Do Not Take The Vaccines – October 27, 2021


“… for by thy sorceries [pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” – (Revelation 18:23)

These are the words of the Lord Yah to all who are stubborn, all who will not obey or respect the warnings of the Heavenly Father. It is written exactly as I received it so kindly do not read this as “advice” or suggestions. Like every single prophecy of a medical nature I have posted, starting with the most difficult one “Survival Of The Fittest”this too is a direct prophetic warning of the Lord.

“You” was used by the Lord throughout the message – first person singular. That tells me this is a personal word for every reader – it can happen to anyone who decides to ignore the Lord. Please read for your own understanding first before sharing. This message is about covid 19 vaccines and is intended to warn everyone who reads it, to chastise those who might be tempted to ignore what God is saying, and to show people God’s stance especially :

If they have taken it;
If they are thinking of taking it;
If they want to take it but are afraid;
If they want to take it and are not afraid.

The message goes as follows:

Thus sayeth the Lord. This is the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to those proud and difficult, those so stubborn of heart that no warning is good enough for them. This is the word of the Lord to those who will not listen, who dismiss proof of harm in abundance by calling it “rare and isolated”. To those who search for data to support their error and will not hear any warning or relent of their pride. You shall pierce yourselves with sorrows, indeed, you have already pierced yourself with sorrows. 

received this message in semi-sleep which is where God speaks to me a lot and shows me images. It’s not dreaming, I can feel myself half awake and I’m aware I’m being spoken to. These words are as I heard them – The Lord wants each one to hear what has already happened to you or will happen if you persist in taking the covid 19 vaccine in any formula, in any country. LISTEN.

These are the things that will happen to those who take the Moderna vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine, the Astra Zeneca vaccine and even Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

ONE. YOU WILL SHAKE. You will shake like someone put in an ice bath who can’t get warm again, uncontrollable jitters that signal severe damage to your neurological centre. If this has already happened know that you have suffered breach; you have sustained BREACH to your central nervous system just as when a car’s computer is hacked and leaves the car vulnerable to control by someone other than the driver. You will be exactly like that car- “HACKED”- your internal human software taken over by the Iron that mixes with clay. You have received a foreign entity into your bloodstream and now it will reprogram you until you are fully broken and ruined.

I saw a vault inside a person. There is a vault in us and God keeps something precious in it. However this person took the covid vaccine and afterwards I saw something like a scene from CSI inside their body- 

I saw metal filings, hundreds of little spiky metal “shavings”- like if you crush staples to pieces- entering the body and go FLYING towards that vault. It was quite amazing to see. Thousands and thousands of metal bits went directly towards that vault and stuck to its door. As more and more of them piled on the door their pressure and command made the wheel of  vault turn, turn, turn until- wham! It flew open and the shavings went streaming into that vault. I saw them attaching to every single organ in that person’s body from the inside- from eyes to tongue to heart, lungs and liver- they clung to the organs and began to give them a “code.” 


The metal shavings I saw looked like this but all straight, like broken staples.

See prophecy The Fig, The Seeds & The Vaccines.

Superimposed on that image or metal shavings I saw someone in a driverless car. They were in driver’s seat but not driving, they were reading a newspaper and leaving the job of navigation up to the car. The car knew where it was going because it had a pre-programmed destination and could go there unattended. But suddenly new coordinates appeared in the car’s system- I saw new numbers come up on the dashboard and the driver looked up in alarm. He threw the paper aside and started pushing buttons trying to get his original coordinates back on the computer but something had taken over the dashboard.

Next thing was his car starting edging out of its lane into other lanes on a VERY FAST MOVING HIGHWAY. This man panicked greatly because the other cars coming behind him were similarly programmed to be driverless. The other drivers all expected that man’s vehicle to work properly as theirs were because of the speed and danger of the highway, but his car was totally out of his control and wove its way diagonally at erratic speed across multiple lanes, putting him in danger of being smashed by other cars.

This is an image of what covid vaccines do- they take over the body remotely til you lose control of God given functions. Your body drives in its lane naturally and knows what to do but taking the vaccine overrides those functions and tells your flesh to do all kinds of dangerous, deteriorating things instead.

TWO. You will have NEUROLOGICAL FAILURES. Your thoughts will fail you. Your mind will leave you. You will shoot the arrow of thought but it will fall short of the mark. You will not know what you want to say. You will lose ability to express yourself. Your mind will slowly descend to soup: forgetful, fearful, absent-minded. You will be a shadow of your former self. Thus says the Lord. 

I saw a man walk up to a bow and arrow practice setup on a large grassy training ground. He shot an arrow but it went flying in the air, far off the target. I also saw a man sitting in a wheelchair. He shot an arrow (of thought) in his mind but as he watched his arrow went wide of the mark. His words made no sense so the nurse patiently explained again what she wanted him to say and told him how to say it, but inside his head the nurse’s words sailed right over his head. He could hear but not grasp what she was saying.

Next, God showed me the man in his wheelchair on the same grassy practice field where the first man shot his arrow- he was in a pale blue bathrobe, bedroom slippers and looked very old but he was not. His eyes were damp and milky not from age but from something that had happened to him and his eyesight from taking the covid vaccine. 

He watched with tired, milky eyes as the nurse’s words like an arrow sailed above his head, and I saw he was very tired of trying to figure out what she meant. As I watched this God said “ALZHEIMER’S AND DEMENTIA, this is the result of the covid vaccine.”

THREE. There will be a flood of NEUROLOGICAL ISSUES. Across the world those who have taken these vaccines will suffer loss of mental acuity, sharpness, learned skills, and many will not operate at full mental capacity again. They will be a shadow of their former selves- frustrated with life, unable to express themselves, unable to participate conversationally with others, some trapped forever in a dark prison of the mind without words. Let the people hear and beware. 

I saw the same man in the blue bathrobe sitting in a dark void. He lost the power of speech, the power to communicate, to talk or make jokes and be witty. He was put in a dark place without words because he could not speak; he grasped the arms of his wheelchair in frustration and began to wither away. 

FOUR. Young people will suffer all the symptoms of HALLUCINATIONS, DRUG-INDUCED FEARS, “NIGHT TERRORS” AND PANIC. There will be skyrocketing “anxiety attacks” and panic attacks among the old and the young. Young people especially will be afraid to be left alone and afraid of spending time by themselves. The younger they are, the greater the fear will bePeople will be ‘seeing things’They will be like people on magic mushrooms or some other hallucinogens; they will actively see things yet if taken in for testing they’ll have clean blood screens- no drugs or anything will be found that can cause hallucinations. They’ll describe what they’re seeing and experiencing yet everyone will think they’re hysterical. They are NOT hallucinating- they see what they see for good reason. The veil of the mind and the spirit has been BREACHED.

FIVE. THEY WILL WAKE SCREAMING IN THEIR ROOMS talking of other people being there, other entities being there, calling them, approaching them and interacting with them. These vaccines will RIP AND WEAKEN THE SPIRITUAL DIVIDE BETWEEN HUMANITY AND FALLEN ANGELS/ HUMANS AND THE FALLEN REALM. People will begin to perceive the spiritual realm clearly as if they’ve done hard drugs or indulged in yoga or meditation or some other form of mind-altering ritual to “escalate” themselves from the real world into the tampered, forbidden realm where people can see, interact with and summon spirits and other unclean supernatural beings. Children and young people especially will have this reaction to the vaccine and will see unclean things clearly without the aid of drugs. The young will have vivid experiences with fear and terrors, nightmares, these things are called NIGHT TERRORS and are real experiences.

These vaccines “loosen” the human connection to this world and in turn heighten connection to other beings, dimensions and experiences. People will in a nutshell become terrified of seeing things nobody else can see. It will be called “paranoid delusion” by doctors but this phenomenon is very real; they are actually seeing what’s being dismissed by doctors. Children especially will get clingy but even young adults will regress in their behavior patterns because of fear. Entities will enter rooms and terrorize those who can see them; this is the result of disobedience and distrust in the Lord Jesus Christ who alone is able to save both soul and body. 

I saw a young man of high school age. He was at the dinner table clinging to his mother in tears, something you never expect to see of a grown boy. He was in full football gear, God showed the strength of American youth- the huge chest pad thing with his number on it, the tight pants with knee protection, the whole get-up (red & white high school football uniform ). Yet this sandy-haired boy was shivering in fear, dissolved in tears asking his mother not to leave him because “the things” would come back. He was WEEPING and held his mom in a bear grip at the waist- there was no way that woman was getting away from that young man nor was she trying to. She rubbed her son’s head, wiping his sweat and tears with a dishtowel, soothing him and telling him the only way anything will get him is over her dead body. Yet this boy continued sobbing because in the edge of the vision, in a corner of their living room in broad daylight stood grey entities, two of them, watching him. One had human clothes and the other didn’t. I saw them only from the back- huge head, slender grey slimy looking bodies- they faced the boy and he sobbed because his mother couldn’t see it but he could. They were locked on him with huge black eyes. I felt the worst type of sorrow for this boy because eventually he must sleep, he must use the bathroom, he must be alone one way or another and when he was, that’s when they would come to him. 

The Lord said people have torn the veil over humanity therefore “things”- beings, creatures, entities will come to men. They will be much more bold to appear to a vaccinated person because they are like a grain of rice that has removed the hard brown outer shell that protects every grain of rice. “Screams”, is what the Lord said. “America will hear screams as the devil makes himself known to a whole new generation of people who have never known or believed in of the ability of satan to make himself known to man.”

Six. You will have what’s known as EARLY ON-SET DEMENTIA. Again, it will be shockingly apparent even in young people whose minds are normally fresh and active. They will be so forgetful to the point of elderliness; they will be as slow, confused, forgetful and anxious as the elderly when they are losing their memory. To the parents who have carried their children to take these vaccines the Lord says directly- This is the evil outcome of trusting in idols rather than to know Him, seek Him and commit your children to Him for safekeeping.

The Lord says “If I do not keep a city it will be lost; if I do not keep a people they will be swept away. Therefore why have you hated Me and replaced Me with idols of serpents and medical establishments; why have you hated My presence and counseled your children so that I can be forgotten? You shall reap what you sow.” 

I saw a hospital, the entrance of a normal hospital as people came and went as they do for treatment. On top of that image I saw the image of the snake on the pole, the medical sign for healing and the doctors’ oath. I saw a woman teaching her child that the tooth fairy was real and to ask for a gift for her (the child’s) tooth, that Santa was real, reading a story to put the child to bed. But nowhere was God mentioned. American children hear nothing of the God who gave them an America in the first place, not one word is said to make infants aware that their breath is at the Mercy of the One who formed their clay. The mother kissed her daughter and put the bedside lamp out; the child put her tooth under her pillow with full faith that Tooth Fairy will take it and then slept in total ignorance of the fact that there is a God called Yah. 


As He spoke I saw a man walking a long road stretched out to the horizon- ten years worth of life- but he did not know the road was not a real road but the back of a living serpent. The road curved like a snake’s back all the way to the horizon point, the Lord showed me the road was indeed a serpent with distinct scales and snake markings. At the end of the road I saw the head of the serpent waiting to bite the man but he didn’t know it. He was walking to his destruction as a result of the vaccines he was carrying in his body but he did not know it.

Eight. The Lord said GILLIAN BARR. I’m not sure what it is but when I can I’ll research and do an update to explain it. But it will be a result of taking vaccines. 


Many cars on a highway- something interrupted their on-board computers and without warning they began to cross out of their lanes into one another and crash. They drifted into highway wall boundaries and crashed. These were horrific crashes, the type in the crash-test dummy ads for Volvo. Tyres lifted off the road as cars hit obstacles or smashed into the highway boundary wall and burst into immediate flames. Drivers couldn’t control their cars anymore; they were taken over by something and disrupted. I saw what took over these cars was METAL AND ALIVE but I cannot explain what it was. It was a living iron organism that took over and smashed many cars into each other while others went out of the boundary lines altogether and crashed into the highway embankment walls. Some cars went over the sides of the highway. This was not real car accidents, it was depictions of people smashing into sickness and diseases, many of which will end in abrupt death by covid vaccines. 

Ten. The Lord said there will be PAINFUL SKIN ERUPTIONS AND SORES. You will have sores, painful sores, some dry and crusted, some open and weeping. You will have SKIN BRUISING- large blue, purple or even yellow or black patches that show up overnight with power to spread. It is NECROSIS. Your skin will rot. It will turn black in some places because of internal damage to tissue and it will not be reversed. Dead skin tissue will stay dead and in some cases may even spread.

ELEVEN. YOU WILL STINK. You will have a different smell, not normal body odour. You will smell different even to your pet which will not want to be near you anymore because it will not recognize your scent as before. 

Twelve. You will “BREAK THE THERMOSTAT”. You will be very hot and sweaty, men and women, like severe hot flushes but it is the vaccine destroying your immune system. You will have hot flash as a woman, you will have hot flash as a man. You will have unregulated body temperature. You will feel very cold and be unable to keep warm. You will be shaking on a summer day as if with chills and fever, this is the result of the vaccine.

By her medical sorceries, which in the Biblical text actually means deceiving SPELLS AND WITCHCRAFT, all nations were deceived by Babylon. ALL NATIONS WERE DECEIVED BY THE MANY PHARMACEUTICAL LYING WONDERS OF BABYLON THE GREAT.

Babylon is none other than the United States of America, identified by the Lord Jesus Christ in many messages on TMV. The nations are deceived, poisoned, murdered by Babylon; by the pride of man they are also complicit in their own deaths. For when you warn they argue and curse, and are deceived. The coming of the wicked one is by the working of Satan– accompanied by all multitude of lying wonders, whom those who have no love of the truth embrace and by it, perish. (2 Thess. 2:9)

[End of message]

These vaccines prophecies are tiring. They are incessant and wear on my spirit. Every time I get one I’m certain it’s the last, because I think there’s no way people have not heard and understood the clear “NO” from God not to take it. Yet another one comes and then another. I know God’s love and passion to warn people is relentless not reckless; the song has it totally wrong. God isn’t reckless but relentless in His quest to save humanity from the fire, yet despite all warnings people are beating down the gates to take vaccines, pressuring others to take it and basically destroying their temples.

These prophecies are so bluntly given, the word of the Lord is so blunt that I know I am reading out a roster. I’m reading what’s already happened, millions vaccinated despite pushback so extreme that surely it should’ve stopped by now. I’m sounding an alarm, lifting up my voice according to Ezekiel 33- when the sword is coming the watchman must warn! This is a proclamation- revealing exactly what will happen and has happened already, just not to this magnitude.

“Thus says the Lord, this is the penalty for error, the result of sin in the members, for love of idolatry, for almost occult worship of man’s opinion, of experts, of trusting in the arm of flesh”.

The last statement I received relates to the prophecy The Dogs. The Lord said to all those who take these vaccines you will be like THE DOGS. You will be maimed, trampled by some kind of metal hijacking system that will erode the sovereignty of your internal computing system and forcibly bond to your clay. Those who have spiritual ears will hear the voice of the Lord calling his sheep aside to safety, but those who are stubborn, those who are ignorant of the devil’s devices and those who are too proud to hear warning, as it happened with Israel so will it be with you. Your carcasses will fall in the wilderness, fall on the serpent’s road, fall because of the rebellion of your own heart. You will reap what you have sown- that is what God said.

Lastly I share this. REPENTANCE is more important than the body; the soul and spirit are more important than the body. The children of Job were not restored said the Lord, for they had already perished. Yet their father was restored and blessed with 10 more. In the same way REPENTANCE restores the soul of a man regardless if his body perish or not. You may take this statement at your own understanding, however my understanding is that no matter what damage has happened to the body a man can lift up his voice and repent to the Lord for disobedience, and save his soul. Whether he is healed or not is God’s mercy but his soul can be returned to God in fellowship regardless what his body receives. The thief on the cross did die, but his soul was received by the Lord. Amen.

These are the words and end times revelations of the Lord. Amen. I have brought the word I was given early morning, for long hours between 4am to 8am. I will make the video for this soon. If you don’t follow the Youtube channel kindly join it and if you’re not in the habit of reading this blog but only watch videos please read it and get the full written truth of God’s words.

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    1. Robin Nicolson says:

      Thank you Celestial!
      My good friend in Christ was brought up to the Divine Council along w many others who were called up! The Lord spoke saying ‘My people are to have no part of this v , ((**nor of the test)).’
      That part I NEVER hear anyone speak about. And I’m always listening, hoping to hear a warning about the test! Know your enemy and you will know about the test and what your choice is! Yes Lord!
      When I and others were told what the Lord spoke, it was all I needed to hear and my choice was made in HIS TRUTH. Since then, end of 2020, I have told everyone I was able to tell. Not many want to hear what The Lord has spoken. The heart of man has gone cold. Everyone prepare for your King and Eternal High Priest. He comes much sooner than the compromised church perceives.
      Love and blessings to all brothers and sisters, in and soon to be in, Lord Yeshua.

      1. diego says:

        Hi Robin, you can do internet searches for NASAL VACCINATION and NASAL NANOTECHNOLOGY (and similar stuff), read papers, read patents.

        The technology of the Fallen is advanced, Hollywood-movie advanced, they can do almost anything bad you can think of with the nasal swab test. They can put anything in there and you wouldn’t even know it.

        And when they push such a pointless test that doesn’t even work for this (RT PCR) near the pituitary gland & brain, you know something’s up. Don’t take candy from strangers.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Can you add a link so that I can share on telegram? I do not use any of the social media you have above, and would love to share your posts with friends and family.

      1. Celestial says:

        Hello Anonymous. I’m not sure what Telegram is. When I can I’ll look into what need features can be added to this site. For now you can copy the URL at the top and sen by group email, but for now I don’t have extra buttons to share. Thank you for visiting TMV.

      2. Andrew says:

        Hello Celestial,

        I understand this is terrible poison and will never be taking it, with my consent or will at least (saw your other prophecy). I am currently studying for my Nursing License exam for my RN. I have my bachelors. Would it be wrong for me to be a nurse? I’ve been seeking the Lord about it but haven’t gotten an answer. I trust in the Lord and not medicine and know He is the physician. I did feel led to nursing though. Curious as to your thoughts. I know you had said you father was a doctor. Please get back to me when you can.

        God bless you,

        1. Celestial says:

          Andrew- Jonathan climbed a hill & killed the Philistines while his father sat “waiting for a word”. Christian maturity is knowing what to do, when, without needing to be told. Not every time God needs to speak, maturity is sensing the unction & following it. There’s value in nurses- think how golden your training will be when believers are cast out of public healthcare?? Leadings of the heart often point to the path meant for us. God bless.

  1. sophilyn86 says:

    This scripture came to mind sister, 1 Corinthians 5:5
    “To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.”

    1. Robert says:

      Sister Celestial thanks for your message and warning, may Almighty Yahuah continue to bless and strengthen you in body and spirit. Trust me when I say you are in the prayers of myself and my wife. Part of your post lines up with two recent dreams I have had with cars crashing into embankments /walls amidst other things happening in the dream. Your feeling that the cars represented people explains my dreams as well. Take care.

  2. Jane Schaech says:

    Guillain-Barre syndrome – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic › syc-20362793
    Jul 23, 2021 — Guillain-Barre (gee-YAH-buh-RAY) syndrome is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves.

  3. Heather S says:

    (I pulled this info DIRECTLY from the VAERS system. You can find it there if you look) VAERS ID 1514785-1 reads: male, 60, 6 days after Pfizer shot. “On 15Jul2021, around 00:15 to 00:30, patient started to get a migraine headache. He normally did not get migraines or headaches. His head was still hurting on the right side. The pain started on the right back side of his neck. Then it moved to the cortex of his brain, just on the right side. It spilled into the right side of his brain. After he saw things, then his head was hurting so bad. He could feel the right side of his brain. It got terrible to the point that his right eye lost vision. His vision did not go black, it went white. The weird thing was that he could see two to three feet in front of him. He saw little pyramids connected together, then it had a thing with a pyramid shaped head at the edge of it. He really could see nothing, but it was clear at the same time, and he could still see the light. At first, it got whiter, and then it got black and white. Stacked on top, was like a snake looking thing. It was circling, and then moving back and forth, and then turned into an S. It straightened up and turned its head towards him. Then it started fading away. He had to leave his job because his head was hurting. He felt it on the right side of his brain. He was driving home, and it started happening again. He held his right hand over his right eye, and he could still see it. He knew that it was not an illusion, it was in his head. He was like what the hell was going on.”

    1. Heather S says:

      Can new onset psychosis occur after mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine administration? A case report

      “A 31-year-old, single Hispanic male without past medical or psychiatric history, was brought to the emergency room by police because of erratic and bizarre behavior. He was found to be anxious, guarded, superficial and grandiose. He reported becoming ‘clairvoyant’, being able to talk with dead people, hearing ‘people drumming outside his house’ and the constant voice of a co-worker whom he believed to be a paramour- it was later confirmed that there was no romantic relationship. All these symptoms began one month ago, after receiving the first dose of an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine, and markedly worsened three weeks later after receiving the second dose…”

      “Although functional in adolescence and adulthood, he described himself as a loner, with an inclination to overly spiritual ideas, and able to communicate directly with God…”

      “We need to be mindful that this patient had some schizotypal personality traits, strongly associated with the development of schizophrenia, and we could be observing the onset of schizophrenia, with the vaccine being only an epiphenomenon. However, first psychotic breaks occur infrequently at this age and our patient did not exhibit thought disorganization. His-predominant symptoms were auditory hallucinations, grandiose delusions of becoming clairvoyant, and erotomaniac delusions to which he demonstrated poor insight on initial evaluation…”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Babylon has multitude of sorceries. Here is one of them. They got it patented in 2015, and now there are many variants from it.

    Isaiah 47:12
    “Stand now with your enchantments And the multitude of your sorceries, In which you have labored from your youth– Perhaps you will be able to profit, Perhaps you will prevail.”

  5. nmangoaela says:

    Celestial, thanks once again for posting this read. I have been warning family and friends not to take this poison since the onset of the so-called pandemic. My warnings has fallen on death ears. This leaves me tired, frustrated, and bewildered. I have shared your other videos on this subject with some of these people and some are still contemplating taking this killer jab. Your explanation of the breach, and hijacking of the vault really brings the point home. The symptoms you describe really resonate with me as an RN who worked in Neuroscience Wards/Units.


    I pray the MostHigh will grant these people repentance according to 2 Timothy 2:25 In meekness instructing those that OPPOSE themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

    The saving of the soul is paramount and the only hope.

    Grace and peace to you.

  6. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    “By her medical sorceries, which in the Biblical text actually means deceiving SPELLS AND WITCHCRAFT, all nations were deceived by Babylon. ALL NATIONS WERE DECEIVED BY THE MANY PHARMACEUTICAL LYING WONDERS OF BABYLON THE GREAT.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    An Indian epidemiologist is on the run from Babylon Fauci’s death squad. His boss was killed in Kenya right before the Plandemic. Below is a description of what he did at a biolab in MD.

    Truth is here: Samantha Hill
    Sorry, we played an evil part in the outbreak of COVID-19
    I am anonymous, I used to be an American, but I am more of an Indian. I learnt in the University of Manitoba and did some trivial work in the Fort Detrick Laboratory after graduation. My supervisor and I know almost
    everything about COVID-19, and that’s why he was killed. Now I came back to India. I gather myself up and decide to tell the truth, hoping I will still be alive when all of you learn the truth.
    The place I worked was quite mysterious and it is where many military biological weapons and chemical weapons are researched and developed, which is the highest level of confidentiality. Inferiors as me could only be qualified to serve the client company, but I still didn’t have the clearance for all the information about any single experiment.
    Gilead Sciences was my No.1 enterprise which I served most. They ever spread MERS in the Middle East so as to test the effects of a new medicine but dodge the federal restrictions. It has been an open secret that they had done experiments with GS-5734 on human being with any safety test, however, this is not what I mainly intend to say.
    My supervisor was Professor Frank Plummer who used to be the best friend of Professor Ralph S. Baric. Both of them had made great and significant achievements in bioscience which must be the power entitled by Lord Shiva, but unattainable for us. Professor Plummer was more conservative while Professor Baric was a science-maniac who usually did some highly-risky experiments. I did not understand until now that he probably did not do it out of his own will but was required to do so by Gilead Sciences Inc..
    Multiple experiments had been carried out after we learnt that the medicine with code of GS-5734, researched and developed by Gilead Sciences Inc., was quite effective against Ebola. This compound was probably a broadspectrum antiviral medicine and how it worked was quite special and different, thus we did experiments on a number of a single-stranded RNA viruses, including Lassa fever virus, Nipah virus, Hendra virus, coronavirus. Something special happened when we did experiments on coronavirus. It was not quite clear whether GS-5734 could effectively fight against MERS and SARS. In order to further the research, Adrian S. Ray and Richard L. Mackman from Gilead Sciences Inc. entrusted United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, CDC, University of North Carolina to do researches in different fields respectively, which are the places those papers online came from. The leaders of those projects were Sina Bavari (Therapeutic efficacy of the small molecule GS-5734 against Ebola virus in rhesus monkeys) (Warren, et al., 2016), Christina F. Spiropoulou (GS-5734 and its parent nucleoside analog inhibit Filo-, Pneumo-, and Paramyxoviruses) (Lo, et al., 2017), Ralph S. Baric (Broad-spectrum antiviral GS-5734 inhibits both epidemic and zoonotic coronaviruses) (Sheahan, et al., 2017). All the samples of SARS used in our experiments so far have come from the team led by Professor Baric since he is an expert of making SARS, publishing the paper Reverse genetics with a full-length infectious cDNA of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (Yount, et al., 2003), which means that he could have SARS virus duplicated without limits since then in 2003. He also offered fundings for Chinese Academy of Sciences for researches and made Zhengli-Li Shi the naive Snow White who helped him locate gene variation fragments for transforming SARS in Southern China.
    In fact, Zhengli-Li Shi has completed the task Professor Baric gave her since the gene fragment SHC014 she discovered in China was adopted by Professor Baric to synthesize into a new type of virus in the Fort Detrick Laboratory in 2015 which is the COVI D-19 today.
    That is a great experiment, and a huge progress we made in virusology and biology considering that the synthesis of RNA is unprecedent. Professor Plummer had been against this experiment, believing that it went against scientific ethics. However, Professor Baric and Gilead Sciences Inc. insisted that the synthesized virus could be taken as the reference for the original SARS in contrast experiment, and the essential subject for experiments on GS-5734.
    As far as I recall, artificially breeding new type of SARS should be a research and development project for developing biological weapons entrusted by Department of National Defense (DOD). However, Gilead Sciences Inc. also had their own secret plan that they would sell GS-5734 to all over the world at a very lucrative price once the virus is leaked and spreads.
    To clarify, the global widespread of COVI D-19 was not an intentional action done by Gilead Sciences Inc. or DOD but the consequence of an experimental leakage. In May, 2019, there was a leak in our experiment but we were not aware of it until villagers near labs in Maryland was infected, which was monitored by CDC in July 2019. It was too late when we found out that there were serious problems with the waste water treatment system in our lab.
    Those speculative facts circulating on the Internet are not totally accurate since the rampant influenza then in South America was not totally SARSII (COVI D-19) but two kinds of viruses spreading at the same time. The outpost labs located in various states did not run tests on the coronavirus due to the Interference of CDC.
    Based on the advice from Professor Baric, neither our lab nor the military and Gilead Sciences Inc. would admit the source of virus but we all tacitly referred to bats in Yunnan province in China as the source of the virus. This is possible based on the experiments and papers with Chinese scientists’ involvement having proved the gene variation in nature, and the stereo type that SARS-I originated from China.
    There were some controversial issues during the spread of COVID-19. In order to ensure the virus would not make irreversible damages, CDC initiated the EVENT201 drill with the assistance of CIA. Despite the
    unsatisfying performance, Professor Baric believed that SARS-II would not do huge damages to Caucasians in America due to the different distribution of ACE2 in different races. This is the reason why CIA finally decided to withhold the pre-warning of the spread of the virus.
    Professor Baric, Gilead Sciences Inc., BlackRock (a subcompany of Gilead Sciences for investment) and CDC are all the decision makers of the whole thing. All the members of the meeting were republicans and report to Office of American Innovation and Jared Kushner.
    Then, December in 2019 was the turning point when a sailor who continued to work after being infected by SARS-II, and happened to seal the virus into the package of seafood which was transported into seafood market in Wuhan, China through the illicit market. Unexpectedly, Chinese epidemic prevention departments found out the virus, which, could probably be thanks to their prevention experience of SARS. Otherwise, the viral pneumonia could have been treated as bacterial pneumonia and named as a new type influenza without triggering enough attention.
    After Chinese government found about SARS-II, my supervisor Professor Plummer was planning to share with Chinese scientific research institutions how GS-5734 could be adopted to fight against SARS-II, but he was assassinated when he was flying from Kenya to China. And I had to come back to India and hide since I got the news.
    As far as I know, some colleagues knowing the truth have been killed during the last few months and some others just disappeared. All the other practitioners bowing to Professor Baric do not dare to express their doubts without the permission of him. Once their doubts was proposed, their career will be over since no publications will accept their paper any longer.
    I have no idea how long I will live in this world and I feel so guilty deep down in my heart. I could not let so many lives gone even without being aware of the truth, so I make it known to the public and may Lord Shiva bless all of you. They would of course deny all of it, and even deny my identity or the existence of me. They will do whatever within their power to get me killed. So I would say goodbye right here. Farewell to all of you! I am so sorry!

    1. Scarlett says:

      Is anyone else paying attention to what is being said on this post by Anonymous? I thought I had followed the rabbit trail as well as anyone else about the origins of Covid-19, the ensuing vaccine and the machinations of Billionaire medical developers in cohorts with the government, but then someone like Anonymous shows up as a mysterious whistle blower.
      I had to look up some of the things mentioned here to gather the definitions and understand what they represented. And it begins to make sense once you begin connecting the dots.
      I have not found any thing like this being posted anywhere on the it seems it’s nothing less than a miracle that it should suddenly appear here for us to know.
      After doing some Internet research, it appears the individual authoring this missive knows what he is talking about, having had intimate contact with the particulars in the matter, and is now actually in fear for his life. Indeed, people are very often assassinated in this world to keep them quiet for whatever reason. Usually, it has to do with money in one way or another. This runs way deeper than that. Once you read this, you will see why these people would want to eliminate him. There is a world wide seemingly orchestrated disaster going on, people are dying, lives are being ruined by side effects, national economy in shambles, and the list goes on….all because evil men want to play God with peoples lives for money, or to eliminate them.
      In any case, pray for him that he will realize Jesus Christ as his Savior, not Lord Shiva. Amen.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Dear Friend from India. God bless you. Jesus is LORD. Please read John 3.3. 3.16 14.6 Repent of sins. Ask Jesus to come into your heart so you can enter heaven even if your soul dies. Jesus gives eternal life, no one else. PLEASE believe me. Read the Bible. I pray you will believe in Jesus and be saved. Read the Bible. It’s the truth. Jesus is the way to heaven. God bless you my friend.

  8. Rover Radar says:

    COVID Vaccine Life Form: Polish Doc Finds “The Thing” in Pfizer Comirnaty Shot

    COVID Vax Contents: 2 More Docs Reveal Their Findings With Microscopy Images

    COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: Graphene, Nanometals, PEG and Parasites

  9. Vagyok aki vagyok says:

    Dear Celestial. In my country (Middle Europe, Hungary) there are two other kinds of vaccine as wel not just the ones mentioned above. These are the Sputnik V made by Russia, and the Sinopharm made by China. Of course I DO NOT take them for any reason, NON of them but I have relatives who took those ones. Are they also so dangerous like the ones mentioned or less maybe? What strange is the European Union (EU) for some reason just does not want to accept and give a license to these two kinds. They prefer Pfizer, Moderna, Jo&J, and Astra Z. It’s interesting why…maybe Sputnik V and Sinopharm are made by some other way and doesn’t serve their devil purpose so much?? I don’t know…

    1. Hello from the UK

      Thank you for this information. I am well aware myself that vaccines are at best pointless and at worst cause harm and sometimes death.

      The evidence suggests so far that certain vaccines are more deadly than others, that is more toxic. All vaccines have always been like this, and they have always been utterly pointless.

      As regards the EU, Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson and Johnson appear to have strong links to Germany, and Nazi origins. I am uncertain about AstraZeneca. Germany dominates the EU and has been seeking to enrich itself at the expense of the other member states.

      This is why Brexit has been such a big deal, and so much opposition has come from the EU via what I believe is self-evidently the French negotiators. This gives the false impression that the Germans are not behind it all.

      Of course ultimately behind the Germans is Satan, whose seat is currently in Berlin where the Pergamon temple lies in a museum.

      I have written about various things on my website where I seek to explain this more fully, although I have yet to expand in detail.

      I have more recently pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church is one of the 3 main groups used by Satan in his plotting against the children of God. An anagram of vaccination is ‘icon Vatican’.

      If you are interested this link may be of use. Please note I do use humour to lighten the mood and to help make the points.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    2. Anonymous says:

      Vagyok, I have heard from scientists that all vaccines are bad no matter what country or brand they are from.

  10. Ayel says:

    No.8 is GUILLAIN-BARRE syndrome

  11. CIK says:

    “however my understanding is that no matter what damage has happened to the body a man can lift up his voice and repent to the Lord for disobedience, and save his soul.”
    – This gave me hope. I will pray for them and ask them to repent. God bless you sister. You are loved.

  12. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  13. Lila says:

    Celes, one of yr prophecy has come to pass.

  14. MarK says:

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20

    19: Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20: you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body.

  15. Sgt. Carl says:

    When I first went to study, I heard of a professor who was speaking with me and a group of other young people. He told us that in that campus were two relatively young people in their 20s and they had “Alzheimers”. I am not kidding!!! I was shocked and I almost couldn’t believe what he was saying, but it was true nontheless. This was even before the disease issue and it’s solution. I am also beginning to believe that other solution for other diseases have caused things like autism and alzheimers in our current population, even before these specific solutions. If this has happened before, it will happen again, but much worse.

    I also want to share a dream I had in which two people who were poisoned, told me that their bodies shook when they got it, but that they didn’t care what their parents would say about their violent reaction:

    God bless and protect you all!

    1. Mark says:

      Truly Celestial is correct… We are missing the point, please read this verse and meditate on it until you understand it…
      Saying this with loving thoughts.

      James 1:12 ~

      Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

  16. Mark says:

    Truly Celestial is correct… We are missing the point, please read this verse and meditate on it until you understand it…
    Saying this with loving thoughts.

    James 1:12 ~

    Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

  17. Mark says:

    Truly Celestial is correct! Read and meditate on verse below and you will understand…

    James 1:12 ~

    Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

  18. Al says:

    Is taking the vaccine even once mean you are damned, since almost everyone I knew took the vaccine and the government gives no choice in the matter. I feel completely alone in this situation and having taken the shot, I am feeling very uncertain. I pray to God that their is hope left as I have no intention of taking any more of this madness

    1. lservey says:

      You will only be damned if you choose not to turn to Him for help. All who take this will suffer the effects. The Lord showed me in a vision that my husband will have a heart attack because of it when he is at work. The Lord also showed me that He will heal both my husband and my mother-in-law because I have asked. I will pray for you. He hears all people who reach out to Him. So, keep praying without ceasing. Not all who take this will die, but all will suffer since that is the only way we learn from our mistakes. He does not want us to suffer, but how many will continue to say these are safe and effective if they don’t find out the consequences first hand. I pray that those around you will have a chance to repent so they won’t be damned. God bless you and keep you.

  19. clambotte says:

    Hi Celestial, I was watching the video to this prophecy on YouTube and bam!, the YouTube Nazis took it down

  20. I started watching the video and probably less than a minute in I immediately paused it feeling that I needed to record it like it wouldn’t be there later. Although strange, I decided to do just that and immediately recorded the video and saved it. I continued watching, pausing whenever I needed to step away momentarily and then returned and resumed watching. When it ended just now, I went to my history and noticed it wasn’t there. So I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed over and over again but it still wasn’t there.

    I went directly to your video feed and it wasn’t there. Nor was it under the main tab or elsewhere.

    Did YT remove it? I am on Rumble also and will continue to follow you there as well as here on the blog but I am just wondering if YT removed your video that you just posted earlier.

    1. Bee says:

      Could you reupload it somewhere? I really want to see it.

  21. Tina Mark says:

    The video is not on YouTube wog.

  22. I left a comment but I do not see it.

    In short, I was inquiring to find out if the video that you posted a few hours ago today was removed by YouTube. I watched it and afterwards noticed it was not showing in my history or under your channel tabs.

  23. Theresa Cash says:

    Guillain-Barré. It’s like a kind of paralysis. My close friend who is a nurse was around when they launched the swine flu vaccine in the 70’s told me about after that vax, many people came down with it and many died from it. The muscles were out of their control- which included organs and involuntary functions in our bodies. Also, years ago, another friend of mine suddenly acquired it, we are still not sure how he got it, ended up being in the hospital for over a month and nearly died. That friend miraculously recovered and lived, but he still has a limp and lost a lot of bodily function permanently.

  24. pleecan says:

    The Vault is the Blood Brain Barrier.

  25. Carol J says:

    Here is a link to an interview of a woman in the uk who has and is having horrible reactions to the j&j shot. The Lord’s word is true. Thank you merciful Lord for warning mankind about this thing.

  26. Anonymous says:

    From reading this I realize the enemy is after our vehicle of destiny and it seems a lot of “cars “are not being driven by their owners, some are reading newspaper and others are totally ignorant, this requires spiritual warfare because you need to find and drive you’re own vehicle of destiny and some are probably still tracking or other mode of transportation thats dangerous for this season. Pray for revelation of your “car” and take over the driver’s seat. Thanks for the messages Celestial.

  27. November Lima #2 says:

    Hi Woman Of God in Christ Jesus – thank you very much for allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way – i have re-commited my life to my Lord and savior – i just have to work out my salvation everyday with the help of the Holy Spirit – spreading your videos here in Trinidad and Tobago hoping family friends love ones co-workers and acquaintance take heed to the Word of the Lord – stay under the wings of the Almighty.

  28. Rover Radar says:

    » Now vaccine-pushing scientists want to turn your GROCERIES into mRNA vaccines

  29. LorQ says:

    Activated charcoal does work. It is also given to those who overdose on drugs, legal and illegal. There is no harm to the bodily systems and it flushes out within a day or so. Just know your excrement will look a bit dark for a day or two. It is good to read and have understanding of practical methods and techniques. Our world is out of kilter, best to prepare and to pray for guidance from our Lord. Thank you for the info.

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6

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