be saved – not the opposite!
      He would never punish us for something that we did not want, that we did not agree to get! Do you think God could accuse a woman who has been raped of fornication? Of course not!
      Trust the Lord, and have faith: even if you are physically forced to take the poison, He will make it harmless! God can do anything! He might punish the ones who willingly take the jab out of fear or because they trust science or their governments more than their Lord but He will not punish us who are resisting receiving the poison!
      Stay strong and know you are not alone!
      I have been saying since the beginning “the only way I am taking this vaccine is if the military coming knocking at my door and forcefully jab me” – might be the reality some day!

  6. Anonymous says:

    If God says something will happen, it will happen.

  7. Scarlett says:

    I don’t believe the Ko=vacksinaction is the Mark, because for the Mark to effective, one would also have to love and worship the Beast, his image/ ” He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.” (Revelation 13:14,15, No true Christian would ever worship the beast.. “Causing all” who won’t WORSHIP the beast, is much different than “causing all”, (force or coerce) to take the Mark, is what I see in the Word.

  8. Celestial, in another of your dreams you saw yourself being force-vexenated and your veins seemed to lock together and refuse the input because you were a holy vessel. In another, the needle contents turned to water and did no harm. Is this how you see God protecting His set-apart ones?

  9. Bianca says:

    The vaccine is not the mark. This is just the beginning. The beast will rise first and then after that, the mark will follow, not yet. That is what Revelation 13 clearly explains that those who’s names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life will be deceived by the beast, and will take his mark. The mark is all about a choice. You will have the choice once the mark are forced, and those that do not comply I believe Revelation says will have to flee for their lives or will be killed for their faith. Some of the comments really grieves me. Do we not know that Jesus is all powerful all knowing all loving? Will He not save his children on the day when things are forced upon us? We should not fear, but we should ask the Lord to help us overcome any fear that might be in us, with regards to the vaccine, mark or end time events coming. He will give us strength when this day approach if we trust fully in Jesus, He will keep us safe. Let’s pray for wisdom in these times, and rock hard faith rooted in Him. Blessings.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is not a matter of belief on whether He will save His children or not. The fact is the Bible states there will be martyrs so that means death.

    2. Besala says:

      Brother/Sister – don’t fret. Pray instead. I think you answered your own question. It is not THE mark referenced in Revelation 13.

      If the shot is physically forced upon you against your will, God won’t account it to you as sin, similar to if a woman was violated and assaulted against her will.

      He causes all is partly referencing the sorcery, witchcraft and deception that is behind the implementation of this snake poison, Satan’s power and influence to coerce the ENTIRE world. It’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come, as in the IRON grip he will have on the world for a season.

  10. Jobob says:

    I slept on it… hoping to wake up with an answer from him… a revelation or a new attitude so I can see a way forward with confidence. It was hard to get to sleep with so much on my mind. I just keep hearing… he causes all… I will not willingly let myself b injected… and I feel I have a greater purpose for God than to fall on this sword. There are still souls God wants to add to his kingdom. People to help and minister to in the perilous times ahead. I will continue to ask for wisdom and understanding. There seems to be a conflict of words but I know he has the answer. I just keep hearing… he causes all. And i also hear.. those who take the mark… the smoke of they’re torment ascends up forever… give me wisdom lord… in Jesus name…

  11. Jobob says:

    We see, and prophesy in part thru visions and dreams. Everything isn’t revealed to any one person. So I look at all the different people who i perceive are true saints have been shown the future in dreams visions and revelations thru his word. And try to see the big picture of how it will all fall into place. Celestial has been shown sooo much. It still amazes me how much. When society breaks down and the judgement gets worse, she saw that even un-jabbed people became zombified. That means there will be un-jabbed people when it has all broken down and we are fighting to survive. Whether it is before or after invasion.. we will see. I just know the longer I can keep they’re nasty poison away from me the better my chances of making it to the end. At some point the “elite” will retreat to they’re holes in the ground and we will be left to tuff it out here in zombiland.. it is coming.. I saw it, and MANY others have to. We must stay focused on servitude and be walking in repentence. When I am confused about a thing I just praise god.. verbally with hands raised. God inhabits the praises of his people. If you need his hand in your life. Praise him.. out loud.. silent prayer is weak! From the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks. If it comes out your mouth it was in your heart to say it. That’s what he judges. Our hearts. Even if you just whisper.. it still words out of your mouth… I will praise him… he is in control.. he will clear the path before me

    1. Lucretia says:

      Hi JOBOB. Perhaps I can help You and others see the full picture and how these visions are tied together. Everything Celestial has been shown about the vaccines and the Mark of the beast are aligned with what I have also received.

      The mark simply means SIN. He causes ALL? For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This is where ALL comes from. In sin we are conceived. For this reason Christ came to swallow death in victory. “O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory? The sting of Death is Sin. Sin is the Mark. The global stain on humanity.

      So where does the Vaccine come in?

      The vaccine can be found in Numbers 21 vs 4 – 9. Read it. Then look at the symbol of the W.H.O. who are advising YOU to take this. Their symbol is a snake on a pole. A Counterfeit. Which means Death. An acceleration of the harvesting of the sinful souls by the enemy. If you die in sin you are unredeemable. A win for the devil. Just as those Israelites perished in the wilderness by serpent venom, So will those looking at this counterfeit snake on a pole who are NOT grounded in Christ. It is only the TRUE Snake on a pole that if you look upon you will live. And that is Christ. The true origin of the snake on a pole. Remain hidden in Him.

      I sincerely hope this helps answer so many of the questions above. Amen.

    2. H says:

      I’m going to have to call you (Jobob) out on this one. Really can’t stand when others spread misinformation–it causes confusion and can lead many people astray. You wrote “When society breaks down and the judgement gets worse, she saw that even un-jabbed people became zombified”

      THAT IS NOT what she said! If you read clearly here on the post titled “Zombies in America” July 17, –

      She clearly said the Lord told her in bold letters “Reanimé will arise from those who take the vaccines. In the next paragraph, in case anyone didn’t understand, HE repeats it again. “THE UNDEAD WILL ARISE FROM THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN THE VACCINE.”

      And before you assume it means that every vaccinated person will become a zombie–NO The Lord didn’t say that! He said “a SUBSET of the vaccinated will become reanimé.” Read carefully next time.

      Even BEFORE the July post she had a previous message titled “The Fig, the Seeds, and the Vaccine” written on March 6, 2021

      “Only last night after ten years of wondering- from the year 2010 to March 6, 2021 has God finally told me where the undead come from. They will come from the people who take this vaccine. As I was stuck in that time loop dream God said: This is where the undead come from.”

      I responded because people need to stop running around spreading Misinformation in the Body of Christ! You don’t know WHO will read an error and think that it’s the truth!

      1. Jobob says:

        It wasn’t written.. it was mentioned in one of her videos.. some un-jabbed turned too… how? Don’t know.. I think it has to do with the graphen oxide they have introduced thru , chemtrails, water, food and who knows what else.. I think soon it will not be safe to consume anything bought off the shelf. We will all soon have to rely on the protection from god. Which is good.. we are witnessing the separation of the weat from the tares..

        1. Jobob says:

          So before u “pop off” to one of your siblings in christ be sure of the facts

        2. Jobob says:

          If I had mis-quoted her she would have quickly corrected me, and i would have repented of it. She can’t respond to all of these comments but she does monitor them

  12. phc1 says:

    I have questions about your post, and woulc like to ask them. Any way I can contact you?
    Also, I have tried to get the ‘following tab to appear on my phone following your instructions. It will not come up, even after repeated tries. Can you add my email to your list on your end?
    Thank you.

  13. LorQ says:

    GOD IS IN CONTROL. We cannot allow ourselves to buy into or embrace the fear that is being unleashed on this Earth, right now. God will never leave us, He will never forsake us. GOD IS IN CONTROL. We are not to lean on our own understanding. We are to seek Him at all times. We are to find rest under His wing. We are to wait on Him. GOD IS IN CONTROL. We are to obey His commandments. We are to live righteous lives. We are to set an example for others and this includes living in Faith and waiting patiently for Him. We are TO STAND. We are TO BE OBEDIENT. GOD IS IN CONTROL. We are NOT to live in Fear. God is not the author of confusion or chaos. God does not sow fear. GOD ALMIGHTY IS IN CONTROL.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ – please do not allow the fear that is being sowed to engulf you, to drown you, to own you. God always watches over His children. God always has a plan. God is always in control. God knows how many hairs are on our heads. Do you not think that He doesn’t have a plan for His children during these trying and perilous times? He does. He will never forsake us nor leave us. We are to stay close to Him at all time. We are to read His word. We are to pray. We are to fast. We are to seek His face. We are to wait on Him to guide us. He has a plan for each one of us – not all entirely the same. Whatever His plan for you is, embrace it at the proper time. Obey Him. Love Him. Worship Him. Praise Him. With the Lord by your side, how can you stumble?


    Thank you, Our Mighty Lord! Thank you, and I praise you, Dear Lord! I am humbled and exceedingly grateful for your love, kindness, correction, compassion and salvation. Bless You, Lord…

  14. Jobob says:

    If I ever see this in person I will end up in jail..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Test the spirit. Everything MUST align with scripture.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Revelation 19:20
    And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. Question: This scripture says deceived them that has received the mark. Then it says and them that worshipped his image. Does that sound like 2 different groups? In order to deceive someone into taking something it means they aren’t aware that it is. Let’s think: Is it more apt to think someone would be deceived in taking a vaccine then an RFID chip. Christians in general have been conditioned that the mark is the RFID chip and that’s it. So what’s the likelihood that if the RFID chip would be spoken of to get that Christians would run off to take it. I don’t think that’s the case. Next part says those who worship the image of the beast. To me that means the baphomet, 666 number, satan worshippers. The scripture isn’t saying the deceived ones are the ones who worship the beast. It is the deceived ones and the beast worshippers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Revelation 20:4
    And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. According to this scripture: there are some who didn’t receive the mark. These are the martyrs. So at some point they had to either refused and faced persecution or were hidden away. What do you think?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Everything prophesied MUST align with scripture. The law of the Lord is perfect. In it there is NO confusion. If it doesn’t align with God’s word, It is not HIS word. Test the Spirit.

  18. Laura says:

    Celestial, word from the main media says they will be approving the first of these on Monday 8/23.

    1. Laura says:

      Hello sister Celestial!! I had a dream in this morning about the vaccine.
      I will try to describe it as best as I can.
      I was at some friends house and I think we were having a discussion about the mark of the beast or a Godly conversation.
      Then all of a sudden we see and hear a car that stops in front of the house and the people from that car starts knocking at the door. When we opened the door they said “we are here to give you the vaccine! Everybody need to have it!” The people from the house got outside to have a discussion with them about this vaccine and why is it forced upon us. And they started talking about safety and etc exactly like a doctor talks. Because they looked like doctors.
      In this time I got to the shop and try to buy something and I realised that I am on minus. I had between -£500 or -£800. And I didn’t understood why. Because I had on my card almost +£7000 and I was so confused. When I looked at the application on my phone, they took all my money. All of them. And they put a silly reference that I didn’t payed a pack of krisps or biscuits a long time ago and for this they took all my money. They where looking for reasons for you to go and argue with them so they could catch you and forcefully inject you the mark of the beast ( the vaccine ). And I was so upset and crying for this because they was my money worked by me. In that house it was me, my husband and my baby boy. I think he was like 3 or 4 years old. He was still having a dummy in his mouth. We made a plan to run and I think God showed me were to reach, were to run but we had a long way till there. We realised that they could follow our phones so we left them. We abandoned everything. Our car. My husband had a really nice car. We had everything. But in that moment we had to abandon everything and start running. The people that were in that house all of them accepted the vaccine and they were blaming us that why don’t we take the vaccine. Me and my family we tried to hide in the grass. In front of the house it was a big land with grass. It was like the house was in the countryside hidden somewhere but they still found us. When I tried to hide into that big tall grass I realised that there are bear traps. But God protected me and my feet where not stuck in them. None of them opened and my heaviness of my body could not touch the bear traps. I was so scared!! I was basically walking like floating on those bear traps. I was praying so hard walking on those traps. I was terrified for them closing and catching my foot and breaking it.
      Then the people from the house saw that we are running and they said to the doctors “Look they are the people that haven’t accepted the vaccine”. So we run even faster. I had my baby and my husband after me. But my husband was kind 9f week and didn’t really understood what is happening and I don’t think he was a true Christian or that he loved God the way I was. But God was protecting them because of His love for me. We were trying to run into other people’s gardens, jumping fences, jumping gates but they were always after us and people were always telling us off or tell our hiding place to everybody. So we could not trust anybody. Then we reached a tall place where it was kind of difficult for us to reach or try to go up on it. My baby and my husband were moving kind of slowly so I said to them why do you guys move so slowly. Come on move faster a little bit or they will catch us. They got moody 🙄🙄 and they said to me “you know what, they go without us”. So I said to them OK fine do whatever you guys want. And I started running without them and a little bit further I saw some doctors catching a woman with violence, putting her down on the ground and inject the Mark of the beast by force. At that moment she didn’t knew who she was or where she was. She became completely insane. Then a little bit further I saw people torturing puppies and all sorts of animals. Mother letting their children wherever. Nobody cared about anything. They were acting so crazy and all they wanted was to cause pain and torture. After I felt guilty case I left my husband and child there and I came back after them. Happily they were in the same spot that I left them untouched. Then I took my baby’s hand and we started running. My baby and my husband were running so slowly. They were always behind me. Then I saw I hidden spot, something like a house. And I said to my husband “OK let’s go there” and he asked me confused “why do we need to go there?!”. And I replied “what do you mean why we should go there… so we could pray for God to make us invisible so this people could not see us anymore. I know that God can do this I even saw in one of Donald’s video” I was annoyed on my husbands question. He didn’t really understood many things. On our way there some insane women tried to attack us, they pinched my breasts and they were trying to make me angry so I could fight them, but I behaved like I could not see nor hear them.
      So after a while this crazy women gave up and left us alone. All I could see was crazy people everywhere, is like they were not humans anymore, is like their DNA was changed with one of a monster, of somebody who loves to torture and hurt. Cause pain. My dream ended with me still running holding my baby boys hand and my husband behind us. I woke up and I started crying. Very painful… very…!!
      By the way, I am not married and I have no child… so I don’t know why in my dream I had a husband and a child…
      Thank you!!
      God bless!!

  19. Lord’s Sheep says:

    They have mandated it at me and hubby’s workplace! Please pray for God’s intervention as we are building a house and have 2 kids! Very stressed out and praying!

    1. Jobob says:

      You must refuse sister.. this jab will end your life… forsake this world and find a way to be seperate from it. Don’t be afraid to tell your kids the ugly truth of things. They are tougher than u think. Praise God.. glorify him and give him thanks.. he will inhabit your praises and meet your needs..👍.. you are not alone.. we are all going to be shut out of this world.. ask god for shelter and courage.

      1. Lord’s Sheep says:

        Thanks for your reply brother! I’m more scared to take the jab than losing job and planning to apply for religious exemption. Hoping and praying that they will accept. If not I’ll see what God’s plan is for my family!

  20. Heather S. says:

    Reuters: U.S. FDA may authorize COVID-19 vaccine for kids based on two months of safety data

  21. EndTimesThinker says:

    This is most certainly in the Great Tribulation period. However, the vaccine is not the mark as some may think. First because he gets shot in the calf, not in the right arm or forehead. Second, because if he got scanned prior to the vaccine, then he had the piece of machinery necessary for scanning in his body already, which is most likely the mark itself. The church might have already have been out of the earth at this point.

    1. Celestial says:

      I’m making this comment momentarily to answer what you’ve written. It seems to me you’re reading these messages with a filter of what you’ve already heard, read and discussed elsewhere, and have now come here with that filter which prevents you from actually reading what’s written here AS IT IS WRITTEN. Where did you read on this site that vaccines are the mark? If you find the place where a message on this site says vaccines are the mark of the beast, be sure to let me know. However since you won’t, please read only what’s written without stretching these messages into what they don’t say. This is one of the greatest difficulties I face here- people coming with what they believe or don’t believe and using that as a benchmark while reading, which prevents them from simply reading what is before them without adding into it. I express what I receive clearly; this site contains EXACTLY what the Lord told me, without filters. Therefore if you see it here, He said it, but if you DON’T see it then kindly refrain from adding it. I’ll leave this up til you’ve possibly seen it. Thank you.

      1. Anonymous says:

        “Where did you read on this site that vaccines are the mark?”

        In this post, you literally claim that the Father told you it was the mark when He said, in red above “…a great cry for help and salvation, but he causes all.” The part where He said “he causes all” is a blatant reference to Revelation 13:16, no other way to understand it.

        1. Celestial says:

          Maybe Bible study will help decipher what is ‘blatant’ or not. For if the actual mark of the BEAST is taken by ALL, then logic dictates that no one enters Heaven. No one remains steadfast in Christ, the great multitude who endure and wash their robes in the Lamb’s blood, standing before God in worship in Rev. 7:9-15, all don’t… exist? Have you read Rev 7, Rev. 13, Matt 24? The wilderness ones who survive and make it, do they fall under “all”, or does common sense perhaps require separation of outcomes so we understand? If a vaccine given to all is the Mark warned of in Rev, then upon the forced inoculations which will come all flesh is lost, Jesus failed, He will return to find nothing worthy of saving. I find the worst type of commentary to be the type that can’t read what’s in front of them but must infuse it with assumption. They fail to process information on its merits yet claim its “blatant!”, “obvious”. Perhaps only to you. The Lord doesn’t suffer from assumptions, thankfully. He’s crystal clear and when He wants to say what the Mark is, HE WILL. You seem to be part of the usual fever dream crowd, who see a thing & claim “There’s no other way to read it!” Yet right on the other side is another crowd who have taken time to read the more than FIFTEEN messages on the menu where God says this is a PRECURSOR. Look it up. Everyone will be forced to take this thing, because it’s a shadow, what comes first. No prophecy on this site says- The Lord said “vaccines are the mark of the beast”. That’s what those who believe that want to hear, they come insisting “it must be!” & want me to say it too. But this is not a drive through; I don’t take orders from the comments here. Many who read UNDERSTAND and many who read clearly DON’T- for both camps it is for their own account what they hear & see when they come here. Not one word will be changed, you hear what you like but I know what I wrote. Thanks.

  22. Heather S says:

    Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg of Austria just announced a nationwide lockdown and MANDATORY nationwide vaccination starting February 1, 2022.

  23. cxmckx says:

    A scanner that can ID you from scanning your back? Sounds like something we don’t have yet. If he causes all to take this vaccine then wouldn’t that make this the mark of the beast? How can it be forced if it’s the mark? I thought we would be beheaded for not taking it. It doesn’t sound like the mark but if God spoke to you as you woke from the dream “he causes all” the rest of that sentence is a scripture to take his mark. How is God able to say that and it not be the mark?! I will be wailing if this happens to me. Because what does that mean? Just have faith that the syringe was actually water? How can we know? I would be crying because I’m going to hell for taking the mark not because my rights were violated. How does this make sense with the other words and dreams that say the more you take the vaccine the more likely you’ll take the mark? Yes I know no one said it was the mark but God spoke Rev13:16 to you. what is the rest of that scripture? I don’t like this dream. Sorry

    1. Besala says:

      Brother/Sister (cxmckx) – don’t fret. Pray instead. I think you answered your own question. It is not THE mark referenced in Revelation 13.

      If the shot is physically forced upon you against your will, God won’t account it to you as sin, similar to if a woman was violated and assaulted against her will.

      He causes all is partly referencing the sorcery, witchcraft and deception that is behind the implementation of this snake poison, Satan’s power and influence to coerce the ENTIRE world. It’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come, as in the IRON grip he will have on the world for a season.

  24. Hkelso says:

    People will find excuses in the future to get the mark of the beast
    Just as they find excuses now to do what they want
    Christians need to repent of that attitude

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