The Meltdown Of The Banking System – March 7, 2023


They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetites or fill their stomachs with wealth, for it became the stumbling block that brought their iniquity. – Ezekiel 7:19

This afternoon I was in prayer seeking the Lord about certain things, but when His answer came it was a direct shift from what I was praying about. He spoke about the coming financial crisis that I have been warning about for a very long time on this blog. A financial crash that will be “worse than 2008”, a crash that will devastate the U.S. economy totally and “take it back to 1931 levels.” (These are quotes from previous prophecies).

*1931 is when America was exactly in the middle of The Great Depression, which ran in halves from 1929-1931 and 1931- 1933.

These warnings always put me in mind of Noah, how the Lord interacted with him and how God used him for 100 yrs trying to reach other people with messages of warning before the flood.

Sometimes we hear the prophetic word and become startled like it is brand new (and it might be for some who have never heard these things before, or had the Father speaking to them as a ‘right now’ sort of experience through prophecy). But other times those who have heard these things many times before risk being jaded; they risk ‘getting used to it’ and therefore might not have the proper ‘readiness response’ which Eli taught to Samuel as a child:

“Speak Lord, your servant is listening” [1 Samuel 3:9].

However the posture that Yah wants us to have is ‘watchful readiness’. This is where we are not jaded no matter how many times we hear the warning. We are not bored of it, nor are we continuously terrified of it. Our souls must come down from the heights of helpless fear, and also rise from the tombs of monitors doomsday depression. GOD EXPECTS US TO LIVE IN HOPE RIGHT UP UNTIL JESUS RETURNS. That is why He said “OCCUPY UNTIL I COME.”

To occupy takes faith, it takes courage, it takes stamina, it takes all this and a lot more in reserve. If you do not have these attributes at higher levels than even your great-grandparents (whose lives were very tough but they endured), then it is high time you started working on them because those are the things that keep the Christian’s engine oiled and prepped

God is so merciful that He never does things hastily. Even when He is rightfully angry and has the power to act immediately He rarely does it; instead He retrains Himself for a long time in order to give GRACE. The entire story of the flood shows God’s GRACE. That’s the thing people don’t understand!

They complain “Where is the love in these messages Celestial? Where is the grace of the Lord?” They don’t realize they’re sitting in grace, bathing in it; every breath they’re taking before a flood comes is GOD GIVING GRACE to mankind to repent and stop being so hardened against His truth.

God’s judgements are never really ‘sudden’; in truth He warns about them for years in order to give listening ears and humble hearts time to seek Him about how to build an ark of escape. He is always waiting for those who are scared or troubled to go to Him first for comfort, to wait on Him for wisdom on how to be kept safe from calamities ahead. 

Noah never stopped building a refuge, no matter how much people mocked him and asked ‘So where’s the rain Noah?’ He KNEW what God had told him and his faithful heart held true to that. Noah followed instructions that ONE DAY turned out to be his hedge of protection from ‘suddenly’. So will those be who read the words of The Master’s Voice and recognize God’s mercy & chastening in it, if they draw close to Him He will give comfort, strategy and ark-building directions for all.

The banks are going to have a massive meltdown. All of them. This crash, Yah said no bank will survive it. They will ALL fail, they will ALL collapse like dominoes going down one after another with no attempt made from any quarter to save them.  

The government is not going to help them this time. “There will be a total failure of the banking system in this country and it will be like liquid running down, like iron melting in a furnace. LIQUEFACTION OF BANK BONDS AND ASSETS THAT RELY ON PAPER MONEY.”

As the Lord spoke I saw a row of tall, fancy, glass-surfaced skyscrapers on fire- roaring fire- melting in a furnace of heat that made it look like the entire skyline was ablaze. I saw big banks, BIG NAME BANKS burning up in broad daylight in ‘Bankers Row’ – (the rich districts where most of the big banks sit together on pricey real estate in downtown Manhattan and other international cities).

Each building had a white tag around its neck with its name on it, but I couldn’t see words on any of them. The only words that came to me as I watched them melting like popsicles raining puddles to the ground were “LIQUEFACTION. LIQUIDATION.” 

All those buildings in clusters of billions in real estate melted in that great fire, not one was spared. The only difference was that some melted clear to the ground while others went down to only certain levels of ‘stumps’. Yah told me that not a single bank will be spared in the financial collapse that is coming to America; they will all go down in a ‘domino effect’ and after that will come a new kind of money that we will never be able to go back from.

“Liquefaction” is a geological process that occurs during natural disasters where the earth loses its normal character and, due to extreme pressures and shearing forces affecting it, ACTS LIKE WATER instead of earth. So in a big earthquake or seasons of rain that continues for weeks until the ground is weakened, the surface goes from being solid to shifting, porous and dangerous as QUICKSAND. When that happens, everything on the ground sinks suddenly and is lost.

This is what liquefaction looks like in real terms, things that can’t possibly sink into earth do sink, sometimes right out of sight.

This is what Yah is saying will happen in the financial world- Banks and enterprises of all kinds will disappear completely from the economy, some only partially (see the ‘stumps’ mentioned above) – but everything will be hit so hard that even what looks solid will be wiped out in a minute, sink and collapse.

The next thing He said is that we we are going into coin money. Not gold and silver coins, or bars, or metals that people are buying now; “coin money” that is used exclusively on the phone, in an app and in the cloud. It is not Bitcoin either, Bitcoin and other free forms of cryptocurrency will also fail.

Coin is a standardized form of currency that will eventually be used all over the world as the financial arm of the Beast. It is one global currency for all. This relates to another prophecy to be posted soon and has already been spoken of before (see below: Money: Insights from the Lord”, that message has an entire section on the origins and future of Bitcoin.)

Here are past prophecies that relate to today’s themes. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Loraine Gray says:

    Thank you my beautiful beloved Sister.
    Thank you for your obedience in doing this work. To GOD Be All Glory, Honor And Praise. Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah.

  2. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    Dangerous times yet I give Yah all the praise

  3. H says:

    Mark 5:36 Do not be afraid; only believe.
    Mark 7:6-8 explains the surprise that many will experience.
    We are to seek holiness (Mark 7:20), rely on Him for sustenance in hard times (Mark 6:30-43; 8:1-21), and stay in the Word to help keep our focus on God — which will result in peace (Is. 26:3). Thank you, Father, for the grace of Directions! Like Noah, please help us find/build an ark to survive what is coming — or else make our exit swift; Thy will be done.

    1. Y says:

      Thank you

  4. Alexandra B. says:

    It is so critical that we begin to learn to completely yield our mind, souls, and character to the Alpha and Omega. Only he can provide instruction through his Spirit on strategies and methods to help us as we draw closer to the return of Jesus. Thank you Celestial!

  5. Chevele says:

    Word received

  6. Dana says:

    Hey sister! Thank you for your service to the Lord and your ministry. It’s been such a blessing.

    I wanted to let you know one of the things prophesied is being fulfilled. Missing people, young and old, are being found. Cold cases like “The Boy in the Box” are being reopened and solved. People who never received justice in this life are being heard loud and clear now.

    1. Mary Leah says:

      It’s true! I too have noticed all the cold cases that are being solved just in the past several months. I thank God and sigh and cry for the loss and suffering. All glory to God.

  7. Thembeka Molebatsi says:

    May God our father be with us his children and may we be safe in the shadow of His wings.

  8. Lucy says:

    Just reading of the Silicon Valley Bank Stock Price Crash happening at the moment and remembered the word our sister Celestial shared this week. We thank God for His warnings and we receive them with all humility and thanks. God bless you all.

  9. Virginia G Isbell says:

    I just saw on internet about Silicon Valley Bank shut down. I was going to look for other info when my eyes landed on The Master Voice Blog I click on the link and found the post. God is so good. God Bless you.

  10. LoriQ says:

    On Steve Quayle’s news feed, articles listed talking about Deustchebank, USB, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse as the next banks to possibly/probably fail (I also saw another article talking about Bank of America and Wells Fargo – can’t find it now!)! The aforementioned banks are big players in the world economy – this is getting spooky. There will be bank runs (already started at Silicon Valley Bank), people are worried about their money (more importantly, they should be worried about their souls and turning to God right now).

    Saw gas heading to $7 per gallon this summer. Inflation will climb higher. US Dollar will fall – it is NOT back by any type of commodity – gold, silver. The Federal Reserve is going to hike interest rates even higher – it will be even more difficult to procure a loan for homes and autos. The US Dollar is no longer going to be the World’s Reserve Currency (India now trading with Russia for oil in the Rupee). This is another nail in the coffin for America’s economy.

    The American economy has been on its last leg for awhile. Surprised, quite frankly, that we’ve lasted this long. But, I can see why Americans think we will just recover and go on as if there is nothing wrong. An individual I was speaking to this morning said, “the American government will just bail out all these banks. They did it in 2008.” I asked them, “how can we bail these banks out when we are 32 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt?” They replied, “Oh, I don’t know how they do it. They just do.” (WHAT?) I said, “The Federal Reserve will just “print” money and all will be well? They are “printing” money that is NOT backed by anything except for the word of the US Government. Which, is 32 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!” They replied, “I don’t know anything about that. They will just do what they do. It will be ok.” I reply, “It won’t be okay this time. The Federal Reserve (which isn’t Federal) can’t rescue us this time. How can an entity that is 32 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT bail out other companies that are in the same boat?” I can’t mention the Bank’s derivatives circus debt that is in the Quadrillions of Dollars, I think that would just push this person over the edge or there would be a deer in headlights response.

    Doesn’t matter. The House of Cards is Falling.

    Heed these posts God has given Celestial. Stay close to Him. Allow Him to measure your steps. Consult Him. Be wise and do not lean on your own understanding today and in these days to come.

    1. elfmom55 says:

      BREAKING: THIS bank just collapsed!

      1. LoriQ says:

        Hi ElfMom55 – Daily Mail is talking about First Republic Bank toppling as well. Gerald Celente, Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, Mike Adams and other alt news media personalities have talked about how one of these institutions falls, it will be a domino effect, they all start falling. Deustche Bank is the number bank in Germany – it’s reportedly in trouble. I believe it was David Wilkerson who talked about watching Germany’s economic well-being (or lack thereof). Once Germany started to fall, everything else just comes tumbling down. If I am incorrect about David Wilkerson, please correct me. God Bless. Take care. Stay close to God. Rough seas ahead.

        1. elfmom55 says:

          Hey Lori! I see the video I posted says unavailable but I just posted it somewhere else and it looked like it posted. Oh well, we know what’s comin! David Wilkerson is one of the very few I trust so I think you are spot on about him! This woman has some good downhome advice so posted her vid also. Buckle up Lori and everyone else here!

    2. Yallen says:

      Yes, this is spot on!

  11. hi2584733592020 says:

    Hello Prophet, I just had the Eucharist.

  12. mazenganaomi says:

    I need help with some about the covid 19 vaccine questions please anyone to help

    1. Tracey says:

      What’s your question?

      Also, did you see the plenty posts she had on the vaccine on this blog? And the many videos on rumble and bitchute as well? If you type in vaccine in the search box here I believe more than 10 or 14 prophetic words will come up. God bless you

  13. Rahim Miller says:

    Thank you Celestial!!!! 🙏🏽❤️🕊

  14. karla altiero says:

    Celestial Im new here and felt my own errors while watching your first video on yt. Now after watching the video on redacted and what happens with torture and experiments here in the US- its shown in the book by a girl who was tortured by presidents and policians from when she was a young child. Sexual torture for mind control. This is documented in the book Trance formation of America by Cathy Obrien. One brave cia agent rescued her out of the program. Also if you search using duckduckgo Operation crimson mist – i could not read entire article by this whistle blower- but Rwanda was caused by using frequencies to drive ppl to kill.

  15. AzanaYah says:

    “Noah never stopped building a refuge, no matter how much people mocked him and asked ‘So where’s the rain Noah?’ He KNEW what God had told him and his faithful heart held true to that. Noah followed instructions that ONE DAY turned out to be his hedge of protection from ‘suddenly’. So will those be who read the words of The Master’s Voice and recognize God’s mercy & chastening in it, if they draw close to Him He will give comfort, strategy and ark-building directions for all.”

    I need this faith right here. When I pray, I ask for Yah to increase my faith but I need to start including Noah’s name in it…faith like Noah! Just think about it…he built a whole boat on a word from Yah! Whew!

  16. Kelechi Nwankwo says:

    Word received sis

  17. brothertyler44 says:

    Looks like it is already happening or at least it is a precursor, SVB has collapsed and first republic looks likely to go next.

  18. DB says:

    Just seen this article. Lines up with a previous prophetic word God gave you.

    Scientists discover superconducting material that could bring total revolution in energy and electronics

  19. Dan says:

    The banking system is melting down as I write this comment
    This prophecy my be happening already

  20. Joseph says:

    Really good artical, almost parallels what our sister is reporting. She definitely states it in simpler terms.

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