“Little Fires” – November 21, 2020

“Behold, all you who kindle a fire, who surround yourselves with sparks: Walk in the light of your fire and in the sparks you have kindled. But this shall you have from My hand: You shall lie down in torment.” – (Isaiah 50:11)

Here is the banner verse in the Amplified Bible:

Listen carefully, all you who kindle your own fire [devising your own man-made plan of salvation],
Who surround yourselves with torches-
Walk by the light of your [self-made] fires
And among the torches that you have set ablaze.
But this you will receive from My hand:
You will lie down in [a place of] torment.

I have several prophecies to post today so let’s begin. This one is first to be posted as God said but it’s second after the one I got early this morning. It is called ‘Little Fires.’

I HAVE REMOVED MY GRACE FROM AMERICA AND SHE WILL NOT BE GREAT AGAIN. You trusted in this slogan and not in Me, I AM the Rock who bore you in your infancy and carried you all the way to old age. Yes America, you are now in your old age. You are at the end of your life, you are at the end of your maidenhood, past young womanhood and even the full bloom of a nation loved by God. You are an old maid now and soon you will go where old maids go – to the grave. Because you have not trusted in me but in the word of men, you will fall. You will not rise, you will not be great again. You will fall.

There is a wall spoken of by Ezekiel the prophet, in chapter 13 of his book. Declare unto them, “This man you see before you is that wall.” This man is the edifice you raised before Me, you raised him up even to the heavens and made him as “God” before Me. You set My name in Him, you put your trust in him. THIS WALL SHALL FALL exactly as prophesied in Ezekiel 13, and all the prophets who deceived you and lied to you, causing you to put your trust in him instead of Me, shall fall with it.

The wall God is speaking of is Pres. Donald Trump, whom people worship as God. They say God sent him, and they set God’s name on him as if he is chosen by God. “You raised him up even to the heavens and made him as “God” before me. This is nothing but an accusation of IDOLATRY against America. The wall will fall down and all false prophets who are lifting up this wall as a solution will fall with it.

The power of false prophets is great among you, Jezebel is working wonders in your midst. I will purge you from their deceptions with fire. This wall shall be knocked down by storms and tempests which rage even now, and you shall not be great. To the contrary- nothing is coming to you except a very great burning. You shall be burned with fire, a very great burning is coming to you America. Your limbs shall be cut off and I will not have mercy; I will not even leave a stump in the ground from which you might grow again.

The mercy of Nebuchadnezzar will be denied to the U.S.A., for after he repented his stump was allowed to grow again and the kingdom was restored to him. You will see no such grace. I said I will not show you any more grace and I meant it; you and your unstable wall shall fall. At a time and place of My choosing you shall be greatly humbled and burned with fire from one end to another, until there is nothing worthwhile left to burn. But before that:


America you shall erupt from one end to another with instability, with suffering, with protests, and great hardships coming to your people. An oppressive rule such as you never dreamed of, an administration of “many surprises”. Hah! I say to you, twists and turns like the dramas you so love are coming to you, “surprises and plot twists” galore. HOW WILL YOU KEEP UP? How will you know what’s next? A surprising year ahead, surprises, none of them pleasant or comforting. This you have done to yourself will surprise you, it will burn you causing little fires everywhere.

This is the word of the Lord.

America hear the indictment of the Lord. You worship men. You are constantly bowing down to mere human beings. You worshipped this one as a wall, and you worshipped the one before him as a messiah. And you worshipped the one before that, and the one before that. As a result I see a very heavy, brutal iron mallet, not a hammer which has a small head but a mallet which has a large head, going down a row of Greek marble pillars. On each pillar is a statue of a man, the first one is George Washington– easily recognizable because of that hat and with a hand inside his coat. The view speeds forward and then I see Abraham Lincoln, his hat off and held in one hand. The view zips down the row until it comes to the man known as Bill Clinton, that’s when the iron mallet held in a hand wearing an old style robe, comes forward and smashes the statue of Clinton in the face. The face splits and cracks the statue right down to its base, then while I’m watching it hits the next man after him – George Bush- and the man after him- Barack Obama. Then we move to the pedestal after Obama and I see there is nobody there. The pillar stands empty and behind it fire begins to burn the marble from the base up. Small fires, kindling and spreading by themselves.

Little fires.

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  1. Celestial, I was fairly speechless when I read this word, because it is almost exactly what I just shared in my word on the 19th Nov:—even down to the smashed statues! Wow, what a confirmation! Thank you


    1. Celestial says:

      I visited and read your writing, well put and lucid explanations of the full of hollow vessels that add little to the Body of Christ. I saw the similarities of statues falling and I believe that God won’t tolerate mastheads to dominate the landscape while his people follow them instead of Him. We have to wait and see. God bless you for your comments 🙏

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