The Slavery Chronicles: Arise My People, Pt 5 – June 7, 2019


Go down, Moses

Way down in Egypt’s land

Tell Old Pharaoh…

To let my people go.

These words below are proven by Deutoronomy 28 and Deutoronomy 31:14-30.

This is the final post, vision and message of ‘The Slavery Chronicles’– the last of the layered visions the Lord gave me on the night of June 6, 2019. After this I will go back to posting the prophecies concerning events coming to the USA. Until these prophecies are all posted, I cannot post anything else unless I am told to do so. Please be patient with me, thank you.

The picture above is indicative of the groups (scattered globally) that the Lord is referring to: Major West African, Middle African and Southern African tribal nations, some abroad and now known as Haitians, Jamaicans, Dominican Republic, Martinique (not sure where that is); all the Caribbean islands (I do not know them all by name; their designation was mentioned as a group); as well as ‘Galla’ people (if you know who these are please comment below); the ‘Lemba’ and ‘Bantu’ nations of the South; you major tribes within India (black and brown Brahmin He says, ‘rejected caste’, ‘lower caste’, ‘unclean caste’, you who are not comforted and not clean, the outcast and the runaways of India); you who live in the forests hidden from view; the Sudan; the Magreb; hidden in the Sahara, NIGERIA, ETHIOPIA, and major parts of Cush (Biblical Ethiopia). There are many more, I cannot hear them all, I do not know their names; and YOU THE ‘BLACK AMERICANS’ of the United States of America:


Note: (This is a stern message, the voice I hear is very stern; thank you.)

“YOU STUBBORN AND WICKED PEOPLE. PRIDE OF LIFE PEOPLE. LUST OF THE FLESH, LUST OF THE EYES PEOPLE. I KNOW YOU. I have known you since the days of my grey-haired servant Moses. Hear the voice of your Lord. Obediently you followed when I led you in the wilderness. Patiently you gathered when I fed you in the wilderness. I am the One who found food for you, and clothed your nakedness. Thankfully you praised me when your enemies were upon you, and I delivered you from darkness, and fearing, and the sword of your oppressors. I was the protection over your head by day, the coolness of the journey by your side at evening. Relentlessly you fought my servant, and relentlessly you fought Me. UNTIL I SET YOU ASIDE.”

(I see a man set aside a cup he is tired of drinking from. He knocks it over and it falls and spills its contents. It rolls on the floor, but He doesn’t care. He continues with his meal, and a new cup is set on the table before Him.) REJECTED NATIONS (peoples) OF THE EAST, WEST, NORTH AND SOUTH. COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM MY PEOPLE. COME OUT AND WORSHIP AND BE BLAMELESS BEFORE ME IN THE DAY OF YOUR RESTORATION. I THE LORD SAY, COME OUT!!

“You were accepted until the days iniquity was found in you. Given pride of place, JUDAH, strength of the nations, were your brothers not beside you in the day that you were formed? How come you became so profane, so filthy and low down? How could you repay Me in this way? I speak of your fathers’ crimes, but the fathers ate the sour grapes and their own teeth chattered with the bitterness of it. Indeed their blood is in YOU, and your own teeth chatter with the bitterness of the cup I have made them drink. Their crimes are upon your head, even as their crimes rested upon their own heads. “Drink, and be drunk;” I said, and they fell among their enemies. “DRINK AND BE DRUNK!” I SAID, and they wasted in the holding cells and prisons. Their backs were flogged, their name was taken, identity taken, lives were taken; their reason was taken and madness beset them like hornets. Sting them, make them forget all about Me says the Lord, in the day that iniquity was found in them. STING THEM UNTIL THEY FALL.

So… so I see a ship like the one above, and the people in it are still and lifeless. Nobody has energy to move or fight, because they’ve been sitting like this for many days. Days, weeks, nobody down there knows anymore and I who am an observer also do not know. There is a stench like you cannot imagine, human beings left way too close to each other for way too long. The place is filthy, every now and then sea water is poured from the holes in the deck to cleanse the place and that is all the attention it receives. The people are so hungry and so thin, and some are plotting blue murder of revenge in their hearts even as their bodies are withering and dying. It is terrible. Hopelessness and rage is what I see.

Hopelessness and rage.

These people, I see a list of crimes written against them in blue ink. The list is scrolling past me in the air- too fast to see- but one of them I do see is IDOLATRY, the other one is LUST, the other one is INIQUITY, the other one is FALSE WORSHIP, the only one in red ink is HUMAN SACRIFICE. This last crime is accused against all the nations named at the start of this word, but especially the black and African nations. All of them have done it, they are all guilty says the Lord. 

“HUMAN SACRIFICE. Who suggested this? Why do you do it? WHO TAUGHT YOU THIS ABOMINATION? I have created a man in my image, a woman for my glory, yet you roast people on spits as if this is a civilised thing to do. YOU HAVE SERVED DEMONS, you and your fathers before you, and gave up my creation as ransom to other gods in your lust for power. Their cries were against you, so I toppled you, and sold your souls as bread.” 

The Lord is seated at His table, and that cup is still on the floor. He looks off in the distance, He is thoughtful, and every one of us who is there is waiting for Him to speak. 

“LISTEN TO ME, YOU DISOBEDIENT NATIONS. All of you have sinned against me, but now I am ready to FORGIVE. My heart has found FORGIVENESS. My love for you never faltered, even when you were scattered and some of you forgot My name. I have never forgotten you; I say I love you with an everlasting love, and even with tenderness, with deep emotion I will gather you in the time of love, and restore you as My crown. My goblet, My cup of righteousness; I will restore what I have broken down. I will rebuild what I tore down, and your righteousness shall be FROM ME. The wall shall be rebuilt, and that in a perilous time. HEAR THE VOICE OF YOUR BRIDEGROOM. I AM COMING, MY REWARD IS WITH ME. REPENT AND DO THOSE WORKS YOU DID AT THE FIRST, WHEN YOUR FATHERS WERE MY PEOPLE AND I WAS THEIR GOD. 


Prophecy: I am announcing that there is a bright light of REVIVAL coming among the nations mentioned. They are by no means exhaustive, those listed were only what I heard. No matter their crimes against Jesus, forgiveness and restoration have been extended. These nations shall receive their inheritance, but no man except Jesus Christ Himself shall do it. The crimes of the fathers have fallen away under the blood of the Lamb, and now the door is open for these descendants to return to the worship of the true and living God that sits between flaming dragons in his high heaven, observing the ways of men. That is all. I cannot add anything else except, hear today the words of the Lord. Amen. 

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  1. Bob R. says:

    I just can’t grasp what He is saying in this part of the word. ” “You were accepted until the days iniquity was found in you. Given pride of place, JUDAH, strength of the nations, were your brothers not beside you in the day that you were formed? ” Is He saying they were Judah? And who were the brothers? Am I to think they were/are a black race? I just don’t know? Fill me in if you know ,please. Bob R.


    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Bob R., thank you for visiting TMV Blog.

      Judah is the 4th son, promoted by God to the rights of the 1st born. His brothers were all present when Jacob did this on his deathbed. In this word God directs His anger (and later, forgiveness) at these descendants listed, accusing them directly of crimes committed by their fathers against both Moses and Himself. It is said: “The blood of your fathers is in you.” It is also said: “I have a new generation, I will begin again with you.” The message in aggregate makes it clear what the Lord is saying. (The scriptures I was given are also posted at the top, to read for further understanding.) Please pray about all you read, the Lord confirms his word to His children when they ask. Thank you and I appreciate your visit and comment. God bless you.

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    2. SBH says:

      Bob…is it really that much of a surprise to you that the descendants of Hebrews are the dark races?


  2. Hmmmm, are you trying to imply that the blacks are the scattered Jews?

    All you have mentioned about these races are true, especially Nigeria.
    Am a Nigerian, I know that our fore fathers worshipped idols, and did all sort of human Sacrifices.

    But I know we were not the only ones who were involved in this human sacrifices.

    The Aztecs etc..were also involved in these..

    Again, I had a dream in 2017 where I was reading a book, and in that book the woman who was the author of the book was a prophetess. In the book she wrote that there are some group of people in South East Nigeria, that they are the descendants of Israel… When I saw it I quickly ran to my sister to show her the book, I folded the page where I saw that.

    As I was trying to show it to my sister, my other sister came and said I should give her the book to check something that she will give me back.
    I told her to be careful not to tamper with what I have already folded .

    I then went to tell other people, but they couldn’t believe me, they said I was lying, so I went to collect the book from my sister to show to them where it was written that I was correct.

    But to my greatest disappointment, I searched and searched I couldn’t see it and all of them got up and left the room that I was not serious…. My sister had mistakenly unfolded the page..

    So as I was looking for the page seriously and it was as if I was getting closer to find it , suddenly I saw zombies and skeleton coming to attack me, I had to leave what I was looking for to go and fight them.

    I don’t really understand

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    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Loveth, Thank you for visiting TMV Blog.

      I am not “trying to imply” anything. On this blog I post directly the prophecies I receive from the Lord, as they are given to me. Time, date, just as I hear them. Yes, it is known that Aztecs did human sacrifice, but Aztecs are no longer around to sacrifice humans and as you know, many of these groups still do to this day. Also know, the Lord knows the difference between Aztecs and the specific types of people who were listed *by name* in this word. There are 5 parts to this prophetic series “Slavery Chronicles, please read all of them as they are all related and give what I believe is a very clear picture to what the Lord has to say.

      For your dream, I have an understanding of it. Please email for more on that. Thank you and I appreciate your visit and comment.

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  3. Moosie Henry says:

    HALLELUYAH!!! All praises to the Most High Yahuah Elohim!!!!


  4. Marcos :-) says:

    Hi Celestial! This is Marcos. For some days, or weeks I don’t know, I have been asking the LORD a very deep question I had once. I asked the LORD: “Lord, why is it that for all of human history, people from the entire continent of Africa have been treated in such ways by the rest of the nations of the world?, including the people of India who in ancient times took African slaves in addition to what the Europeans did to them.” I asked Him this question, because I wanted to know the reason why. I wanted to know why in the world are African people one of the most mistreaded people’s on the planet, for centuries. Today, I asked that question again, and here the LORD showed me the answer.

    Another VERY IMPORTANT AND URGENT thing: About some information I found of today:

    In November of last year, 2020, there was a HUGE massacre of Amharans in Ethiopia. It left a total of approximately 1,100 dead, but the casualties keep rising. Amharans are mostly Christian and they are greatly persecuted. I also read on a Wikipedia table/article that this mass killing, named the “Mai Kadra Massacre”, is the 3RD DEADLIEST TERROR ATTACK IN HUMAN HISTORY, before the Casper Speicher Massacre (2014), and the September 11 attacks (2001).
    Please see the table on the link:

    This was just last year, and I can’t believe that I never heard of this event on the news, nor did I ever read of it anywhere. Please pray for them, because apparently, the big news media don’t want to talk about it, and they seem to be hiding this so no one knows this ever happened.

    This is outrageous, I mean, +1,000 people died in the space of 4 days (November 16-20), and no one says anything until a year later.
    Link of a YouTube video that describes what happened:

    I will also pray for them and for God to protect them from harm, since I also saw that many of them survived with injuries that one may think are unsurvivable. God is merciful that He did not let the attackers destroy them off completely. I pray that God consoles them with His Holy Spirit and that He allows them to do His will in Ethiopia. God bless and protect you guys! And you too Celestial! 🙂

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    1. Celestial says:

      God bless you for the committed heart you have to seek God about deeper things Marcos. Stay strong in Christ and the power of His might. Shalom.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Celestial,
    Omare here from Kenya, Africa. The Galla also known as the Oromo, are cushitic in ethnicity. They are mostly found in N. Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. They are a beautiful people.

    For some time now I have been reading that the tribe of Judah is largely black and African. The Igbo of Nigeria, the Bantu communities and most ethnic communities found in Africa. A prophetess by the name Kerry Ann Giddens on YouTube says the same. Africans used to sacrifice to foreign gods in exchange for rainfall, healing of plagues and other detestable practices. These are all in our folklores and traditional tales.

    Us Africans have had our identities and culture taken away from us through European colonization.

    The fact that God is willing to redeem this generation is wonderful information; to be received with joy. Let us all go back to our God, our creator for only through Him do we find our identity and life’s purpose.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Hello Celestial, if you have time please respond to this.
      Are we being deceived to believe that those in the nation of Israel today are The real chosen people? I am so confused and thank you for your reply.


  6. Andrea says:

    This prophecy had my attention right from the start, as it confirmed some information that I recently learned. However, I got concerned at the very end where it stated, “…the true and living God that sits between flaming dragons in his high heaven, observing the ways of men.”
    The above statement caught my attention as I had no idea that God sat between FLAMING DRAGONS in the heavens. I’ve always thought that Satan was the one represented as the dragon in scripture. Why then would God sit between dragons in heaven? I cannot seem to a reference for this in scripture. Any feedback would be appreciated.💕Thanks!


    1. Celestial says:

      It’s not often I reply comments but this one made me smile. You know Satan is a dragon, you know his shape. Yet that dragon once had a job IN HEAVEN, with many who look like him. The fall didn’t make Satan a dragon, he’s a SERAPH, that’s HIS FORM as given by God. Yes, the DRAGONS guard God. Seraph are fiery dragons, serpent-like angels. All you need to do is study/ research. I tell believers all the time- Google is free. Angels don’t all look human; cherubim are scary 4-faced powerhouses that make a terrible noise as they move, not fat, naked babies with bow & arrow as the Catholics depict. Satan fell with 1/3 of EVERY CLASS OF ANGEL, so in the end times he will be here with every type of them to wage war, not just the ones with tolerable faces. God uses the human-like angels to visit man but Satan has no such rules to live by. 😇 Thank you for visiting TMV Andrea, Shalom.


  7. Andrea says:

    Psalms 99:1 KJV
    The LORD reigneth; let the people tremble: he sitteth between the cherubims; let the earth be moved.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Celestial,
    Thank you for your helpful reply. I appreciate your time and ministry. I’m waking up to many truths of scriptures, false doctrines of men and how the world really works. So, I’m a bit wary of deception, especially concerning things that are not explicitly mentioned in the scriptures or got lost in translation.

    For anyone else who might be interested, I found this article informative on the topic of dragons/seraph in heaven.

    May God continue to bless and keep you my sister. 💕



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