The Slavery Chronicles – June 7, 2019



“Therefore my loins are filled with pain: pangs have taken hold of me, as the pangs of a woman that strains for delivery: I was bowed down at what I heard; I was distressed at what I saw.” – (Isaiah 21:3) 


Brothers and sisters… I have come to a place of difficulty. I thought, when I began this, that I would simply obey the Lord to post all the visions, prophecies and dreams of the past, and then the blog could be left to propagate itself online. However the influx of new prophecies are such that I’ve only posted two old ones, and what I received right now makes me realise why many people do not read the Old Testament a lot. They think it’s too harsh and too “wicked”- in fact many churches today avoid it because they struggle to know how to present the God of the Old Testament to laid back entertainment-seekers in jeans. But the God of the OT is here with us beloved; He is constant and as I have just seen- His memory is long. The next series is hard. I am sorry. 

Caveat: If ANYONE of the ethnic groups that will be named here, comes and rejoices on this page, celebrating in a way that demoralises others or saying things in the comments that makes a hard burden harder to bear- you will be blocked. As those who may have already tried commenting, liking or following the blog have seen- I have no rules here. I disabled all site restrictions so that comments don’t need my approval and conversation is free. This work is not “my” thing; it belongs to God. My sole rule is profanity: Do not curse or insult me on this blog. I am a real person with a life. If you do not agree with what you read the Simpsons on Netflix is a click away, to soothe away any offences you may have picked up reading here, and we’ll leave it at that. 

But if anyone comes and says “YES!”, “Awesome!”, “About time!” or anything like that about what I am now going to write- I’m sorry- your posting privileges will be removed and you will have to send me an email to explain why I should allow you back. Let me warn you- God said NOT to rejoice over an enemy, and NOT to be happy when you see another taken in snares. Even if he wronged you first, his judgement is God’s business, not yours. I hope we understand each other.

The prophecy series: “Slavery Chronicles” now goes online. When they’re all up you can come back to this  page and find them listed in this space —> here, here, here and here.

Thank you and please pray in earnest for this nation. 


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