The Fallen Ones Will Rule – June 29. 2021


“Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, and rely on horses. Who trust in chariots because they are many, and in horsemen who are very strong, but do not look to the Holy one of Israel nor seek the Lord!” – (Isaiah 31:1)

This is part two of the revelations of fallen ones that God gave me June 27 and 29. This is the June 29 prophecy.

I advise all readers new and old to please read these things without filters. As much as you are able try to set biases aside, so you can at least receive this information intact and take it away for prayer. Believe it or not your personal preferences like Republican and Democrat don’t matter to Satan, the fallen ones will never ask you your voting history before they kill you.

In the Bible I read about prophets weeping in frustration and I have to say, I often feel their pain. It’s because of the heavy weight of prophecy mixed with sadness at how few are really listening. It’s the sadness of knowing that criminal levels of hard headedness (i.e. spiritual deafness) will be what causes many to be destroyed in these last days. It’s almost like people want to see actual fire fall from the sky before they believe, yet God is warning us ahead of time to make us sober in how we live. Now is the time to repent, NOW is the time to walk in Christ’s shoes, to build our faith more than any other visible, palpable thing we have. What else can I say. The word is below, taken from my journal.

This morning when I woke up God had a conversation with me. God said the governments of the world are not real. He said they are compromised and heavily manipulated, guilty of spiritual robbery (of people). Those we see running governments are puppets who are slaves to higher leadership and the higher leadership in turn is manipulated by those above it.

“None of it is real Celestial, all you see on the news and in these televised events and international conferences is THEATRE & PAGEANTRY. It is pretense, false manipulated ‘drama’ to mislead the public into thinking they know how things are done. They think they’re watching how decisions are made and how nations interact. It makes people feel included in the government but they are actually being deceived into thinking their choices and contributions are how outcomes are reached. People believe they are essential to the process of government, how leaders are chosen and policy is made but nothing could be further from the truth. Ordinary people are not needed or included at all.”  

The leaders we see do not really control governments. They are puppets and slaves. The media is also manipulated and nothing they say is trustworthy.

“THEY ARE ACTORS, they are paid and coached to tell you things with extreme bias and cunning pressure so you can believe them as opposed to anyone else. There is no truth in them, there is only mockery and self interest based on their service to the highest bidder.” 

As God talks to me I see different things. I see clear visions happening, mixed with that I sometimes see impressions which may be less clear but come with a strong “spiritual pressing” from the Lord that explains what I’m looking at. Impressions are murky in terms of how things look, it’s like looking at the bottom of a pond. But I can still see and feel them (that’s why I call them impressions, one of the meanings of the word impress is ‘To press strongly upon something so as to leave a mark or imprint’.)

I saw and felt many things as God spoke to me this morning [June 29] and here they are in no particular order.  

I saw people come into a big, grey cold-room for a meeting. They wore heavy coats to withstand the cold of this room (which was at meat locker temperatures). The visitors’ breath made floaty puffs in the air, that’s how cold it was. A large steel table dominated the room; it was bolted to the floor and had nothing on it. Near my perspective (meaning closest to my eyes and filling my field of vision) was a large metal chair cast in one solid, flowing piece; it looked like a throne but it was not a throne. In it sat a being who these people had come to meet with. I am speaking plainly so no one can ask me what I mean. I said human beings came into a freezing, all-metal underground room to consult with a being whom God didn’t fully show me.

All I could see was one long, extremely thin, blackish-grey, wrinkly arm with very long fingers resting on the armrest of the chair, and a huge head rising like an onion bulb above the top of the chair. The head was like Megamind’s head. If you’ve not seen the movie Megamind you don’t need to, all you need to do is google ‘cartoon, Megamind’, look at his head, and you’ll know the head of the creature I saw sitting in that chair.  

Once again: A door at the far end (from my viewpoint) opened, several men came in in long heavy coats to meet someone, then the view drew inwards across that long barren room and table until it rested on a chair in front of me. In that chair sat someone with a huge head and extremely thin arms- the flesh of the arm looked blackish and dead- rotten, wrinkly, ‘twisty’ like licorice, ending in extremely long fingers that dangled off the arm rest. 

Next I saw a newscaster, I’ve seen this man before in several visions and didn’t name him but this time I will- his name is Tucker Carlson. In the vision he was reading the news at spitfire speed until he came to something that caught his attention, something he didn’t agree with. He spoke about it, scoffed, laughed, and moved on to a new topic.

As he did this the Lord said “When you deliver news as a personal opinion you manipulate the minds of the people who listen to you. You feed into their personal beliefs, their insecurities; you either dispel or reinforce their existing views and make them very one dimensional and hard hearted. Observe.” 

So I saw a person sitting at home in an armchair with a nice black dog laying on the right side of the chair. A man at dinner alone with his dog, watching Tucker. It was the same clip I’d seen- Tucker spoke at lightning fast pace then suddenly stopped, commented on a news item and made an incredulous mocking sound like- Ptfuh! He laughed. In the chair the man also went Pftuh! Then he hit the armrest in agreement and laughed too.

God said “The news is not objective. It is not true anyway but it is also not objective. It polarises America, it divides it into north and south, rich and poor, black and white, as a result Americans cannot find common ground through their news and popular broadcasting anymore. Everything is done to divide and rule and the media play a huge role in that.”

As the Lord spoke I saw Rachel Maddow making mocking sounds and laughing, as she reported the news she made many facial expressions and used her hands a lot. I saw this man called Bill Maher talking and making many faces too. I also saw the smaller channels all around America where the people reading the news look like plugged in, smiling robots with no feelings or thoughts of their own. They just read whatever’s on paper and smile and smile and smile.

Then I saw a montage: Pictures fading in and out, of news journalists from long ago when they were called “reporters”- men who smoked too many cigarettes and drove their cars into dark alleys to spy on criminals, men and women who were relentless for a story and in finding out the truth so they could expose lies, corruption and dirty dealings by splashing them on the pages of America’s print and media broadcasting.

I wish I could explain how God does this, these things are truly marvellous to behold and my explaining doesn’t really do them justice. As He speaks pictures appear at the right and left field of vision with some images playing in the middle- I saw a man with a fedora that had a paper card stuck in the brim that said “Press”; he was smoking a cigarette and hard at work making notes for a story he was working on.

I saw two reporters sitting in a car at the dock at night watching a ship, asking each other if it was worth it to try to creep on board to get evidence of what they wanted to write about.

I saw a crowd of male and female reporters on the steps of a building asking a politician hard questions, this man was pinned as the press rained questions on him. He could not just say “No comment” and walk away like they do now, he was compelled by the crowd to  give an answer. Flashbulb cameras went off all around him while he raised his hands and tried to think of what to say.

I saw people pressing their bosses to let them investigate – It’s on me if it goes wrong boss– basically God showed me an era when America had integrity. When the story wasn’t about your byline on the front page or getting your own news show – it was about making sure that people in power stayed answerable to the people at all times.

All these images rolled together and the impression on my heart was of a lost era, when people could depend on the men and women speaking to them in the news to honourably do the digging, researching and real ‘fact checking’ that’s necessary before you come tell the country something in the day’s paper or on TV. Slowly these images faded until only Tucker was left in my vision, giving his strong opinion mixed with facts. I saw again the man with his dog go ‘Pftuh!’ in agreement with Tucker and then that was it. 

It is not hard to hear God’s heart, in my years with Him I’ve learnt it’s not hard to hear Him. It’s only hard when your heart is stuffed with cotton and full of all the other things you want to hold on to, listen to and believe. People believe whatever’s on TV,  they don’t even know if it’s properly researched or care how it’s presented. They go by their favourite voices and so are easily manipulated based on PREFERENCE rather than proof.

Also the different newscasters have become personalities in their own right- they have shows and on their shows they strongly put forward their views as ‘fact’ when in fact, they are not. People gather to their views like flies to honey, they flock and fight for the views that are most like THEM, yet the irony is God says we should die to this world if we want to be more like Him. He’s said many times that American media in particular is the reason why everyone can’t get along. They fuel the fires of division at home and abroad, they make people incapable of having any moderate views- it’s always ONE! or THE OTHER! but it can never be a mix or clear-minded assessment of both.

That’s why people are incapable of having fruitful conversations now; they can’t find mutual ground in real life because they’ve lost the simple skills of conversation and negotiation that define an intelligent society. Now only insults, mockery and 4-letter words come out if one doesn’t agree with another. That’s why many of these prophecies point to the U.S. media as one of the top reasons Americans will fail over and over to hear one another until finally they rip the country apart and fall into civil war. 

Concerning how world governments operate I saw this: I saw a magician walk up to a table and pick up some cards. He took a bunch of them and did tricks with them- making them disappear, spreading them like a fan or waving his other hand over them so that some disappeared and some didn’t. This man did many tricks and I marvelled at him. He was very skillful with his cards and did clever acts including throwing them all up in the air. None came down, they floated for a while then he whispered ‘poof’ and they all disappeared. I walked up to the table but he didn’t see me, I looked at the cards he was playing with and every single one had a word in thick black ink at the top of it- Ballot. Ballot. Ballot. Ballot.

So I understood that this magician represents methods by which ballots of the nations are played with. It is a joke and farce when people go to the polls to vote. Even countries that are peaceful and happy with their leaders, that peace and happiness exists only when the people mark their ballots with the “right candidate”, i.e. the person who the higher, hidden government framework already wants. 

In other places however people do not mark their ballots ‘right’; they don’t know about hidden rulers so they pick who they really want! Yet if the masters don’t want that person ‘the magician’ will be called in. Then ballots will be lost or delayed, new false ones will be stuffed into the counting bins while existing ones are thrown away, burned, spoiled or not counted at all. I saw a magician playing with the ballots of the nations and God said “Visible government is a joke, an ongoing pretence to keep people content and easy to manage.”

The last thing the Lord said today June 29, 2021 is that the fallen ones have control of the world’s governments. He said that they are the ones who dictate to the visible human leadership what to do and how to do it. They dictate OUR POLICY (as in) – ALL THE CHOICES GOVERNMENTS MAKE ABOUT WHAT IS GOOD FOR US- they decide it, it’s coming from beings who have no part in humanity. Nobody even needs me to point out these beings should not be here in the first place (I say that all the time) but now God goes further to reveal that they make ultimate decisions about us- security, healthcare, economics, WAR, finance, education, all of it.  

If you’ve ever have wondered why world governments keep making choices, creating rules, forcing new regulations for our daily lives that seem absolutely backward, harmful and counterintuitive to what would be ‘the best choice’ for us, this is why. I’ve said in several prophecies what God said- “The leaders will continue to make bad choices. They will continue to see all possible options from best to worst and still choose the worst or second-to-worst”. I’ve said it in videos too but always assumed the reason was because they’re arrogant and wicked. Now I know that in addition to arrogance and wickedness they’re also making choices based on what their fallen masters tell them to do. This is what I’ve seen today, the second time in a week I’ve heard the same thing from God.

(End of journal)

All I can say is what I’ve said since I started this blog. If you’re someone who is able to be honest with yourself then it’s time to be honest with yourself. If you know you’re going through life with a fishhook in your belly- addicted to news, media, chat shows, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, YouTube etc- it may be time to admit you have a crippling reliance on that stuff to make serious decisions instead of seeking God first until He answers you. It’s time to admit that and FIX IT.

If multiple voices influence (control!) your thinking instead of the word of God I want you to know this. We are entering an time where God will rip fishhooks out of the hands of the fishers and judge them harshly for manipulating and lying to the world. He will punish them without mercy for their (HUGE) part in the destruction of this world He loves. However know that when the ripping begins everyone who has the liars’ hook embedded in their belly will be ripped up along with them. Everyone with that hook- people who can’t function unless they’ve seen the latest Fox broadcast or CNN brief, people living on news updates to make decisions that can affect their very soul- you will be ripped up with those people and I’m not afraid to tell you so.

On the day God rips the puppet-masters and fishers every one who has their hook lodged in the belly yet never worked to wean themselves off that relentless lying nonsense or invest time in hearing the voice of God over every other voice, will be treated the same as the liars themselves, you can look at the logic of Romans 1 for that. “Those who follow those who do these things (sin) are no different than those who do them.”

In Heaven there are NO divisions- no male or female, slave or free, Jew or Greek. So the earthly divisions holding many captive now to where they claim to be born again but HATE others based on voting party or some other distinction – these things don’t exist in the Heaven you claim you’re preparing for. If Heaven is free of division and preference yet you’re full of it guess who’s not getting in unless they change here on earth? How will passionate “earthly team membership” work out for you up there?

Answer: IT WON’T.

So if you haven’t thought about it like that it’s time to think about it. It is time to examine ourselves very soberly and do deep and steadfast repentance where we need to. Or these (and many more) will be the exact sins we are judged for when Jesus comes to settle every debt this world owes His Father. To those who have ears to hear let the word I have brought from the Lord prove profitable.

Nothing you’re watching these “leaders” do on TV matters or is real. They’re taking orders from creatures that don’t even look like you and leaving you to fight like chickens over policies that will never change by your vote because they don’t even need your vote. Yet God who loves us anf is trying so hard to get our attention and TRUST so we can be saved is being IGNORED because we’re too busy following leaders and our favourite ponies in the race to pay attention.

Beware. The hour is later than you think. Let those who have ears to hear, hear what the Lord is saying to everybody at this time, not just the church. These things are not only for the church, if anything the people in the world are more knowledgeable and prepared for these things than we are. The church is at a dangerous disadvantage because of ignorance and it is time we wake up.

Therefore I am declaring by the wisdom and revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ:

Fallen creatures are among us already and will be increased in number later. They are controlling daily life and the day is not that far away when they will make themselves known to us all- there are many prophecies about that on TMV especially the alien ones posted recently. On that day it will be harder to survive what you didn’t expect than to listen now and get ready has God has been telling us for so long. On that day reality will be impossible to ignore.

Shalom, may the grace of the Lord God be proven effective and powerful in you and if your soul is not right with Jesus come back to His arms let Him clean you up and teach you His ways again.

Visit the Basics page to give your life to God, take care and God bless everyone.

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  1. joyceschraeder says:

    Absolutely correct, thank you so very much!!!!!

  2. Tina Mark says:

    GOD bless you prophetess for all you are doing. I find the lord pulling me day by day out of this evil world. And the things of the world are becoming nothing to me. More grace to you.

  3. Bee says:

    Australia is becoming sort of like a mini America. Media tells us what to think and people are losing the moderate viewpoint.
    The “she’ll be right mate” attitude to politics is being lost to angry chihuahua like people who growl at each other for stupid things like who they support.
    And none of it matters.

    Scomo is supposed to be a Christian but he’s pushing the great reset agenda like all of the western governments.

    Democracy may just be dead.

  4. Joe D says:

    The fallen ones will never ask you for your voting history…………That’s a good one !

  5. eze33 says:

    So true and on the mark. The time is short and the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is near. Two thirds will be cut off and die and one third will be brought through the fire, Come out of Babylon, for her judgement is near. (Joel 2:11,31, Zechariah 13:7-9, Revelation 18:1-5)

  6. Elsa Kruger says:

    Shalon Celestrial, could you please send me today’s prophecy again! I have a new phone & I slipped it off, I have not read it yet. I’m sorry, Yahweh bless you & keep you in Yeh’Shua! It’s not the one on top, I just jused the line! It’s the one for the 6th of July! Thank you very much

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Elsa. All you have to do to find it is go to the Home page:, all the prophecies are listed and that one is most likely the first one, with a fireball image.

      But here it is also:

      God bless you.

  7. CIK says:

    Wow. I used to go through the written news and pray over the international stuff and anything that caught my heart and one day, in my prayer closet, the Holy Spirit let me know that I was praying over lies. I was like, “oh.” Everything you write is confirmation. And as always, God bless you.

    1. Dean144 says:

      CIK, This reminds me of a few years ago I was praying for America, asking God to heal our Land and raise America back up. He spoke to me and said to Stop praying for America and start praying for the people to wake up and return to Him.

  8. Kenny says:

    Honestly, i find succour in this page because it’s one of the writtensources apart from the bible that makes us realize we have a God up there that cares about our lives as christians in these last days and wants us to get prepared!

    May YHWH keep us all standing in Jesus name, amen!

    May the Lord uphold you Celestial.

  9. Dan says:

    Another great message. Your discussion of voters and elections reminded me of a dream I had last year. I found myself in a darkened theatre and the only light was on the stage. I saw a table in the light with a box on it. A large, muscular man emerged from the darkness and began pulling pieces of paper from the darkness and stuffing them in the box. I could not see his face clearly and dared not look too closely. I noticed his arms were covered with tattoos that appeared to be runes or magical symbols. I realized the box was a ballot box and the pieces of paper were votes. I then woke up. In all fairness, this was in mid-November 2020, after the election and allegations of voter fraud were already well-known, but I still feel this dream was important. For me it gave me a sense of certainty that the election was stolen. I think this helped me come to terms with the truth that we must not expect any man or government to fix this world’s problems. We have all got to turn to Christ and start looking up.

    1. Dean144 says:

      Dan, Stolen or not, it is all smoke and mirrors. Yes I agree that NO man or government can or will fix this world’s problems. God alone has all things in control and He alone will receive all the Glory.

  10. Janice Brulotte says:

    Dear Sister,
    My name is Janice from Canada.
    Tonight our government voted in the Emergency Act giving sweeping power .
    It’s what I knew in my heart would happen even though we prayed it wouldn’t.
    God has also shown me a lot over the years. I stopped listening to mainstream media a couple years ago especially before “cvd.”
    We don’t have cable . Garbage in, garbage out.

    Thanks for the reproof at the end.
    I have heard from the Lord much the same. I’m more choosy on what I watch and read. God directs.
    He showed me your site miraculously. I sent it to another serious sister in Christ.
    Your words are truth filled but as alway need to be confirmed by the word and the Spirit.

    Would you please pray for me to hear even more clearly the voice of the Lord and follow through what God shows me to do.

    Please pray for our nation!
    God bless you.

    1. Dean144 says:

      Sister Janice,
      I could not help but be moved by your request for prayer. Your putting Christ first and trusting in him alone is refreshing. Father I come before you asking that you see your people and have mercy oh Father open our ears and draw us into a closer walk with thee. Fill us to over flowing with Your Spirit, lead us in the way you would have us go and let us hear Your Voice clearly that we may obey always immediately. I lift Janice up before You and thank you Father for hearing our prayer, trusting in Faith for all that we need and Praise you for your help. For thou art our high tower and fortress, the Creator of all things and in your hands do they reside. In Yahushuas’ (Jesus) name we pray and receive. Amen.

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