A Word for CANADA – JUNE 25, 2019




A bastion is something very big and sturdy- it is large, fixed and can be depended on. It means “shelter and bulwark”. A shelter offers safety from the elements; a bulwark is a huge covering protrusion that shields from harm. A BASTION is also something exemplary that UPHOLDS and DEFENDS uprightness and specific principles, it is a “last resort”. It stands out, excels and shines among others in a line up. Therefore Canada is large, excellent, a refuge and stands out among the countries of the world.

‘You have done well Canada, very well. Long-term stability and peace are found in you. Shelter to the weary, weak, lost and rejected. “A nation of open doors” the Lord says. I see someone carrying a pie to someone else’s house and walking in without knocking- the visitor knows the door is unlocked. He carries a hot pie from his wife wrapped in checked red and white cloth- the colours of Canada, and he’s received in the unlocked home with much joy, hugging and camaraderie. A nation of families and homes the Lord says, serving God quietly and in peace.  




A NATION WITHOUT PRIDE, VERY HUMBLE-HEARTED AND FILLED WITH BROTHERLY LOVE. (I see again someone hugging another person, welcoming them into their home. These two people are not related- the visitor is a black foreigner who has come into the country to settle. The Canadian and the foreigner behave like brothers).



CONTINUE TO ALLOW ME IN YOUR MIDST CANADA, or I will come to you with a sword. I have this against you Canada, you value yourself over my word. You are capped in ice and snow but your heart is falling asleep under there. You are transforming My true Gospel, which is the shining candle in your midst that made you great. You have no wars, you have no famine or disease. If you transform the gospel you will perish. I see your hearts, and I have many among you who are quite fervent, faithful and just. They burn like lights against darkness, and they will not be put out. Because of them I held my hand back from you, but now harm will come to your country for changes made to the gospel [i.e the Truth of God and the moral standards CANADA has always been known to represent and uphold.]

I see a list the Lord is holding up before me on a scroll: One sentence I can read says “Man with Woman only”. Another says “Peace and brotherly love”. A third surprisingly says: “FORGIVENESS”These are some of the indictments God has against you Canada- you are departing from the godly truths you always defended; you will soon start to crumble if you do not repent. If God takes His hand from on you, indeed you will fall and be like your downtrodden and salacious neighbour to the south. The Lord says she is destroyed from within, and her nakedness will be viewed from sea to shining sea. Do not join her, come out from Babylon’s ideals and return to what you know. 

This is what the Lord God says: “For immoralities that exist without being challenged, dug up and removed like the bitter tree roots they are, I will begin to strike you with judgements at this time. You will feel them building up with force, and because of the believers crying out among you- YOU WILL KNOW WHO JUDGES YOU, and who brings slow destruction against you. They will have dreams and visions, they will see my face speaking to them in their dreams warning them to intercede unless the nation will fall. If they are not successful to turn the tide in prayer, indeed judgement will fall, the bastion will topple and everyone will see the underbelly of Canada that I Jesus see. SELAH.”

Selah- This word in the Bible indicates a pause, a musical rest. It literally means: “Take a break here, and think deeply and carefully about all you just heard.”


A Word Against Canada: January 2014

Put up the word against Canada, for I will indeed destroy them with fire and plague. I will break down their economy and let the strength of it drain out slowly because of the slow torture in unrighteousness and sin they have done against Me. They will live to see their kingdom fall, and fail. I am going to bring down Canada. Bastion of peace and prosperity, known for safety and order! I God will throw you into chaos and disorder. I am going to break the back of the maple leaf, and bring that nation to its knees. This is the word of the Lord.

May this word inspire repentance and an immediate turning back to God in Canada, amen.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Oh my.. sister can you tell me how you started fasting? Is there anything I should do beforehand? I want to be like you, I want to be a child of god. I want him to notice me so I can obey the commandments he gives me! I believe everything you say. Do I need to get baptized?

  2. Hélène says:

    Canada is certainly a wreck at this point. I was surprised to see how fast it went down. It’s a mini Australia in its jackboot mentality. I feel bad for the Canadiens but it doesn’t seem many cared while it was being put into place nor now. A vocal minority do but they’re being quashed all the time, seemingly at least, with no reprieve.

    1. Celestial says:

      Canada’s a movie next door that America will live one day. Canada is a next door preview to everything on this blog so seeing them is seeing the U.S. exactly as she’ll be & worse, bcz nobody is dragging Canadians off to cut them to death. Don’t feel bad for Canada, it’s them who will be weeping for you one day. (REV. 18:8-10).

      1. Dana says:

        I am forth generation Canadian, and I live in Manitoba, which is the centre of the country.
        I came out of the churches 5 1/2 years ago because the Lord led me out of them as they were not speaking the true gospel of Jesus Christ (I was attending about four to five different ones for several years).
        The Lord has had me in training at home with His Word and online teachers. But now I am starting to try to find some true believers and ones that are awake and possibly want to start a small refuge in the woods.
        My husband laughs at me and my family and children think I am out to lunch but I have read the Word and I observe what is happening in the world.
        Anyways, my closest friends are about five American sisters in Christ that I met online and speak to almost daily. You have amazing and Godly people in your country and I’ve been blessed by their friendships.
        Thank you for all your words on this blog, the you tube site. I have learned so much, even though at times I have had to take some breaks and then come back to them.
        God bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ in all the countries across the world.

        1. Emma says:

          Hi Dana. I am also from Manitoba. I share your feelings. Where do you live? Could we be friends?

    2. Sandra Bauder says:

      Please do not give up hope. God’s hand was directly on that small minority and his presence move
      d so powerfully in Ottawa. I was a witness to all of it. He has not forsaken our Nation. Repentance and turning back to him still hold a door open for the people of this Nation.

      1. Hélène says:

        I think u should go back some of the vids or read the prophecies
        It’s past the time of repentance and turning back evil

        1. Sandra Bauder says:

          You are right sister. I had hope coming out of Ottawa because it was the voice of God that led to the Convoy. We witnessed people coming to God and so much brotherly love among the attendees but the last prophecy about Canada is right and I know that we are about to face the reprocussions of our hard hearts. I am sad, but accepting.

  3. Dallas says:

    What about the indigenous nations what should they do?

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