Systemic Risk: “It Will All Collapse” – March 21, 2023


The message the Lord gave as soon as I woke up this morning was serious. As we listen we must strive to listen and understand from YAH’S viewpoint which is this: 

As soon as He says something IT IS ESTABLISHED. It is finished, it is done, it has already happened from Heaven’s point of view. Yah’s word brought the entire universe to completion in 6 days, from the heavens, firmament, Earth and all life on it and in the seas as well. His word is what creates things.

Yah is outside Time, He is not limited by anything so small as a calendar or a 24-hr day. This is why it’s good to remember that prophecy is God is telling us the end of a discussion He already had with Himself. He already weighed and measured everything and agreed with Himself 100% that His choice was the best decision- what we have to do now is adjust to it. Everything we’re hearing for the first time – is a done deal from His perspective, that is why prophecy is the future.

For God, “what is to come” already happened.

So with that in mind, here is what I received as soon as I opened my eyes today. I heard the message several times repeated to follow along but I understood and here it is. 

The banking sector has FAILED. It is finished, it has collapsed.

The banks will fail, the banking sector will collapse and take everything else with it.

Everything that has to do with money in America, or depends on banks in America will fail. No one will be able to save them because the banks have CONTAGION. What we see now is not the end of it, Yah says that every desperate effort to save America’s banks will fail and America will have SYSTEMIC RISK.

Systemic risk is different from systematic risk, which people sometimes think are the same. Systematic risk is where a problem develops in one area and spoils it, then moves to another area and destroys it, then the next and next and next- it follows order of some kind like dominoes falling.

Systemic illness is where all organs and functions of the body fail at the same time. Once doctors see a person shutting down like that they know they have to prepare the family for bad news. 

Systemic risk to the economy is the same. It is a total failure of the money markets, money systems, money structures, money methods, and one day money itself by reason of factors that can’t be fixed. It’s a situation where everything’s connected – so when things are healthy and working well then every part of the whole flourishes. But because all things connected it means when disease or destruction enters even one part of a thing then the whole must pay the price.

When something is “systemic” it means THE WHOLE IS AFFECTED AT ONCE. 

Everything that’s connected becomes unstable and infected – you can’t isolate the bad part because the whole thing is the bad part! You can’t cut out the destructive piece and get rid of it because the rot is moving through the WHOLE SYSTEM. Everything fails at the same time because everything gets “fatal error” – it’s like a killer virus in a computer, in seconds the virus sweeps through the machine and before anyone can do anything the entire storage of data is lost. 

Yah said: “The banks will take one another down and everything else with them: supermarkets, stores, small groceries, schools, credit lenders, real estate and property brokers, small business, big box franchises, the stock market and last but not least Joe Biden. Joe Biden will lose support on the back of this crisis and there will be a great political crisis at the same time as a financial crisis in America. He will fall as a result of this crisis and be made a scapegoat and a patsy for what is already created behind the scenes.

IMPEACH PRESIDENT BIDEN will be seen on banners all across America – it will be trending for a president who despite all his public failures has (so far) avoided any major political blowback. Despite all the things he has been blamed for and managed to escape, this crisis will put the nail in his coffin.”

When the Lord was listing all the places systemic risk will destroy I was sleepy but I was listening. But when He said ‘Joe Biden’ I woke up 100%. Joe Biden is not a grocery store, school or a bank. Why was he so smoothly listed among the other things? The answer came clearly-

Joe Biden and everything that’s coming after him is part of the total body failure of America.

The United States has reached a crisis point unseen in her history. All her experts are saying IF a crisis happens it would be worse than 2008 or anything they’ve ever seen. They’re being optimistic because they’re scared but still quite arrogant; they don’t think anything could ever happen that they can’t handle. Yet their own words- ‘Worse than 2008 or anything we’re ever seen before’- means that even they have never seen what they’re hoping to prevent and deny.

America has reached a time of political, social and economic upheaval like never before. She’s come at last to the icy waters of CONVERGENCE. That’s a meeting point, the place where all rivers run into one sea. We’ve come to where all the messages about financial collapse, money collapse, harsh economic trials, unemployment and wage crisis, people getting suddenly poor and falling through the cracks sharp rise in homelessnessincrease in violent crime, anger, hatred between groups, increased buying of firearms, increased rich vs poor divide, increased racial tensions, the media stirring the pot to make it worse than ever – we’re about to see how it all ties together. 

All the things I said once the country hits any major speed-bump ahead, we’ll see it once money starts being touched without our consent or control. Yah has said ALL IT WILL TAKE for us to see what Americans can do to Americans (for those who didn’t believe the civil war prophecies)- all it would take to throw this nation off-balance and bring her down hard is to strike one of her ‘gods’.

With all banks to fail by His word, we can see Yah decided to start with the god of money.

And there was one last thing that God has never told me to do, to give an official word of advice. I speak teaching, exhortation and edification all the time but not advice. I believe every believer can hear God. Even the unsaved hear Him now and then and know it’s Him. People can hear God if they learn how to quiet their spirits, opinions, fears and everything else- He will speak to them. 

But after telling me this word He said, Tell them to take money out and prepare. Tell My people to take money into their homes and buy what they need, and prepare.

I hate to have to say it, but I have to say it and will say it. BE SOBER-MINDED IN ALL THINGS.

God did not say go over the top. He did not say act in panic, drain your account, run through the streets like Chicken Little, and hide a pile of money in your barn. (Or apartment floor). 

He did not say start a Master’s Voice bank run, nor did He say be fearful, be paralyzed and feel helpless and end up doing nothing. He said take money out to have at home and prepare with what you need. He said the same to Noah and it worked out alright for him.

I said days would come that would test our grit, patience, PEACE, ability to rest in the Lord, and ability to make sound and wise decisions AFTER prayer. Some people already have a warehouse prepped at home and some people have 12 bottles of water and some tuna. Days will come, I said.

Well… hello Days. 

When God spoke to me what I got was a flat, ‘dial-tone’ feeling in myself:

So we’re here. We’re actually here. I am about to see what I’ve been seeing in spirit for 11 years, unfold in real life. I have to be ready for it. I have to help my loved ones be ready. It is not a practice run anymore, God is actually telling me that a mega economic giant is going to see the screen flashing RED! RED! RED! on every economic dashboard, this country is going to start reeling like a drunkard, and then –

Every soul that is not strapped in TIGHT is going to be flung right off the edge.

Read this prophecy again, then read this one HERE. Also please be sure to watch the video for this message, it will be added once it goes live. I do not know when these things will happen, but I’ve never thought that knowing makes a bit of difference. The things of earth are all decided in Heaven. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Celestial says:

    Investopedia [a website for business] defines “systemic risk”:

    The possibility that an event at the company level could trigger severe instability or collapse an entire industry or economy.

    Systemic risk is the risk that a company- or industry-level risk could trigger a huge collapse.

    An event that can spark a major collapse in a specific industry or the broader economy.

    The Financial Stability Board (FSB) defines systemic risk as ‘the risk of disruption to the flow of financial services that is (i) caused by an impairment of all or parts of the financial system; and (ii) has the potential to have serious negative consequences for the real economy’.

    1. Terri says:

      After I retired from the Army I lived right in the heart of Charlotte, NC for two years. I began to hear his voice and he would show me future events that would take place around that city. I saw how many 5G towers were going up and what they would be used for. He told me it was time to get out of the city he told me to start stocking up on can goods. To the day I have still preparing as he leads buying a little extra supplies here and there.

      I know in my heart that these things are not for me but those that have nothing to feed themselves or their babies he will protect us through the rough times to come. I would like to encourage all in this. I believe there will be safe havens set up by dive order of our heavenly father. If he tells you to move please listen to him and get out delayed obedience is disobedience and it could cost you your life. I believe there will be safe havens set up by dive order of our heavenly father. Places where he will direct you to get your needs met. Do the work now in learning to quiet your spirit to hear his voice.

      Thank you Celestial for your hard work and dedication. So many of us have grown so much in faith through this work, so please be encouraged and know its not in vain We Love you sis in Christ.

    2. Joe says:

      Hi Celestial, this prophecy is different than what you said on your Kamala Harris series where you said the reason Biden gets removed from office is because of ill health. Both can’t be right. Either he is blamed as a scapegoat for financial collapse and is impeached, or he is removed for I’ll health. I know your a prophetess in training but you got to get it right the first time, especially when claiming that your prophecies are the words of Jesus Christ.

      1. Onyinyechi says:

        ¿Where on this post does she say that Biden will be taken out of office due to being blamed? Being impeached doesn’t make a President to loose office. Trump was also impeached and stayed president so we know there is an impeachment that gets one out of office and one that just holds a title of a president being impeached.

        They will call for him to be “Impeached” which is most definitely believable… he may fall with much more illness at that time, compared to his illness now. We just cannot put these Words from Yah in a small box, as His Words cannot be contained in any human box. Everything is still fitting like puzzle pieces, nothing has been said out of order but when one’s ear drift away, one will hear words that has not been said.

        This word speaks of why Biden will be blamed and the other as how Biden will lose his position and they both may be why he will be out of office. Stress kills, over working kills, old age; comes to an end, illnesses takes away one’s life… the amount of pressure that he will receive from people at his age and while he is already an ill man: can you image how he may die of being overwhelmed with illness…

        1. Chris says:

          You are right. I will repent of my foolishness and pray to open my spiritual ears.

        2. Onyinyechi says:

          Praise Yah, you are not a fool but we sometimes say things that we have to repent for saying due to closing our eyes and ears from listening to the Words of Yah. Even I myself sometimes come cross readings that I cannot comprehend at the moment but I go to Yah in prayer to help me understand His Word.

          He has called Celestial before her beginning, he knew her before she was thought of. Her training was before she knew and she accepted the call from the Most High when she heard His voice. We know what she is doing is not easy and we probably would refrain from doing what she is doing. It takes a lot from a person who is trying to deliver Yahs messages and to constantly be ridiculed for speaking what Yah is having her deliver. We either try the spirit and pray or bash a person without discernment, however repenting is the right direction to go.

          He alone knows your heart, we are not perfect but we walk in His perfection. Be blessed, hope you have a great day!

      2. Besala says:

        Joe, God has a habit of training up prophets BEFORE they prophecy to a nation (or nations) because His Word is eternal, and God Himself will watch over HIS WORD to perform it. God is never haphazard or frivolous with his words when he speaks, ever.

        Your comment was a foolish thing to write. On top of that, the prophecy above doesn’t claim that Biden will be formerly impeached. And neither does it say that he won’t.

        It’s wise to take the Word for what it is. It means exactly what it means, nothing less and nothing more.

        1. Joe says:

          You’re right. I repent of my foolishness and need to put on my spiritual ears to hear the words of the Lord. Please forgive me for my arrogance.

      3. Joe says:

        Please delete my wicked comment. I was a fool.

      4. Besala says:

        Joe, it made my day to see your other comment. You seem to be different from the others who have come to poke holes in the prophecies. Truly, we are all in need of God’s mercy. None of us should become puffed up and think we have arrived. God bless you.

  2. A Believer says:

    Amen…may God be praised; in the mighty name of Jesus…

  3. Forest Walker says:

    God has been preparing me for this all my life. At one time everyone thought I was crazy. Still most think I am wrong. I got out of the cities long ago and have learned how to live in the woods and with very little. Ultimately, though, that isn’t quite the answer. Sincere relationship with Yeshua and going to His word is. Community is very important. I believe, as it collapses, God is going to bring His remnant together. We must look for that. If we have Him in our hearts and each other, we will be the light of the world as we never have been. The last shall be first. It has always been a pilgrimage. We have always just been paying through. Let us remember that we overcome by the blood of Yeshua and the word of our testimony and not loving our lives so much that we shrink from death. God bless you Celestial. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven or before.

    1. LoriQ says:

      @Forest- you are not alone. Too many people around me are not aware or awake to the time that is unfolding right in front of us. Too many do not care. Too many think it is just doom and gloom. Too many think Russia and China are not formidable opponents. They think Russia is a joke – why haven’t they beat Ukraine yet? Too many do not see the chaos that is unfolding in America. Just too many are living in the twilight zone of fantasy world.

      Dystopia is here. You are smart Forest, God spoke and you listened. Too many are not due to their pride, and many will pay a steep price for hubris. God Bless you.

      1. Celestial says:

        My concern has always been what happens when a mass of proud, deceived people wake up & see that all u told them was true? They’ll go savage. They’ll panic, they’ll go mad with genuine breakdowns. Heart attacks and collapse. They’ll act like wild horses who trample & may cause harm to the very ones who tried so hard to prepare them. In childhood a weak swimmer who wanted to show off began to drown at a lake picnic. One of the best forwards on the team jumped in to save him. But the panic, fear & disobedience of the weak one when the strong one was trying to help him, drowned them both. It was the most horrible accident that ever occurred around us as kids and I never forgot it. That’s what’s been coming to mind lately. It’s not just a case of “Oh they won’t listen so leave them.’ No, these people who think Dr Fauci & Jerome Powell have prepared them are going to go ballistic with fear; my intuition is they’ll be worse than hardened criminals in the days when resources begin to fail. May God protect His own in those dark & light homes where wheat & tare are still living together. 🙏🏽

        1. Joseph says:

          Money is the only thing that is putting up a wall to block truth and reality. As it has been witnessed, nothing can be told to these people to prove they are walking straight into a snare. As an unrealizable number of people are now just dying unexpectedly or suddenly, people can’t put the two and two together. The prices of goods are soaring, banks are failing, markets are crashing and peoples minds are fixed on how nice their business looks in those jeans or joga pants. Their minds are on Bread and Circus. Once that wall is down and TRUE reality is visible for the first time it will be too late, the wolves will feed and everyone who lacks wisdom will be on the menu.

        2. LoriQ says:

          @Celestial –

          I am sorry that you had to see the two kids drowning at an early age. It is a memory that can never be wiped away. I believe your analogy is correct, though, with that childhood memory. Mayhem and bedlam will ensue when the remaining vestiges of “polite society” is removed, and the rot and decay, and the ensuing shortages is shown for all to see.

          It’s interesting that you mentioned the wheat and tares in the same household. Just had a discussion with a member of my household yesterday. Goodness! It was awful. They told me that I was just a person. I didn’t know anything. I was doom and gloom. They don’t think it is necessary to prepare (this one troubles me, to be honest). They became angrier and angrier and angrier. As peacefully as I could, I asked them to read God’s Word. Read the Books of Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, Jeremiah or Isaiah for starters. There are signs and wonders all around us, of the season we are in. Oh Goodness! That just set this person off into outright rage! He was apoplectic! I ended the conversation when their face became contorted and a blustery shade of red.

          So – I understand what you are saying. We aren’t without food, shelter and water yet, and this is how people act right now. Don’t know if this is happening to other people, but I’ve noticed that people who truly follow Our Lord are calm. But people who don’t follow Our Lord become extraordinarily upset and aggressive if you speak of Him. It’s like a dog whistle with non-believers. You speak of Him, and they become seriously agitated, violent even. I had one person tell me that speaking of Him and the Bible basically cuts into their life of leisure (insanity!).

          I put my life in God’s capable hands. Whichever way my life goes, it is because God has measured my steps that way. I know I will be here until His purpose for my life is fulfilled (whatever it may be). May I rise to meet His glorious purpose. May I be obedient and dutiful until He calls me home. May I be free of all fear to do that which He has called me for in this time. May He shore me up to have the courage, bravery, stamina and ability to walk this road (because I admit, I don’t feel as if I am even worthy).

          God Bless you, Celestial. Your posts from the Lord help more than you realize (just as others have written). May God watch over all of his sheep, may we stand strong on this Earth and occupy.

    2. Red says:

      I believe that much of this remnant theology is a false doctrine that the church has embraced. The belief is that there will be a group of people left to rebuild and survive together, but God’s word never mentions an end time remnant. It does mention that a remnant of Israel will return (Isaiah) and the remnant mentioned in the New Testament is in Rev.12:17, which tells us that the dragon will make war with the remnant of the woman’s seed. This means that whatever remnant is left on the earth will be at constant war. I have had dreams of the dragon and he does not ever rest. He will go after all that are marked, day and night.

  4. Joe D says:

    We…..hello days. : Good One !

  5. Esther Joseph says:

    Sister what I can say is thank you, ☺️ thank you for all your hard work. May GOD bless you for your obedience .we are going to stay in prayer and prepare ourselves until you.

  6. KINGdomchild says:

    Thank you sister and May Yah carry you in the palm of his hand during these times. We also moved to where we can be self sustainable but ultimately Yah has to sustain and that is what we’re working on now. To all the Saints Shalom and endure till the end.

  7. Ackim says:


  8. Aline says:

    Thank you Celestial for your devotion and service to Yah. Praise Yah for being so faithful as to give us these warnings.

  9. Esther says:

    I have a few cans of food stored up and some water but I’m not too optimistic in terms of accommodation, employment or community. THANK GOD I can feel His Peace inside because He’s always taken very good care of me so far ! I would probably already have lost it and done something stupid if not.

    After reading this, I’m also going to start taking a few bank notes out for sure!

    Thank you very much Celestial 👍⚘🙏🔥💜

  10. Nita A Renfrow says:

    We have 2 more good years 2 videas 1 and 2 2 more good years get your house in order 2 more good years what does that even mean? Why do a video of 2 more good years if its false????? 2 more good years yet ih no its happeni g now total bust of the system what isvthe TRUTH GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION

    1. Celestial says:

      So you are back to start your disrespect again. I see that you can read English Nita but not understand it. This same post enters smoothly in the heads of others but shatters into pieces when it meets your brick wall. Did you miss the 2 explanations I kindly provided (not bcz I have to, but bcz I knew people struggled to understand, and that largely because they love math prophecy in America)- did I not explain that “two more good years” means WE WILL STILL HAVE HARD TIMES FOR THESE 2 YRS & THEN ITS GOING TO GET SO BAD THAT WE WILL WISH WE WERE BACK IN THE PAST 2 YRS WHERE IT WAS MERELY “BAD”, NOT “TERRIBLE”?

      I’ve made my decision. I never want to see you on this blog or the YouTube or any place I am. For the last 2 & ½yrs you’ve been like the worst & rudest toddler I ever came across, abusing me one minute, thanking me as a blessing the next, then back 5 min later to give the impression that the words God gives me to speak are unstable and inconsistent. Since He can’t be those things it must be me that’s a liar and inconsistent. YOU madam are the bipolar one- hot & cold, dark & light and I’m finally tired of you.

      If i ever see another word from you on any forum you will regret it. You are an intolerable, poorly taught wretch of a woman who cant be reasoned with and I will no longer accept your disrespect. The only inconsistency seems to be that you cannot read words in their meaning, you lack basic word processing skills not due to no education but bcz of your huge ball of PRIDE that blinds you. You also lack courtesy, decency or public manners. Never, ever, write on any platform belonging to or affiliated to TMV again. If I see you again you will be eradicated like the 3-year long PEST that you are. Here I write for anyone who wants to come close to God. I’m not writing for pigs to trample or dogs who can’t decide if the food is good or evil. Go back to the other slop pails you call prophecy, I’m sure they are “consistent” enough for you. I will not warn you again, exit this space with immediate effect & don’t return.

    2. Celestial says:

      And no one should wonder why I so strongly rebuked this woman. She has been here as the worst thorn for YEARS. Her opening visit was to insult me so much as well as endless claims under my posts that God is wicked, God is selfish, He’s about to hurt America that’s full of good people. America “never did anything!!!” according to her, anyway she’s innocent and a good person etc, all the usual self defensive trash while cursing the Lord out of fear of what she was reading. You cannot call God evil within earshot of me. I told her to calm down, to never insult Yah again in my presence. I asked for her sinless card & of course like all the deceived with zero Bible knowledge she couldn’t produce it. I told her all America’s DIRT has come due, she should deny it or be quiet. She then left to go suck lemons or whatever she does in her spare time. 🍋 Returned weeks later with better behavior but every few months when her small brain can’t fit the pieces of a prophecy together, she throws a tantrum and goes to write trash about me all over the internet. Then other subscribers who are also in those places see it and tell me. NITA A RENFROW IS A CONFUSED HYPOCRITE, the perfect example of salt & sweet water from the same spigot. Can such a person claim things “dont add up”, when in HERSELF there is constant confusion & blind eyes? I submit that for things to add up one must possess both humility to seek the Holy Spirit for help and have a working brain to aid the process. The words God gives me make sense to me not bcz I went to MIT & not because I rant online. I sit with these words in my spare time for hours, poring, comparing to the Biblical record & in prayer. God is as consistent in what He says, how He goes back esp to the Old Testament to prove His motivations, and meticulous to detail where He is going next. You have to be slow as syrup to hear the teaching I provide with every prophecy & claim it contradicts. I have reached the end of available patience, this blog welcomes all but I will not be a martyr to anyone’s colic. Whoever follows the path of this person will be summarily blocked from TMV without further report. I am not Jeremiah. I will not be a “weeping prophet” all because of the unbridled tongue of some who apparently were raised by FOREST WOLVES. 😐

      1. LoriQ says:

        MIT! Wow, Celestial! My cousin attended MIT in the late eighties/early nineties. (Always loved saying he was an actual rocket scientist!). Brilliant man, if not just a bit eccentric, who decided to stay in Boston. Can’t blame him, the rural area we were from was/is stagnant and a bit backwards.

        You have to be beyond gifted, talented and intelligent to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the world. No surprise here, Celestial. Your description of your father paints an exceptional man with a brilliant mind. Genius runs in your family as does your ability to speak eloquently, articulately, succinctly without losing your audience.

        You are such a humble person for one imbued with such gifts. I am absolutely impressed with your humility. Wow! God always chooses so well.

        God Bless you and continue to keep you and your family safe.

    3. Flourish&Thrive says:

      All I will say is that for a person who seems to have it all figured out you sure have been busy trying to mobilise the internet for a “bile-spitting” choir. Why are you bothering people, asking strangers on the internet to “offer you assistance” in figuring Celestial out when you are smart enough to dissect these prophecies and point out her “error” and “confusion”? And since you supposedly stopped listening to her, why are you so fascinated with her? Would it not have been much more matured and sensible to move to an attractive channel in silence? I’m honestly hoping you are a 3 year old, or clinically unstable because at least help might be possible.

      @ thank you for the public rebuke, your tact is commendable. We shall plug out lice when we see them.

  11. The Hat Friend says:

    Out of curiosity, why don’t you get a passport and watch all of this from New Zealand? That’s what I thought to do. Kind of hurrying up now.

    1. Joseph says:

      New Zealand is experiencing generational flooding. The whole southern hemisphere will be without a summer due to the forgotten Honga Tonga volcano blast last year that sent water vapors 52 mile into the atmosphere. (Honga Tonga is now considered the largest eruption in recorded history)Which increased the amount of moisture by 10% instantly!!. Crop yield are going to be dismal this year. I dont want to be doom and gloom but we are living in an unbelievable time.

      1. Hat Friend says:

        Thanks for responding. Sorry for the double post by the way — that was website lag and I got frustrated.

        To reply though, isn’t that way better than the US? They dont require any passport specifications for health anymore and it won’t be bombed by Russia, you know? How could it not be the least bad option? The unique places would be the least affected by famine, etc. Do you have any counterbalance aside from the volcanic activity (I didn’t know so thank you) or the already expected issues?

        1. Joseph says:

          Brother, you can’t hide from what is about to happen. I was just merely pointing out that they too have issues. Besides to add to why New Zealand is not ideal, they are a member of the 5 eyes so they too will be a glaring target.

        2. Celestial says:

          Yes. Systemic flooding and a tsunami. If you go anywhere just led by yourself & not the very clear DIRECTION (not suggestion) of the Holy Spirit, whatever’s coming to them you will share in their judgement. Pray well.

  12. The Hat Friend says:

    Out of curiosity, why not just get a passport and leave for New Zealand? Most people forget that place even exists and their covid vaccine requirements are gone (look it up). I’m kind of rushing this myself now that !!!FUN!!! has entered the building.

  13. Thank you🙏🏾

    1. Dani says:

      I have been asking the lord about what to do with my things in the banks and what celestial has said is the most clearest confirmation. I already knew to do it but this post made it very clear. But I’ve also been wondering if me and my family should purchase a home bc we want to stop renting and we’re looking for ways to “invest” but as I keep praying and praying and asking the lord I do feel I have an answer but at the same time my thoughts/something is getting in the way of hearing clear. I’ve listened to the prophecies concerning the market crash and about investing and I think God is saying not to buy but I’m still a little confused. I try to piece things together and if the banks fail then whats the point of buying right? I dont know much about realty and homeownership. Ive done research but im not experienced nor have much knowledge. Does anyone here want to share their input to me? If the lord leads you. I would appreciate it. I will still continue taking it to the lord.

      Celestial Thank you!!! GOD BLESS YOU!


      1. Celestial says:

        May someone out there with sound expertise & proven results in these areas (not someone doing guessing games from Wikipedia), pls help this lady. Then you Dani must return to the prayer-closet & *press until the answer is clear.* Advice (no matter how good it is) only goes so far. We must have the mind of God about what to do or our choices will fold like a lawn chair in the long run. I don’t know anything abt investing, realty or the rest. I keep to my strengths. May God guide you & your family to a good end, shalom. 🌺

        1. Dani says:

          Love you Celestial Thank You!

      2. Ala says:

        Hello Dani,

        I am following up on your request. I am not in real estate, but I was an accountant and single mom homeowner for many years.

        1) God’s word makes it seem like being a borrower is the lesser position. Proverbs 17:18 & 22:7. So if you have to borrow to buy, then perhaps this is not the right path. Not owing a dime to an institution/person is a blessing. In the OT, the tribes of Israel were allotted the land while the Levites portion was God Himself so they were city dwellers. Everyone owned their property outright as a gift of God (the men of valor were required to follow Joshua in battle to secure every tribes’ portion, no tribe could recall their men of valor until the whole of Israel was secured – but I consider this ‘opening’ the gift of God, not earning it).

        2) If you rent, it is my understanding if you don’t pay the rent when due then you can be evicted (this can take time, but can still happen). It is also my understanding rents can be raised upon each lease renewal. However, if you own your own home outright – without a mortgage – then I believe it is more difficult to be evicted. It is state dependent…if you live in a state with laws like MN then any amount of back property taxes gives the state permission to evict you, sell your property, and keep all the proceeds from the sale of your home (even if you only owed $500 in back taxes and they sell your property for $500k). Property taxes change annually, but usually it isn’t too much and can even decrease during economic downturns. I never experienced a rental offering me a decrease in my rent. Anyway, please look into your state laws so you can be aware of the laws regarding back taxes if you do go ahead and purchase.

        3) I do not recommend living in a neighborhood with an Home Owners Association. They charge extra fees and normally have many additional rules which may limit property usage (more restrictive than city laws or requiring expensive fixes like wood siding/shingles).

        4) As a single mom and homeowner, safety felt different from rental to home – much higher in our single family home. In our home, I had freedom to garden and keep supplies that I would not have had space/desire to keep in rentals (because landlords can observe all your assets). If power, water, and sewer no longer work a single family home offers the ability to harvest sunshine with solar panels, rainwater with barrels, and a place to put buckets of human waste to compost. I don’t know how I would manage those emergency situations in a rental, but God makes the impossible possible. So I don’t think God cares about ‘how a human would manage’ because He knows precisely how HE WILL.

        Homeownership was, and is still, a blessing from God (for the Israelites and for generations since them). God used homeownership to bless me greatly and to enlarge my tent as in Isaiah 54:2-5.

        May you clearly hear His voice concerning where to place your feet/funds. Be blessed,

  14. Thank you for sharing the Father’s latest prophetic word. I am sorry that you were attacked but I am seeing this more and more. I also have one of these “friends” on Facebook and while she will “like” a few posts, she will also attempt to undermine the truth that I share. Her beliefs trump everyone else’s and I have had to put her in her place several times. I was brought to TMV last year as I was asking YAh what to expect in the future. I had not seen anyone that was as honest, truthful, and straightforward as you. When you speak, I hear theFather. Your words can be backed by Scripture. I desire and ask for God’s truth and no matter how bad judgment to this nation will be, I am grateful for a merciful and kind Father who warns everyone. No one will be able to stand before Jesus and say they weren’t warned. My own family is in denial over a lot of this. I heard the Father tell me yesterday to prepare spirituality and physically for some very difficult times but to trust that He would be with me. I am disabled and live with my family. I don’t have much but they do and I know they are not ready to have the rug pulled out from under them. They are getting their information from Glenn Beck and not seeking the Father. They attend a church that doesn’t preach the true gospel and they are tired of hearing me talk about God and their need to prepare. I have surrendered EVERYTHING to the Father and His will trumps mine and everyone else’s. Thank you for the time that you have taken to share all of this important and necessary information. Those who want to attack you do so because they don’t want and can’t handle the truth. The world has shifted and the veil is being lifted more and more each day. The door to the ark is closing and either people will get in or they will drown. God bless you for all you do and know you are in my prayers every single day. 🙏❤️

  15. Lord's Sheep says:

    Dear sis Celestial,

    The phrase… “this country is going to start reeling like a drunkard, and then –
    Every soul that is not strapped in TIGHT is going to be flung right off the edge” really caught my attention.

    I received a dream in the month of Feb somewhat similar to what you’ve described in the sentence above but didn’t quite understand it then. I live with my husband and 2 boys (13&6) in Canada but originally from Tamilnadu, India. In this dream I’m living in a house which doesn’t look like my current one and I felt darkness outside. It was very creepy and eerie and the sky was weird dark. I closed all the blinds and felt that we should be going out at all. Then I felt something happening outside and we all went into a spin. All 4 of us sat on chairs holding and gripping the arms of our chairs and everything was spinning uncontrollably and I closed my eyes. I sensed my youngest trying hard to hold but couldn’t so I took him and put him on my lap to keep him from flying. I felt a bright light above us and it was so intense and I kept saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus & praying in tongues loudly… I felt the brightness eventhough my eye were closed and then everything stopped. It then felt like morning…all darkness gone and bright sunny sky outside (I looked through the window). I opened the door to go out but then I didn’t for some reason and closed the door and decided to stay inside as I felt its still unsafe to go out.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Thank you for sharing, this just emphasized the need to seek the Lord for direction rather than make wanton decisions going forward.

    I want to share something personal. Maybe it could help another believer trying to make decisions, or maybe someone could correct me if I’m off track at all. This really was a hard word for me to read, but I know reality is always better than fantasy. I’m just turning 24 (M) and about to move out of my parent’s home and into an apartment. Through prayer, it seemed to me God was calling me to do this in faith when the opportunity came…as unwise as it seems in the face of these times. I admittedly often second guess whether I’m hearing from God, my flesh or Satan. As much as any young adult wants to go off on their on, I honestly was motivated to stay home by fear of “what if the money fails,” “what if the russia comes,” among other worries. It wasn’t until a sister prayed with me that it was like my heart softened to hear the Lord’s perspective. The moment I stopped assuming I knew what God would have me do (i.e. the “logical or obvious choice) and I looked to Him for His perspective, I genuinely felt pushed to make this move. Despite knowing I don’t make a lot of money, the economy is collapsing, and all the other warnings, when I would look to Him about this the past week (the opportunity is on deadline) It seems like I repeatedly got the greenlight + with scripture. (This green light also came with warnings and expectations of me going forward.) Said all that to say Brothers and Sisters…

    I know we can be deceived but remember if God speaks something that doesn’t make sense to us, that’s where faith is necessary. Just felt motivated to share a possible (hopeful) testimony of God leading in these times of judgment despite what the landscape DOES look like and will be. Of course I worry I could fall flat on my face but if I that wasn’t possible then faith wouldn’t be required.

    May God be us all 🙇‍♂️

    1. HB says:

      Jonathan- agreed!
      I wanted to move to another state (retire early) where I perceived more ‘freedom’, but He has me where I am … finishing this leg of my race. He knows I’d like to be out of this 39 yr career, but it is my (most difficult placement to date) mission field. I chose the hard(er) path of obedience and am continuing here until He says “move”.

  17. Joy says:

    jonathan, YAH has brought me to a small apartment in december 2022. i had to be on waitlist for almost a year. i have a low income job so i exactly know what you are saying. My situation has been very different than yours but Father Yah has been Faithful. The past 3 years have been the most difficult and faith walk of my life. He has a plan for His people as we continue to hang on TIGHT to him like sis celestial said.

  18. Haven says:

    Hello sister, The other night I had a strange dream. In this dream you were to be the Guest speaker or something in a class room to talk about your Blog and Prophecies. Some of the people in the class were honoured to have you there and some were mocking or skeptical. So we(you and I) arrived and for some reason we went to the back of the class room and sit down at a long table. After we had a seat, A middle age woman who sat in front of us turned around and must of said something or tried to hurt you, can’t remember BUT for a fact I knew and You Knew that the women was completely Demon possessed. You and I immediately got up from our seats and step back and you shouted in a panic “GET A WAY FROM ME”. After that I didn’t see you anymore because you stepped back further than me so you were out of my peripheral vision. But I knew you were still there because this Demon did not take her eyes off of you, she had her eyes locked-on to you with a serious, angry look on her face. HER eyes were dead, cold, menacing and full of hatred towards you. I was terrified as this was the first time seeing a demon manifest in dream or real life, but I stayed closer the This woman with my chair in my hand swinging at her trying to distract her from you but she payed no mind to me. She just steered at you, locked on without blinking cold and serious looking. So I threw the chair at her but she caught it and dropped it on the ground while still steering at you. Then she finally turned her eyes to me still with those DEAD, COLD, MENACING, FULL OF HATRED EYES. Then she the demon spoke and said to me “You!, You don’t know who you are, you are of the 144000” but I didn’t want to believe a demon. I woke up Immediately, heart till racing and a little terrified but relived that it was only a dream.

  19. HB says:

    The ‘word of advice’ in this post is confirmation from well over 10 years ago. Yah must have known I needed to start early, due to my situation. It is time for me to pull out my journals for a refresher course; I will need to remember all He has taught me in the days to come. At the moment, what comes to mind is to let Him carry my load, for I cannot. This is the time for perseverance, Saints.

    To all who comment, thank you. It is my encouragement, to my benefit, and I appreciate reading what you have to say.

  20. Joy says:

    For a one whole year The Lord Yah has given me a job at a small bank, their pay is very low but im thankful at least i have a job. i have tried to get a better job since past 5 months and The Lord has yet not opened a door. i prayed every single time i went for the interview for Him to not let me have job IF it is not in His Perfect Will. So i Trust Yah He is keeping me at this job as a teller in this small bank for a reason. I don’t know how & when this bank will be affected, but i know the entire economy and bank sector will collapse just like The Lord has said to celestial. So far at the bank where i work at they haven’t told us anything on what’s about to take place, i am certain they are keeping the information from the employees. When Celestial gave the GOLDEN ADVICE with a small explanation my spirit immediately knew that this is very very close. Thank You sis Celestial for your hard work and obedience.

  21. Marty says:

    David DuByne has a new vid which details how the financial system is going to transition into digital currency.
    Remember beautiful children, we don’t have to fear what is coming. This world isn’t our home. ALL we have to do is lead others to Christ during this time, that’s it. Everything else is window dressing. Stay UP.🙏

  22. Debbie says:

    Thank you Celestial for bringing forth this word. You have such a beautiful spirit and thanks for not beating around the bush in any way. Thanks for saying what needs to be said. I love you so much as a sister in the Lord even though I haven’t met you. I have grown so very much from this blog and the videos on YouTube. To God be the praise, the honor, and the glory. He will be glorified when America, the Babylon falls. I literally said those words in a dream I had. I’ve had to overcome a lot of fear ever since 2020 and learn to rest and put all my hope and trust in the Lord. He is faithful. He is so faithful to His word.

  23. HB says:

    All praise to Thee, my God, this night, for all the blessings of the light; Keep me, O keep me, King of kings, beneath Thine own almighty wings.

    Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son, the ill that I this day have done; That with the world, myself, and Thee, I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.

    Teach me to live, that I may dread the grave as little as my bed; Teach me to die so that I may rise glorious at Thy judgment day.

    O may my soul on Thee repose, and with sweet sleep mine eyelids close; Sleep that may me more vigorous make to serve my God when I awake.

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, snd Holy Ghost.
    — Thomas Ken 1695
    — sing to tune Tallis’ Canon 1565

    1. MaryLeah says:

      Thank you! It was lovely. I think you would enjoy Peter Crockett Music.

    2. MaryLeah says:

      Ancient Lullaby Hymn

    3. MaryLeah says:

      Ancient Lullaby Hymn!

  24. Christine says:

    Well done! Your succinct yet witty rebuke for that woman made me laugh! You are a delight and the words of God are a comfort. Praying a hedge of protection around you. May God’s holy angels keep the tares away.

  25. Heidi says:

    For the last 4 years I’ve taking out all my money every month and invest it to improve my one acre lot and stock up food. I’ve lost quite some money by doing things wrong as well, but I see it as a lesson.
    It ain’t easy to change from a city woman to a farmer.
    I’m proud to have around 40 different fruits and veggies growing.
    I’ve got plenty of fire wood year round and can store 4000 gallons of rainwater. I’ve also got lots of milk containers filled with rice, beans, pasta, salt, pepper, oil, candles, lighters, fishing gear etc.

    Baking soda is my shampoo, homegrown lemon is my hair conditioner, soap and deodorant.
    I’ve got spare parts for repair.
    And a backpack ready to escape into the jungle behind me.

    And if they catch me anyhow, I’ve got a Christian song I will sing loud and proud till they kill me.
    For nothing will make me accept the jab, mark, their digital code or their poisonous food/water once in prisson.
    I learned to fast and after 3 days it is easy.

    The Ruach ha’Qodesh/Holy Spirit dwells in me. I belong to YaHUsHa/Jesus Christ of Nazareth and am looking forward to return home to YaHUaH/God.

    Greetings from a new born Christian in Costa Rica.

    1. Bee says:

      Heidi are you Alive in Him on YouTube? Just curious!

      1. Heidi says:

        No Bee, but I’ll check that one out. I’ve got no site for internet is very slow here
        There are very few Christians here. They’re all catholic or new age.
        I thought there were none where I live. But the last few days I’ve found a few. Unfortunately vaccinated. 😢
        My family back in Holland are all atheist (as I was for 50 years) and jabbed as well.
        I truly feel alone in this mad world. But God is with me. I get goosebumps when I speak to Him or about Him.

  26. Heidi says:

    Psalm of the End Days
    By Revelations of Jesus Christ (YT)

    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    Even though death is near
    I shall not fear
    Even though the end of days are near
    I shall not fear
    Because I know my Lord Jesus Christ is here
    He walks inside me
    He lives inside me
    He walks beside
    He is with me
    So I shall not fear the New World Order
    I shall not fear
    A guillotine, oh no
    I shall not be afraid when I walk through the shadows of death
    I shall not be afraid when I walk through the valley of death
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    Cause Jesus Christ is here
    Yeshua is here
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    I shall not fear
    Cause perfect love is here
    The holy ghost is here


  27. veewest5 says:

    My sister in Messiah I pray this finds you well on whatever day you see this message. I was introduced to your site maybe a year ago and it has been a place of hard but confirming work and I am thankful to have such a wonderful example of what it looks like to speak unashamedly what The Most High has put in your mouth to say. With that said as I was reading today in 2Esdras 12; verses 35-50 stood out to me and immediately I thought of you.

    v35-38 ” This is the dream that you saw, and this is the interpretation thereof: and you only have been chosen to know the secret of The Most High. Therefore write all these things that you have seen in a book and put them in a secret place: and you will teach them to the wise of your people, whose hearts you know are able to comprehend and keep these secrets.”
    In between this and the next part the people where complaining and fearful that their only prophet had left them because Esdras hadn’t come back into town. Esdras responded with:

    v46-50 “Be of good comfort, O Israel: and be not sorrowful, you house of Jacob; for The Most High has you in remembrance, and the Mighty has not forgotten you forever. As for me I have not forsaken you, neither am I departed from you: but am come into this place, to pray for the desolation of Zion, and that I might seek mercy for the low estate of your sanctuary. And now go your way every many to his own house and after these days I will come to you. So, the people went their way into the city, like as I said to them: but I sat in the field seven days, as the angel commanded me; and in those days I did eat only of the flowers of the field and had my meat of the herbs.

    I don’t know fully other than to say I felt as if I had to come here and share this with you and I didn’t see a separate email for you.

  28. Marty says:

    For those of you who are hung up on timelines, please consider this vid:
    I can personally attest that this vid is many years old. In it, a high ranking Freemason was told that the earth is going to experience a cataclysmic event in the near future. Before it happens, war between Israel and Iran would start WW3 and that China would “catch a cold” and spread a virus around the world. Fast forward to the 15 minute mark about China.

    Discerning Christians can see that the cataclysmic event seems to be caused by the sun, resulting in a pole shift scenario that sounds an awful lot like Rev.6. For what it is worth, Ben Davidson over at Suspicious Observers on YouTube thinks the data supports a late 2030s timeframe for the cataclysm. Jason Breashers over at Archaix on YouTube believes the cataclysm will occur on May 15, 2040 based on his research of past catastrophes.

    I have no idea when all this will go down, but I do know that all of this is orchestrated behind the scenes just as Celestial has seen. Please understand the larger point of prophecy. We can use it to help others come to Christ. We have to use these valuable insights to help others understand that the world is not what they think it is. Our rulers are not what they appear to be. We have to use our God given discernment to navigate around the lies and deception.

    I pray that the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation falls upon us ALL. 🙏

    1. Heidi says:

      Dear Marty,

      Earth is Flat as is written in the Bible.
      So it’s impossible to have a pole shift.

      Genesis 1 describes clearly how God created earth.
      And Joshua 10.13 should be your sublime confirmation.
      13 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

      There are over 200 scriptures confirming this.
      May I suggest you to read the books of Enoch and Jasher.

      One can also buy a Nixon p1000 camera and see the twinkling stars in the water above the firmament or make a boat reappear after you thought it went over the curvature.
      Or see if you can still find videos of Rob Skiba (r.i.p)

      Or the cheapest test is putting a thermometer in the full moon light (is colder) and after in the shade of the full moon which is warmer.
      A reflection has at least got to have the same components, not the opposite.
      This proofs the moon has its own light.

      Albert Pike, freemason, wrote the transcript of 3 worldwars.
      And since the Bible also mentions 3 worldwars, we definitely can expect the third one.

      Please accept the Bible as a real Book, Gods Guidelines, and not as some science fiction.

      Nice regards, Heidi

  29. Ciarri says:

    Thank you for these prophecies Celestial and even without the prophetic your words are still excellent bible teaching. I have been convicted listening to them
    It’s frightening to be alone without family in these times. Many ppl are

  30. Bukky says:

    Shalom Sister Celestial.

    Yah bless you Sis
    Yah keep you Sis
    Yah make His face to shine upon you Sis
    Yah be gracious to you Sis
    Yah lift up His countenance upon you Sis
    Yah give you His Shalom Sis.

    Isaiah 26:20:
    Come, my people, enter your rooms, and shut your doors behind you, hide yourself as it were for a little while, until the displeasure is past.

    BTW- I sent you a follow up email Monday March 13th

  31. hi2584733592020 says:

    The celestial discourse is very detailed and earnest, able to analyze the nature of the problem, and it can be seen that it is serious about doing God’s work.

  32. Heidi says:

    Thank you sister for your wise words.
    I’ll endure as long as God wants me too.
    I just got in touch with a Christian living on the other side of Costa Rica. We both agree Christianity here is as good as dead.
    Maybe Our Father has sent us here to shake some of them awake.

    Your teachings have helped me a lot. Including getting me to quit cold turkey smoking marijuana after 40 years.

    Bless you and I hope we meet some day when Jesus rules.

  33. ByeFelicia says:

    I came to the blog looking for the Iran prophecies because of what kicked off in Syria overnight. This post was up (blog is always an open tab on iPad) so I began looking through the comments. I don’t know how you deal with some of these ignorant and blind people. God gave me some talents and is working on strengthening my patience but it is completely obvious why He grooms and uses certain people for specific work and is unable to use others for the same work or any work at all. God bless you Celestial and please forgive me if I am partially responsible for God bringing you back to this work after a short break. I did not ask Him to bring you back but I did praise Him for picking you, grooming you and for how effectively you convict people to get their garbage together and get right with The Lord now! You’re an effective servant and I see that you have reached many people. It is painful for me to see comments that clearly reflect a lack of understanding and frankly stupid individuals that refuse to really listen. I could not deal with the ignorance and blindness blatantly reflected in some of the comments and thankfully God Almighty picked a different work for me. 😉 I know you have an epic reward waiting for you in heaven Celestial and that helps me from lashing out at these disrespectful lost individuals. I know you certainly don’t require or need a commentary body guard but it’s so hard not to react sometimes. I am still growing and still have a ways to go when it comes to hateful, deaf, dumb and blind instigators. God bless you and all that you love.

  34. Carmel says:

    Hi Sister Celestial. This isn’t related to the thread however Aljazeera just released an explosive exposé a few days ago called Gold Mafia. In it a so called man of God is exposed live doing dodgy deals. It’s already at 1.7m views. I thought of the prophecies Yah has been giving of these false ones being publicly exposed. This is another such example. Father never lies. Amen

  35. Marty says:

    Dear Heidi,

    I love your bullet point defense of the flat earth. I am familiar with all of them, but I’m afraid you missed the point of my post. The gist of what I posted is that political events are orchestrated years in advance. I apologize if my words were unclear.

    Geophysically speaking, it is clear by numerous observations that the earth’s electro-magnetic field is weakening. That is why UVB and UVC radiation from the sun is now hitting the surface of the earth, making it more difficult to grow food as well as causing skin cancers to increase. The sun has many secrets. I will offer one for your consideration that most do not know. Our rulers have known for a long time that the number of sunspots present during birth/gestation affects our lifespan. The more sunspots at birth, the shorter your life. The fewer the sunspots, the longer your life.

    Very few studies dive deep into this subject. Anecdotally, my grandmother is 99 years old. She is different than most old folks because she is heavyset. Most really old people are thin. Well, guess what? Grandma was born at a time in the early 1920s when the sun had very few sunspots. I’m not saying that’s the only reason she’s lived this long, but it is surprising given her size.

    We have been kept in the dark for a long time concerning many things. May the LORD guide us into all Truth, into Himself. Thanks again for a beautiful synopsis of the flat earth. And thank you Celestial for creating a community filled with intelligent and diligent Bereans. Stay UP. 🙏

  36. Cheng Wan Leng says:

    I have told my friends, Christian friends, ex classmates, colleagues to prepare. But almost all don’t believe me.

  37. Chuck Morrison says:

    Dear Sister Celestial, I want to give you every encouragement, backed by spiritually driven brotherly love and fervent prayer for you.
    I’m now in my 60s, and I have been wandering in the wilderness for over 40 years. The 40th year was 2019. I am certain c v 1 9 was the sign for me that Babylon the Great’s destruction had judgements had begun.
    When I was 19 years old, I became ill unto death, my kidneys shut down, and I departed from my body. I found myself in front of a circular gate that seemed to be made of illuminated jewels. I wanted to go through it, but a voice (which turned out to be one I would hear many more times) said to me, “If you go through, you might not get back.” So I turned and looked back at the Earth, and was immediately propelled back to my body at what could only termed “light speed”.
    I was immediately ravenous for the word of God. I still had the Bible my 1st grade Sunday school teacher gave me, and since my job was sitting on a construction site all night to deter theft and vandalism, I had lots of time to read between hourly patrols.
    A week or so into this routine, I was reading by domelight in the book of revelation. When I read the letter to the Church of Laodicea, I immediately recognized that this described the general condition of the Church in America. When I read the 18th chapter, I knew immediately that Babylon the Great is America. It had to be, and I was immediately convicted, and I cried out, “This is true! Which makes the whole book true! Jesus is the only possible savior! Lord save me!” And I wept copious tears, and at that moment I felt a great uplifting of my spirit, and the domelight got visibly much brighter, as though from a voltage surge. And my heart was filled with more joy than I had ever known.
    Between 79 and 81, I began to have visionary dreams. Like yours, they mostly come in the wee hours when I’m floating between sleeping and waking, with the dream’s end bringing me instantly awake.
    And here’s an encouragement for you: every one of the 8 or 10 prophecies on The Master’s Voice that I have viewed so far concurs EXACTLY, in whole or part, with a dream I had 40 years ago. I’ve been telling these dreams to anyone I could get to stand still all this time, and since there was no internet for half that time plus, I have absolutely no Idea beyond my own friends and family if these words had an impact. I was merely sowing seed, others have watered and weeded, and you are here to report that the time of harvest has come at last. But the message is still exactly the same.
    I was living in California at the time, in the Sacramento area. The first dream I saw was the destruction of San Francisco and LA, and a great flood of water into the Central Valley. It didn’t stop there. I flew through the air, and could see the whole country. The great rift in the middle was caused by a total rupture of the New Madrid fault, and the entire Mississippi River valley was flooded, right up into the Great Lakes region. Also, it didn’t just flood in the Central Valley of CA, but on the Nevada side, filling much of the great basin, and turning the Sierra Nevada range into an island.
    Most recently, I was awakened by the Voice , saying “Open your book! Wake up and open your book right now!” I sat up and opened my Bible, and the first whole verse on the upper left corner was I Peter 4:12. I read that wonderful encouragment, and felt very blessed. I remembered the words when I read them, but had forgotten where they came from. Two days later, I dreamed I was standing in a wooded wilderness, and a work crew was very busy turning a wide, rough, unpaved passage twisting through the woods into a narrow, straight, direct way through the wilderness. The foreman walked toward me, and he had a yoke around his neck, covered with Hebrew letters. It seemed not to bother him at all. The work was very noisy, and he leaned in and touched his forehead to mine, and I could hear the Voice, saying: “Read the first 5 chapters of Jeremiah!”
    I had not read Jeremiah in a long time, and had forgotten what was there. The Lord in His faithfulness gently reminded me that I needed to know this. The obvious theme of this passage is, “Shall I not judge?” Which I took as, pardon me, Lord, I shall stand aside and let you get about your work.
    This is more than enough, I know. I don’t really expect you to have time to read it, or respond, but I felt compelled to write you anyway. I am forwarding links to your posts to select persons I believe will benefit. May God richly bless you, and I will be praying for you. I was just reminded to include a small dream I had about you. The Lord was showing you working tirelessly, determinedly at His appointed tasks. It was a montage. At the end, the Voice said, “She’s a lovely creature of light, isn’t she?” I said, yes Lord.

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