Desolations, Pt 5: The Sign Of The End – July 3, 2019

“You will tell them My words whether they listen or not, because they are very rebellious. But you son of man, hear what I say to you: “Do not be rebellious like them; open your mouth and eat what I give you.”

Now when I looked, there was a hand stretched out to me; and behold, a scroll of a book was in it. Then He spread it before me; and there was writing on the inside and on the outside, and written on it were lamentations and mourning and woe. – (Ezekiel 2: 7- 10)

It is with heavy heart I bring today’s prophecy. This message is strong- I’ve known these things for many years now, but saying them is difficult because it may cause fear. Many today refuse prophetic words because they are allergic to truth; they accuse prophets of “spreading doom and gloom” and being liars- as if the terrifying events of the book of Revelation were written as a party invitation. Prophecy is strong to make us think, and make us repent.

In my own case when the Lord first told me about these things I nearly had a breakdown. It fought everything I knew of Christianity. I’ve read the Bible closely so hearing these things almost capsized my faith. Therefore I recommend when you read this and similar upcoming prophecies- keep your eyes on the CROSS. Remember who your Father is. He is not the Father of Fear but of Love, Compassion and Truth, warning all people to be wise. Also remember: I don’t convince anyone of anything on TMV. I post the prophecies I get as they are, then I do the work of inviting people to please turn to Jesus Christ as Saviour before it’s too late.

You may comment below but please no spam videos or things like that. Your own knowledge and experiences are welcome.

In my prayer time July 3, 2019 the Lord quickly changed my flow and sent me to Psalm 81:9, 11. Hear O my people, let Me rebuke and warn you! O Israel- if only you would listen to me!… v11: But My people would not hear my voice, and Israel would have none of me.

The Lord is GRIEVED because of our collective hardness of heart. He knows a few hear but the majority are not listening. Because of this He said everything is going to happen without reservations, so we can see with our own eyes He is serious when He speaks. As I always say: We share one earth, when she is flooded we will all feel it. The true Church will be supernaturally protected from many evils coming to earth but SHE MUST FORTIFY HERSELF AGAINST MANY EVILS THAT SHE WILL WITNESS.

Here is the word from the Lord:

These people are not listening. They are not heeding My voice that I have lifted up all over the world. They ignore the appointed prophets and the prophetic messengers I have sent. They mock and ridicule them, or turn their faces away from My words. Their ears are so heavy with worldliness, and their hearts so dull to hear, that even if I screamed they would not hear. Therefore I move now TO ACTION. Because their hearts are hard I will not only speak, I will speak and DO. By action I the Lord announce Myself among the peoples of the earth, I announce Myself to the Church and the entire population of the world. I will no longer delay the things I said I would do; I will begin to do them now. Behold, the entry to DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK is at hand, and the times and things of the end will unfold as they have been prophesied in scripture, each one bearing down upon the previous one until birth pains multiply to no end. The world will labour and bring forth the glorious appearing of my Son and first fruit Jesus Christ.

PERILS. WOES. DISASTERS. DEVASTATIONS, DESOLATIONS AND SIGNS OF THE END. The devil comes down to you in another skin, IN ANOTHER FORM HE APPEARS BEFORE YOU SAYING ‘LET US SHAKE HANDS AND BE FRIENDS’. He will call himself “BROTHER”, “SAVIOUR”, “FRIEND”, and many will receive him and be deceived by him. Many will believe the lying words and wonders he causes to multiply and populate all corners of the earth. But he is not from Me, I do not know him. I have not sent him to you. You shall see this abomination come to earth. If I am not God, then I have not spoken it. BUT IF I AM GOD AND I HAVE SPOKEN IT, THEN INDEED IT SHALL BE AS I SAY.

STRANGE BEINGS. STRANGE LIGHTS. STRANGE TECHNOLOGY FLOWING AMONG YOU as the cunning serpent makes his final attack against the seed of the woman. Humanity, WOE TO YOU! I PROPHESY TO YOU AS YOUR GOD, WOE TO YOU!! For once this evil appears you will not hold it back. As the angels cannot hold back My bowls of wrath appointed for the end of days, as no-one can hold back the waves of the sea, so you will not be able to re-box this evil you have invited upon the earth. In your towns and villages they will appear, in your cities and urban centres they will dwell with you, and multiply themselves among you, and rage against you as wild beasts, until your numbers are depleted and your flesh is destroyed. If not for My mercy no flesh could survive this, no single man, woman or child could live to see the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Before My coming this will occur: strange beings coming in light, wrapped in light and carrying light shall appear fully and openly to ALL MANKIND, SPEAKING TO EACH ONE IN HIS MOTHER TONGUE, SPEAKING IN STRANGE LANGUAGES, ANCIENT LANGUAGES, advancing kinship that is actually cursed and forbidden since the days of my servant NOAH. This token of brotherhood is FALSE; it is a lie and an abomination. IT IS CURSED AND FORBIDDEN IN MY HOLY WORD TO ENGAGE WITH STRANGE FLESH.

For I the Lord have set the whole world upon its pillars, that it shall not be moved from the genesis to the fulfilment of all things. I have said that all things I made SHALL ONLY PRODUCE SEED AFTER THEIR OWN KIND. A sheep shall not produce a goat, nor shall a male produce offspring, only the female. But in the days of Noah and again in Sodom and Gomorrah, there was the mixing of strange flesh, the sons of God as light-bearing angels came down to the women of earth and produced from them satanic seed, cursed children who roamed the earth many cubits high and covered the world in VIOLENCE. There is rage in their heart, they will come again, and mankind shall be a tiny enemy, greatly devastated and defeated before them. For this evil you people have done, to invite them, to bring them here to the world I made, I say WOE, WOE, WOE!! WOE UNTO YOU, for from this time on until my appearing DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED, EVEN UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END.

Here ends the word of the Lord.

Let us repent, let us seek the Mercy of God. This word is not frivolous or false, it is 100% true as the Lord revealed. In a very near time to come fallen beings will (against the constant lies of major governments worldwide), appear to humanity and make themselves known to all. They will claim to be friendly, “helpers”, “enlightened ones” come to save us from ourselves and our basic, crude ways of life- fighting wars, sickness, dying early etc. They will bring technology we’ve never seen before- stuff that’s amazing, literally out of this world stuff that will be mass-marketed and highly coveted on earth (I’ve seen some of it in dreams). As a result the hearts of almost everyone will be open to talk and partner with them; the majority of people will openly receive them but that is the worst deception mankind will ever willingly or “unknowingly” participate in. That joyful reception is how humanity’s death warrants are signed. That’s how flesh will be ripped from bone in so many nations- by us allowing these abominations to come here and live with us under false names they’ll think up for themselves. I have had many dreams over the years concerning this matter. The Holy Spirit said to put some of them up so, they’ll go up as I find time to properly explain this matter and help others understand what really it means in the Bible when it says: The End Times.

P.S. GOD. IS. POWERFUL. AND. GREAT. Please, don’t make my old mistake because I admit, I really lost my balance when I first came to know hidden things of scripture. But GOD WAS AWESOME! He comforted me and steadied my legs, He taught me line by line the truth. He silenced the arrows of fear the enemy shot at my heart, and I testify to you today that God is a saving God. He saves from fear, and He saves from giants. He has a plan for each one, EACH- ONE- who submits and puts their trust in Him. I love you visitors- I offer you a hand, let us continue going forward together. Though storm and sea will rage (it has to, to fulfil His word)- God will take care of His people.

“I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. This poor man called out and the LORD heard him; He saved him from all his troubles.” – (Psalm 34:4- 6)

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Dear one….I will have to admit, I’m having a difficult time grasping the enormity of this prophecy. I truly thought we were in the beginning of the Tribulation, which has a limited time span, and can’t understand how all these beings can come and be incorporated into such a time-frame that rapidly. I’m not nay-saying….it’s just that I “don’t get it”……yet. But I will be praying for discernment concerning this.

    Thank you and God bless you so richly for all your service to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Scarlett- thank you for your faithful visits to TMV Blog. Everything you find here is exactly as the Lord relays it to me, I don’t add any in or take any out. That said, I’ve noticed many have thoughts of how time will unfold and the tribulation will go. Sister, the speed at which unfolds belongs to the Lord. What I know for a fact is I have seen for 5 years: these beings HERE, with us, living as if we are roommates, allowed to mingle with us. There are prophecies I haven’t even uploaded yet because they are coming faster than time to type- I try to put only the completed words on the blog. Some are long and must be broken up- those form series.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Thank you Celestial…I read and read as long as I could last night before I went to bed. And when I did, I was troubled, and thinking in my mind, “people will never believe most of this because it’s so staggering”……(thinking mostly of Christians). Then as I was trying to pray about all these things, but getting so very sleepy, I had the strangest thing happen…even as I was drifting off, I had the sensation of something very suddenly trying to move me, lift me up, levitate me, or, suck me out of bed! Scared me so bad! I began praying hard and pleading the blood of Jesus. I think perhaps it was because of reading all that…which frankly scared and worried me. Was this all my imagination or a type of dream? I don’t know! I hope it never happens again. Anyway, as of today, I realize perhaps for the very first time, that life as I’ve known it is going to change and will never be the same again.

        1. Celestial says:

          Dear Scarlett, I really appreciate your openness. Please be aware, the devil strongly fights truth and he fights the disclosures on this blog. But anyone who’s read even 5 posts will see- there’s no way one person can see this wide range of subjects, themes and events unless the Lord Jesus reveals it to them. Christ is the centre of this work and shall always be put forward as the Head.

          Nevertheless, we have an adversary as a roaring lion, who knows MANY PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS. He knows they’ll fight it, reject it, and may refuse to accept it because of fear. Even to those who accept it, fear will attack.
          When you read I encourage you, do so with your Bible next to you. I said on the About and Welcome, this blog is best when your Bible is open and you can check scripture as you read. Play worship music also. Speak to God as you read, His presence flushes the room with peace and calm. “I will keep him in perfect peace, whose eyes are stayed on me”- Isaiah 26:3 I hope doing these, and prayer before bed, will change your reading experience sister. Be filled with the Shalom of Jesus, amen.

        2. Celestial says:

          Also no, it was not your imagination or a dream. Satan does have power Scarlett. God protects us, but the enemy’s power was not taken away. He can affect the physical realm through demonic attacks that can be palpably felt, so please cover your home as a matter of course, whether you’re reading or not.

      2. Warrior says:

        ETS We are full back off!
        P.S They dont like snow 😛
        God Bless You Sister Celestial.

    2. Celestial says:

      What I can say is- they will come. They. Will. And until the time of their actual revelation they sit dormant as if non-existent, as if something the History Channel “speculates on”, as if in their wicked hearts they do not know about this. This even is shown so openly in human entertainment for precisely this purpose, to make men think: It’s only TV. But it is a prophesied event long ago, from the day of Daniel, and until this evil deceiving phenomenon takes place, it is best and wisest not to subscribe to any timeline or supposition because God alone knows what will come first, second and last. May God bless you, I really do appreciate your kind words and comment. I love God with all my heart and I’ll work as He leads- may we all benefit from it in the end.

      1. Scarlett says:

        It’s late, but thank you so very much for responding. I will be thinking and praying for much more godly discernment.
        It is not because I am disbelieving ….not at all. I am reminded of many years ago, the prophecy of a young prophetess Holly Moodie, which she called, “The Return of the Nephelim”. I believed it then and I believe it now…..and so glad for you and appreciative that you are putting this online for us. Praying that others will dig deeper into the great and awesome mysteries of our Mighty Lord, Yeshua.

        1. Kikimi says:

          When I heard about the aliens from you, I was in disbelief but I prayed and started doing my research, well they are already promoting themselves on tick-tock at the moment. There’s so much happening. Let me just say Thank you for doing the work of the most high.

  2. You are so right in proclaiming these warnings. But here are some more things many would NEVER EVER CONSIDER. 1. Satan will diligently work until he “just about” convinces the world that GOD DOESN’T EXIST! 2. Man will begin to believe, and so “Satanically inspired” ‘think’ that he IS GOD! 3. Any evil imaginable will be done in the name of JESUS CHRIST AND GOD! 4. INSANITY WILL BECOME THE “NEW NORMAL”! 5. Unless Jesus Christ DOES return, NOBODY WILL LIVE! 6. Satan HAS, IS USING, and WILL CONTINUE to use President Donald John Trump! And 7. Prophesy HAS BEEN, IS CURRENTLY, AND WILL BE FULFILLED CONCERNING THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST! There is THREE SECOND COMINGS, and they are NOT all LITERAL or VISUAL! (I know, this last one I “seriously” ask everyone to pray about!) God bless you most abundantly! Timothy. PS: I spoke here on this blog as directed, I feel, by the Spirit of Christ. DO NOT TAKE JUST “MY WORD” ON ANY OF THIS BUT PRAY CONCERNING THIS!

  3. mrichter26 says:

    Dear ‘Celestial’ … I’m a german and translate lot of prophecies, including some of yours, when I (personally ! – reborn 1993 at the age of 48, after He did a lot of things in my life which I only later could really understand to be HIS WORKS …) am of the opinion that they could serve also the German-language community.
    I do not get a ‘leading’ to translate specific things – at least not to my knowledge – but do it if I ‘feel’ them to be important …
    Of course – having travelled more than 50 countries in the past on, all five continents – I have been more than ‘happy’ to read (and translate) His general words about Germany as a country, but also all the rest (ljke other countries and such) would normally be ‘worth’ to be translated.
    But I translate mostly things for innocent peope to learn about HIM as such.
    Nevertheless … it is important to be aware also about all the tricks that satan and his hordes are going to use.
    Yes, it is a hard word but I fully trust in His words that He is going to take care …
    Thanks a lot to HIM and to your faithfulness – Michael

  4. paulvoudrach says:

    Oh sister Celestial I will always be thankful for messages our Father in Christ and Holy Ghost have spoken to you about and share with great obedience. Amen!!! Jesus said in one of my evening prayers years ago, “all need Me but not all will come to Me”. I share this with you and all who reads your blog of the Master’s Voice with heaviness because there are many that turn away and it saddens my heart!

    1. readywife says:

      The Dangers of Sin should be taken Seriously

      We all need to understand sin is going against God and that no human is perfect. Sin is a deadly poison that touches everything we do and everything we are. Yes you may be a good moral person whose life isn’t marred by obvious sins. But what about the inner thoughts and motives, pride, or the things we should be doing but fail to do? The people we ought to help, one who needs a kind word, or the person we should be praying for?

      Some of us are missing two major details about sin and the understanding of the depth and cost of sin. (1) If we claim to be without sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. 1John 1:8. (2) That sin is so serious that it cost Father God his own Sons very life. If sin is that serious to God shouldn’t we take sin seriously as well?

      Do not be misled. Feelings and emotions can mislead us, if we ignore the little voice within that prompts us to do what is right and rebukes us when we do wrong. That voice can become dulled or almost silenced if we refuse to listen to it. We should take all precautions and means, to watch diligently, because there is a treachery, a deceit in sin which tends to the hardening of our hearts from the fear of God.

      While recognizing sin, we should not use the promise of Salvation as an excuse to indulge in sin; “But encourage one another daily…so that none of us may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Hebrews 3:13

  5. Licy says:

    I had a dream a few months ago in which I saw a giant the likes we have never seen in our days. I remember I was leading a group of people to a retreat along a narrow path and a man very tall charged towards us, and I began to scream “the giants are here” running backward. I had not been watching or research the topic. God is speaking to His people.Thank you sister, I believe you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My children are well into their 30’s already and when they were small I kept having visions of an alien being standing in front of them. I used to tell them often if you ever see something like this, do not fear. Do not fear because God is greater.
    After reading what you wrote I was reminded of this and asked my daughter if she remembers me saying that to them often. She remembers.
    My constant prayer for my family all these years has always been that they will not be deceived.
    Thank you for this word Celestial. Deep down in my soul I know it is the truth.

  7. My Choice says:

    Have you seen those med beds? I’ve seen pictures of them and they are supposed to do everything from healing diseases to making people younger! People were asking where could they purchase one and one lady even asked where could she go to learn how to operate it! That was last year so I’m pretty sure they have a waiting list for people wanting to get “treated”! It looked like something that I personally would stay far away from because it looked wicked to me!

  8. DD says:

    Your words of encouragement are uplifting and pure. I always wondered what to do upon encountering a re-anime. I believe I know now…RUN!!!😄

  9. DD says:

    But I always thought we would not be here for the re-anime’ because based on the TV programs, we could never survive them😟. God help us. What a weapon theyv created!!!

  10. AzanaYah says:

    This generation doesn’t have a clue what we’re about to experience on this earth. Most sermons are watered down so it’s going to be a shock to so many but most of all there will be so many deceived. Smh. Thank you, Sis Celestial.

  11. Thank you for openly and fearlessly sharing these truths of Yah. I take your hand and I love you too. To Yah stay the glory. So be it

  12. Editd says:

    Hola CELESTIAL, por favor tengo una pregunta en el nombre de Jesucristo. Mi pregunta es:. Porque los líderes del mundo son tan malvados tan tan malos?. Son ellos humanos?. Son personas con alma?. Es que veo que son muy malos, como el OMS, FAUCI, ONU, reina Isabel, Noah Ariari?. “Que el Señor Jesucristo los reprenda”, “Que el Señor Jesucristo reprenda al Diablo”. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amén y amén. Hay poder en la Sangre de Cristo Jesús amén y amén.

  13. Loraine Gray says:

    Thank you my beautiful Sister in CHRIST.
    Dear ALMIGHTY FATHER, I BELIEVE IN YOUR WORD. I TRUST IN YOU MY CREATOR. Thank YOU For Who YOU Are And For Who YOU Created MeTo Be. I Love YOU YAH, I Am So Honoured And Blessed To Be YOUR Daughter.
    My Brothers And Sisters, I truly Love You All.
    One Love, One ❤.

    1. LoriQ says:

      When I was a teenager, I went through some turbulent times where I saw “things”. Was also attacked by them as well. Don’t speak about it much because I don’t think Americans, in particular, would believe or understand. Always, always, always thought that moment in my life was a curse. Never did I think it would be a “blessing “.

      Yet, today, in a very strange way, that horrible time has allowed me to believe that what God showed you about aliens and other things He has shown you to be true. There are no doubts. No mocking or scoffing. It was His way of preparing me all those years ago.

      It’s an Epiphany. A true light-bulb moment. Thank you and God Bless.

      1. Mary Leah says:

        Agreed! 🙏❤️

  14. JamesRoss says:

    I have reposted many of your videos off of Youtube.
    I need to inform you that Jonathan Kleck and Jan@ XtremeRealityCheck are brainchip-puppet preachers who have been tricked into thinking that the synthetic telepathy within their heads is not the “voice of god” weapon that comes with a covert brainchip.

    Most your supporters are not what they seem.

  15. Doreen Barrett (Golden Thoughts) says:

    My dear Sis. Celestial,
    I am here again to thank you for your faithfulness to God and your kind service to us, fellow saints. I comment on some of your YouTube videos, when I’m led, 😇 . You are in my prayers and I continue to share your videos. I am so grateful that my husband watches them too. More and more we see the fulfilment, as God would have us do. To Him be all glory, honor and praise. He lives forever more and will one day reign supremely in the new earth, as He has planned. I am daily striving to do His will and trust the same can be said by those with whom I share your videos. I have been watching closely, what’s been happening, on the world scale and couldn’t help sharing this recent link.(See below). May God reward you here, for your faithfulness as I know He will reward you in the life to come. Blessings and Shalom, in Jesus name. Amen.

  16. lvforthekinginontcanada says:

    Thank you dear one.

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