Desolations Are Determined, Pt 4 – June 30, 2019


If any one speaks, let them speak as one giving the oracles of God;

If any one minister, let them do it to the full ability God has given:

That in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. – (1 Peter 4:11) 

I had a FANTASTIC time in church yesterday. Ab-so-lute-ly, without question, one of the best services we have had as a body this year, and that’s saying a lot. The Spirit of God so uplifted me that I felt wrapped up in solid blankets of peace; I couldn’t stop grinning! I felt wonderful, my ears were open and this is the prophetic word the Lord gave to me.

Prophesy to the Church. 

Prophesy to the unbeliever, the doubting, the rebellious and the profane. 

Prophesy to the leaders of the body, good and evil, those who shepherd the church faithfully and those who have departed from me to raise up centres of worship unto themselves. Prophesy even to those who are nothing more than maniacal cults sucking up the life essence of the people of God. 

Prophesy to all the countries, leave not one out- This is the word to you all.

From this time forward, DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED, even from this time forward until the very last day when I alone crack the sky and appear in radiance unapproachable and unending light, to gather My people to Me for the appointed time. I will only take these ones:


















Free from fornication 

Free from sitting with the vile and evil man who plots wickedness against others


Free from self worship

Free from worshipping images, other gods, leaders, icons and pastors

Sanctifiers of their children and the children of others





They will be taken with a changing of garments, a changing of flesh that dies will be replaced by a perfected body that can never be destroyed by disease or death. I will gather them to Me like a hen gathers her chicks at the approaching storm- as they run to her and nest under her wings, so too will My people rise through the thunders and mighty roar of the heavens to see My Bright and Shining face.

Sanctified, glorified ones you are, be patient, you must endure yet a little while and be purged of all dross. Be patient and work the works of righteousness and of faith. Persevere, do the work of an evangelist, WIN OTHERS TO THE CROSS IN THE LIGHT OF MY COMING, WORK IN THE VINEYARD AND GET THE LATE GRAPES! Am I not the Lord of the Harvest? Have I not said, I will give the same wages to those who came at the beginning and those who came at the very end? Did I not give the late and early workers the same payment? Then why will you withdraw your hands from the plough, allowing the last of the first fruits to perish on the vine? Do not do this thing- GO OUT THERE AND GATHER EVERY LAST STALK OF WHEAT INTO MY BARNS. My Time is come says Jesus Christ. MY TIME IS COME, it is not “coming”- My Time and my Hour is COME. Therefore I come now with a fist, to strike and finish the nations and kingdoms. I am not coming with a feathery light approach.

My signs: thunder, lightning, tossing and roaring of the waves, the foundations of the sea’s very belly will be uncovered as a woman uncovers her skirts! Signs in the sun and moon and stars, the waves and seas ROARING, I am going to drown some countries with My coming. Water as far as the eye can see, watch for my coming more than you watch for your daily bread or your daily employment. WATCH FOR ME MY PEOPLE. I come with the thunder and the lightning, strange appearance of LIGHTS IN THE SKY as the deceiver sees his moment and begin to deceive with all manner of lying signs and wonders. Watch for these signs; they are ushering in the mark of the BEAST who tears much flesh and destroys even the bones and bone structure of MEN.

As I approach these lights will appear in the skies over the nations, promising PEACE AND SECURITY TO MANKIND, BUT THEY ARE THE DEVIL COMING DOWN TO YOU IN ANOTHER SKIN. They are the lying wonders prophesied for the end, a time of great wonderment as men see for the first time what has been concealed behind the heavy cloud cover over the nations. These clouds, strange clouds your weather people keep giving nice names, marvellous names, are concealing a very bitter form of death the enemy is bringing to men, a bitter deception and a vile LIE that will disrupt the entire surface of Earth. It will change ways of life from one end of earth to another, and no man will be exempt from this deception unless I the Lord and Master Jesus exempt him and protect him. Without Me shielding the mind by My Spirit, every last one of you would believe this lie and bow down to it, and worship it, and give it access to your homes and children. But in prayer and fasting will I protect, in LEARNING AND MEMORIZING THE WORD OF GOD WILL I SAVE. Learn My word and hide it deep in your heart, remember what I have said, read My holy scriptures and in the time just before My coming you will not be FOOLED by the appearance of these lights and otherworldly beings that will present themselves to you as brothers, saviours and friends. More will follow on this issue as My servant continues to make my words known to My people. 

To the righteous, to the Holy who hate the world and its lusts, I am coming for you. Endure a little while, until we meet at the end. I am coming, and my reward is sure.

To the others- Goats who are not sheep, evildoers, idol worshippers, the proud, the one who uncovers his nakedness with his brother, and many of more you- I am coming, and my diligence will be to repay to you in full measure, everything you have paid in wages of sin to ME. 

That is all. 

Here ends the direct prophetic declaration of the Lord. May each one read carefully, with understanding, and more will follow on these issues as the Lord has said. Please bear in mind, a “desolation” is a thing, person, being or occurrence that leaves another utterly despondent, broken down and destroyed. There is a prophecy series called “Desolations are Determined 1, 2 and 3 on this site- please find it under Prophetic Clock. May God bless you all, and keep your eyes in your Bible and your hands reaching out to tell someone about the God you’re learning about in the Bible. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below- Like, Follow and Share too. Take care and thank you. 

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  1. Maria says:

    Hi Celestial, English is not my first language, and I was hoping that you could give me the meaning of the following senctence please:
    “Sanctifiers of their children and the children of others”
    Thank you so much

    1. Celestial says:

      It means that you are raising your children in a right and holy way, and you are doing the best you can to share those values with other people’s children when there is is opportunity. To sanctify meant to be holy and living by God’s ways. You be an example to your children, and teach your children to be an example to other children. God bless you.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thank you Celestial. God bless you.

    2. Shãnta says:

      Praise be to YAHUAH and His only begotten Son, Yahusha ha’ Mashiah! Thank you Sis. Celestial for your diligence and obedience to our heavenly Father in putting forth His warnings. I appreciate you sister. May YAH continue to use you for His glory, and the good of all who listen, hear, and OBEY. Blessings and honor Oh YAH! Glory and power, dominion forever belongs to You Righteous Father. May we be accounted worthy to escape all the things that are about to come upon this earth, and stand before the Son of Man faultless, blameless, and unashamed. As it is written in Luke 21:36. HalleluYAH!

  2. Julia Clark says:

    I am reading all your posts on here now, Celestial, I’m addition to watching your YT and Rumble videos. I am scared — but I also feel comfort and strength knowing that Jesus Christ called me to him a little more than a year ago in April 2021. I was a horrid sinner and clueless about the word of God. Of course, I still am a sinner— but I ask Jesus and His Holy Spirit to PLEASE help me everyday to walk under their protection and guidance. I feel so unsettled— at such a heightened sense that we are on the very brink of the world we have always known disappearing forever. I pray for the unsaved— including my family— every single day. May the righteous Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all. Thank you for all you do to bring awareness of the times we are in. Blessings to you.

    1. Celestial says:

      You are so welcome to Christianity ✝️ and The Master’s Voice. Blessings to u Julia, day by day with Jesus is enough (Matt 6:34). He walks with all who keep eyes fixed on Him (Isaiah 26:3). Learn Psalm 91 by heart, make in a daily part of your prayers- it’s the best life and health insurance ever created. Shalom 🙏🏽🌺

  3. Hélène says:

    Marvelous cloud names
    Spot on
    Crazy illusions hiding happenings in the skies
    “Rainbow clouds”
    Pretty names

    Pretty ridiculous, thinly veiled attempts
    Ppl don’t care to know truth anymore!

  4. bob says:

    God Bless You. I’m grateful for your help. I live in a remote area where the church has been taken over by Satan. It is an Anglican church led by a lesbian priest who picks and chooses little bits of the bible to confuse everybody while she promotes “free” love. I have never had much luck with churches. The Lord leads me to corrupt churches. He sure takes good care of me! I have been to churches all over the world including China. I was raised by my grandfather to believe the word. There is no middle ground. It is as simple as can be. God does not try to confuse us! He makes it crystal clear. You, also, make things very clear. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are in my prayers.

  5. Nuwasasira catherine+966567289156 says:

    I was born in a witch craft family but after we accepted Jesus i got married but not in church just staying with aman and have children i have three daughters from two men am not with any of them and none of them we were fully married but know i have a new husband different from others he visited my family and accepted my girls he was completely single by the time we got together i repented and accepted Jesus once again after hearing from you but my husband is not i tried to tell him about the wedding he did not say no and he did say yes he said we will talk about it he is not saved ,(what should i do i want really and truly serve God) my mom is pastor but you it’s a common thing in Uganda for a girl to be with aman and they inform parents and stay together i don’t want to do what is common i want what is right

  6. Bobby says:

    God Bless You. I need guidance re: not sitting with people who are plotting evil…I let them into my house and share the word with them. They won’t hear it, but I keep speaking it.
    Please share your advice.

  7. Katlego says:

    Thank you🙏

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