War, Civil War & The America Military State – February 24, 2023



I dreamt I was preparing to make a video when Beyonce came to me. She looked sad. She said “Why are you talking about me? Why do you mention my name?” I looked at her with a stern face and said “THE LORD is talking about you. THE LORD mentioned your name, and I will say every word He gives about you until the matter is settled between you and Him.”

This superstar was dressed to kill, like she was about to go on stage, but when I answered her she looked sad, frustrated and angry. She scrunched her forehead thinking about my words and I could see she didn’t like it, but as I continued to ignore her and prepare for my video, she disappeared. 

When she left the Lord said, Go and tell them I said MARK AND AVOID. MARK AND AVOID. Mark and avoid the ones who sow division among you, evil and falsehood. Mark and avoid those who use fetishes and serve other gods, who know satan and rely on witchcraft to keep their fame. Mark and avoid those who are on the dark side, because at the hour you do not expect their life will be required of them.

This woman is my enemy. I gave her room to repent of her harlotry and satanism but she did not. Therefore she will die. Tell them whoever shares a soul tie with her, her fate will be yours as well. As she falls, you will fall. Tell them I said to come out of occult witchcraft and LET GO OF WORSHIPPING MAN, so they can be delivered by My mercy from the spells and wickedness that have been done on them without their consent and knowledge.

Now I beseech you, brethren, MARK THEM which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; AND AVOID THEM. [Romans 16:17]

I woke up and fell asleep again, and dreamt I was due at a school dance but my mother didn’t want me going. I had to be there but mom put herself in the living room as a gatekeeper- when I was about to leave I told her but she got frustrated and said, No it isn’t time for you to go yet. I tried to reason with her: Mom, I told you about this event. It started an hour ago, at 8pm. It’s now past 9 and the place is nearly an hour away, I need to get going or I’m going to miss it all. She said, Don’t go, please, I don’t want you to go, but I replied Mom it’s important, I have to be there, I have to go.

We went back and forth until it was 9:11. At 9:11 the clock stopped and began to blink rapidly, the numbers also grew big and red, blinking 9:11. 9:11. In my dream I thought Oh no, I’ve been seeing this same 9:11 everywhere just like this. 9-11, 9-11 and then I woke up from the dream. 

When I woke up from this dream the Lord said America will have a 9-11 event, another devastating attack. No external force will do this- when you see this event it is America doing it to traumatize America once more. Most people are not aware the first 9-11 was a sacrifice and ritual, a terrible blow on America’s consciousness and the most effective means of sowing insecurity, fear, weakness and xenophobia that’s ever been done in this nation. 

The security measures forced on America after the first 9-11 were every dictator’s dream: search & seizure, stop & frisk, metal detectors, strip searches even by police, excessive reliance on guns and overuse of force by law enforcement (“shoot first ask questions later”), the no-fly list exploded as citizens are dragged off flights now for tiny things, most of all- public institutions have an unhealthy amount of control, “right to require further information” and Big brother oversight over people. 

Civil rights were highly curtailed and since then those parameters have only gotten tighter as each new government “remembers”, traumatizing the collective consciousness as they remind us why we need their protection. Since 9-11 America has increased wars, foreign aggression, political rhetoric and have protected we the people right into the net of the NSA, CIA, FBI and CDC, among others.

We now live in the literal definition of a “spy nation” where government monitors everything down to phone conversations and shopping habits. America consented to a xenophobic war because of FEAR AND PROPAGANDA but after this coming event the government will ramp up control to breaking point. They will default to search without warrant for any reason, tracking and tracing through the universal ID (also called Real ID), lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and expanded powers for the White House, CDC, FEMA, police, military and anyone who serves the government.

The “emergency measures” lifestyle of 2020 will come right back, “Rule By Decree” where any law can be passed and kept in place for as long as possible, extended over and over without recourse to the proper rule of law (even when the time of reasonable threat has long passed.)

Last but not least God was saying EXPECT TO SEE THE U.S. MILITARY OUT IN THE STREETS IN FULL FORCE AS THE ORDER OF THE DAY- Police, Army, SWAT, National Guard, Special Forces, whoever – expect to see them out with guns visible, full uniform, full blast intimidation for everyone.

foreigners will be disgusted by the militarization of America and many of them will leave. Citizens also will be AFRAID at the large leaps of logic the government will take to justify the overreaching changes it makes, and they too will leave even though they are native sons and daughters. God said America will have an EXODUS

Related prophecies of war, mass exodus, also videos on coming militarization will be linked below.

The American war machine will be visible to citizens, God said we will see what people in other countries have always seen during American occupations. The Beast system will use this internal “9-11” as the perfect reason to advance an agenda: aka “Extreme security measures are necessary for national security.” Whoever tries to refuse that will be seen as an ‘enemy of the state’ and as said in other prophecies, that’s where tension between people and government will come from. e state.

That shocking next “9-11” is where new IDs, new fingerprinting, palm printing, multiple layers of security, all the visible “next steps” of the coming AI-focused society of the Beast will come from. 

See prophecy: A New ID for America; Transhumanism & The Real ID

Next the Lord said America will have a war. A HUGE, MASSIVE WAR WITH RUSSIA AND CHINA. He called it “a war for the ages”, a clash of kingdoms. It will be like hippos fighting in the lake causing carnage and damage but when the water clears He said ‘The smallest hippo will be defeated’.

I saw a vicious ‘law of the jungle’ fight featuring three massive bull hippos in a lake. They head-butted and thrashed each other mercilessly in their fight for supremacy and flung lake water everywhere. Their feet trampled the bottom so much that the lake-bed was messed up, soon they were fighting in mud and that was flung everywhere too. Eventually the smallest hippo was beaten and sank in the muddy lake but the other two kept trampling and thrashing him. I saw that his large teeth got broken and he was trampled and drowned under the lake.

See the blog menu for over 23 prophecies featuring Russia & China in war with America.

The Lord said America will also have a war with herself, a U.S. civil war where atrocities will be committed on all sides as the nation tears itself to pieces. People will have guns and be VERY ANGRY prior to any outbreak of war; this will be because of significant changes in the way the nation is being ruled that will cause people to go haywire. LAWLESSNESS, says the Lord. America will self-destruct from within because of lawlessness and people will begin to flee even before any actual war breaks out. The Lord said this is the meaning of ‘Come out of her my people.’ (Rev. 18:4)

“And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her *sins, and lest you receive of her *plagues.”

The *sins are everything I’ve covered here since May 2019, the *plagues are Heaven’s response to sinfulness and defiance against God and the fact that there is no genuine national repentance. 

Come out of mystery Babylon and be found on the Lord’s side. This nation will fall to her judgements but those who are the Lord’s are in His protection.

The Lord said Russia and China will take people away from this nation but before that people will run to the four corners of the earth for refuge from America’s own instability. They will flee in all directions for that is the nature of war.

I will scatter them among the nations whom neither they nor their fathers have known, and I will send the sword after them, until I have consumed them.” Jeremiah 9:16

And they shall know that I am the LORD, when I disperse them among the nations andscatter them among the countries. Ezekiel 12:15.

I will scatter you among the nations and disperse you through the countries, and bI willconsume your uncleanness out of you. Ezekiel 22:15

…and I scattered them with a whirlwind among all the nations that they had not known. Thus the land they left was desolate, so that no one went to and fro, and the pleasant land was made desolate.” Zechariah 7:14

These are the dreams and visions of the Lord, let us hear and repent. Repentance as a lifestyle is the first step to make sure that you (and hopefully your household) qualify to receive God’s mercy. no government can protect people like God can.

2023 is the year of giants falling, public scandals, shame of the famous, exposés of those who show a squeaky outer image but are living defiled in the closet. It is a year for unrest as money woes pile up – I cannot stress enough for people to STOP SHOPPING FRIVOLOUSLY and put your money in the hands of God. Ask Him how to allot money, store it, use it, convert it, whatever you are doing- pass it through prayer first and don’t be deceived or led by the latest ‘fake prophecy fads’ of the flesh. Whatever you give to God, He keeps. Whatever you commit to your wisdom, you’re responsible for.

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Kind Regards, Celestial

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  1. Celestial says:

    I’ll leave the first comment and say this: If anyone hasn’t noticed yet how the media leads the charge to “plant” seeds of deep division and civil war in the people’s minds, then it’s time to do some research. If you look up “civil war america now” or something along those lines you’ll see many articles from CNN, NPR and the rest TEASING THE IDEA that America is so fractured and hates itself so much that we should expect war as the only way to settle tensions. God said the media will be the “WAR WHIPS”, which just means- They will make it their job to replay every black vs white, poor vs rich, male vs female storyline to the point that hatred overspills into violence. Let the church be wise and know, we are called to be different. Do not succumb to the bait even if people are genuinely testing you and pushing you to your limit. God will give us the grace to be in the world but not of it.

    1. London says:

      Thank you my sister! You should know this. Russia suspended the nuclear treaty! Thank you for your obedience! https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRngnLRe/

    2. Nadine says:

      Amen and thank you

    3. Bernard J Buonocore Jr says:

      Dear Celestial, I am new to your channel. You know & speak 100 percent of the truth. I watched your latest video just now. I am familiar with Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18. Also, the scripture we should leave Mystery Babylon and go back to our home-land. In 2021, I wanted to move to Naples Italy so I contacted a female Italian Lawyer via phone message & email. She never got back to me. Also, as a Born Again Saved Christian I do not know how I could avoid the COVID Jab’s & COVID Test Swab’s even if I did fly to Italy and back and back to Italy. I’d rather make one trip. Italy also has a special clause because my grandfather was born in Italy and this gives you special treatment.I checked online for Vaccine Requirements but they are not being transparent or honest enough for exemptions & waivers. In any case I would not have the money to incur all the expenses and shipment of a few things until the very end of this year. Can you advise me of anything you are aware of? I currently live in Lancaster PA. I will be 58 in March. I am former U.S.Air Force. I live on two pensions and I am also a licensed Cosmetologist & Barber. I also have lots of experience in the restaurant & hotel business.

      Thank You in Advance,

      Bernard J Buonocore Jr

      1. Rebecca says:

        If you qualify for Italian citizenship, you should at least gather all the documents now and get apostilles. It will be faster now to get the citizenship in Italy.

  2. Celestial says:

    Also I maintain: It is better for God to warn us about these things than to hear about them from the world. The world will give the world’s perspective, the world’s spin, but the truth is what Yah says the reasons are. Why must we wait for TV to inform us about the future when we have the Holy Spirit who warns His people well in advance so they can prepare and avoid or even escape conflict if He so leads them? It is better to hear from God what a thing is, than to hear it from man.

    1. I agree with you and that it’s been on my heart to leave America. And this year it has been very strong on my spirit.

      1. Christina Bass says:

        Thank you for information!!

        1. Bernard J Buonocore Jr says:

          Thanks. I put in the paperwork required to leave the U.S. to go back to my homeland. I feel very good about it. I will be gone before SHTF!

    2. sweetsylvan says:

      Sister I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the warnings/the word you share with us from our Father!! I don’t use social media and I don’t watch tv. I’m finding it hard to trust most people these days but you Sister are a Blessing to me 🤍🙌🏻🕊 I believe and trust every word you say, I thank you!! Jesus keep you forever and ever and always!! ♥️💕👑✝️🙌🏻💜📖🥩⚔️🛡️🪖🥾🍃🕊

    3. Sunshine Ray says:

      The Lord has recently shown to me His Mighty Power, which saved my physical life and I would like to share this. I know that the Prophetic Word that is put into the mouth of Celestial is often hard to hear, but His Mercy and Love is also happening at the same time. HE IS SO GOOD AND SO LOVING!!! On the 3rd of this month, an oil tanker ran over my little bitty convertible car while I was traveling on a very busy interstate. I was actually listening to Celestial when this happened. I should not be alive but He showed me great Mercy. Not only did I live, I suffered only a very minor injury. He also gave me a great Peace of mind during this wreck. My little car is totaled but my heart is so grateful to the Father. He showed me so much Love and Mercy that it brings tears to my eyes as I type this comment.
      Thank you Celestial for all that you do and I am praying for you. I just wanted to share this to show that despite the Words that He gives to you, He has great compassion for His children at the same time. Much Love to everyone ❣️.

    4. Flourish&Thrive says:

      A friend just sent me this article titled: The Pentagon Creates Road Map For ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Access By 2027. I don’t even completely understand the content entirely, but it sounds like something that could be sparked or catalysed by an even that would “force” the country to consider tightened security moving forward.

      It’s the Editor’s note that caught my attention before I could delve into the article. I quote:
      “TN has examined this topic in detail several times. Ultimately, the only people who will be able to hop on the Internet, regardless of the entry point (5G, 6G, fiber optic, private of public WiFi) will first have to be definitively identified. This will require a personal, registered ID comparable to an electronic passport. No digital ID? You don’t use the Internet. Got ID? Every activity is tracked, catalogued and saved. The military is paving the way for this. ⁃ TN Editor”

  3. Babylon is under judgement and I feel like we should stay out of it and have no parts with it.

  4. Ann says:

    Sister, thank you for being obedient and putting out this message. I thank God that through your obedience and love for him that I have learned so much. To God be the glory. I have shared many of your videos as well, though it is not always received well. I have been having an overwhelming feeling to leave America but know that I have to wait for God to let me know when that should be if at all. I deal with division in my own home which I have been praying to God about but understand that salvation and the choice to serve and be obedient to God is individual and can’t be forced. Though it weighs heavy on me. May God continue to bless and keep you.

  5. Agnessa says:

    So good to hear from you again sister. May we all remain under Gods hand of protection. I’m sharing your posts and hope more are blessed like I’ve been. Much love as always 💕🙏🏻🌸🌺

  6. Onyinyechi says:

    Woe to those that does not take heed to the Words of Yah. It’s all happening yet many will not see as the Most High will not allow all to see, He already knows who will be willing to see and those who are seeking to see and lastly those whom have eyes and see now. All praises to the Most High.

  7. Celestial, use follow.it to notify your readership of new blog posts.

    See my blog site for reference: https://eventhorizonchronicle.blogspot.com

    Put a little, green window on your blog like the one at the top of my blog page. It’s easy to sign up.

    1. Nita A Renfrow says:

      Thankyou for all that you do Celestial. I promote and share your videos. Ive had some issues with you in past as I thought your presentation was very harsh and difficult to digest. You are a strong young woman with such intelligence and dedication to Lord Jesus God. Its a pleasure and honor to learn from you at Masters Voice! I sincerely apologize for giving you a hard time last year. Ive learned and grown from the past and have more discernment from repeated watching of videos and reading your blog. Thankyou again Nita from Ohio.

    2. Loraine Gray says:

      Thank you my beautiful beloved Sister.
      We Love and Appreciate You. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do.
      May ALMIGHTY YAH Protect And Shield You and Your Family In HIS MIGHTY ARMS. May THE HOLY SPIRIT Put A Hedge Around You And Your Family In JESUS MIGHTY, PRECIOUS NAME. AMEN.
      ONE LOVE, ONE ❤

  8. Hélène says:

    I have more understanding now that not just immigrants will leave/flee the US. I wonder about leaving even more now. I was just feeling to stay, no questions asked as my family has been here since early 1800s and prob mid1700s; not considered immigrant any longer lol But I’m still pulled to the ones left here – no money to go, no family/job to go even if the tickets could be bought. Or just don’t understand till to late or can’t leave infirm loved ones, etc. Perhaps they can still repent?
    I will have to seek Him on this. Miracles are the way of joy!

  9. Dee Smith says:

    I have been hearing and seeing others sharing these some of the same things. Many confirmations are coming. Hard warnings.
    Thank you sister Celestial for your obedience and hard work. May God richly bless you and keep you in all ways!

  10. Wayne says:

    Thank you Celestial, I really missed your posts as it been a while since we heard from you. I understand you speak when God speaks, it warms my heart knowing that the Lord is still talking through you. I know if several prophets and prophetess’ that have now taken their rest from years of hard work. When God goes quiet judgement soon follows. God bless you sister we receive your words through faith.

    1. TAIGUER says:

      God bless sister. I want to be notified of new posts.

  11. Lauretta Graham says:

    Greetings Celestial. As Always I greatly appreciate your service to our Lord. Continued Blessings

  12. Angie DeJong says:

    Watching and praying… Your “silence” was a clarion call… Who “hears” the “Voice” of “one” crying in the “wilderness”? A Reed shaken by the wind? A prophet? YES! I “hear” you sister Celestial.
    The Lord Bless you.

  13. RONI says:

    American soldiers will kill their own. I was told this directly by an army soldier over 13 years ago.
    He did a reenactment of what he had learned that day on base. He was nervous, afraid and had a trunk full of henessy blasting tupac from his vintage Cadillac trying to sooth himself because of what he was told.
    Speechless he decided to perform a dramatization and had everyone line up. Everyone played along. Everyone except me.
    I asked a question ” where are we going” turning to me with his fingers held like a gun “POW” …
    He said ” they gonna shoot you first ” he yelled with eyes bugged out saying don’t ask questions . first one to ask questions they shoot and then everyone else gon just line up.
    It was a stern warning of death . Everyone knows i talk. I was named sir talk a lot in kindergarten. He was sternly warning me to shut up.

    I won’t speak now of the alphabets agency or my family with them nor how my grandma phone was tapped and i was told they will come and TAKE us to where it is “SAFE” ( please feel my disgust and sarcasm while typing that word. ) .. Take us to where it is “safe” “IF” (aka when) something bad happens. I told grandma they know something bad will happen cause they will do it.

  14. Eze says:

    Celestial thank you for being faithful to do the work of the Lord. I pray that he will richly reward you. To those who are speaking against you I will say they will reap what they have sown. I am sure you do not let what they say bother you but when they are speaking folly I would like to encourage you to do what it says in Phillipians 4:8 “Think on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent & praiseworthy! Continue to give the issue to the Lord and leave it with him thanking him that he has heard you. This is his formula for guaranteed peace! May it continue to be yours. In the mighty and most excellent name of Yeshua Ha Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah) Amen!

  15. LaDonna says:

    Thank you, Celestial. You may never know, this side of heaven, how much you have touched my life. I thank the Lord Jesus for you.
    Numbers 6:24-26

  16. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Dear sister Celestial,
    My heart skipped with joy when i saw your video 2 weeks ago in YT. I thank the Lord for this privilege, because He has allowed you to come back n minister to us again. To us who are genuinely sowing faith, your teachings n your words of wisdom are lessons etched in the heart to guide us thru day by day. You can not imagine sister the influence you have made in my life personally from following your written vlogs n vids.
    How much I have grown as a person n a believer.

    Again i thank you for not giving up, i thank you for all the sacrifices, the patience, the time n prayers n much more in your obedience to our Master. May i prove worthy also.
    God is always with you. 🙏🏻
    In all humility.

  17. Flourish&Thrive says:

    On 23 February 2023 I had a dream about a witch at church (not necessarily mine). It was Kim Kardashian and there were a group of guys from the church following her. When I saw her I approached her and she turned towards me. I started to rebuke her, and telling her of her wicked ways and her association with Balenciaga that she will pay for all that they do to babies. She was furious and as she spoke back she was losing power, then she disappeared.

    The dream went on further with some personal things. There’s been many celebrity deaths around us, I just think their judgement is due honestly.

  18. Esther Joseph mi says:

    Sister Celestial, I can’t thank GOD enough for you. You really are a blessing for us. Since I have found your blog, I realized I have the real thing. Thank you for sharing all your dreams, the words from the LORD warning us to get ready for HIS day to come. I’m always thinking about moving forward ,I come from Haiti , it’s very chaotic there . I know GOD can change time and circumstances, I always ask HIM for help . GOD bless you my sister be well.

  19. 1vtbinga says:

    Hello, Miss Celestial! I responded a “snippet” of the prophecy The Most High gave you about Beyoncé on my TikTok (@tamarstestimony) & the people are & were going “wild”. The video has about 200k views (OFC in the snippet your channel name & title of the video is mentioned because I will NOT “rob” that from you. God spoke THROUGH you, not me. I will show where I received this info).
    Anyways, I know you need no one to defend you, but God! But for the comments I could see (because there’s a lot), I responded to them about you. People will be held accountable for speaking against God & His vessel (you). We have to be careful what we say & TYPE.

    In the video, you were saying the woman’s name alone is a triggering word & indeed it was (because of witchcraft). People claiming to worship her and all in the comments or that she’s a “woman of God”. Also in the snippet, I had where you mentioned she did occultism & that’s why people worship her. I also included the wage of her witchcraft & idolatry (d3ath), & that she’s a “swinger” & it drove the people “mad.” They said she would not die, & God wouldn’t take her life because she’s a wife & mother. My-my! The deception maam.

    It is interesting to see how people worship the creation instead of the creator (Romans 1).
    But I thank you ma’am for your service. I only mention this because of the first part of the blog post. May The I AM continue to keep you!

    1. 1vtbinga says:

      I meant “reposting” not responding. I also meant “The Creator” not “the creator”. I also remember seeing a comment (not on my video) where someone said “I’m a Christian, I’m gonna go to her concert, & God still going to love me!” The Most High is so merciful, gracious, & loving that He would show HIS creation how there are people amongst us that prey on us (spiritually & physically) but we ignore His warning. We (not including us but figuratively) “slap” Him in the face with our ignorance & arrogance. He is trying to warn us, but we do not care. Many of these celebrities do not care for us & they’re doing rituals on those who follow them. It is sad.

      But I will heed to my Father’s warning. I haven’t listened to her since I was a sinner, & even then one song of hers titled, 7/11 sounded SO OFF to me because she was chanting in the midst of it but with a beat to get you into it and it made you want to repeat what she said, my-my! Thank you again, woman of God!

    2. Celestial says:

      Yah said to make this first part about her a separate video. I guess He knew why. Hard hearts that won’t bend, will break. Whoever will not be warned, their blood is upon them. God bless you for sharing in fields I haven’t gone to, even if those fields are full of stones. Shalom. 🌺

      1. hi2584733592020 says:

        Can you pray for me? I need to purify the impurity and harm caused by vaccines. I want to further communicate with Jesus Christ.

        1. Nonokayi Gwekwerere says:

          COVID-19 Agenda Prayer


  20. loveeoils says:

    I remember being so consumed with hatred or maybe a strong sense of disdain and disgust over the George Floyd situation. I felt tired, upset and down right angry. I prayed and asked to help me, that the way i was feeling was bothering me and i needed to know why God keeps allowing this to happen, why do we have to keep suffering at the hands of the oppressor day in and day out. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that this is not a color issue but a spirit issue. Do not be deceived. In that moment everything I was feeling left me. I then start to see with new eyes. It’s also to keep us ignorant of everything happening around us.

  21. RONI says:


    1. Roni says:

      Its been fixed. Praise GOD. Glad she’s back

  22. Lisa says:

    Dear Sister Celestial! I have followed your posts for over 2 years, although not diligently I confess, Some were frightening and I know that’s due to my lack of surrender to The Lord Most High. I know you are sincerely a Prophet sent by our Loving Father to teach and warn the Body of Christ and become the spotless Bride we are meant to be. I am devastated by the actions of beloved brothers and sisters who are partaking of pagan and unclean ceremonies and calling them “godly”. Even rituals performed by ancient Mayans are brought into Christian circles as an “enlightened experience” and I have to speak out and say NO!!! Flee this nonsense. Your ministry gives me hope and strength that I too may speak the Truth in Love. God bless you abundant! Amen.

    1. Celestial says:

      If anyone is doing anything in church that does not sound like: “let’s all stand and sing hymn 641”, “Let’s all stand and give the Lord worship at this time”, “let’s all turn in the word to the book of XYZ”, please leave that place. You don’t need to remain with the pagans & get their compromise on you, you can just begin to fast for a new church & also do the seeking by yourself- visit around, esp on their Bible study nights, eventually you’ll find a pasture without enneagrams, Kabbalah & Christ mixed in for “taste”. Seek & you will find. God bless.

  23. oceanneyes says:

    Thankyou for everything you do. Thankyou for being diligent and listening to the voice of God. May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you always. Love you sister.

  24. Loraine Gray says:

    Thank you my beautiful Beloved Sister.
    Thank you for your obedience in doing YAH’S Work.

  25. Ruben says:

    Notify me of new posts.Thank you. May God bless and support you in your calling . Ruben

    1. Kelechi Nwankwo says:

      Thank you once more for blessing us with your prophecies. A word is truly enough for the wise. “Whatever you give to God, He keeps. Whatever you commit to your wisdom, you’re responsible for.” This struck twice in my spirit.

      More grace and grease sister

  26. Sister Celestial,since coming across your YouTube page and this page, I can confirm to you that the Lord’s and your desire to be the first stop/regular stop is coming to pass because every ounce of news I would see I come back to the pages to confirm that indeed the Lord God Almighty is fulfilling His Promises and Judgements. I struggle with obedience your work strengthens me and hopefully everyone who sees your calling. God bless you abundantly. Thank you Jesus.

  27. Michael Slorach says:

    Excellent as ever, note worthy & anointed.

  28. hi2584733592020 says:

    Can you pray for me? I need to purify the impurity and harm caused by vaccines. I want to further communicate with Jesus Christ.

  29. Chepkemoi says:

    God Bless you Sister Celestial

  30. Nana says:

    Postcovid leaves a mark in people’s DNA.

    This is shown by a new study from Linköping University.

    – It’s actually quite simple. A sample is taken and the DNA is isolated. But here you don’t look at the genetic code, as you do when studying genetic diseases, but at the methyl groups that sit on the DNA ladder as “on and off buttons”, says Maria Lerm, professor of medical microbiology.

    Now one mystery remains for the researchers to solve./today news /Sweden 🇸🇪.

  31. John bashor says:

    I don’t think you’re a false prophet celes, I feel blessed that the Lord brought these prophecies my way, I admire your boldness and faithfulness at not being afraid to say exactly what the Lord is telling you to speak, i myself am a minister in a small church in so. California and I stand with you, I believe you are a Jeremiah in these last days and I look forward to seeing you in heaven when when my time comes.

  32. Hey Celestial, I hope you are doing well. You wrote: “Most people are not aware the first 9-11 was a sacrifice and ritual …” in blue text. Does the blue text indicate a direct quote from Jesus himself? I am asking this because he made me aware of that fact a few years ago, and this is a long sought-after confirmation for me personally.

    ~in Him

  33. Suzzy Rivercrossing says:

    The “news” and it’s delivery by the powers-that-be sound as if someone wants to start a race war in our country.

  34. Avigail says:

    Thank you sister Celestial! I just found your channel and blog. I am still reading a lot of your old posts but I find it is prompting my spirit to do more to “Be ready” and to help others as well. The Lord told me back in 2012 when Obama won his second term, I heard the words “Be ready, judgement is coming” …. I believe we are now in those times, it’s going to get worse and worse. But if we dwell in the secret place of the Lord, He is our Refuge and our Fortress, and we must trust in Him. Thank you again for your faithfulness, obedience, and boldness! May the Lord bless and keep you!

  35. Keith Temple says:

    Dear Celstial, I’ve just discovered your YT channel and website and am stunned by the power and authority of the prophetic words coming from you. The Spirit is examining every square inch of my soul and driving me to my face in deep prayer as a result of just a few hours of reading and listening to your videos. Dear sister, the Father is consecrating and sanctifying His Ecclesia (His dedicated or called-out ones) and purifying a people for Himself in this last hour. I’m deeply humbled by His words and filled with the fear of the Lord! Thank you for your amazing boldness, courage and “face like a flint” to deliver such sobering and fearful words without fear or concern for what anyone thinks or says. The word is like a “fire shut up in your bones” and your delivery is precise, sure and without hesitation. I’m being changed after 45 years of serving the Lord…deep calls unto deep dear sister! Thank you!

  36. Akil says:

    Hi Celestial. God’s richest blessings on you and your family.

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