Vaccine Mandates – October 1, 2021

Yesterday morning the Lord woke me up with many themes, the longest and most pressing being the vaccine mandates ongoing in America. He didn’t mention other countries but if you’re in any nation that currently has the same mandates in effect you can pay attention to this message.

The Lord brought this topic in a very heavy way- repeating core sentences to the point where I knew this was an extreme alert and warning. I knew He was telling me something urgent, powerful and very serious. When the Lord does this I get this real bad feeling like “Okay, this will really be awful and we’ve not seen anything like this before.” Below are HIS WORDS, exactly what He said including the images and figures of speech.

There will be a great culling in the United States, a very very great wave of death such that the country will be choked with it in times to come. America will choke with death in times to come.

The Lord said because people do not heed the His warnings (or even on a lower scale), do not listen to friends and family’s warnings to stay away from these vaccines, but have instead offered their bodies as ‘willing sacrifices’ to these drug companies- in the same way their corpses will fall and litter the whole of America. As He repeated this information I saw too many scenes of people taking their last breath in the hospital- it was terrible to see.

Celestial’s note: When you hear these things do not think it is hyperbole, do not think it’s ‘skillful language’ you’re reading. I repeat exactly how the Lord chose to convey the devastation coming as a result of these vaccines, HOW HIGH THE PERSONAL PRICE WILL BE FOR PRIDE, SPIRITUAL DEAFNESS AND STUBBORNNESS AMONG THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA.

If you’ve not seen it before- the look in a person’s eyes when they realize they’re dying is terrible to see. IT IS A STRESSFUL TERRIBLE THING TO SEE. I’ve seen it too often, the horrible ways people react when they realize they’re really going to die , and I as a watcher can’t do anything about it.

It’s a known fact that when you’re dying you can feel it- the changes at end of life are unmistakable. That’s why old people so often say they don’t want further medical care anymore. They can feel when the cord that tethers them to this world is being cut; they often decide they don’t want to delay death anymore and ask for their care to be terminated. That is a decision they make while they have time to recognize changes in their bodies, it’s totally different when someone has a shock realization that things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse and they’re dying on the spot.

So then imagine how it was when God was showing me so, so, SO MANY PEOPLE DYING WITHOUT BEING PREPARED. The look of sheer terror and panic I saw in their eyes as they realized that all the beeping monitors, hospital distress codes, the racing doctors and nurses around them as they took struggling last breaths- even in the midst of their rapidly failing bodies I saw that all these people realised the panic, hustle and bustle at their bedside was because of them. All because THEY were dying, nobody else, just them. 

They knew it and their frustration, sadness, even anger and mostly fear was stamped visibly on their faces as their lives came to an end without doctors being able to do anything about it. I saw this over and over like someone watching different scenes on a TV in front of me.

I saw one man sat up with the breathing mask on his face- he was a big guy who managed to sit upright in his hospital bed, shoving people off as they were trying to fit the breathing mask on his face (the one that looks like a diver’s mask). Raw fear, terror and unwillingness to die was on his face, he looked right at the camera view where I was with this look like “Please don’t let them kill me”.  

Doctors and nurses eventually pinned him down to calm him then I didn’t see what happened to him. By the Spirit of the Lord I saw how watching people take their last breath is HORRIBLE. People did not want to die but they died in record numbers across America; young and old, rich and poor passed away and there was a huge spiritual stench of death across the whole country.   

I saw people intubated on ventilators and some on that clear breathing mask, their eyes were huge as they fought to breathe but didn’t make it. People got covid again after being vaccinated like NO MAN’S BUSINESS, and they DIED. As I was seeing all this God kept talking, talking, TALKING like a narrator over documentary footage, until really the words and images put a lot of pressure on my heart even though I was asleep.

The Lord said vaccine mandates is the worst thing the U.S. government has ever done. The U.S. government as an entity has done a lot of evil things in its existence but this is the worst . “It’s a wicked act with these mandates, the worst they’ve ever done.” (He repeated what He told me in several messages): There will be a huge wave of people who crumble under pressure and take vaccines when the time given under the mandates runs out.

See: Forced Vaccines In America; Survival Of The Fittest**

I don’t know if that’s already happening but that’s what He said- another huge wave of people will take vaccines as the time given under the mandates run out. I saw so many taking shots, so many it was unreal. Even young people were taking them, strong young men for which there’s no reason under the sun to take it; they sat down at tables, rolled up their sleeves and took it. Many people took it.  

Then God said in the cold seasons there will be active dying. In the months ahead and right into 2022 there will be GREAT CHANGES IN THE POPULATION DENSITY OF THE USA. The death rate is going to go higher than it’s ever been, and it will occur in weird patterns of unexplained death and disease even among the young and previously healthy. The word the Heavenly Father used for it is culling. CULLING.

Culling is an agricultural term and should never be used to describe anything concerning human beings. To cull means to “thin the herd”; culling is a process used to greatly cut down the number of viable animals one is willing to keep in a herd or farm.   

To cull means to go through all your available animals with a careful plan in mind, to assess and grade them all on a scale of best to worst then pick the best ones to keep them safe from harm while deliberately killing the rest who didn’t make the cut. 

I saw CULLING written in big black letters before me as God spoke; I also saw how people with any sort of imperfection in their body like weak heart, weak lungs, blood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, ANY FORM OF MATERIAL ILLNESS, WEAKNESS OR PREEXISTING CONDITION IN THEIR BODIES, began to drop in front of the camera lens like flies. People were just dropping, dropping, dropping across America – doing ordinary activities – mowing lawns, sitting at work, having a walk with the dog then just – drop. Drop. Dropping dead all over the country.

A high, a very high unnaturally HIGH death toll began to appear in America’s statistical data. It was like a spiking line on a chart, it could be seen CLEARLY how the death rate was insanely high per capita than it used to be yet nobody officially said a thing about what was causing it. CULLING.

Against the backdrop of hearing the same things repeated- This coming death is the outcome of PRIDE, of refusal to heed His voice or even at a lower level, listen to one’s family members or friends trying to warn against these vaccines, for being a willing “sacrifice” to the wickedness of the government, or how mandates will clamp down so hard that many people’s resolve will fall to the pressure of the government-

I saw a huge ice cream scoop taking big scoops out of America. It was like a big cake or a hill or something in front of me that represented the country, and every time the metal scoop swiped a piece out of America I saw a big bloody circle left where a bunch of people had died. The pressure and force of vaccine mandates will remove a lot of people from this world along with those who took it willingly. That’s what I saw.   

Next I saw people have a very hard winter. Very hard. All types of ailments, sickness and especially ‘unknown fevers’ popped up among those who were vaccinated. I saw people tense as anything in their homes, sitting by the beds of their children and loved ones who were sick. God said Celestial as you observe increasing fallout from these vaccines believe me, everyone will have more than enough to worry about. Yes I saw people had a lot to worry about; they were so worried about sickness they didn’t have time for a lot of the foolish stuff people usually have time for. All focus on entertainment and also small petty things fell to the side because many houses had sick members and people were very scared if they would make it or not. Very many did not make it as the Lord had said.   

By the end of all He showed me that the USA will be DEPOPULATED. That is the He word used- DEPOPULATED. America will be weakened because of loss of citizens. He also said the vaccines are spiritual corruption. “Do not give yourself to spiritual corruption after which can be found no way back to the Father of Light. Do not offer yourself on any altar that corrupts the soul, mind and body after which can be found no way of return to the heavenly father.” He kept saying “It is spiritual corruption, spiritual corruption. It is natural sickness and a spiritual corruption of the soul.”

That is the message of the Lord one day ago, another strong warning aside to so many about the vaccine program and what awaits those who take it. If you know God has given us one earthly life (which is a gift) then you also know it’s our sworn duty to look after it well. We must also look after our children’s lives, so in light of this responsibility it becomes easy to see how there is a strong spiritual counter-push at work, a true wicked mystery of iniquity that hardens hearts and makes people deaf to all reason as they continue to line up for covid-19 vaccines.

This prophetic warning directly matches the prophecy: The Dogs. Make sure to read that post if you’ve not read it yet, in that dream God depicted stubborn people lining up to take this poison as ‘dogs’ that were soon served a bitter punishment that destroyed their bodies. The Lord is faithful, good and merciful; He cares enough to keep adamantly speaking even as so many continue to march forward to their own destruction. To those who are listening, I pray that God bless you and give you wisdom always concerning the times we are in. Amen.


  1. Lord’s Sheep says:

    Hello Sis Celestial,

    Thanks for bringing this sobering word from God. I’m from Canada and me and my hubby have both been mandated to take the jabs. But, by the grace and so many warnings from God we are still u defiled. We are praying and hoping that God will take care of our family. I’ve warned so many but none listened and they believe that this is not the mark so it’s okay and it’s gift from God to fight the pandemic. Even my own Pastor said it and did not give us exemption letter! These are truly sad times and I praise God for leading me to your blog and YT!

    1. Lord’s Sheep says:

      Sorry I meant “undefiled”.

    2. jmccree13262 says:

      I know of a leader among the saints who writes letters no matter what country you live in. Not sure its ok to provide their info here, so ask for more info at ordersjmccree at gmaildot com.

  2. jmccree13262 says:

    Oh my, this is so heavy. I thank God for His warnings before the destruction comes. Thank God for your obedience to him, Celestial, in taking part of His sounding the alarm. Bless God.

  3. M Sinq says:

    I’ve known for many months this v is evil, your blogs and videos have confirmed that fact many times over. The sad thing is, most all my family, most at church and probably 90% of our neighborhood has had all of them. My husband and I are the odd ones out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had to stop several times while reading this word. It was so disturbing, and also confirming. Help your Saints to persevere, Papa!

    How sad it will be to remember those who who have laughed and mocked, shunned, spoke against coworkers, and yes, even proposed a wager (!) that they will be “fine” in two years …

  5. jmccree13262 says:

    I know of a leader among the saints who writes letters no matter what country you live in. Not sure its ok to provide their info here, so ask for more info at ordersjmccree at gmaildot com.

  6. Mary says:

    I’m from Calgary Alberta Canada and the v mandates and restrictions are here. Sadly very many people have taken this serpent’s poison. My children and I plus two other families are the odd ones out.
    It’s being pushed heavily everywhere even in schools. We have until the end of October at our jobs otherwise we are out. We TRUST IN THE LORD TO MAKE A WAY AND TO PROVIDE FOR US.
    Please pray for our children as they can’t understand why all their peers have taken it and even our pastors are for it yet we are against it.
    Thanks so much for all you do Prophetess Celestial. You are truly GOD sent. I found this channel a few days ago and cant stop listening to the prophecies on youTube and reading them on. here.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hello Mary,

      Good to know you are from Calgary! I’m from Edmonton and I’m happy that God is waking believers and bringing them closer! Would be happy to connect with you!


      1. Anonymous says:

        Hi Rachel. You can shoot me an email .
        Blessings to you and your family

      2. Anonymous says:

        Hi Mary,
        I am also in Calgary. There others that I know who have not taken the juice…so you are not alone. Sadly, some members of my family have taken the vjuice.
        It is great if the remnant of likeminded brethren could band together for prayers and support.

  7. kimkim76 says:

    Although it is not needed, I confirm one million times over that this word is indeed straight from the mouth of God. For the past three months the grief that I take to the Father is because I KNOW the death toll and the amount of anguish we will ALL feel behind this diabolical evil venom is something NO ONE will be ready to see. Not a single American will be free from this. You will either know a family that is experiencing great death or yours will. God is prepping me for what I will see in my own family as well as the family of all the ones I begged not to do this. The grief floors me everytime. Only the Holy Spirit can restore your mind and spirit to the degree you will need. You will need the Holy Spirit to stand. Ask HIM NOW!!!! Please take Celestial’s message to the Father now. This is literal. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello from the UK

      Amen and amen. The heavenly Father Himself hears you and it breaks His heart. He has told His children by shouting from His Cloud ‘DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!’

      His children have so often failed to listen to Him.

      Jesus said ‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those sent to her, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were unwilling!’

      There is the song ‘Turn, turn, turn’, sung by, among others, The Byrds. The final words are ‘I swear it’s not too late’.

      The heavenly Father will still accept His children if they come back to Him, turn and apologise. After all, like story of the prodigal son, the father welcomes him back with open arms. For he, the father, like the heavenly Father, is prodigal too with His love.

      I have written about many things on my website including vaccines and if you are interested here is a link. Please note that I will use humour as necessary to lighten the mood and to help make the points.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  8. Kendall says:

    Amen Celestial thank you for this blog. I am happy to see you acknowledging the spiritual death of those who take the poison. In the past I read your blogs with caution as I’m very wary of those who God hasn’t shown that this v is the mark of the beast, but very happy God has revealed it to you now.

    1. Celestial says:

      I did not say anything about this being the mark, please read what’s written & don’t add to it. Sin also is spiritual corruption, is it the mark of Rev. 13? I am not here to speak to confirmation bias; people come with as many views as stars in Heaven expecting me to confirm or deny their beliefs and inferences- that is not the case. Every prophecy is given AS IS. God is able to express Himself clearly; if He ever wants to reveal the mark He will do it in the same unconfusing terms as He does everything else. Until then please don’t attribute to me anything not plainly stated. If you indeed have read TMV messages of vaccines you know precisely what God has said; “wariness” does not compel me to say anything more than what I’m given to say of them. Thank you for visiting TMV.

      1. Anonymous says:

        i agree with anon. God gave me a dream telling me the vaccine would be the mark back in 2019 before the vaccine was even talked about and no one had heard of CV19.

        celestial you use language that is used in the Bible to describe the mark and yet say that it isn’t the mark.

        it makes no sense.

      2. sheepdogwarrior says:

        Hi, You have the right to believe… in whatever, you think is the mark.
        There’s been a long line of DNA…
        corruption going on in America.
        Food… since the 1950’s especially hit hard, with white bread, white sugar, over refining of basic food’ milk.
        1980’s GMO food replacement ..
        1990’s chemical spraying/aerial spraying kicked in high gear…
        Almost forgot… Fluoridated water production especially in America.. for so many years… with lowering the IQ of the
        general population 5 to 10 points easily.
        But this JAB is special… attacking the body at the spike protein level, using a
        m-RNA cocktail of ingredients.
        All these things make people weaker, sick, but to call them or the jab the mark?
        Scripture say’s in the right hand or forehead…a mark to buy and sell…not the arm….or shoulder.
        Blessings to you…in Christ.

      3. Anonymous says:

        BECAUSE IT ISN’T THE MARK ACCORDING TO WHAT HE HAS REVEALED TO HER! The nerve of some of you being nasty because what God has revealed to her, SPOKEN to her, doesn’t match or align with your opinion or belief is shameful! You have a problem with the word that has been given to Celestial? I suggest you do what you’re supposed to do and talk to The Father directly! I hope you and other inappropriate mockers understand that God Almighty does not take kindly to ignorant ridicule of his chosen messengers!

      4. dealewis says:

        I wonder why you ask such a question. Anon I pray that the Lord bless thee and you find peace and Love.

      5. jmccree13262 says:

        It is a ‘precursor’ to the mark.

  9. Sonya says:

    september 29, 2020 i had this dream, posted on my facebook and shared with my friends:

    i just woke up from a dream that was more like a psychological nightmare. I don’t know what it means, if anything. but it sure was disturbing. I wrote it down as soon as i got up. here’s the dream:
    I just had the most disturbing dream
    I was looking at a calendar, but I couldn’t see the dates.
    instead each day was covered with wheat, like a field. I had a sickle in my hand and was cutting part of the wheat from each day, starting at the bottom of the calendar. As I cut it, it fell over turning black. I felt angry and asked “God, why haven’t you come to get us yet? People are falling! People are dying!”
    and then I was in homes, several at a time. People were circled around big cakes or giant bowls of what looked like cereal. on the cakes was written “happy church culling day”
    in a large church there was a concert going on. someone stood up in the back and began to sing. As he sang he had a heart attack and died. He had a blue shirt on and looked rather old. He had two teeth on top and two on the bottom. He had a full beard. He was someone famous, like a singer but i can’t think of who. He looked familiar. Kind of like Willie Nelson but it wasn’t quite him.
    and then on one of the tables, with a cake on it a flat light blue cake someone that looked like a young Perry stone (or maybe rob skiba?) got up and stood on the table. But he curled up in pain and fell off.
    and then people began to sing, but their song was disturbing. The words to the song went “happy church culling day!” and that’s when I realized families were celebrating leaving churches. Some were leaving to start their own churches, and some were being kicked out. Either way the size of the church they were going to had to be less than half of what it was before. In one house, there was a giant bowl of cereal that a bunch of people dressed in blue were standing around singing this song. Many of them were children that were trying to act happy but were on the verge of tears. The children were singing “you may think it’s the weekend, but it’s not. It’s just you can’t go back to school, there’s no church. It’s happy church culling day”
    on the floor sat a woman that looked like Princess Leia. I approached her and asked if these children were hers. She wasn’t princess Leia, just dressed like her all in white with a white veil over her head, She was the lady that played Marty Mcfly’s mom in Back to the Future. I asked her if these children were her grandchildren. She said no, that only one of them was the rest were not hers. I told her that it reminded me of a scene in starwars where she’s surrounded by children (as far as I know there isn’t a scene like that) the children kept running back and forth up a dark hallway, it wasn’t dark like evil dark just i couldn’t see into it.
    there was another part to the dream but I don’t remember where the sequence was. I think it was before the calendar. I was in a gym and complaining that the lines were turning black. I said I think this gym makes people depressed, like they are going to die. The lines shouldn’t be black, it smells like black sabbath.

    what you said in your dream/vision about the culling and the cakes shook me cause it really reminded me of this dream.

    1. Bye Felicia says:

      Celestial has covered this at nauseam. Do you watch her YouTube channel? Please LISTEN, REALLY LISTEN to her. I suggest the entire playlist on Medical & Health Prophecies. Celestial is VERY clear on this if people could just tear through the veil of their own cognitive dissonance!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Everyone deserves respect. Noone is above reproach. Off putting comments and responses only distract from the message. When anyone makes comments about anyone’s cognition of a matter, it is disrespectful, no matter who is making them. We are all accountable for the way we speak and what we type.
        Noone’s gift is greater and mightier than the next. God speaks to many and we can learn from each other.

    2. Bee says:

      Hey sis,
      Found a confirmation of your words on here.

      I saved it as well in case it gets taken down.

  10. Judy says:

    Dear Sister in Christ. You Tube flag’s the word’s corona virus & vaccine & has removed 100’s of You Tuber’s sights for doing so!! I love watching you & pray that you not be removed!! But instead of speaking those word’s try snake bite, jabbed or hold up card’s with the word’s printed. Just don’t speak them or you will be taken down!!


  11. claw2758 says:

    Shalom Celestial , I would like to sow into your Ministry for “The Master’s Voice”. I don’t see you take cash app no more. I’m having problems with PayPal. I don’t know if you have Zelle from your bank or have another way please let me know. I’m very thankful that the Lord has brought his messages though you in my path. I know when you speak it’s the Lord and I would like to bless you for your faithfulness for bringing these prophecies. I wish I could find a pastor like the way David Wilkerson‘s preached. I live in New York Long Island, and I can’t find any church that preaches the truth these days. God bless you for your faithfulness. Your sister in Jesus Christ, Claudette Rondinelli

    On Sat, Oct 2, 2021 at 5:34 PM The Master’s Voice wrote:

    > Celestial posted: ” Yesterday morning the Lord woke me up with many > themes, the longest and most pressing being the vaccine mandates ongoing in > America. He didn’t mention other countries but if you’re in any nation that > currently has the same mandates in effect you can” >

    1. Alot of people want easy baby food teaching, like is it or isn’t it the MOTB but the spiritual realm requires patience and sober humility. One phrase God spoke to my Pastor many years ago I believe sheds light on the situation.
      CRITICAL MASS! God bless you all Rob

  12. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    “There will be a great culling in the United States, a very very great wave of death such that the country will be choked with it in times to come. America will choke with death in times to come.”~by Celestial

  13. Akil Archibald says:

    Hi celestial , concerning the beast himself , I understand from reading the the bible that the beast which is Obama is who will war against God’s church and I have even seen this in reading both revelation and Daniel but since God has said through you in these prophesies about Obama that he is not the antichrist then where in the bible is the ANTICHRIST actually mentioned , I am doing my own research in the word of God and have found out a lot of truths for myself but this still puzzles me

  14. Nita A Renfrow says:

    I thank God now everyday for the great wisdom that pours thru your lips. It is very hard to hear your messages, painful, scary but I want to know the Truth. Gods truth. We have been mislead for so long. I believe you are from God. You are like Noah and David, Moses. You are our modern day prophet and I thank God every day to hear his message thru you. I share your work and pray others will listen. Be blessed and carry on sister. Thank you. Nita.

    1. Celestial says:

      My sister, this touches my heart. Not the praises, but seeing the change in you. It touches me very much. You are those God is looking for Nita. The one who wasn’t able to believe, who was afraid, angry, now here you are, looking for Him. Believing Him. Ready to trust Him even if you’re not sure what comes next. You’re who God is looking for, all like you who are ready to grow, be bold, and be ready. I am proud of you my sister. It is not easy to follow God but you’re willing to do it. Seeing this makes all the hard work worthwhile! God bless you. With blessings from Celestial. 🌺🌺🌺🙏🏽

  15. Wes. says:

    I was at an evangelist’s tent meeting a short while ago and there were healings . Two people who were sick because of the jab were healed and immediately so. One was a double jabbed Christian. If this was the mark healing would not be possible. Unfortunately I know many Christian people who are jabbed thinking it the right thing to do.

  16. Celestial says:

    He said it will come to children. He said so in multiple messages now here it is, coming to them even as their parents also carry them them at all ages to get it. I will be praying as should you. May the Lord have mercy on these innocents…

  17. Hi Celestia, I have had a prophet message approximately 22 years ago about the Vaccines and end times – I am happy to share this with you as it lines up with your message

  18. Open the blind eyes sheep

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