“Buy From Me Gold From The Fire” – March 13, 2023


I counsel you to buy from Me GOLD REFINED BY FIRE, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see.” – Revelation 3:18

“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.” – Revelation 3:19

This dream puts a great, swelling joy in my heart to share today. Not because it’s positive or anything (it isn’t) – it is yet another blow to the castle of money and bad news especially to people who may have greatly invested wealth in certain so-called “indestructible” sectors of our economy.

But the way God opened my understanding to what I saw, the way He gave me the final piece by just pouring it into my brain when I was on a commute yesterday, well I shouted aloud and burst out laughing on the bus! It was so good to see the full picture.

I feel joy whenever I understand a message, understanding reminds me YET AGAIN of my role in this whole end times and the reaction Yah expects us to have. I am being used of God to see great things for Him glory and for my generation – but the outcome of them is to teach me to trust God. To WALK WITH HIM, PRAY, THANK GOD FOR EACH DAY, and trust Him for GRACE TO WALK IT OUT TO THE END.

Haha, what a wonderful thing understanding is- more precious than silver and gold! Below are two dreams, one was already shared on the Youtube community page. If you are not subscribed to the Youtube channel you’re welcome to- click HERE. Subscribing lets you see the community page where I post things the Lord is sharing with me in my personal time, and also Christian exhortation.

I dreamt there was a voyage taking place across earth, we were on a large ship going to an unknown destination. The ship was over water but traveling across earth at the same time, sometimes I saw an aerial view with either the sea below (seen from the air), or the tops of forests, and sometimes we were on the sea itself.

My family and I (siblings) were on this ship along with many other people, and the wicked were also on the ship. That’s exactly how it was put to me- ‘The wicked were on the ship’. The great fixation aboard this ship, the primary idea taking hold of people’s minds like a contagious fever, was GOLD.

People were talking about gold, seeking gold, assessing and trading gold, even hurting one another for gold. Crime was on this ship because of people trying to increase their gold by taking the gold of others. My family had a little gold but you could basically hold what we had in one hand. I was not in charge of our gold; my brothers were keeping it because I was quite well-known on the ship and they didn’t want me to be attacked because of it. They kept what my family had while I walked around this ship and saw all the things that God was showing me.

I saw that people were hoarding gold to a very weird degree – it was THE thing to have, and again I say THE WICKED were on that boat with us but they lived in another section. You could hear them howling day and night on that vessel- bone chilling howls like coyotes and wolves instead of people- and one of my very real concerns was that they would get out of their place and consume us. I worried about this and decided to see what could be done about it. 

So I went to the man in charge of the ship, a man bigger and taller than any of us by several feet. He looked like a man but he was the biggest, tallest, most muscled and robust ‘man’ I’d ever seen. He wore old-style sailing clothes straight out of the storybooks: a big flow-y hat with a loose shirt and pants held up a wide sash, with a blue cloak over the outfit. He had long hair and only one eye. His other eye, something had happened to it, it was gnarled and curled up in his head and he wore no patch on it. I tried not to look at it out of respect but also not to see it for my own peace of mind, since he refused to cover it just to be polite to others. He reminded me of a pirate, a big man with huge arms and a scary eye, and he was the only one on that boat without a single piece of gold. He did not care about gold, or people, or anything except to drive that ship to its destination.

I said to him ‘What is to be done with the wicked?’ He said There is a place for them, we will reach it shortly. I said ‘What kind of place?’ and he replied “An island.” in a calm voice, and then wouldn’t answer anymore questions.

When I went back in the ship something had happened, some kind or event or catastrophe that greatly altered the mindset of everybody aboard the ship. People were throwing their gold on the ground in disgust and walking all over it as they headed back to their cabins.

I saw gold coins, gold bars, gold necklaces and large brooches with heavy diamonds embedded in them all tossed away, as well as lot of other gold items dropped across the ship. My siblings and a few others were picking it up but as I looked at it I saw this gold was not real. It had a very weird cast, it was TOO YELLOW, SO YELLOW, almost like cartoons. I told my siblings “No, leave it alone. It is not real gold and it’s not worth anything.” They were disappointed but I told them “Search the gold we have, and if you see anything that resembles this toy stuff on the ground, toss it out.”

Then I headed to my room but on the way I spied something shiny – looking closer I saw it was gold on the ground, real gold. It appeared on the ground at my feet and I heard the Lord say, Pick it up, it’s for you.

But I said Lord, gold is now worthless right? All have cast their gold in the streets. I just saw it all back there on the ground, looking like runny eggs. The Lord said again, Pick this up, it’s for you.

So I did and then two more gold coins appeared half a foot away, so I went and took them also. Gold appeared sparingly left and right and I went after it, picking it up. It was small, thin coins with the portrait of a man on them I didn’t recognise. These coins were dime-sized, beaten flat and the gold was very very fine. It shone and gleamed in my hand til I was confused, there was no sunlight in the ship but the gold was shining like light was on it. It wasn’t like the gaudy “costume jewelry” type of fake stuff I’d been stepping over to go to my room. God kept telling me Take this gold, it’s for you so pick it up, and coins kept appearing so I took them and put them in my pocket.

Then my sister came and said What are you doing? The gold has failed, you told us if we see any gold like what’s on the ground to throw it away. So why are you here picking up gold? Then I took one of the coins and showed her all the differences from a piece of “big rock” gold off the ground- they differed in size, color, brilliance, thickness and weight.

The small coin was much heavier than an entire gold brooch with diamonds that I picked off the ground. I could hide that coin away in my pocket while that brooch had to be worn on the chest. The coin was a pale yellow while the brooch was bright, bright obvious “movie gold” yellow, and up close you could see the brooch was fake while the coin was not. I told her, if you see money that’s real on the ground, then take it.

I went back to the man who was driving the ship and he said, We have come to the island of the wicked. They will be left here to their own devices. Strong people (I can’t describe them exactly, just “strong people”) took the wicked by force to this island and left them there.

As we sailed away I asked the man, Is there food there? He said no. Is there any way to hunt, or build shelters to live in? He said no. I said Can the wicked escape that place, he looked right in my eyes with his scary blind eye and said, The wicked shall turn on one another and consume themselves. His face & tone said, Don’t ask me anymore questions, so I left him and went and sat in my cabin.

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. – Psalm 9:17

The meaning of this dream has drenched my heart with joy and comfort more than I can say, and all I will say is if any already know what Jesus is saying here, then be sure to hurry to Him and spend time for the same assurances of provision, protection and BLESSING that He has given me.

The Lord is showing how we, the whole world, are on a voyage to the end. At times we are on the great sea, which is the great mass of people on this earth. We are so many, exactly like the seething frothing waves of the sea.

At times we are flying over land- it represents the natural nature of man, how we need food, shelter and clothing, all the things this earth which is our home, is supposed to give us.

At times we are in the air, the spiritual and supernatural realm, tangling with forces good and evil. We were created spirits to have communion with YAH, but some of us love darkness and have crossed to the wicked instead. Some of us are flat out witches and mages, hanging in the air drawing power from satan, while some of us are sons of YAH, high in the air seeing from a spiritual perceptive all that He wants us to see of the way ahead.

The fixation with gold on the ship is nothing new. In America no-one can deny the endless fixation with buying, trading and storing gold. If you’re from anywhere else it may be new to you- as an ordinary person you may not handle gold in your country. It might be something limited to your government who alone hands out mining rights and limits the power of citizens to touch and handle physical gold, but in the U.S. you can buy as much as you can afford and keep it right at your house.

You’ll get a certificate of authenticity for it and everything, which probably explains why in the other dream the government Emergency Broadcast System had the names of all the people who owned large amounts of gold- they probably got it from the gold traders under subpoena or something like that. There is not an official entity in this country- public or private- that will not sell out to the Beast government in the end- information will be cheap like water in the pursuit of human lives in this United States of America, and I have said it many times before.

In these days of financial uncertainty gold and silver have become the new gods of the era- everyone has 200 tips on where to buy it, how much to get, how to keep it and all that.


“Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, WITH A TOWER THAT REACHES TO THE HEAVENS, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. – Genesis 11:4

Gold is the tower, the strong city many have rushed to in order to shelter from the crash of paper money, but even there the judgement of God will follow, so that in the WHOLE EARTH Isaiah 2:12-20 will be fulfilled. Everything man tries to trust to will collapse, all ‘proud things’ will fall and God alone will be exalted as the one who saves a family from the flood.

Let us look in particular at Isaiah 2 v20- 

“In that day a man will cast away his idols of silver and his idols of gold, which they made each for themselves to worship- to the moles and bats.”

Another way to say that ending is- which they decided each of them TO TRUST IN.

Gold and silver will be abandoned ‘to the moles and bats’- these are creature of darkness, spoiling creatures that nobody likes. The gold and silver will go away in a time of darkness, with forces at work that nobody will want to see. The fixation with “safe” “alternative forms of currency” will die down when something happens that makes all last resort forms of independent trade and economy utterly worthless– and this dream shows that time is already set by God.

The wicked are the wicked. The ones mandating vaccines, poison food air and water, lying 24 hrs a day on official broadcasts from every government channel, staring at us without shame, promising better times while dismantling the world with crowbars. God is showing that they will not escape judgement, for every child that they killed, for every truth they suppressed and for the nations they deceived into sabotage- they will tear each other to pieces in their madness, which is also in that same chapter of Isaiah 2.

This is why I counsel Christians to balance their desire for justice with respect for God. No-one is a better judge than He is- He knows the times for judgement and exactly how much to pour out for what each person has done. Yah alone knows the magnitude of the wicked deeds this earth has seen, He will repay it all pound for pound, flesh for flesh in the day He gets ready to do so.

This false gold that fell is the gold in everyone’s basement now. It will indeed fail and be thrown out as worthless, because the Beast system has no use for trading ecosystems the common man has control over. Beast money will exist exclusively in the cloud, and nothing else will be tolerated.

This is not to say this method is worthless. Hear and understand the wisdom of the LORD. It’s not worthless but it is TEMPORARY, so why put your trust in it? God sees the way people are trusting in it as if they’ve ‘solved’ the problem of the coming fall of paper money. They’ve moved to gold and silver and feel secure now, it’s their safety net- but God is saying plainly that even that net will tear, and moles and bats will take their portion of ‘shiny things’ exactly as the Bible said before we were born. (Isaiah 2:20)

But the greater import of this dream is what God showed me. A personal promise that anyone can ask and pray for, lovely words that laid my heart to rest. I WILL PROVIDE FOR YOU. I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, AND GIVE YOU INCREASE IN THE VERY DAY THE MONEY FAILS.

Also, the refined gold I took up is representative of FAITH. Yes! Not the yellow, false, ‘very loud cartoon faith’ tossed around on Facebook and everywhere else right now. We live in a time of noise Christians, there is a lot of noise and false advertising- “empty clouds without rain”. And people are so starved for rain they are listening to these dry clouds- they mistake noisy thunder & lightning for rain yet nothing is pouring out to bless their lives or feed them.

The church looks so strong right now (if you’re led to believe all the ACTIVITY you see); everywhere are vessels who know so much! But God showed me how they’ll fling those empty beliefs to the ground when the true crushing comes, when we begin to go through things that test the heart such as blows that destroy the economy. There is nothing like hunger and lack to prove to someone: Do you know how to seek God to provide? Do you know how fast and pray til food comes to the door, til someone who has something stored up knocks and says “The Lord laid it on my heart to share with you”?

All this will be revealed in the years that are ahead.

God showed me how FAKE the so-called “faith” of the multitude is. It’s not pure, it’s not real, it’s not rooted in Him and will do nothing for them when real trials come. People wear their “faith” in costume jewelry sizes on their chests- Look at me and my ministry! Look at me and my prophetic gift!

But there’s nothing supporting it. There is no test to refine it. They are naked and say they’re in robes, and all that talk is heading right to the ground of the ship to be abandoned when the true tests come. 

Meanwhile *God sees and approves of my faith, and the faith of all who are refined.*

My faith is quietly in my back pocket- thin, invisible, shining without a spotlight on it- waiting for the days of trouble to hit so I can spend it freely in the kingdom economy. I will not pretend to anyone, I am HAPPY because one approval from God is worth 8 million questions of doubt from anyone else. I have borne so much doubt and accusation but here is the Lord saying “Look there, see the coin, pick it up, it’s for you.” What more do I need to be reassured that my work is not in vain?

This labor will surely prosper in the thing for which He sent it [Isaiah 55:11].

The difference in coin also means actual provision – of what form I’m not sure yet- but He said I will not lack and I believe that promise is true for everyone who truly knows that God has corn & water for His sheep- “He leads me into green pastures, he leads me beside the still waters.” [Psalm 23]

The last part of this came long after everything else was clear. Why was that man who is clearly not human driving the ship? I cannot amend, “explain away”, or pretend I didn’t see that man Lord. I spoke to him, he was resolute to reach the destination and he knew what was planned for the wicked. Why was a man who is clearly a giant or Nephilim driving the ship of our lives?

On my commute this aspect came up again in my mind, I was puzzled over it when suddenly I saw the cover image of another prophecy on this blog, a message given in two parts. Yah said everything we do as people is part of a manipulated satanic agenda; our leaders don’t work for our good or for any human agenda. They are following the orders of the fallen!

In June 2021 Yah said that fallen ones control and manipulate every aspect of our lives- healthcare, social policy, family, education, war- they pass their orders to world governments who are in blood covenant to fulfill them. It has not been obvious before but now as we near the end we can see who these leaders serve. They make the worst decisions to break societies because their intention is not to serve people but to give their power to the Beast. See these prophecies below for more on this:

The Fallen Ones Will ReturnThe Fallen Ones Will Rule

I have drilled pages of understanding from this message for myself and anyone is welcome to do the same. If you know you have “big yellow gold” (weak faith/ false faith/ loud faith that isn’t worth a thing once we fall under end-times pressure)– throw it away now. Look at the top of this message, see the Bible verse and FOLLOW JESUS’S INSTRUCTIONS. BUY THE REFINED GOLD THAT HAS BEEN PUT THROUGH THE FIRE. There is no condemnation if you realize right now that you’re not prepared, but there is some if you realize it and quit, get depressed and decide to stay like that. Amen.


The first dream ended and I had another short dream. I saw a hand scrolling a trading app for investors, an app to raise capital for listed firms and other businesses that want to be publicly listed. The person opened the app to a new section that had appeared which read in big red letters:


Below that was an endless list of companies to scroll through. When you found the company you wanted to help, a company you were already invested in but now wanted to give them more money to help them stay in the black, you clicked it and a list of auto-pay suggestions appeared: 50K, 75K, 100K, 250K, 750K, 1M, 2M- on and on until the last option said – “Custom amount”.

There was a further option at the bottom, a “rolling cylinder” where you scrolled until you found the company you wanted to get out of and flicked sideways with your thumb. The name of that company was then “flicked” off the cylinder in a cartoon image, indicating you no longer wanted to invest. Then the app gave a list of options on how to recover your money from that firm.

I saw a lot of people using apps, flicking companies sideways and filling in online paperwork to recall their capital. Only a few people went to GIVE money under the “Can Anyone Increase Their Investment Cap?” option. Then the dream ended.

Interpretation: Many businesses will tank in the time we’ve come to because of lack of SUPPORT. People will not be loyal to them because people are skittish about money. These companies will appeal for investors not to go away: “Could you trust us and put even more money into the business as a way to keep us steady?”, but people are NOT going to do it. Everyone wants to “increase their cap” when a company is rising in the news, making big claims, or at least raking in big dividends for shareholders. But when the smell of fire is in the air and the financial ground gets wobbly, these online traders will abandon public companies AND those who about to make IPOs in droves, and pull their money from them. That is my best understanding of this dream.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.


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  1. Celestial says:

    All that matters, ALL THAT COUNTS, is what God says. He sits as a refiner of humanity, by trials and tribulations but also showing GREAT LOVE to those who likewise love Him and offer Him their FAITH AND TRUST.

    “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; He will purify the Levites and refine them like GOLD and SILVER. Then the LORD will have men who will bring Him offerings in righteousness.” (Malachi 3:3)

    And what is the only righteousness God cares about and salutes. EVEN OUR MOST HOLY FAITH.

    King Jesus, teach your to people to be like children, teachable, moldable, humble and quiet. Wisely preparing but trusting not to their preparing, but to the true riches you have stored away for them. In Jesus name, amen. 🙏🏽

  2. tanfair says:

    My God! Thank you Abba for this word and confirmation and thank you Sister Celestial, I appreciate you.

    1. Celestial says:

      I appreciate you and all who appreciate the Lord Jesus who alone has the words of life, the Bible; also His grace in giving dreams, visions and the interpretation thereof to the sons of men – just as He gave to Joseph & Daniel. Praise the Lord! 👏🏽

  3. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you again for the message sister Celestial. God bless you. 💐

  4. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    This was good as well… I will never understand why people be telling people to buy gold when the Word literally says without the mark, number or name of the beast you will not be able to buy or sell so o ask myself what would the gold do then—

    I’m so happy I’m not follow the leader type of person, I’m more sit back, observe and move when Yah says move.

    If I do things without His Holy Spirit saying listen and do, then I’ll be a blind person lead by the blind. Even when John the Baptist, Baptized the Messiah, Yah spoke. When the Messiah went to be transfigured with three of His disciples while they seen Moses and Elijah, again, the Most High spoke.

    When we are lead by Yah, He always speak whether you hear His voice or His voice through His messenger.

    I’m quite sure a few on here probably was restraining from listening to The Masters Voice on YouTube due to so many people saying “God told me” or “God said”, but you were lead back to the channel as He instructed you that this is Him speaking, well I can really only speak for myself, but if you are one, I know you are lead by His Holy Spirit to hear truth.

  5. enambale says:

    Thank you Celestial

  6. laurenkanous says:

    Celestial your work is Not in vain. I’ve been sharing your videos for over a year with my work prayer group and the leader used to tell me, “Iraq is mystery Babylon and not the US” and he and the others would be radio silent when I shared The Masters Voice prophecies and say the rapture would take us before anything bad happened. Or privately one of my friends would come and explain how she didn’t believe the videos. But the last two videos I shared this past month, including yesterday’s about people fleeing the US, the leader of the prayer group finally believes what you are saying, What YAH is saying finally! He listened to it, he brought it up in prayer group saying he believed every word of it; he said we can’t take this technology into our bodies and we have to pray about what to do. I can officially report, there is one less “maranatha we fly next Tuesday” Christian out there. Praise YAH.
    We just go and get them one at a time, just like that.

    1. Celestial says:

      Am I reading right? Did you just go and rescue an entire Prayer ground by *consistently sharing even when rejected,* and now the truth has broken their shield so they can finally hear the Lord? LAUREN LET GOD ADD THIS TO YOUR GREAT REWARD! I’m smiling, what a way to end the work day. God add this to your reward, the glory for those souls is the Lord’s.🌺

    2. Maranà tha says:

      Dio ti benedica Celeste!💖Qui c’è un cuore che ti segue dall’Italia🇮🇹
      Gloria al nostro Signore Gesù Cristo per la Sua infinita misericordia e sapienza!!!

    3. Onyinyechi says:

      Amen, one soul at a time… I have to keep this in my head. If I can just save one soul. Some are fishers of many, some are fishers of little. You did your part, the Holy Spirit takes control after you’ve said your part.

      All praises to the Most High Yah!

      1. KINGdomchild says:

        One plants and one waters but God gives the increase. Always believe in planting spiritual seeds you might see it grow but Yah will send someone to water it and he will give the growth. Shalom

    4. LoriQ says:

      @LaurenKanous – Your post gave me great hope! In these times, the people I come across just don’t want to hear it. Some are so mean and hateful, sometimes I just want to give in and give up. Reading your post and Celestial’s response right after it has given me a nudge to keep going even though it seems that people aren’t listening, don’t care and don’t want to “hear it”. Thank you. God Bless you. All Glory to God!

  7. Linda Smith says:

    Dear Sister you are appreciated and I hear you. I thank Yah for you. Bless you always

  8. LoriQ says:

    About three (3) months ago, I had a dream that didn’t make much sense until I read your blog post, Celestial.

    I fell asleep one night and dreamt that I was in the Arizona desert. It was right off the freeway, and I left my husband in the parking lot. As I was walking through the desert, I came upon gold nuggets just lying on the surface. Picked them up and kept walking. There were water springs of the clearest water I have ever seen. It was so clear and so pure with gold nuggets in it. There were a few other people with me in this “area” that wasn’t open to everyone. The air was cool, the land was so clean, and the water… That’s what stuck out to me as well – the clean, pure water. I kept walking and came upon a water stream gushing out of the side of a red rock wall. Several people were in the water and just shouting with joy. They were so elated and I wanted to join them, but my husband was waiting. Oh, and it came across to me that there was much more gold in this water stream, but I didn’t need it at this time and was supposed to leave it for others.

    It was a good dream, yet, I didn’t have full understanding of this dream. Until now. Thank you for posting this blog post, Celestial. This has helped me immensely (to lean on the Lord to sustain me instead of my own understanding). God Bless you and many, many Thank Yous to Almighty God for allowing this information to be publicized.

  9. Jean-Claude Riopel says:

    Praise The Lord Sister! I thank Our God for your faith in Jesus, may God be praised! Hallelujah! In the mighty name of Jesus!

  10. Wendy says:

    Awesome dream, beautiful! When everyone started investing in bitcoin and gold I laughed. Fools, do they really believe the coming beast system would put up with that? These are believers with bibles! I even shared the fact that one of the presidents (forget which one now) outlawed owning gold. The government bought it back
    (Didn’t get any comments back on that either)
    Also this last week, I picked up a couple dimes on the street, thinking its a little odd.. When I found one on my floor today, I thought “where are all these dimes coming from?” I smiled when I listened to this.

  11. Renu Tupper says:

    So beautiful..and india is the same about gold too…thanku my dear sister for confirmation n encouragement..love u dear sister…all glory belongs to Jesus

  12. Joseph says:

    Thank you for your instruction Celestial. Several months ago I was arrested by you, and was sent to be corrected. My pride was greatly injured and i was in need of refinement. Through this refinement period the Lord directed me to the books of Samuel, and I found understanding. Your work is important. Thank you for the tugging on my shoulder as i was beginning to stumble off the narrow path. As this path grows narrower, I hope to be able to give that same loving tug.

    1. MaryLeah says:

      Thank you! God is so very good!

  13. Karen says:

    Good morning Sister I wanted to let you know was God told us through you about the coming Beast system I heard this through Pastor Paul Begleys channel
    If you go to 1hour 31min it talks about DNA can be read by touch and door handles can know who you are.
    From Karen thought u would like to know.

    1. Besala says:

      Sister, do you not see that this man is a huckster? My goodness…

      1. Celestial says:

        Not only that, but one who watches prophetic channels and take ‘sensational details’ like door handles that identify people by DNA which I have repeated in endless videos since 2021. God would not tell Begley a thing about what the future world will look like if he was the last warm-body “pastor” left, but… each to their own. Bless you Besala.

      2. LoriQ says:

        Agree Besala. When I first started to walk with the Lord in 2014, I came upon some of his videos. Just could not take him seriously as he reminded me of a used car salesman. The few times I listened, I always felt like he was using Gods word to sell himself for fame and fortune. It was not for God’s glory. Feel like this is the case for many in the American pulpit.

  14. Renu Tupper says:

    Praise God

  15. Hat Friend says:

    Have you considered using this website for thumbnails?
    https://playgroundai.com/ (Just make a throwaway email)

    I have other links that might help. Reply if you want some!

  16. Amanda Burns says:

    Celestial I am new to your channel and thanking God every day I found it. I am a little confused at how to donate to your channel. Please email that information. Thank you in advance. The only social media I have is YouTube.

    Amanda Burns

  17. Flourish&Thrive says:

    I pondered on and went over this prophecy for quite some time. It was unsettling. Yes, “Why was a man who is clearly a giant or Nephilim driving the ship of our lives?”. Finally, these two passages of scripture screamed loud to me:
    1. 2 Corinthians 4:4: The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
    2. John 18:36 Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

    Truly, satan is the god of this world, his agents and seed are advancing his kingdom, that one of this world. They are the ones driving this ship, and many do not realise it (or even that it comes from the palm of satan), and that’s why they amass for themselves pyrite, fool’s gold. What they also fail to realise is the fact that we actually are on a ship. It seems as if they are storing up for themselves treasure, but, the destination before them is not a place where this would matter, if anything, it sent them there.

    Plus, the marine kingdom has long been ensnaring the world with all that they can get, a very false sense, the “great fixation aboard this ship”. They will make all the money (gold) but they will leave it on this ship only to be recycled and land on someone else’s lap, cyclic. This marine kingdom has probably swallowed more souls than anything, and it’s also interesting how the finance-sector terminology is centered around water (i.e liquid, bank, froze, etc). CONSISTENT, satan.

    From the garden to date, satan has been CONSISTENT, never shifted his one good eye from the mission “to drive that ship to its destination”.

  18. Ciarri says:

    I read today that Klaus Schwab the Great Reset guy is the son of a Nazi Concentration Camp Commandant. It was a camp of forced labour so the inmates would be mercilessly worked to death with plenty of torture and executions along the way.

    So is the other Soros, whose father looted and profiteered the property and assets of Jewish ppl sent to the camps

    Thus comes the 4th Reich headed up by the sons of the Nazis.

    Their behaviour is exactly the same as their parents persecutions. Strip every person of everything they are worth, put them in prison and kill them.

    They are the same as the Nazi barbarians and gangsters except now it’s global.

    All the decrees they brought out recently with the jib jab followed the same pattern as well – so much so ppl started using the yellow star as a badge of protest.

    There is truly nothing new under the sun.

  19. Marissa says:

    Celestial I have watched many of your videos, I am desperately wishing to speak with you. I do not want to post details. Please email me if Yah puts it on your heart. I attached my email in the icon below.

  20. Ala says:

    Psalm 12:6 “The words of Yahweh are clean words, Silver refined in a kiln, Fine gold purified seven times.”

    Your words are continually verified in my studies, even when seek His counsel away from the scriptures He gave you. He is the same, aligned, glorious, and holy.

    Blessings from a grateful one.

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