Biden + Harris Equals Two Minus One – November 7 – 12 , 2020


Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. – (Amos 3:7)

I continue to share the revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ as they were given to me, things kept in my archives until now.

Before I post the archive prophecy I have a short message given to me as I was preparing this post:

“Tell America that her changes will fall like hammer blows, each one worse and heavier than the last. I will beat out the dents in her armour, I will make her smooth with repentance. I will hammer hard-heartedness out of her. TURTLE BACKED NATION, HARD HEARTED NATION. THOU WICKED. The cries of the innocent rises to Me from your borders. Your cries of repentance will mingle with theirs in due season but they will be too late. Even now your nation is defiant, saying you will be great. You will never be great. Prepare for hammer blows, fast and rapid changes like a rollercoaster out of control. Many of you will be flung off; you will not keep up with your own media telling you about one more “change” after another. You voted for CHANGE America. Now watch your changes change YOU.”

That is the end of the message. See the released prophecy below.

Around Nov. 4 or 5 2020 while explaining the ways of the ongoing U.S. election to me the Lord God said that Joe Biden would be retired. I asked what that meant but He didn’t say more than that. I thought about what retired means- it means to willingly say by yourself that you will no longer perform a job or function you were hired for. It also means to set something aside as obsolete, to stop using it because it no longer serves its purpose. I asked Lord what do you mean by ‘He will be retired’?

The answer I got was: “Biden will be retired. He will exit stage left and Kamala Harris will take the White House with the Obamas by her side.” As God spoke I had a flash vision of Joe Biden in a wheelchair. He looked frail and very much like an old man. Someone moved very quickly towards him and whisked a wooly blanket across his knees, tucking it in securely. Biden looked completely spaced out. Then a big man who looked like security  wheeled him quickly offstage as Kamala Harris walked to a center podium waving at many excited supporters. She had her mask on and was wildly received by everyone. This was November 4th or 5th, 2020.

[I’ll keep saying this: At the time I received this nobody knew that elections would last for TEN DAYS, nobody even knew who would win the election.]

A few days later the Lord told me Biden would be declared medically incompetent in a short period after taking office. (I do not know what short time might mean). So I thought, “Ohhh, so that’s what “retired” means! He’ll be removed on medical pretenses and Harris will take office after that!” I felt relief to have better understanding yet God made it even clearer. He said: They will waste no time declaring him unfit and making the exchange of power – she’ll be in office so fast that it will be clear he was only used as a familiar face to secure the vote and the ticket. Many Democrats will feel tricked, this will not be what they want. It’s not what they expected or voted for and they will feel as if they’ve been deceived. 

Right as God said that I saw a vision of a man and his wife eating dinner on twin tables. I saw a white husband and his black wife eating dinner on cute matching tables in front of the TV. They seemed happily married and at ease with each other, wearing lounge t-shirts and shorts. An announcement was made on TV and the wife freaked out, raised her fists in a victory pump and burst out squealing and laughing. This lady was delirious with joy. She laughed until she fell over on the couch, jiggling her legs in the air- yesss! yesss!– she was so happy. Her husband was not. He looked from the TV to her back to the TV in confusion- he was not following or absorbing the announcement well but I saw he understood it perfectly because of how unhappy he was. He was unhappy though he tried for her sake not to show it. 

I saw this vision several times over the days as we waited for an election result. God would say “This is Kamala Harris’s election” and I’d see it again: white husband, black wife, hearing an announcement that Biden has been declared medically unfit and has to “retire from public life”,  hearing on TV that Kamala is the next President of the U.S.A. The husband felt betrayed, confused, slightly angry and uneasy hearing these things but none of those emotions were towards his wife. He felt deceived by the political party and could not accept the decision. God showed me into the man’s heart in these visions, in his heart was this insistent and constant repetition as he watched the news: ‘This is not what they told us. This is NOT what they said. I did not vote for this. Why is this happening, couldn’t they see he was unfit long before the election?’

Over and over these thoughts rolled through the man til he grew upset and couldn’t eat his food. His wife however had one thought: Finally. FINALLY. A FEMALE PRESIDENT AND A BLACK ONE AT THAT! She was so happy and filled with girl power energy that she didn’t notice how unhappy her husband was, or that his mind was working overtime to figure out how much information about Biden’s state of health had been withheld from voters in order to get them to vote against Trump. As I saw this scene I understood the man wasn’t upset about race, he was upset because he did not want a woman president and felt he’d been tricked into voting for one. He was uneasy about what it meant for him and all the other men in America.

The Lord said Tough times are coming for men. The feminist agenda is coming Celestial. Woman power. Girl power. Times of great upheaval in the United States. This nation will receive a feminist rebranding like never before: Hillary Clinton will be as popular as she ever was and many female leaders and figureheads who had long been forgotten or put on the road to retirement will enjoy a welcome renaissance back into public life. Watch for this shift. Men will be oppressed. Girl power will render them obsolete. Sidelined, overlooked. The male gender will languish.

Languish – To not thrive. To lack vitality and strength, to grow weakened and feeble.

Over the next few days God kept saying Biden will exit stage left and each time I’d see that burly security guy move forward quickly, cover an old man’s knees with a blanket, then smartly grab the handles of the wheelchair and whisk him quickly off stage.

Lastly I saw gun sales go up sharply. There is a direct reason this happened but I cannot state it at this time. Suffice it to say, there is one last piece to this matter I am not led to reveal now. Gun sales will go up in America. However I didn’t see people actually buying guns, instead God impressed on me that people were buying guns. I heard cash registers ringing shut over and over again all over the South and I also saw a curious type of bullet, not a metal bullet but a big round one that looked like a battery with powder inside it. That type of bullet was bought a lot and I heard people talking in angry tones saying It ain’t right, it just ain’t right.

This is the end of the prophecy. Let the Lord reveal His counsel, that when it comes no tongue will gain glory but His. The Lord is the revealer of secrets for one reason – so that men may know who rules in their affairs. 

EDIT OCTOBER 17, 2022: By now I’ve said in videos the part of this prophecy not mentioned years ago. The rise in gun sales will be related to the assassination of Donald Trump. Trump will be killed by assassination to remove him as a political liability and threat. He will also fall because too many people in America revere him as an idol, and he himself is proud to be seen that way.

God has condemned this fact in many prophecies: Ezekiel 13, Little Fires, MAGA Deception and Changes Ahead – You Will See Shakings. Repeatedly this particular message about idolizing people has come about Obama, Trump, celebrities and other people: ‘America, stop worshipping men and lifting them up as saviors and gods’, but the message is ignored until the Lord takes action. When this event happens it will cause a sharp uptake in gun sales, protests and open violence in America. 

“Now I tell you before it come, that when it comes to pass you may believe I am He.” (John 13:19)

May the Lord keep His people in this country and around the world. Check the Welcome page if you’re new. Check About, check Basics  too, there’s helpful teaching there.

Seek and serve Jesus. Understand God knows who are His, He has good plans for them revealed clearly in scripture so you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. To the faithful God shows Himself faithful. Even if the sky fell down on mankind God would be faithful to anyone who is TRULY BORN AGAIN, who has surrendered their opinion and kingship over their lives and turned it over to Him to be used in HIS HANDS for HIS PURPOSES which never fail. Of this I am sure: Faith, Hope and Love never fail. There is nothing greater than the preserving love of Jesus Christ, amen! (Romans 8:38-39)

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Some of my family are on the “Conservative” end of the great divide, and for months I’ve been getting some input from them that the Conservative media, such as Fox, Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino, and that this has been the Dems plan from the get-go, to simply allow Joe Biden to stand as sort of a figure head, ONLY due to his past relationship to Obama, and then put a black female in as the VP candidate, and eventually replace him due to his poor health and mental decline. However, there has been no mention of Obama entering into the scenario, (except via yours and others, prophetic mentions).

    It’s been obvious for decades, the American Presidents have become a reflection of the American people, their morals, integrity, or lack thereof, their spiritual beliefs, (either none or playing a religious card to get in the door of the White House). All that and a total lack of true Statesmanship.

    Matthew 15:14 14″ Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Jesus speaking about the Pharisees. It’s interesting that Jesus used the term, “ditch”. A ditch could be something akin to a swamp, or a flow with effluent in it.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Celestial when you have time please give advice: one thing I am running into my church and many others is Romans 13. Saying we need to be obedient to governments and that God put them there. Well, what happens if our governments aren’t of God but of the evil one?

    My thoughts were our rights were given to us from God, and the governing authority is our constitution, which is why they may be doing everything they can to get rid of it.

    Also, many Christian friends listen to false prophets saying 1. that the vac is safe, just pray and believe nothing will harm you, we are more than conquerors. 2. Jesus return won’t be for another 70-100 years…

    I am not led to call out against these prophets, I don’t know if it’s my place or not. Do we call out falsities even if we are not led ? Maybe I just will pray for them? Thank you

  3. alstevo1984gmailcom says:

    Celestial this prophetic word troubles me now just reading it in Jan 2022.

    God Bless

  4. Lonnie says:

    Can you say now why people were buying guns?

    1. Celestial says:

      Not yet. All I can say is- it’ll tear America in two and citizens will arm up like never before. It’s been said before but when it is time I will post an edit on the prophecy with what the Lord showed me.
      Edit (August 18, 2022)- God was showing how America will arm up when Donald Trump dies. I saw he died and people refused to accept it, they bought guns like crazy and the country because extremely volatile.

  5. Immer says:

    When President Biden took power, I read a lot of comments about his possible issuance and taking over for his vice. I read this among the “conspiracy theorists”, that Biden would not always be in power.

  6. Roni says:

    Will the removal happen in 2023? Will it be before the 2024 elections, or will biden be re-elected then the removal?

  7. Esther joseph says:

    My dear sister Celestial thank you very much!!! May GOD bless and protect you 🙏❣️😁

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