ANCIENT ALIENS: The Fallen Ones In Africa – June 5, 2022


This morning [June 5] I dreamt the most unorthodox thing, the most amazing event that God placed me in the past to see.

I was in the African desert, I don’t know where, a dry area with hard packed cracked ground bearing a few scattered scrub trees, bushes and nothing else. It was early evening so I saw everything clearly, what happened was out of nowhere a speeding, burning projectile came out of the sky and landed a few feet away, so close it could’ve hit me. Since I wasn’t really there it didn’t matter, God only put me in the past to see this event. He is always talking about things like this and seeing it live made me marvel at the things that have happened in this world that we don’t know about, things that occurred before false education came along and turned every truth to a myth. 

What I saw was the strangest thing you can ever expect to see from the sky. It was an African hut. An actual hut complete with mud body and dried grass palm leaves for the roof. It hit the ground but left no crater, and immediately a very tall young black man jumped out and started beating out the small fires and embers that were eating at the grass roof. I stared at it like how does an African hut come from the sky but there it was sitting in the middle of the desert like it’d always been there.

The rest of the structure was okay and inside I saw three young men of different skin tones and ages busy arranging African artifacts in a precise way to make the hut look neat and credible. I knew I was looking at four extraterrestrials who looked exactly like human beings, exactly like tall, slender black men and I thought and what on earth is THIS God?!?!

Very soon after that a dust cloud peaked on the horizon, followed by a group of old African men and their servants. The elders were in woven off-white robes and subtle jewelry though some of them had lines of orange, gold and silver in their white, their servants were in robes also but not as nice as the masters. Some servants had no shirt, just gold neck and arm jewelry. I can’t recall what they rode, all I know is they arrived not too long after the hut landed with an air of urgency and speed . They entered the hut without being invited and the old man leading them gave a traditional greeting which the aliens answered perfectly. Nobody was speaking English yet I heard this conversation in perfect U.S. English- this is basically what was said and what happened.

The men viewed the young aliens with suspicion and there was a lot of tension in the room, but the leader of the guests had a calm way of speaking so even though many of his companions were angry they had an unspoken agreement to let their leader handle the interview. He looked at each alien then said: So you have come back. A handsome leader for the aliens replied, also calm, We have never been here before. We just moved to the area. 

As this boy spoke I could feel he was choosing words carefully, answering in a way that was not a lie but not the whole truth. When he said ‘We have never been here before’ I felt clearly he meant ‘to this exact spot’ not ‘We have never been to earth.’

The old man gazed around the hut out in the middle of total nowhere- not a single settlement nearby, no water anywhere, no people, nothing- then his eyes went back to the boy as if to say: ‘You came where nothing lives or grows and want me to believe you chose to come here and live?’ What he did say out loud was “And how long ago was that?” The young man paused again to think of how to speak and finally settled on “Not very long ago. We are new to the area”. Again this was not a lie but not the truth, a carefully worded middle ground meant to give only enough information as needed.

I noticed everything was written down on a tightly woven cloth with a sharp stick. A man sat cross-legged dipping a smooth rolled stick into a black ink pot, then wrote careful markings of every word the alien and the old man said. The rest of the human group were transfixed on the aliens. The three youths who weren’t talking either sat or stood at various positions around their leader, they looked at the men with benign curiosity and even some type of mild amusement.

It was so strange for me to see and my heart was beating wild because I realised God was showing me in my face how aliens came to Africa from the sky and settled there or, as the young man was trying to prove, wanted to settle there. I could hardly believe it, I said God make these people go back in the sky, make them leave this place, but it was the past. Nothing could change the fact that I was basically watching cosmic tape of what already happened long ago.

The old man said So where are you from and the scribe noted it and waited for a reply. I felt the young man search his heart, I felt like I was inside him as he searched for an answer truthful to his origin and the situation he was in. I knew he was not from earth at all, not as we are, as in “born by parents who also belong here.” This boy was not born by anyone.  He was very old, he had an old mind but at present it was in a young form he wasn’t used to yet. The body he’d chosen had it’s own limitations and I felt he had not been like that long, maybe only the length of the trip to get here, so he was searching the streams of his heart to see what to say about everything he was asked. 

When I say “the streams of his heart” I mean it:

Inside the youth I saw a lot lot LOT of information in some technical format like binary numbers or computer code, flowing in a curvy river shape inside him. I hovered with him over a river of numbers, shapes and code, it flowed like a river of white numbers against a velvet black backdrop that was either the sky at night or the ground seen from high up (the data was either in the heavens and the boy looked up at it for answers, or it was on earth as he floated over an internal data stream, looking through an impossible amount of information at once, searching for the perfect thing to say that would not be a lie about being on earth but would also be true to his origin without saying it.)

He eventually settled for “I have always considered the earth my home”. When he chose that to say we (him, and me watching through his eyes) came out of his data stream and back into the real world where everybody had been waiting for him to say something. 

He was from far away but he didn’t want to say that. When he said he sees earth as his home the old man smiled a patient, knowing smile, he was so wrinkly that one eye had a cloudy cataract but I felt that good eyes or not this old man had seen more things than all the men in the room, aliens included. I felt this boy and his friends were no match for the wisdom crammed in that old man’s head. The elder smiled because he knew the boy was lying but he only said mmm, so the scribe wrote only the boy’s answer and waited.

There was a dark-skinned servant who was very upset with the whole thing. He clenched his fists, his eyes and teeth showed white with anger but another servant higher than him put a hand on his bare shoulder and restrained him.

The first servant had no shirt, just a woven off-white skirt and beautiful gold jewelry at the neck and upper arms, but the second one was wrapped at his head with a turban and wore robes that looked bulky and hot for the desert, with a curvy sword at his waist. The first one was intensely mad at the alien for saying earth was its home but nobody was talking except the two leaders so the higher servant used a motion to remind the other that as they waited to know the outcome of the encounter he was not to interrupt.

The old man said Hmmm… Tell me, who are your parents? Where are your people. Another alien- the one who put out the roof fire- stood up from leaning against the wall and said in a mild tone, We are alone. We are adults. We do not need a family at this point but when we need one we will get one. 

The black servant was even angrier hearing this, his eyes said a lot to the aliens but they didn’t seem bothered by a single thing about the men around them or the tense atmosphere in the room. They seemed to be flowing with whatever their leader was doing, oblivious to anything felt by or coming from the human side. Each one had a calm, confident composure totally opposite to how the room actually felt at that moment.

The Lord drew me out of the hut for a moment as the two groups talked, one interviewing, the other fielding questions. Suddenly it was like when movie scenes cut- I was back looking at the old man just as he settled himself into a more comfortable pose and said, mmm. I see. He looked at the carefully swept dust of the hut awhile then said “Alas. You cannot stay here. You do not belong here. You cannot stay where there is no food and water, and you cannot stay so near to our community. We do not have room for you, you have to leave.”

The old man looked directly in the alien leader’s eyes with no fear or pretending and the room was locked on what the young man would say. The boy was surprised and irritated, he clenched his jaw and said, We are from here. We are home. The old man said peacefully and quietly, You are NOT. You have to leave. You are not welcome here.

Right there the young man turned into a snake. Instantly, no slow transformation process. A huge, twisting snake coiling above the people such that most of them froze in terror. The man-body he was wearing just changed, it didn’t stretch and tear as they do in the movies- it just “removed” and a huge snake with the boy’s face stood there. It had a king’s ruff at the neck, a hard bone plate like one of these dinosaurs and the people became paralyzed before it. Only the black servant and the old man kept their heads, the old man seemed almost bored with the theatrics but the others could not move; only their eyes watched the rearing serpent in the hut.

A seated alien, the youngest by looks said, This solves nothing. You know you cannot force them. You know the rules. If they don’t want us here we have to leave. The serpent turned around and said “No! They are weak and have no power over me. I am tired of this. I am tired of moving [—]” and he called the seated alien an old name, a name that sounded so old to me yet I can’t say it or remember it now so I put it as [–].

“I am tired of moving. They are weak. They should do what I say. I do not want to move anymore!”

The people were frozen. The old man quietly stared at the ground. The angry servant watched the snake and the old man, ready to do whatever his master wanted. The snake was mad but his friends looked at him like Why are you doing this? Why did you change in front of them, what does it solve?

Eventually the one who said “We will get families if we need them”, said We will leave. We know you do not want us in your community so we will travel on. The old man kept his eyes on the ground and said Indeed it is best. We wish you the best on your journey. It shall be that… tomorrow you will not be here.

And he got up and left the hut, then the other men found life and filed out to their animals. They all  rode back much slower than they had come.

In the hut the snake was turning back into the boy. It turned back slowly enough that I could see snake leaving and human returning, there was now a head and chest joined to a tail. The boy was very irritated, he said Why did you not let me strike them. They are weak and can’t do anything about us! We could have killed them all and taken everything they have!

But his friend gave him a cool stare and said And what would have been the result of that. Why would we do that?

The angry snake-boy did not have answer.

After this just before the dream ended the Lord showed me short clips of these four aliens traveling to several places. THEY WERE NOT WANTED. The people knew right away what they were and said No you cannot live around us. You cannot live with us and they closed their communities to them.

I saw one place actually stoned them with stones and the lead alien was angry when that happened, but they restrained themselves and moved on. I saw the stones bouncing off them with no effect at all, four tall very handsome young black men walking in reddish robes back to their flying hut, totally unmoved at an entire village stoning them with big rocks.

At last they came to a place they were not known; the people did not know what they were and welcomed them with hospitality, with flat baked bread and hot food. The women sang and danced and paid them so much attention, the men welcomed them like sons so the four sat and stayed with them. All I thought before I woke up was how two angels and God also came and sat with Abraham, eating flat baked bread and hot food, yet nobody knew they were not people at all.

This first place they landed was an Arab community, that’s what I understood. They had wealth, writing, animals and gold yet this was in Africa, not the Middle East as we know it now. It was in Africa I saw these four beings traveling. going from place to place until they found where they could settle.

Therefore I announce again that the same theme from all the fallen angel posts– Genesis 6 and the coming of ‘alien’ life, (‘alien’ as in “not of us” and “not from among us”), to take women and breed with humanity thereby producing a line that God calls cursed from the womb- happened everywhere.

Here are some good posts to gain understanding:

Return Of The Giants

Desolations Are Determined Pt 5 (These creatures will return saying they are brothers and family)

The Kingdom Of Iron & Clay (Understand the same warning from the book of Daniel)

I slept again after this and in my dream someone said Yes. It’s true. I felt attacked by the words of your channel. I felt offended. Then I went to bed and a huge animal tried to sleep with me, a huge beast attacked me to sleep with me and I screamed. Then I remembered the words of your channel, and I repented. I asked God to forgive me for having sex without marriage, I said “Jesus please save me” and immediately the beast left me. It disappeared and because it was no longer touching me I was able to wake up. I am not offended anymore.

Remember: If you sleep with anyone without marriage, Satan has the right to sleep with you. It’s called fornication, a sin against God that also enters people into the end-times lottery of the fallen angels. Remember you heard that here on The Master’s Voice. If anyone has no ring on their finger and takes off their clothes for any reason other than a shower, Satan will show that one what happens to people who break God’s laws and think they are a higher law than what the Bible says.

Apostle Paul deals with a case of incest in the church – 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 

“It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that even pagans do not tolerate: A man is sleeping with his father’s wife. And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have gone into mourning and put out of your fellowship the man who has been doing this? For my part even though I am not physically present I am with you in spirit. As one who is present with you in this way I have already passed judgment in the name of our Lord Jesus on the one who has been doing this. So when you are assembled and I am with you in spirit, and the power of our Lord Jesus is present, hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.” 

What does it mean ‘to hand someone over to Satan’? It means “to literally let spiritual consequences fall where they may.” These dreams are firmly related. The fallen alien dream and this person saying they are ‘no longer offended’ at being warned about holiness after something tried to molest them at night- they’re dreams looking at different sides of the same coin.

It has reached the point that people have no restraint at all and pastors won’t say a word about it. Yet Paul back in those days knew there is a cost for messing with the body- that cost is called Satan. In case anyone has been doubting how Satan gets legal rights over those who live in sexual sin [or any sin], there’s the proof. God will let the devil lay hands, that person will eventually fall into torments as the result of sin unless and until they repent of it and step away from it for good.

God bless all visitors of The Master’s Voice, shalom and stay in the narrow path. (Matthew 7:14)

Also remember, the entry of sin, of demons, of any creature at all depends on your agreement.

It depends on what people open the door to, what they look at, what they harbour as secret desires in their hearts, minds and spirits. When certain doors are opened yet there is no repentance Satan sees that as agreement- he sees it like someone giving him hot food and baked bread. He will trap that person in captivity to sin then oppress them with things that have flying huts and worse.

Let us be people who don’t take these messages idly- I do not sit here typing for hours in idleness; God is not sending me all these prophecies because He’s idle either. He is saying something- yes- even to a modern generation He is warning that sins of the past are coming full circle at last, so let us not become casualties of the devil because of ignorance, unbelief and pride. Yah bless you, Shalom.

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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Dear sister Celestial, this is a very interesting vision. Thank you again. Your prophecies and teachings are changing lives. We give God the glory. Amen

    1. Celestial says:

      God is taking me into waters I have not been in before. I do my best to capture what I see and reveal it when He tells me to. God bless.

      1. Onny says:

        Thank you servant of God for sharing this with us. In most African local communities or traditional setup, its always important to ask people who they are, who their parents are and why they there….but in cities people reaaly dont care, maybe thats where the aliens were accepted…

      2. Joseph says:

        What an incredible God he is. Working on and through many lives simultaneously. A different yet same message to all. I feel him through the Holy Spirit doing wonders, preparing me for my judgment. Thank you Celestial for being an important outlet for his spoken word. I do not envy your position.

      3. Anthony Kalange Mubiru says:

        Hi Celestial:

        To your point about people of African descent reporting on the “Ancient Fallen Ones…” video; it’s everywhere in African mythology! For example, you may find such tales in each of Uganda’s 40-something people groups (Africa is said to have over 2,000 people groups).

        Moreover, I recall seeing T.B. Joshua tell a lady on Emmanuel TV (in reference to the python (?)) that: “your people call it ‘mother’!;” before essentially delivering her from demonic possession/oppression.

        Please pray for us; that God will send us armies of Christian harvest workers.


        1. Scarlett says:

          I used to watch SCOAN before T.B. Joshua passed. I especially liked the Wisemen deliverance ministers, Daniel, Christopher, and the others ones. Many of the old videos are still on YouTube.

        2. Annemarie says:

          Hello Friend. Please be very careful in following so-called prophets, particularly “TB Joshua”. Look up his now-deceased driver’s testimony about what he’d witnessed (and now he’s dead)… Someone like him who drives up the emotional response of the crowd with theatrics isn’t humble and I’d be hard-pressed to believe he is a real prophet; at least not one operating in the power of Jesus. Look at all of the false healings he’s supposedly done. He claimed to heal a girl with leprosy yet not a thing changed on her; not-to-mention he stripped her naked in front of a crowd of thousands. Jesus didn’t need to strip anyone naked to heal them, nor would he reveal the nakedness of a young girl.

  2. LoriQ says:

    Have to admit that I would have scoffed and snickered at a blog post like this 15 years ago. David Icke has been talking about Reptilians hidden under human body suits for years. Thought he was nuts! Not anymore. It is true. All of it.

    “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?” John 3:12

  3. wayne733 says:

    Hi Celestial I really love your sea monster’s video. All your prophecies are incredible to say the least but your leviathan and kraken visions are my favourite by far. I have shared it with my family and even my late wife said she saw it in the Mediterranean sea in a vision.

  4. Chege says:

    Thank you Yahusha for the warning and the knowledge that You have given me. I have to give these evil spirits permission to enter into my life and if I reject them like the old man did in Celestial vision, reject sin, put the full armor of Yahuah and become the perfect image of Yahusha, they can’t touch me or come into my life. Praise Yah.

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